12 Looks In Music This Week


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn this week by people in the fashion biz from high street to catwalk, all the way down under for some local threads.

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris


Date night! Wine and pizzas (gluten free though, ptfff) at Soho eatery L'asso in New York.
Looking every bit the demure pop princess she is, Tay Tay teams a crop top/skirt outfit (which retails for less than AUD$100!) with her tad bit more expensive Prada tote. Calvin looks a bit more casual but still cool in his black leather bomber and high tops.

Harry Styles & Mick Jagger


Harry Styles channeling vintage Mick Jagger whilst standing NEXT to Mick Jagger. Apparently the two are friends. Cute. It’s hard to buy the '70s rocker vibe from the kid from One Direction wearing the women’s YSL shirt though.



Babe! Coinciding with her recent album release (Jackie), Ciara has been named the new face of Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli. However, unlike the underwhelming album, the campaign already seems to be a hit as she effortlessly models the beautiful collection, ever so seductively.

Lady Gaga


Huh? Lady Gaga looks half Geisha, half drag at Vancouver Jazz Festival, performing alongside Tony Bennet. The braless look isn’t really working for her. The remaining outfits in the show got better. But only slightly.



Looks like Tinkerbell on acid.

Ke$ha hosted and performed at Hard Rock’s Rehab Pool Party in Las Vegas. The dancers that joined her on stage were dressed as a rabbit, tiger and chicken (according to the LA Times) so she probably just wanted to fit in.



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Looking the same as ever. Doesn’t matter though, whilst he doesn’t bang on about fashion as some of the other rappers out there, Drake knows what’s up and has got his own cool style.


The first face of our Fall '15 ad campaign ✨ @Cher ✨

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The trend of choosing older models in major fashion campaigns continues. Flawless and fierce. Cher is the first face of Marc Jacobs' Fall '15 advertisements.

Bey & Jay


Bonnie and Clyde killing it yet again. Holidaying in Italy, Bey repping Australian label Zimmermann with Jay, looking equally as stylish in his cream coloured linen suit.

John Legend


He’s so beautiful… Just like that chair, just like that suit and just like this setting. I guess like his wife as well, who he did the photoshoot with for DuJour magazine.

Florence Welch & Stevie Nicks 

Was a dream to harmonise 'happy birthday' with this magical woman, All my love to @stevienicksofficial xx

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Two of fashion's ethereal and bohemian, musical muses.

Azealia Banks


Editorial on stage. Only few artists could rock a Christian Cowan glitter denim ensemble. Azealia pulls it off.



Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon at one of their gigs in Calgary. Much like her music, her unique outfit choices are colourful and eclectic.


Ciara Drops 'Dance Like We're Making Love' Off New Album


Ciara is gearing up to release her sixth studio album Jackie and for those of you who haven't paid any attention since 1,2 Step, she's still brilliant. Dance Like We're Making Love follows the first single from the LP I Bet and is a sleek Dr. Luke production. On I Bet she was getting revenge on her ex, rapper Future, but here she's back into the swing of things, bringing the sexy vibes.

Jackie is set to be released in Australia 8th May.

Ciara has also been posting previews of some of the album's other tracks on Instagram.

Give Me Love

#JackieSnippet! Produced By @TheDoctorLuke! #GiveMeLove #Jackie #May4

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One Woman Army (Intro)



First Impressions: Django Django, Lido + More Reviewed


We're into our third week of 2015 and we thought it's about time that we started to get our teeth sunk into some of the new music coming through. This week, we're reviewing new tracks by Ciara, Lido, Django Django and more. And while it's only early days, it's looking like 2015 could give us the goods. Particularly if the six artists mentioned below drop albums.

Ciara- I Bet

Sam: Ciara is one of my favourite female artists on the planet. She’s chipped away at the scene quietly for more than a decade as an under-appreciated RnB artist who had a few hits in the early hours of the Millennium, but she’s really come into her own recently. Her last album was brilliant and this track sees her head in the same direction. If you’re going to do a mid-tempo breakup song, do it like this. It’s so simple but her flow is on point and the production is deliciously nostalgic. The ironic thing is, it actually would sound at home on a Future album. 4 Sam’s Pick...obvs

Bianca: Good to see Ciara has 1, 2-stepped back into the spotlight. It's a faultless track that sees the RnB songstress laying her hallmark vocals on the subtly skittering backbeat. Side note, can anyone remember when the vicious rumour went around back in the day that Ciara was a man? lol. Memories... 

