11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Caroline Polachek, Katy Perry, Cub Sport And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/19/2019

Songs to soundtrack your Harley ride in Hawaii.

11. Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii

Katy Perry is back throwing shit at the wall until it sticks. Harleys In Hawaii may be the least accessible of her three 2019 singles but there's something strangely alluring to it. It's Dark Horse's whimsical sister and it might actually work.

10. Grace Carter - Fired Up

Grace Carter has a slew of great tracks to her name but she's one megahit away from being a superstar. Fired Up may just get her close. It's an acoustic-tinged pop song that never tries to hard, rather riding on the strength of its tight melody.

9. Allie X - Rings A Bell

Allie X is the underrated Queen of oddball pop and it's easy to see why she should be more appreciated on songs like Rings A Bell. Everything from the escalating production to the haunting songwriting makes this one of the most instantly captivating moments of her career.

8. Porches - rangerover

Porches is back and he's right back in the driver's seat with an instantly likeable indie pop song. Taking cues from '80s ballads and early '10s indie pop, rangerover is a gorgeous re-introduction.

7. Japanese Wallpaper - Tell Me What You Mean By That

Japanese Wallpaper's debut Glow has been anticipated for a while now but it's worth the wait. Its centrepiece is this stomping, bombastic pop song that recalls Bleachers with a hint of early '00s indie rock/pop.

6. Charli XCX - Click (No Boys Allowed Remix Feat. Kim Petras & Slayyyter)

Charli XCX has delivered the 'No Boys Allowed' remix of Click, dropping Tommy Cash for Slayyyter. Slayyyter joins Charli and Kim Petras on the track, taking on a hard-hitting, braggadocios verse that brings the song home strong.

5. Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector

We're edging closer to Rex Orange County's new album Pony and this is the second taste of it. Pluto Projector is a typically casual display with a minimalism that would be hard to pull of if your songwriting wasn't as good as Rex's.

4. Jessica Mauboy - Selfish

Jessica Mauboy's HILDA is out and it's easily one of the finest local pop records of the year. It's driven by this shining pop moment Selfish which oozes with buttery melody and textured vocals.

3. Jess Kent - Slushie

Jess Kent has released some of our favourite pop songs of the past few years but they're always few and far between. That said, Slushie is worth the wait. It's a charismatic and impossibly likeable display the bookends bedroom rap verses with an effortless hook.

2. Cub Sport - I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life (Feat. Darren Hayes)

Cub Sport's most recent music placed Savage Garden as an obvious influence so it's fulfilling to see Hayes join them on this whimsical ballad. I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life is one of Cubbies more gentle songs but it captivates with genuine lyricism and beautifully crisp vocals.

1. Caroline Polachek - Caroline Shut Up

Caroline Polachek's new solo album Pang is full of bright moments but it's hard to top Caroline Shut Up. The sprawling, intricate ballad simmers and soars with some of her best lyricism ever. The titular lyric is just *chefs kiss*.

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