10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, The Harpoons And More


This week is absolutely huge for new music. Today The Weeknd, Foals, JOY., Alessia Cara, Halsey and Beach House, among others, have released records meaning we're not leaving our headphones for the entire weekend. On top of that though we have a plethora of new tracks that have dropped during the week making our listening duties even more extensive. We've carved through everything that has come out this week and we think you should start with these 10 and see how you go.

Justin Bieber
What Do You Mean?

After teasing it for a lifetime Biebs finally dropped his Skrillex-assisted single today and it's a really pleasant surprise to be completely honest. It takes the dance route of Jack Ü's Where Are Ü Now but goes with more of a tropical house vibe that drips with an effortless pop melody. We belieb this one is going to do really well heading into Australian summer and might actually signal a shift in the sound of the mainstream into more of this kind of stuff.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd's drops his record Beauty Behind The Madness today off the back of the massive Can't Feel My Face. Even though this is technically his turn towards the pop world, he hasn't sold-out and the album still features plenty of "pussy", "pills" and "trills". There's plenty we could pluck from the album and put here but its pretty hard to beat the triumphant closer Angel. It's a huge sounding ballad with the boldest instrumental he's sung over yet and brings the album to a close with a giant crash.

Alessia Cara
I'm Yours

Alessia Cara's Here is so good that she probably could've just ridden on its coattails for the rest of the year but she hasn't. Instead, she's dropped an EP Four Pink Walls with four other tracks that are just as strong. I'm Yours is potentially even stronger giving us an infectious pop melody delivered through Cara's textured, smokey vocal. The lyrics are a stroke of pop brilliance too in the way she hates this guy because she's falling in love with him - "I'm mad at your for being so cute". Awwww, you guys.

The Harpoons
Ready For Your Love

The Harpoons' debut album Falling For You was one of the strongest releases of last year and now so soon after it, they've followed it with the brilliant Ready For Your Love. Making us gush once again with their loved-up lyrics, they've chosen a more stomping electronic beat this time round. They have also pushed the chorus into gospel territory with the help of fellow Aussies Habits and it sounds glorious. Total jam.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/the-harpoons/the-harpoons-ready-for-your-love[/soundcloud]

Hula Hoop

The chart rise of Jamaican artist OMI's Cheerleader is one of this years most unlikely success stories but as always with an unexpected hit, you've then got an inexplicable amount of pressure for the follow-up. Well said follow-up has arrived today in the form of Hula Hoop and he may just of pulled it off. It's basically Cheerleader part two in the way that it uses the same tropical house aesthetic but that's probably exactly what he needed to do. It's not our favourite song of the week but it's certainly satisfied our curiosity of how he was going to avoid being a one hit wonder.

World's End Press
Tall Stories

Melbourne's World's End Press knocked it out of the park with their 2013 self-titled debut and followed it up this year with the equally brilliant but more dance-orientated Spirals. Now they have unleashed Tall Stories from a forthcoming EP moving even further in the direction of the dancefloor. Tall Stories is a thumping effort from the boys combing joyous deep house vibes with woozy vocals. It's a damn smooth return that makes us real excited for the EP of the same name to drop 25th September.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/worlds-end-press/tall-stories-2[/soundcloud]

TĀLĀ & Sylas

London producer and vocalist TĀLĀ has teamed up with newcomers Sylas for this track Praise and they apparently came together through a mutual love of Boyz II Men. It's a slightly bizarre connection but it actually comes through in Praise which feels like it has the gospel, R&B flavour of a Boyz II Men track albeit distorted by dense synths and scattered beats. TĀLĀ is great at taking what could be conventional songs and turning them on their head. She did it with How To Dress Well on The One and she's done it here again.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/praise-featuring-sylas[/soundcloud]

Baby Blue

We were hooked immediately by Sydney trio Noire's Just Like Honey and now they've returned with something even better. Baby Blue is the new cut from them and it continues in the sonic direction of dark, lazy alt-rock. "When the lights go down and you're beside me, Well baby do ya, love me like I do," sings vocalist Jessica Mincher every so gently wrapping her voice around the honey-soaked guitars. It's rare that you get a band in its infancy that can really take their time and melt into a slow tempo but these guys just do it so well. It feels like Anna Calvi met Savages and taught them how to trade intensity for sensuality. Beautiful.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/noireband/baby-blue[/soundcloud]

