the interns' Best Songs Of 2016

2016 has been a devastating year for many but amongst all of it, perhaps as a response to what's gone on in the world, music has risen above and given us one of the best years in recent memory.

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Frank Ocean Just Dropped A Bunch Of Limited 'Blonde' Merch For Black Friday

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Not only is today Thanksgiving in America, but it's also the day before Black Friday. Famous for its crazy shopping deals, even ol' mate Frank Ocean is getting in on the action, dropping a limited bunch of merch over on his website. Selling everything from those Boys Don't Cry zines, to a limited print of Blonde on vinyl, to even a dope AF air freshener (WTF, yes an air freshener), it's a pretty sweet lineup of Ocean goods. You'd better get buying quick-smart though because everything is selling out like absolute hot cakes. S/N don't give us that look, yes we forked out $15 for the air freshener because...Frank Ocean, duh!

Here is everything that's being sold over on his website -

frankmerch1 frankmerch2 frankmerch3 frankmerch4 frankmerch5 frankmerch6 frankmerch7 frankmerch8 frankmerch9 frankmerch10 frankmerch11


There is some super sweet merch here, but don't sleep on it as they are limited and are again selling like hot cakes. So be quick and head on over to Frank's website NOW!