Anthem After Anthem, Tove Lo's New Album 'Lady Wood' Is Here And It's Stacked


Stacked is an understatement, Tove Lo's new album Lady Wood is here and it's drenched with some of the years best pop anthems. For months we have been teased with cuts Cool Girl, True Disaster and the Wiz Khalifa infused Influence but today finally marks the release of her next venture in Lady Wood.

With both Cool Girl & True Disaster still very much on loop, we thought the year couldn't get anymore massive for camp Tove but she appears to have upped the ante with this record. Both of the tracks are still massive highlights of album, but if you're looking for something a little new and fresh than we cannot let you slip past the album title track Lady Wood.

Stacked with anthems, what a year for Pop music. Tove Lo has offered up yet another absolute gem for the genre in Lady Wood.