Zak Abel
Say Sumthing

We gave you a banger alert on this one earlier in the week and we're going to give you it one more time just incase you missed it. Zak Abel is a British vocalist and he's teamed-up with Kaytranada on this one, together delivering certified pop-dance hit. Abel's vocals are gritty and soulful and they blend so effortlessly into the crashing beat of this one. It's kind of like a rougher, gutsier version of Disclosure and it's sure to capture the attention of radio in the UK, at least. Hopefully here too.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/zakabel/zak-abel-say-sumthin[/soundcloud]

Clip My Wings

Montaigne rise in the past year has been nothing short of spectacular. She's captured the attention of the triple j audience very quickly and that's because her voice is so immediately affecting. Pair that with sweeping, grandiose tracks and you've got a product that you can't help but notice straight away. Her latest Clip My Wings is just another step on her journey to stardom. It's a huge sounding track that leaves nothing at the door. From the first second it sweeps you up with its heavy-strummed guitars and skyrocketing vocals never once dipping in energy.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/montaigne-music/clip-my-wings[/soundcloud]


Justin Bieber Is Back With 'What Do You Mean?'


Justin Bieber has been teasing his return for what seems like 4 and a half years with an Instagram countdown aided by anyone who's anybody. Well, What Do You Mean? is finally here and it feels like it was worth the wait. Ditching his usual R&B stylings for something that sounds more like his Jack Ü-aided Where Are Ü Now. This one doesn't have the drop like that one does rather going for a smoother aesthetic but it definitely sits in the dance world. Vocally, Bieber doesn't really lift a finger but he sounds great. It was created with Poo Bear, who aided Usher on Confessions and Skrillex.


10 Looks In Music This Week

Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn (or not worn) this week by people in the music biz, from stunning fashion campaigns to some questionable birthday suits.


Katy Perry


A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

While the brand may have been cooler in the '90s, Katy’s a devoted fan and her fun and quirky style makes her a very fitting choice to be the new face of Moschino.

Lionel Richie + Tinie Tempah at The Ivy Club.


One of the best dressed men in music today standing alongside a veteran whose style expands way beyond his fashion choices; the hip hop artist and the soul singer both look incredibly stylish at Tommy Hilfiger's dinner celebrating London Collection Men SS16.

Jennifer Lopez in Prince Royce’s and Pitbull’s Back it Up video


Still refusing to give up her ‘girl from the hood’ style in her forties, the ultimate diva's sexiness is undeniable. Seen here in Mugler.

Lorde on Vogue's July cover


Chosen to front the cover of Vogue’s July Music Issue, Edwina McCann (Editor in Chief of the magazine) said it perfectly: “She is fiercely intelligent, equally talented, and I am very proud of this, her first Vogue Australia cover.” Congratulations, Lorde!

Foxes in an upcoming H&M campaign 


Are we not all sick of festival fashion yet? Although a step down from her usual looks, Grammy winner Foxes still looks beautiful as the new face of H&M.

Miley Cyrus on Paper magazine's cover


Carolina Herrera can add another celebrity to her list. Commenting on dresses worn by Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala this year, Herrera states “In life, there should be a little mystery. They’re supposed to be fashion icons and they’re not wearing anything.” Speaking as an animal right activist throughout the article though, I say Miley gets the benefit of the doubt.

Mark Ronson & Keyone Starr on the Alan Carr Finale 

Just like their performance, the duo’s look epitomises retro chic with that soulful vibe.

Every bit the gentlemen, Ronson yet again puts his own spin on tailoring and unknown musician Keyone Starr (who features on Ronson's album, Uptown Special) is a like a modern Donna Summers.

Anthony Kiedis and his son for Marc Jacobs 


Marc Jacobs is all about the musicians this season. In the evolving campaign Jacob explains that the ads “feature friends, each of whom evoke a sense of intrigue and inspiration and collectively provoke a true consideration for individuality”. So far each choice has reflected exactly that.

Justin Bieber at Calvin Klein Event in Hong Kong



Standing next to Kendall Jenner in Hong Kong promoting Calvin Klein, Justin Bieber looks every bit the model she does (shockingly). First it was the car ride with James Corden, now this. I have to say I kinda get what all the beliebers are going on about.

Mariah Carey - The Elusive Chanteuse 

Jean Paul Goude, Carine Roitfeld, Stephen Gan and….. Mariah Carey? And she had to wear pink to meet them, didn’t she…