Krissy: I have just been transported back to the early 2000s where every Destiny’s Child lyric was etched into my brain and Usher was my ideal future husband. Where it’s no surprise that Ciara is great vocalist, this just doesn’t tickle my fancy. It’s pretty boring. Also, what’s with the dude randomly chiming in every 4 seconds? Pointless and not needed. 2.5

Lido & Hasley- Slow

Sam: Seeing Lido late last year was a religious experience. The Norwegian producer lives and breathes music, with a surprising gospel undertone to all his tracks. This one leans further towards RnB than any of his songs so far and it suits him. Hasley’s vocals soothe the soul while Lido’s production would no doubt have a few hip-hop producers jealous. 3.5

Bianca: Lido blew our minds with his live set last December. With that fond memory firmly tucked away into my brain, any sort of material coming from the producer is gold in my opinion. With its trappy undertones and slow-mo vocals, this track won't make you go anywhere in a hurry. 3.5 

Krissy: Genius. Geeenniiiusss. I love this. This remake of Jaden Smith’s Fast takes a trap-hop approach which accentuates and highlights the incredibly smooth vocals of Hasley. The slinky yet hard-hitting production from Lido is insane. I was (shamefully) unaware of these two before this collab- they are now on top of my radar. Hopefully there’s more to come from these two. 4.5 Krissy’s Pick

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/lidogotsongs/slow[/soundcloud]

Django Django- First Light

Sam: This track is a solid return for Django Django. And if it was on their debut album, I would’ve had absolutely no problem with it. But as the track is a return, my issue is that it doesn’t really extend the band’s capabilities. We’re seeing Django Django in the same light as the first album and I probably would’ve liked something a bit different. That said, the vocal layering and jangling beat are on point. 3

Bianca: Like an old friend that you haven't seen in years, Django Django have returned. Hurrah! But just like meeting with said old friend, the conversation revolves around now-stale past jokes, the friendship begging for new experiences and fresh memories to be made. It's really quite pleasant but it's nothing new from the band, leaving me hankering for something new from these guys. The best thing this track has done for me is re-introduce me to an old favourite, Default. 3.5  

Krissy: I’m on the fence about this track. There’s nothing terrible about it, but there’s nothing amazing that stands out for me. Note: Don’t listen to this before your morning coffee… you may fall asleep. In saying that, it will probably be stuck in my head for the next couple of days. 3

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/djangodjango/first-light[/soundcloud]

Purity Ring- begin again

Sam: begin again is probably one of the most accessible things Purity Ring has done. The chorus is shimmering, driven by Megan James’ beautiful voice. In terms of aesthetic, it’s similar to the debut in the way that its a dim-lit, minimalist sound that would sound at home on a Hunger Games soundtrack. Given that their debut teetered on the edge of RnB, it’s interesting to see that they’ve shed that skin now that the genre is in vogue. It’s probably a good move and makes the song less disposable. 3.5

Bianca: This track is deliciously dark and brooding; the slowly-building crescendo further adding to the atmospheric nature. Megan's voice is ethereal as usual, taking this track to seventh heaven. 3.75 Bianca's Pick 

Krissy: A pinch of darkness, a splash of vivacity and a generous drizzle of soaring synth. begin again explores light and dark dynamics thoroughly which made it mesmerizingly catchy for the first half – but I felt like it was tiring toward the end. I can sense a million remixes are about to come! 3

Juce- The Other One

Sam: At this point, I’m trying to figure out why Juce haven’t quite cracked it in the way HAIM did. They’ve nailed the look and they’re committed to the funky sound but I think what’s missing is that killer hook. The Other One has brilliant, textured verses but kind of falls flat when it comes to the chorus. I’m a big fan of these guys though, I think they’re holding back some great stuff and are going to smack us with it right when it counts. 3

Bianca: Juce are one of those bands that you can throw onto a playlist and they will blend into any scene, instantly lifting the mood. This unfortunately might not work in their favour, putting them in danger of fading into the background and becoming lost in the crowd. And they're so, so much better than that. Shine bright, you glorious diamonds. 3.5 

Krissy: Sorry I’m late… I’ve just been taken for a cruise around Funky Town. If you’re looking for a Summer-vibing track, this is it. I’m hoping that these British gals come to Australia very soon – I’ll be the crazy one tearing up the d-floor. You could probably find me playing this track as I leave the office every Friday. 3.5

