Hear Alison Wonderland & M-Phazes' 'Messiah' Remixed By 27 Producers

Written By Zanda Wilson on 02/22/2017

Alison Wonderland has teamed up with LA beat lords Team Supreme on a unique project that's seen her collab with M-Phazes Messiah transformed into a 28-minute megamix.

For the mix, titled 'F*** Me(ssiah) Up On A Spiritual Level', AW has flawlessly mixed together snippets of 27 different remixes from producers around the globe.

Originally receiving back more than 300 one-minute remixes for the project, only the best of the best made the cut down to the final 27, with the likes of AWE, swindail, Slumberjack and Feki putting their own spin on the track. 

The mix wraps up with a tasted of Lido's yet-to-be released official remix.

Check out the mix, plus the official list of producers below.

'F*** Me(ssiah) Up On A Spiritual Level' Remix Tracklist

0:00-0:55 @awe
0:55-2:04 @neofresco
2:04-3:12 @snufmusic
3:12-4:20 @chattytrees
4:20-5:14 @andravida
5:14-6:24 @auralponic
6:24-7:20 @swindail
7:20-8:42 @tsuruda
8:42-9:36 @cambotmusic
9:36-10:46 @samnezz
10:46-11:40 @flyingsquirrelbeats
11:40-13:02 @officialjupe
13:02-14:04 @nukumachi
14:04-14:58 @slumberjack
14:58-15:26 @taskerthetasker
15:26-16:50 @grrrreatdane
16:50-17:46 @svberbeats
17:46-18:54 @kianzohoury
18:54-19:52 @mrmph
19:52-21:14 @fekibeats
21:14-22:20 @davidkimmusic
22:20-23:02 @thingstoimproveupon
23:02-24:06 @jabair
24:06-25:16 @takefivemusic
25:16-26:26 @miscenemy
26:26-27:20 @boltex
27:20-fin Lido