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REVIEW: Mac DeMarco at The Hi-Fi, Melbourne

Maccy D jammed out to Salad Days to kick start the Converse/Vans convention at The Hi-Fi on Tuesday night. Kicking off the night with one of our favourite tunes from this gap-toothed dreamboat made it a solid start to the set. The energy from this band is that of a wild child teenage escapade, with tantrums from members and Mac climbing and jumping into the crowd from the venue mezzanine. When Mac’s bassist left the stage during the gig, he was soon to be replaced by The Murlocs' bassist; just another pleasant Mac Demarco surprise!
We're so glad Agnes Demarco, Mac’s adorable mother, was there to introduce the gig because she is the best and is the older, female version of Mac. What a fam.

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Review: Rustie | Howler, Melbourne


Five flamingo facts:

Flamingos have a wild life span of 20-30 years, but in captivity can live up to 50 years or longer.

Flamingo chicks are born grey or white and take up to three years to reach their mature pink, orange or red plumage.

The pink, orange or red colour of a flamingo's feathers is caused by carotenoid pigments in their food, and a flamingo's diet includes shrimp, plankton, algae and crustaceans.

A flamingo chick's bill is small and straight, but will develop the distinct "break" curve after a few months.

A flock of flamingos is called a stand or a flamboyance. 

Rustie’s aka Russell Whyte AV was nothing but a display of flamboyance from start to finish. I felt like I was apart of a flamingo flock flying around the room on a journey that Rustie was directing. The tight repetition of the flamingos on his AV was so powerful and fit so well with his morphing electro beats and layers. An artist like Rustie understands the importance of repetition and staying true to the meaning of his art.

When his lower slung beats like Paradise Stone came on we were all gliding through a dream like state as if we were flying through an Andean paradise. Then next thing you know, Attak comes on and the whole room is back on the ground, losing their shit. This song proved difficult to take photos during because the crowd's intensity was something of a heavy metal gig. There was pushing, jumping, just general craziness throughout the Howler venue.

For the genre-obsessed music lovers this guy is a hard one to tag, which is why I like him. He really does test all genres in combination with his electro-based beats and if you were going to try and compare him to other artist/producer I would give up now. Although some of the atmospheric sounds, like Workship, do remind me of a favourite of mine, Young Magic. Rustie does like to contrast his tunes from heavier sounding hip hop collaborations, to dancey pop and then my personal choice of spacey chilled sounds.

I love the direction he has taken with this new album. This Glasgow artist tells a story that is expressed through the language of birds aka Green Language. Witnessing him play mostly tracks off this recent album to the back room at Howler has made me appreciate his music more which proves to me that your relationship with an artists music can change dramatically after breathing in the whole experience. He may take you to another worldly paradise with the flamingo flock but then you have moments where you focus on him as the artist in the room and see that he has a real Scottish, '0 fucks' attitude with a cigarette in hand throughout the whole set and a line of empty beer bottles around the mixer. He obviously isn’t concerned with the uptight nature of Australian hospitality regulations.

The AV, strobing lights, solid sound and amped crowd meant the set was on point. I absolutely loved the diversity in his style and have not stopped listening to his tracks since. It does also help that I have a real love for Flamingos.

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Beyond The Valley, Phillip Island | Review


New Years Eve is one of the busiest times for Australian festivals and, while Falls Festival once again delivered a great lineup in three different locations, Beyond The Valley offered a tempting alternative. In its first year, the festival gathered together acts like The Preatures, AlunaGeorge, Danny Brown and more. We sent two rogues to Phillip Island to count Penguins, sample Indian cuisine and occasionally soak up some tunes.


The beauty of living in Australia is having the ocean as our backyard. Phillip Island was the ocean-bordered location for Beyond The Valley Festival, a Penguin paradise 2 hours out of Melbourne. A location we both agreed was one of the most beautiful spots for a music festival.

Weather: (because us Aussies love talking about it)

Considering the onset of what we like to call "Hurricane Pingu" during the first day and the last minute changes made to the schedule, we were impressed with how efficiently the festival handled these windy conditions. Even though this meant that Fractures had to be moved from main stage to the Pavillion, he still had a killer set and the sound was perfect.

The Music:

On the road to the Island playlist-

A Mix by Annie, Karina Wilson, Siri and special guest, Rei Barker.