Eves The Behavior- TV

Sam: This song is the very definition of brooding. Now signed to Dew Process, this is the first time I’ve really sat up and paid attention to one of her songs. I think the deep, heavy synths make it sound profound and really accentuate her voice. I love the final third where the production gets a little more experimental. Eves The Behavior is definitely one to watch in 2015. 4

Bianca: This track transcends the confines of the boob tube, its namesake. Mammoth in vocals and production, it's a cinematic and arresting beast that belongs on the big screen. Following the likes of Lorde and Grace Mitchell, I now should be used to these incredible voices coming from people almost a decade my junior but they never cease to render me surprised/jealous 3.75 

Krissy: Woah… 19 year old Eves The Behavior kind of makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life (not making awesome music, like her– obviously.) Her maturing talent shines through on this track and I’m looking forward to more releases from this gem. The only thing I could fault this track on is the abrupt ending which just left me hanging. 3.5

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]http://soundcloud.com/dewprocess/eves-the-behavior-tv[/soundcloud]


10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Purity Ring, Django Django, Ciara + More


This week Beyonce announced she was having another baby, a campaign was started to get Taylor Swift to the top of the Hottest 100 and Kelly Clarkson released a new song. Yes, it finally feels like everything is right again the music world and it didn't even take a 53 date Australian tour announcement from P!nk. But while pop was sitting on its thrown, mighty chuffed with itself, the rest of the music world was still slogging away, trying to get a few comment on Soundcloud and such. Here are 10 songs the slogged hard this week.

Purity Ring- Begin Again

Canadian duo Purity Ring’s debut Fineshrine was one of the best of 2012 but since then we’ve heard very little from then. Until now. This week they announced a new album, another entity, and shared begin again. The track is far more sonically dense than anything they’ve released in the past with aggressive synths greeting the song’s big drop. It’s no Skrillex but it’s something a little different for the pair, whose debut was characterised by carefully finessed soundscapes and crystalline vocals. This album is one of the most anticipated of 2015 at this point.

Snakehips- Gone (Feat. Syd)

UK duo Snakehips who were in the country for Listen Out last year, have released an unlikely collaboration with Odd Future’s Syd. Gone is a reclined RnB tune created in a jet-lagged haze after Snakehips returned from Australia. It definitely has that vibe with the instrumental swilling around like an olive in a martini glass. Syd’s vocals are perfectly relaxed and smooth, giving the duo an altogether different vibe. It works.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/snakehips-1/gone-feat-syd[/soundcloud]

Sevdaliza- That Other Girl

Rotterdam is not usually the first place we look for new music, but that’s exactly where Sevdaliza resides. The Dutch artist has teamed up with a fellow Dutch producer for this brooding, trap-inspired number. Her vocals are haunting as she occupies the minimalist beat with her smokey coos. When the bass drops that minimalist vibe is traded for reverb-soaked, earth-shattering synths. It’s one of the more interesting RnB tunes we’ve heard for a while and she definitely could be one to watch in 2015.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sevdaliza/that-other-girl-1[/soundcloud]

Ciara- I Bet

Incase your not aware of the best RnB love affair of this decade, Ciara was married to Future and they had a child called Future Jr. Unfortunately, for one reason or another the pair have parted their ways and now we are poised and ready for two brilliant break-up albums. I Bet is just the break-up single we were waiting for. Taking an early 00’ aesthetic, Cici sings, “I bet you’ll start loving me/Soon as I start loving someone else/Somebody better than you”. If you haven’t been googling Ciara Australia for months you’re probably unaware that she’s touring in February. Shows have been announced for Perth and Melbourne but nothing has been announced for Sydney as of yet. Somebody please start a petition.

Edit: Don’t worry we just found it. See you all at Home Nightclub on 14th February.

