First Impressions: Lana Del Rey, Missy Elliott, Brockhampton And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/03/2019

First Impressions is our weekly chance to round-up the new tunes of the week. We review the tracks and then slap a score out of 5 on them. This week Interns editor Sam Murphy gives his take on Missy Elliott, Lana Del Rey, Brockhampton and more are up.

Lana Del Rey - The Greatest

Sam: One of my favourite, if not my favourite, Lana Del Rey song ever. There’s a timelessness to The Greatest that puts it in the league of Frank Sinatra’s My Way or David Bowie’s Life On Mars. It sounds like she’s hanging up her hat and this is her retirement song. It’s not, of course, but Lana has always been part-actress. She just sounds so profound here. It’s perfect. 5

Mura Masa - I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again (Feat. Clairo)

Sam: Man, Clairo’s voice sounds so beautiful over such crisp production. I love how this effortlessly blends indie-rock and nostalgic electronica. It sounds like Basement Jaxx remixed Mazzy Star which, as it turns out, is an incredible fusing of influence. 4.5

Essie Holt - Last One

Sam: Australian pop goes from strength-to-strength and Essie Holt is the latest to get me excited. Last One has all the melodic makings of a bop but there’s something grandiose to the production and vocal work that gives it drama. It sounds like something that’s been made to really perform to. 4

Brockhampton - NO HALO

Sam: I’d be lying if I said I’m as excited as Brockhampton as I have been in the past but that’s okay. I think Ginger is the first time since the Saturation trilogy that they’ve found their feet and dynamic. I like this indie-rock and hip-hop blueprint that they’re operating in. No Halo is a depressing, melancholic drop but it’s also honest. 4

Missy Elliott - Throw It Back

Sam: I was really excited for Missy’s return but it’s luke-warm for me. The video is obviously flawless but the track feels paper thin. She’s got way more personality than this song allows her to exude. 3

Ava Max - Torn

Sam: Ava Max keeps aiming for Lady Gaga and landing just short of Rita Ora. I actually think this is one of her stronger songs. It’s like the 2019 update of Madonna’s Hung Up that we never needed. Melodically it hits where needs to but once again there’s nothing defining about it. Apart from her hair, there’s just nothing to make me believe she’s going to do offer something different. Also, this video is just horrendous. 2.5

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