in. Curated By Lewis Cancut

lewisinMusic is one of the fastest moving art scenes in the world and artists’ interests are constantly changing, as are the audience’s tastes. in. is a specially curated playlist by an artist who we feel has the finger on the pulse musically – one who can share things you may not have heard but can also shed some light into what’s influencing them creatively.

Melbourne producer Lewis Cancut is making some of the most genreless, boundary-pushing music coming out of the country right now. Over the past five years he's developed a mountain of sounds that cover bubblegum pop, eccentric electronic, afro-beats and hip-hop while still not fitting into any of those descriptions completely. He's worked with Swick, Tkay Maidza and Diplo recreating club music for an audience hungry to find something new.

Recently, he's been announced as one of the first signings to Nina Las Vegas' NLV Records which has seen him join a bunch of innovators including long-time collaborator Swick. His most recent release, Systems, is off that label and gives us those bubbly synths and relentless beats that we've become used to.

A man with an output like this has to have an eclectic music taste so we tasked him with the job of putting together a playlist of his favourite tunes right now and he's delivered. If you're looking for the most futuristic sounds around right now, these songs have it all from the sugar highs of SOPHIE to the industrial beats of Murlo.

SOPHIE – Vyzee
There's really, "Nothing More to Say" about SOPHIE (you like that?). He/She has permanently changed the direction of new music.

Namie Amuro - B Who I Want 2 B (Feat. Miku)
In Japan, where pop idols are worshiped rather than admired for creative genius, Hatsune Miku is a really big deal. The reality that an algorithm can now have a career, fan base and concerts is extremely liberating.

Holly Herndon - Chorus
Please go and listen to this year's album from Holly Herndon. It's the most ruthless mix of musique concrète, EDM and pop.

Cruel Boyz - Bamba
People once said the internet would homogenize all music, assuming everyone in the world given a choice would want to sound like Maroon 5. Instead the net has just created new geographies, partly in physical territories, partly in cloud storage.

Nina Las Vegas & Swick – Cool Sports
Both Nina and Swick are more committed to the future of music than almost anyone else I know. This track is proof of that.

Seiho - Plastic 
Seiho's shows are an amazing mix of performance art, DJing and live sequencing. I once saw him make a floral arrangement on stage while playing keys.

Murlo - Lanced
Like so many artists on Mixpak Records, Murlo has forged his own sound and audience. His Odyssey EP from this year was such a highlight.

James Pants - Artificial Lover
James' album from this year is amazing in its entirety. He was able to draw a link between 60’s/70’s exotica and Soundcloud music which is happening now.

Dotorado Pro - African Scream
Lisbon, Portugal is probably the most musically active city in the world at the moment. Warp and Principe have recently been putting a lot of music scene, but it's really Enchufada's efforts which first brought this music to the world’s attention.

Fatima Al Qadiri - War Games
This one is from a few years ago now, but I feel it's only just starting to sink in. Her Asiatisch album from last year was amazing too.