The drive to Phillip Island in our little Avis rental involved a bit of a mashup between Siri’s great directions and:

John Farnham- Two Strong Hearts

Creed- Higher (Thanks Karina)

Usher- U remind me

Fuel- Shimmer

Layo and Bushwacka Vs. Finally- Love Story

Drake- Every song he has

Jennifer Lopez- Waiting for Tonight

All Saints- Pure Shores

Natalie Imbruglia- Wrong Impression

Plummet- Damaged

As great as the music selection above was, nothing compared to the live music we were about to be spoilt with at Phillip Island from the following artists:



The Preatures




Vancouver Sleep Clinic




One Day


Midnight Juggernauts




If hearing Imaginary Air by Rufus, live in the middle of beautiful Phillip Island, just after midnight is setting the bar for the rest of the year, then we are in for a good one.





Danny Brown


Key Festival Stats: 



  • Overdosa food stall- Thank you, Tyson for your hospitality and incredible Indian cuisine.
  • The Security guard, Sam, at the Media room entrance was a legend.
  • Our camp neighbours, the girl crew from Geelong who kept us entertained on the morning of New Year's Eve.
  • The Coffee was delicious…That ice coffee.
  • Dancing to Sail Away by Enya at 3am on NYD.


  • Missing one of our favourite summer tunes, Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders.
  • Missing Peking Duk's live set of Sandstorm, especially after hype around the announcement of Darude’s return to Australia. #reibarker
  • Not having a hammer for our $20 tent and ending up having to sleep in the car.
  • Missing the fairy Penguins we were so excited to meet.
  • Potato Swirls are bad.

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Paradise Music Festival | Review


Absolute props to Andre Hillas- Paradise Music Festival Creator, this was truly one of the best festivals we have been to in a long time. Paradise was a testament to young guns nailing it, other music festivals could definitely take a leaf out of Andre’s book.

Paradise is also officially the first festival we have ever seen grandparents at, spotted late on Friday night amongst the palm trees in Club Land. Not totally sure at first, given the fluorescent green haze and mesh of bodies but it was later confirmed on the Paradise Instagram. (see below)



Take the Elephant Graveyard out of The Lion King and place it amongst the scene of FernGully. That is Lake Mountain. A weird, eerie surrounding turned into the most magnificent home to the freshest festival in Australia. Lake Mountain and the surrounding suburbs were completely burnt down during the 2009 Victorian Bushfires. Andre Hillas has turned what normally symbolizes an area of an unfortunate result from a natural disaster into a playing field for electro music lovers. 



 In the lead up we knew what we were in for with fellow bloggers over at We Talk You Die posting a solid in-depth guide on the ins and outs of the festival, including menu options which catered to the veggies, vegans and gluten free humans. Being a BYO festival, we did bring 2 trays of coconuts, we kind of felt like wankers but the Sailor Jerry’s mix was spot on.


Kirin J Callinan


We both agreed this dark babe blew our mind like no other guitar head. Kirin and his interesting counterparts draw you in like nothing else. So much darkness in their music that really hits you inside and brings out an emotion that can be hard to find. I think we are both in love with him but cannot figure out if it is a physical connection or a weird obsession with his engaging personality. The three slick humans dressed in all black, with an exception of Kirin’s delicious silver belt in combination of their use of newly invented instruments such as “The Ball” (still don’t understand that amazing contraption) made for a real future is now performance.

Kirin’s intense performance to “Embracism” and “Come on USA” were the two stand out tracks during their set. The typical frustrations of a musician is expressed through his music and you can really tell he means every lyric sung.

We were in stitches when a punter yelled out, “ Labour won the state election and the Greens have won three seats”.. then Kirin replied, “I don’t give a fuck, I’m from NSW”.

What an absolute God.



She took us into the Saturday sunset, really suiting the Paradise theme with her dreamy style and soothing layered vocals. Annie was particularly stoked about her intro cover of Drake’s Marvin Room. (Side note: Could someone please let us know where she got her patent bucket hat from?)

Doesn’t matter how many times we see her live, it just gets better every time.

Banoffee acts like she is another punter with a real emphasis on crowd involvement. Rei Barker helped kick start everyone at the beginning of her set and then throughout she would try and get people up on stage but the security didn’t allow this. She has a real fuck it attitude that everyone loves about her. Cannot wait to see her set at the Semplesize Block Party.



Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam were incredible and got us excited for the night ahead of music. It was still daytime during their set and what a perfect sound to lie on the grass to. This duo are really strong and I can only sense great things ahead for them. “Under Lie” continues to be on repeat after this set. Chloe has such a strong, beautiful voice for someone so young.