Future- Just Like Bruddas

Ciara shared her new single, I Bet, this week and Future responded with this track called Just Like Bruddas. The track is about the streets but he occasionally references the relationship/ We’re actually not entirely sure what he says for 90% of the song but we’ve been able to make out bits like “They say I turned my back on my baby mama”. The track itself, is actually one of the strongest we’ve heard from Future in a while. He’s a far more successful singer than he is a rapper, he just needs to learn to enunciate his words.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/futureisnow/future-just-like-bruddas-prod-by-zaytoven[/soundcloud]

Django Django- First Light

British group Django Django are finally back with a new single off what we can only assume will be a forthcoming album. They took their sweet time. Thier self-titled debut was released way back in the stone age of 2014 and since then the musical climate has changed quite a bit. Indie bands are no longer really the thing du jour but First Light makes us feel as if they’ll have no problem settling back in. The track jangles with Django Django’s signature militant percussion and grooves with layered vocals. Also that cover image is really something. We’re currently in the process of painting all our oranges black.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/djangodjango/first-light[/soundcloud]

Dawn Richard- Phoenix (Feat. Aundrea Fimbres)

You may remember one of P Diddy’s projects from a few years back was a girl group called Danity Kane. One of the members of that band was Dawn Richard and since she’s been releasing some severely underappreciated solo work. She’s just released her second full length, Blackheart, featuring another ex-Danity Kane member, Aundrea Fimbres. Fimbres provides a mammoth pop-chorus but interesting the production flickers throughout making it far more interesting than what it would’ve been. Richard is approaching the genre so differently and is really yet to put a foot wrong.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/dawn_richard/dawn-richard-ft-aundrea-fimbres-phoenix[/soundcloud]

ESESE- AINTNO (Feat. Hancoq)

ESESE (Eastern Seaboard Electric Sould Experience) are a Melbourne collective who apparently do everything from filmaking to producing music. AINTNO is a musical project, evidently and features Australian rapper Hancoq. The beat is effortlessly fresh and while the video filmed in a row boat is a little odd, it’s the quirks of this track that make it so delectable.

Mikky Ekko- U

We expected Mikky Ekko to be bigger after he featured on Rihanna’s Stay back in 2012 but it all stalled a little bit there. Anyway, he’s still pushing along with the release of his debut album, Time, and on it is this Blood Diamond-produced gem. U is a smooth as hell offering, that sees Blood Diamond clean up his production a bit. The track sounds a million miles away from Grimes who Blood Diamond usually produces for. It’s woozy, a little off kilter and backed by some seriously impressive vocals.

Kelly Clarkson- Heartbeat Song

We know what you’re thinking: WHOAHHHH, Clarko on the interns? This is called 10 Songs You Need To Hear, and so we think it’s our responsibility to guide you through the good and bad. We’re not saying the new single from Kelly Clarkson is bad but the song does slow down for the chorus, so she should’ve been prepared to get a little bit of flack. Anyway, it’s been produced by Max Martin and is destined to be a hit. Clarkso has had plenty of trouble with record labels not letting her be the free spirit she is in the past, so you can probably bet that she hates this song but loves the $$.




Digging for Mixtapes - 7 Playlists From My Past

diggingformixtapesArchaeological Report

Location: CD stack in my childhood bedroom

The site of my childhood bedroom, located about 5km North of the Brisbane City, contains relics of a time between the dates of ‘95 & ‘10. On the weekend dating 21/22 June, armed with CD cleaner and my trusty box of Telfast, I decided to excavate this site in the hopes of discovering long-lost musical artefacts.

Amongst the red herrings consisting of blank CDs, photo CDs, a Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego game, the Big Brother CD single & Peter Combes’ Christmas Carols, there were some fruitful discoveries which can tell us a lot about my musical past.

Unfortunately, with the approximate lifespan of CDs ranging 10-15 years, some results came back inconclusive. A report of my successful findings can be found below (dated in chronological order):

Item #1

Approximate Date: 1999/2000 AD

I almost ejected the CD upon hearing the first song, thinking it was one of my parents’ Spanish-themed dinner party CDs. Turned out to be the next best thing - Enrique Iglesias. Ranging from soppy pop songs to tracks about weed and 'jacking off', this playlist is just as confused as the fashion at the turn of the Millennium.

1. Enrique Iglesias & Whitney Houston - Could I Have This Kiss Forever 

2. Afroman - Because I Got High

I'm not sure I even knew what 'getting high' exactly was in 1999.

3. Destiny’s Child - Bootylicious

4. Westlife - Uptown Girl

5. Joanne - So Damn Fine

6. Jessica Simpson - I Think I’m In Love With You

7. M2M - Mirror Mirror

8. M2M - Don’t say you love me

9. Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You

10. Jessica Simpson - Irresistible

11. Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses

12. The Offspring - Pretty Fly For A White Guy

13. Lou Bega - Mambo No . 5  (Don't try and tell me you weren't disappointed that your name wasn't mentioned in this song.)

