Trash Or Treasure? The Week Past's Most Iconic Looks In Music


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Trash or treasure gives us a chance to look over the week past’s most eyeball worthy looks and decide if we’re going to copy them or appreciate them from afar.

Lana Del Rey

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 3.41.46 pm

Lana Del Rey In 'High By The Beach'

I wonder what she’s trying to say in this - the dreamy/ crazy film clip shows the singer calmly floating around her house a floor length sun dress draped in a delicate lace blue robe (very Lana). Perfect outfit for firing a bazooka at the paparazzi.

Lauren Mayberry

T-shirt inspiration for the gym ?? #EmbraceTheGrace

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The angelic synthpop artist meets pop icon Grace Jones force to be reckoned with. Heading off to the gym Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES shares her exercise attire. Definitely the right person to channel if you’re after a decent workout, don’t you think?



These are the new kids on the Brooklyn block. Sounding like something from 70’s California, their lazy summer vibes are simply delightful. Who knows if they're interested in fashion or if anyone else will be interested in their fashion, however, the material world digs anything that’s cool without trying and this is exactly what these guys have going on.

Ariana Grande

Touching down: Ariana Grande, 22, landed in Tokyo on Thursday as she wore an animal suit and double buns on her head in the shape of ears

Image: Daily Mail

Lord I thought this trend was finished. Ariana Grande obviously decided she wanted to go for the ‘quirky’ look when arriving in Japan wearing a pink onesie and double hair buns. Whilst she could be a number of different animals here, the worst part of the outfit is the shoes and bag she’s matched with it. “Grande also donned a pair of classic black heels and carried a leather purse as a touch of casual elegance” - wrong Daily Mail! If you’re going to be weird Ariana, just commit to the look.

Lianne La Havas

Flashback Friday to the outfit Lianne La Havas wore celebrating her new album. Whilst she obviously doesn’t know the rules of a #fbf (i.e. It can’t be from the week before, duh) her exotic yet modern androgynous look lets her off the hook. The singer, who is on Obama’s summer playlist (true story), is all about soul, even with her fashion.


Foals photographed at Trackside Studios by Andrew Cotterill for #Q350. On sale now.

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“The world is as savage and dark and brutal as ever. I feel pessimistic about being part of the human race. It’s not something I would endorse any more!” For more uplifting perspectives read this months Q magazine which features Foals! Here they are looking cool but not hipster (don’t call them that, they don’t like it) in a shot from the article posted on the magazine’s instagram.


Just like Royalty, sometimes all that is expected from them is to turn up smile and leave. Whilst most celebrities would give part of their soul to be on any Vogue cover (let alone a September issue) Queen Bey doesn’t even have to open her mouth. Instead a series of photos shot by Mario Testino are accompanied only by a short piece on her global domination. Her inaccessibility allows her to still maintain a sense of mystery and just adds even more to her star power.

Simon O’Connor
Nylon’s news Band Crush! Simon Doom (fronted by Simon O’Connor) he looks just as he describes: “gruff, '90s New York teenage punk”.

Katy Perry

Fashion issue: The pop star wore a Saint Laurent gown for her cover shoot by photographer Jean-Paul GoudeKaty has been popping up more and more in the fashion arena recently. Sleek and dramatic, wearing a Saint Laurent dress (amaze) on the cover of the September issue of U.S Harpers Bazaar. She was hand picked by Global Fashion Director Carine Roitfeld for the Icons Issue shoot where she characterised Elizabeth Taylor.

Tyler The Creator


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Tyler The Creator is best known as a music creator but also has some serious credentials as a fashion creator. He's already got an impressive collection under his Wolf Gang label but now he's also unleashed a collaboration with skate footwear giant Vans. It's exactly the kind of shoe you'd expect from Tyler too. He may not be welcome here in Aus, but his footwear sure is.


Great show @SaintRecords #Solange #fyffest

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Everytime Solange takes to the stage she proves her status as style queen and her appearance at LA's FYF Fest was no different. Mixing '70s chic with modern cool, she boogied her way through a set of tunes that acted as the audible equivalent to her outfit.