Karina chatted to Dan from I’lls before they played to discuss the geography of Lake Mountain (this riveting conversation will be up on the interns soon). It was from that conversation she could tell they were legends. These three Jazz musicians have developed into a dynamic electro pop trio producing some of the freshest tunes around Melbourne. The lights throughout their set reflecting on the Lake Mountain woods complemented so nicely with their new music (don’t ask us for song titles).



We were worried arriving 11pm on Friday meant we would miss out on the best acts. Turns out every artist at this festival is quality so doesn’t matter what you are watching you are amongst the best. Friendships made us want to keep cracking coconuts, these two cool kids took us back to another decade with their ‘90s lad style. The combined energy between Nic and Misha have on stage is enough to make anyone twist their ankle.


The twisted ankle actually did happen during Club Land. Annie miraculously didn't feel the pain on Friday night, which meant Saturday morning called for a hop to meet paramedics, Elle and John. We exchanged stories for around an hour, and realised their festival stories were way better than ours.


Kenny’s services were not needed, 5 star facilities were provided.







I'lls on Paradise Music, Camping & Local Flora & Fauna


We thought we would make our Paradise Music weekend somewhat educational and sit down to have a Music, Culture and Geography lesson with Dan from I’lls. This legend is one the nicest humans, we could have kept chatting to him all afternoon about everything. He is one third of I’lls, a young trio that are making some solid tracks at the moment. We were stoked to watch them play later that night and fell in love with their new music.

How did you guys meet?

We all met at University, did Jazz together and we were just coincidentally put in the same ensemble. We had a year of playing together and then we went back to my house to play some Jazz and we all figured out that we don’t really like Jazz that much and we like electronic music more. So ahhh yeah, that is pretty much how it all started.

How did you guys transition from Jazz into Electronic Pop… What was the motivation?

Because it’s happening now, it’s what’s happening. Like Jazz was happening in 1959 you know, so that peaked in that year when Kind of Blue came out by Miles Davis, that was like the best album, Jazz album EVER! So you know and that if we were born then, then we would have been doing that. This is what’s happening now, this is more exciting I think.

How has your background in Jazz helped with the music you are producing now?

There’s a lot of masters in Jazz, who are very good at explaining what they do. We are lucky at University we had some unbelievable teachers who talk more about music than about Jazz. So it’s all relative, the skills are the same, it’s about using your ears, and the theory is very useful as well, but you know there are a lot of other lessons which are easily transposed too.

That’s an interesting point about Music Theory, do you think with the movement of electronic producers it is still important for them as artists to understand the theoretical side to music?

Ummm, Yes! I do think theory is very important. I loved theory for a lot of years. For two years I studied just theory because I loved it, without playing that much but I just did a lot, a lot of theory. However it is not the be all and end all. It doesn’t make a good musician, it helps a good musician. I think if you have a good ear that is most important, but if you want to expand that ear and understand what you are doing then it’s important to do theory.

Where do you guys get your samples from?

We make a lot of our own samples. So we will do some weird shit to make samples. Some of the new stuff we would be recording on a hand-held cassette player that would be plugged in live to these monitors and be feeding back. So the way you turn the cassette player, the microphone would feedback in certain waves. So that sample we used a lot in the new EP that is coming out. Yeah that was weird. Hamish would be talking to get some of those samples and that was weird.

How was your tent experience last night?

Oh fine! My friend bought a Teepee tent, and I was like I don’t think this is going to stand up and it’s so solid. I tried pushing the pole in the middle down and the thing does not come down. It was fine. And they bought mattresses and they were like, this is not a good set up. For me it is an unbelievable set up.

You guys played this last year as well. How is Paradise this year compared to last year?

Yeah it’s the same you know! It’s just more people, which is nice.

How are you actually vibing this festival?

It is chilled. Andre is a genius. One of my favourite festivals. Last year it was probably my favourite festival of the year... easily. It’s just simple stuff they do really well... They don’t overly complicate it.. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

What was it like to work with Andre Eremin? What does working with him bring to table for I’lls?

We worked with Andre from the very first EP, we mastered it with him in his Mum’s house in.. it’s not in Eltham, just outside of Eltham. We started together, he’s our work horse, he is unbelievably talented, and he has unbelievable ears. He fixes all our mistakes. Everything that we stuff up on he will fix and make really good. And he’s by far, I don’t know anybody that comes close to him in Australia, I’m sure there are some older guys with good rep but as a younger master, he is so bloody hard working. If he doesn’t make it I don’t know who the bloody hell is going to make it in this industry. He is phenomenally talented and really hard working.