14. Aaron Carter - Crush On You

Nick Carter features in this video with some pretty sound brotherly advice.

Item #2

Approximate Date: 2002 AD

Hip Hop and dirty pop reign supreme in this playlist. i.e. I was pretty hardcore at the tender age of 12.

1. Ashanti ft. Ja Rule - Happy

2. Britney Spears - Slave 4 U

Britney did Good Girl Gone Bad way before RiRi.

3. Destiny’s Child - Nasty Girl

4. Alicia Keys - Girlfriend

5. Kelis - Good Stuff

6. Modjo - Chillin’

7. Missy Elliott - Work It

Nothing better than Missy discussing elephants and the shaving of her 'cho cha'.

8. J Lo - Jenny From The Block

9. S Club 7 - S Club Party

There really ain't no party like an S Club party anymore.

10. Wu-tang clan - Gravel Pit

11. Craig David - What’s Your Flava?

12. Britney Spears - Boys

13. Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining

14. Tenacious D - Tribute

Item #3

Approximate Date: 2004 AD

Not sure what I was trying to achieve with this CD - so many highs and lows! I call it my Bipolar Playlist.

1. Sean Paul + Blu Cantrell - Breathe

Anyone able to detect what he is saying deserves a medal.

2. OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown - The Way You Move

3. Spiderbait - Calypso

Some of you may remember this ditty from 10 Thing I Hate About You. 

4. Britney Spears - Everytime


5. Enrique Iglesias feat. Kelis - Not In Love

6. Blink 182 - Miss you

Another :'(

7. OutKast - Ms Jackson

8. Beyonce - Naughty Girl

9. Christina Aguilera ft. Lil Kim - Can’t hold us down

10. Kelis - Trick me

11. Obie Trice - Got some teeth

12. Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks

13. JoJo - Leave (Get Out)

Item #4

Approximate Date: 2005 AD

1. Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend

2. Pharrell feat. Gwen Stefani - Can I have it like that

3. Stupidisco - Junior Jack

4. Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure

5. Franz Ferdinand - Do you want to

6. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun

The CD broke soon after that 🙁 First world noughtie problems.


Item #5

Approximate Date: 2005 AD

Ashlee Simpson on the same playlist as Kanye West and 50 Cent?







1. Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever

2. Ashlee Simpson - L.O.V.E

3. NERD - Rockstar (Jason Nevins Remix) 

4. Ciara feat. Missy Elliott - 1, 2 Step

5. Kanye West feat. Jamie FoxxGold Digger

6. 50 Cent feat. Olivia - Candy Shop

7. Missy Elliott feat. Ciara and Fatman Scoop - Lose Control

8. Usher - Caught Up


Item #6

Approximate Date: 2005 AD

It seems things turned a little techno when I was 15, coincidentally coinciding with my new-found penchant for Smirnoff Double Blacks.

1. Max graham vs Yes - Owner of a lonely heart


2. Sander Leinenberg - The Fruit

3. Freestylers - Push Up


4. Narcotic Thrust - When The Dawn Breaks (Original Dub Mix)

5. Cabin Crew - Star to fall

6. Live Element - Something About You (Club Mix)

7. Mylo - In my arms

8. Studio B - I See Girls (Tom Nevillle Remix)

Dear God, I still know all the lyrics.

Item #7

Approximate Date: 2006 AD

Part of the ’bring a burned CD to every party you attend and take over the sound system’ era. These findings are comparable to the current ‘plug in your own iPhone and take over the sound system' era we live in today. It seems some things never change.

1. Supermode - Tell me why  (Pretty sure this bad boy was my Myspace song)

2. Nelly Furtado - Maneater

3. David Guetta vs The Egg - Love don’t let me go

4. Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

5. Justin Timberlake - SexyBack

6. Quesh - Candy Girl

7. Fergie - London Bridge (Oh Snap)

8. Studio B- C’mon get it on

9. LL Cool J feat. Jennifer Lopez - Control Myself

10. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous Girl

11. Pussycat Dolls - Beep

12. The Similou - All this love

13. Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind

This one must have been a mistake...right? RIGHT? 

Have you uncovered a nostalgia-ridden playlist lately? Let us know in the comments or tweet me: @bianca_interns.