BONUS: Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 3.47.01 pmVanity Fair have compiled their annual International Best Dressed List inclusive of all Vanity Fair-esque people. Global Ambassadors, Architects, Financiers, Actors, Royals etc. Rihanna (the Sultry Swagger), Taylor Swift (the Prep Power) and FKA Twigs (shown in her Met Gala penis gown) all got a mention. Congrats gals!


Trash Or Treasure? The Week’s Most Iconic Looks In Music

Fashion_12JulyHere at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn this week by people in the music biz.

Solange hosting Kiehl’s Pioneers By Nature Party in London


Get out. Where is the praised hands emoji on the keyboard when you need it?? Looking pretty as a peach (on the top), pairing a full length bronzed pleated skirt and yellowy green metallic shoes isn’t something most people would even think of assembling. But (I’m sure) without even second guessing it, Solange does. Fashion statement indeed.

Leon Bridges

Stavernfest 2015 Photo by @bomboclatleigh

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This old-school debonair newcomer is becoming known just as much for his approach to fashion as he is for his music. Admitting he dresses nearly exclusively in vintage, his sound and flair is a throwback to a soulful era. Sharp indeed, there’s still a smoothness and a relaxed attitude evoked in Bridges' sense of style. I dig his vibe.

Charli XCX 


Whilst a lot of people will be hating on this, I don’t mind it. Charli XCX can be pretty ballsy with her fashion but this cute overly girly is still something different for her. Attending the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 10th Anniversary party she choose to wear a head to toe look from their Spring 2015 Couture Collection. Very few, however, can pull off a look straight from the runway. If she had personalised this with different shoes it could been a lot more impressive. Also she totally should have kept it off the shoulder as they did on the runway.

Tori Amos at Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Anniversary Party


The art meets fashion, avant garde designer duo Viktor & Rolf are all about the theatrics. So they appropriately choose long time collaborator, Tori Amos, to be the soundtrack of the night. The simple yet dramatic outfit she wore accessorised with bold and quirky glasses, suited the brands aesthetic as well as the spectacular backdrop of the Parisian La Trianon theatre.

A$AP Rocky featured on GQ’s instagram

As he puts it, “fashion is almost like a religion”. Amen. The kid know how to dress and after numerous features, interviews and appearances on their best dressed list it’s not surprising GQ is a HUGE fan. The recent instagram post showcases A$AP’s experimental and varied style. No doubt with with his extensive fashion knowledge and natural sense of style, he had a lot of input in this outfit choice.

Ruby Rose


Before she was an actress and everyone’s choice for “who I’d turn for”, Ruby Rose was a DJ and recording artist. DJing at Pacha nightclub in New York, her silver vest and shorts combo went perfectly with her colourful tattoos covering her body. Even though she looks amazing in full length dress, I don’t think anyone rocks the masculine tomboy style better than her.

Lauryn Hill Performing at Tory Burch’s Party in Paris


Apparently it was the biggest party of the year and the main contributor was Lauryn Hill’s performance. The Moroccan themed garden party held in a 17th century mansion’s courtyard was an exquisite setting but it was Lauryn’s appearance that captured everyone’s attention. The “inspiring, brilliant, divine” (as the designer described her) looked just that. Wearing white mini dress, long sleeveless overcoat, and thigh-high gladiator sandals, Hill’s outfit emulated the party’s theme beautifully.

Jay Sharrock, Alex Turner, Miles Kane and Jeff Wootton


If anyone going to make the cut for best-dressed lists, it's English rockers. Seen at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London looking a little weird but cool because they couldn’t care less.

Lily Allen at Wireless Festival


She seems happy. This is probably before she got rejected from the VIP area. Looking very trendy in her pink MCM backpack, midriff, sneakers and mirror sunglasses, my eyes were still drawn initially to her chest. I know she’s not wearing a bra...but she should.


Solange's Saint Heron Reveals Its Artists To Watch In 2015


Solange's collective, Saint Heron, released a pretty impressive compilation last year showcasing artists like Jhene Aiko and Khelela, both of which went on to have a great 2014. Now she's compiled a playlist of the artists Saint Heron think are going to be big in 2015. It features interns favourites Marian Hill, Tink and Shamir alongside hyped names Raury and Kali Uchis. All in all, if RnB/Soul sounds exactly like this in 2015, we will be very happy. Solange knows what's going on, now she just needs to hurry up on that album. Like, srsly.

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