Are you playing any other festivals soon?

We don’t have anything lined up, because we are taking it easy. We have an EP coming out next year so we don’t want to play too much at the moment. The EP to start then hopefully an album later in the year. So will be good fun!

At Paradise everyone seems to know each other. There is obviously a big group of you this year who play together and support each other, is this something you have always had or is it a recent thing?

Yeah the electronic music scene, when we started there wasn’t such a big community. There were a couple of people doing it, a lot of people like Electric Sea Spider. It was all beats based stuff. It is really nice that the community is much bigger and growing and everyone knows each other. And thats why I guess last year was so special, because it was smaller but it gave everybody a chance to kind of meet each other and hang out. Like we knew a lot of these people but we had never hung out, yeah maybe from gigs and stuff like that but never had a weekend to actually speak to these people, that’s what’s really good about this weekend.

Andre was doing Inca Roads before this and that is the same. We meet Jim Sellars from Electric Sea Spider at the first Inca Roads and that was like yeah for us it was unbelievable because we love Jim. At the time we didn’t know who he was and knew nothing about him. He is lovely and now he has influenced us a million times when we write. The community is definitely a big part of this.

Yeah I noticed how great the vibe is especially between artists and punters, there is no pedestal everyone is on the same level here!

Yeah it is really nice, the community is really good. No one is out to be better than anyone else, it is not competitive or nasty. Everyone just wants to have a good time!

This location is out of this world amazing. Talk to me about these trees because I have been arguing with my Sydney mates all weekend about this, is this a result from the 2009 Victorian Bushfires?

Haha ...ha. Yeah, they were burnt down. Well burnt down. This is all new, it looks so cool.

I don’t know if they are dead, I don’t think the trees are dead because it looks thicker than last year. They got burnt down so they have to re-grow from the start. Because we are up at higher altitude they are re-growing slowly.

I will hold you to that, at Paradise in the next five years if these trees haven’t developed and still looks the same you owe me a drink!

Haha yeah but I don’t want it to go green, I think it looks beautiful as it is.

But hang on what about that tree which is green!.. That didn’t get burnt down!

Haha thanks for chatting! I might take a photo for The Interns if that’s ok?

Yeah no worries, lets do one of me standing in front of the posters of the local flora, keep it relevant.


Cosmo's Midnight on Facebook Stalking, Surfing & Telepathic Powers


Sydney-based twins and Ableton aficionados Cosmo and Patrick make up electronic duo, Cosmo's Midnight. Hailing from Sydney, the two have spent the past few years remixing and creating their unique, computer-generated music, as well as touring their set Australia-wide. We had a chat to half of the twosome, Patrick, ahead of their Beyond The Valley appearance next month.

How did you come up with that name? Why does Patrick get left out?

Haha! My brother Cosmo wrote a remix for Lykke Li/ or did a bootleg of Lykke Li and finished it at Midnight. We didn’t have a name to put on Soundcloud so we were like, well you did it at Midnight so we will just call it Cosmo’s Midnight Mix because it was heaps literal… and then basically everything we did after that we were just like, well let’s just call it Cosmo’s Midnight because we don’t have a name and it sounds kind of cool I guess. I don’t think Pat’s Midnight would sound very good, so I’m glad it’s not.

As a duo, how do you work together?

Well the way we do stuff is that one of us will have an idea then we sort of just pass it between us until it’s done or we’ll sit down and just finish a track.

Where do you guys mostly produce your music?

We have a studio in the city and we will go there if we want to finish stuff, but most of the time we just write stuff at home. It’s just the nature of music, you don’t really need to be anywhere, you can just sort of be at home. We sort of just created this studio to get in the zone or whatever, to knuckle down and just finish it.

[soundcloud width="750" height="250"][/soundcloud]

I saw Stoli Vodka posted a video on YouTube of a challenge for you guys to create a mix in one hour. Do you find working under pressure sometimes works for the better?

Oh for sure! Most of the time I’d like to work at my own pace. But sometimes having a deadline for a remix or something forces you to get creative or at least get an idea out. I think that works a lot of the time. Sometimes when we have a deadline for a remix or something and they go, “hey we have a week and a half turn around for you, can you do it?”, we give it a shot. For the first week you just have your ideas and then all of a sudden you come up with something, because it just comes to you eventually, you are forced to think about it because you have that deadline.

