20 Milk's Future Pop Track 'Starcrossed' Is Ethereal

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/29/2020
20 Milk

20 Milk have released the second single of their career Starcrossed, generating more excitement around the boundary-pushing duo.

They previously got people talking with their wonky, off-kilter debut Thinkin' About. The song was co-signed by Charli XCX and you can see why. They sit in that post-PC Music world, sounding, at times, like a polished 100 Gecs.

Starcrossed is even more instantaneous than its predecessor. It's a glossy, accessible pop song, made intriguing by the subtle oddities in their production from warped vocals to mind-bending synths.

There's something captivating about this entire track. Everything they've put in the song conjures this difficult mood of melancholy and euphoria. It's weightless and yet emotionally heavy.

We're really looking forward to seeing what else these two have to offer.