Rapid React: London Grammar - 'Baby It's You'

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/20/2020
London Grammar

London Grammar are back with their first single since 2017's Truth Is A Beautiful Thing and it's called Baby It's You.

Three years is a lifetime in music these days but, apart from a Flume feature last year, London Grammar have taken themselves out of the spotlight. It's turned out for the best.

Truth Is A Beautiful Thing was a sometimes beautiful but ultimately meandering record that often sounded more exciting remixed. It seems they've taken that criticism on because Baby It's You is one of the most dance-driven records they've ever released.

It was co-produced by British producer George Fitzgerald who brings an uplifting pulse to the song.

When Hannah Reid begins to sing she's surrounded by a minimal backdrop as she sings, "All I see is you and nothing else matters." Bit-by-bit the song pieces together around her as percussion and synth-work join. Reid's delivery remains the same but the song becomes something much grander.

It's a heartwarming-yet-exciting song that's likely to get back those fans who drifted on the last record.

Best Part: When the beat comes in alongside Reid's vocal it starts to feel special.

Worst Part: Towards the end Reid could've pushed her vocal further to rise with the instrumental.

Best Lyric: "All I see is you/And nothing else matters," is simple but beautiful at the hands of Reid.

Worst Lyric: "There's an ocean here, but you are all I see," is the vaguest line.