I had a day off work yesterday to sit by Fitzroy Pool and listen to your EP Surge on repeat. Your tracks took my mind away from the 30 degree heat and into the depths of the ocean. Is the coastal landscape and chillwave style a big influence in your music?

I’d say indirectly a lot, but I don’t think about it too much when it comes to writing music. Cos and I have always been at the beach a bunch, we went to school at Bondi so we went to the beach after school everyday more or less and surfed. We don’t do that so much anymore because we don’t live on the Eastern Suburbs, which is where the beaches are at. We went to school there so it made sense to go but now we sort of go there when we can instead of everyday. It’s still awesome, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is the main program or technologies you use in your mixing?

Pretty much everyone who does music uses Ableton, that’s what we use. It is like any other DAW, I don’t know what it stands for, it’s like the net technical name for it, but yeah! We just write everything on that.

What is one Festival in the world you both want to play?

Hahah that’s a hard question. There is this real cool Scandinavian one called Roskilde, that looked pretty cool. There’s a bunch of cool ones in the UK. I want to suss the American ones out. I don’t know too much about what goes on in other countries to be honest, regarding festivals. There’s that one, Tomorrowland, I think I just want to go to experience just cause it looks so crazy.

How did your collaboration with Wild Eyed Boy for your new single, Snare come about?

We went to school together and both did music. He sung on our stuff before but never really as Wild Eyed Boy. He lived in London for a bit and then he came back and we wrote this track together and that was it. We were school friends and we knew he had talent to do it and he was more than willing to do it so that was cool.

[soundcloud width="750" height="250"][/soundcloud]

Is there an intention for you to get behind new artists such as Wild Eyed Boy who don’t have a big following to help build one for them through your own platform?

Me and Cos are massively supportive of smaller artists, we often post about them on our Twitter. We don’t usually do too much of that on our Facebook because you need to keep tabs on that. We post stuff on Soundcloud, to get people the attention they need. It’s really hard to start off, so it’s really good to try and give people a leg up. If you don’t give them plays but maybe give them an industry hook up or something to point them in the right direction, like a label, potential manager or blog interview or something like that. It’s good to help people out.

If you could jump on stage with any other artist playing Beyond The Valley who would it be?

We want to make a track with AlunaGeorge so that’s a given. Maybe Danny Brown to rap along to his track. I really love Sinjin Hawk one of the smaller bands on the bill. If he is playing the same day I will atleast be on the side of the stage to support.

Are you guys Glamping it up in a Tee-Pee or roughing it out in a tent?

I wish were staying in either of those but we are actually staying off-site which is a massive bummer I reckon. I think we are just staying in a hotel with Basenji. I am going to hopefully stay as long as I can at Beyond The Valley because we have to head back to Sydney the next day to play another show.


What do you think is more groundbreaking in the world of news- The fact that Frances Abbott got a Fashion scholarship for being Tony’s daughter or Kim Kadashian’s amazing ability to balance a champagne flute on her ass?

If Kim Kardashian’s photo is legit I am going to say that is more groundbreaking. Because it doesn’t look real, I call bullshit on that. But if it is I am pretty impressed. The whole picture looks like it’s photoshopped.

Have you guys ever pretended to be each other before on a date?

Not on a date, I can’t imagine how weird that would be. We have done it at school before. ‘Cause we are sort of better at doing different stuff so I took one of his tests and he did one of mine so that was cool. But yeah, I would be interested to see how the a date would go.

Do you guys have telepathic powers between one another?

I wish we did, that would be pretty cool. I guess from being around each other so much we can get a feeling of what the other person is thinking. I think that’s more of a familiarity thing than super powers which sucks but you know maybe one day it will just click and we’ll be like, oh we were missing out all along.

I’m your 1272nd instagram follower because I find your 23 posts hilarious. What will you post next?

I wish I was better at insta, I don’t really do it enough. Instagram is an artform, you’ve got to do it right. I guess it will come to me, it’s just like any other artistic inspiration.


Who was the last person you stalked on Facebook?

I don’t want to say I stalk lots of people but I do often look through, you know, to see what’s going on. Maybe with people I haven’t added yet just to suss what’s going on before I add.

I look forward to seeing you guys play at Beyond The Valley.

Cheers, yeah, should be great. We are going to drop a whole bunch of new stuff, we’ve got a really cool remix we did that we are going to hopefully have out by then.

You can catch Cosmo's Midnight at Beyond The Valley Festival. Tickets available here