TĀLĀ drops the triumphant ‘Black Scorpio’

Black Scorpio

We fell in love with London electronic artist TĀLĀ back in April when she released Serbia. At the time Bianca said “dance, tribal and R&B lines are blurred harder than Robin Thicke”. Today, she’s dropped a new track, Black Scorpio off a new EP named Aesop and she’s still blurring those lines. In parts it sounds like its straight from a spy film before dipping into delectable vocal samples and majestic trumpets. It effortlessly melds so many sounds into one that categorising it into a genre seems nonsensical. More exciting music from the producer/singer.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/black-scorpio[/soundcloud]


A$AP Rocky jumps on Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’

artworks-000090531453-yy72cf-t500x500I’m Not The Only One is already a hit here in Australia but it looks like Sam Smith‘s label is trying to give the track a push in the US with A$AP Rocky adding two verses to the track. A$AP is no stranger to jumping on tracks to spice them up a bit. He’s done some stellar work on tracks like Lykke Li’s No Rest For The Wicked and Jessie Ware’s Wildest Moments. The track is pretty much left in its original form except A$AP bookmarks it with his rap, dropping lyrics about Beyonce, cheating and love. Aw.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/samsmithworld/samsmithasaprocky[/soundcloud]


Introducing…Moving Castle

Introducingthe interns’ ‘Introducing’ series is a new segment focusing on labels and collectives who are making the music world infinitely more interesting in 2014. Each fortnight we’ll look at an individual or group of people that are spicing up their particular field starting this week with American collective Moving Castle.

It may seem lately that there’s been so much talk about PC Music on the interns that we’ve made it sound like a major label. It isn’t, in fact. In the grand scheme of things it’s very small and, while its cultural indent is progressively widening, there are plenty of other labels out there pushing the boundaries and churning out phenomenal music.

The collective in question today is Moving Castle. Run by four producers, Robokid, Hunt for the Breeze, AO Beats and Manila Killa, the label embodies a lot of what is exciting about dance music right now- it’s born in the heart of the internet, it’s culturally aware and most importantly, innovative. While together, they are being called a kawaii bass collective, their individual musical output is strikingly different. Between them, they oscillate from the kitsch, to the industrial with trap influences peppered in between. AO Beats puts it best when he says, “All of us have pretty similar taste in music but all have some unique stylistic characteristics that I think make the collective work well.”

Between them they’ve remixed Tinashe, Foster The People and Mariah Carey, predominantly reliant on the ever-changing trends of Hype Machine and a well kept SoundCloud. In a year they’ve released two compilations that gather together the group’s favourite producers including Dave Luxe, Vices and Ba-Kuura.

While the lack of information on Moving Castle may make it seem like they’re trying to be enigmatic, it seems rather that their existence is quite simple. As AO Beats put it to The Ripe, “We just wanted to create a collective of sorts that would allow us to support each other and our friends who all made similar kinds of music.” Their first step was gathering together their favourite producers for their first compilation which features tracks which have now had upwards of 80,000 plays on SoundCloud. Word of mouth travels at the speed of sound when the internet is involved and as such, in a very short period of time, Moving Castle has attracted many eyes and ears.

The feel of Moving Castle echoes that of physical music communities like the London grime scene or the rising Australian electronica scene, except the community is born online. Once, you’d start your career through hitting the clubs and getting your name out there by word of mouth but Moving Castle are proving it can be done the opposite way round. The four creators made their name online and have only recently started putting on club nights as Moving Castle and coming together as a tangible entity.

Their approach to releasing music feels as modern as their sound. Just by looking at their SoundCloud you can gauge a feel for how entrenched in music they are. Rarely, does a week go by where they are not reposting music or releasing some of their own. Each pushing the boundary just a little further whether it be by speeding up the tempo, tampering with the pitch or experimenting with beats. Their manager Brett Blackman seems to be drowning in new music. His Soundcloud is a goldmine of new electronic music, each week releasing a weekend playlist in excess of 30 songs. Given the fast-paced nature of new music online, it’s impressive to see a collective deeply aware of what’s going on around them and yet still boundary-bushing in terms of their individual output.

Below we have a look further into the sound of each of the four creators of Moving Castle.

Manila Killa


Born in the Philippines, Manila Killa is making the most easily digestible music of the four. He’s remixed the likes of Lana Del Rey, Wet and The xx, keeping the melody intact but laying down twinkling beats and turning the vocal upside down. His knack is in taking nostalgic RnB tracks and flipping them, either slowing them down or speeding them up to reveal another dimension to the track. For Mariah Carey’s Shake It Off, he starts with a moody atmosphere before putting down that future bass sound that’s identifiable over the four Moving Castle artists. Away from Moving Castle, he’s part of the duo, Hotel Garuda, who are making brass-laden, funky remixes that are closer to nu-disco than future-bass.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/manilakilla/shake-it-off-manila-killa-1[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/hotelgarudamusic/sets/lana-del-rey-ultraviolence[/soundcloud]

Hunt for the Breeze


Hunt for the Breeze is a 22 year-old American producer who intertwines best with Manila Killa, stylistically. Sonically, he’s the more relaxed of the four. His originals are atmospheric and full of delectable sounds, more focussed on detail than working you into sweat. His latest track, Aquanaut, is built from a sunshine-induced synth and lightly tampered beats that effortlessly carve out a Summer groove. One of his finest releases is his remix of Mariah Carey’s Your Mine, which sees him collaborate with Manila Killa for a track that is constantly slamming its foot on the accelerator and releasing it suddenly. We imagine HFTB is the man making sure it doesn’t speed. The restraint combined with the anarchy is what makes the coupling of the two producers so intriguing. Hot tip: Hunt for the Breeze’s Soundcloud is a treasure-chest of new music as he regularly reposts the tunes piquing his interest.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/movingcastle/youre-mine-hunt-for-the-breeze-x-manila-killa-edit?in=huntforthe/sets/remixes[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/huntforthe/aquanaut?in=huntforthe/sets/originals[/soundcloud]

AO Beats


Speaking of anarchy, enter AO Beats. The New York via Massachusetts producer knows how he likes his bass and it’s throbbing. His tracks are characterised by high-pitched, kawaii vocals alongside cascading beats with thumping bass. He effortlessly speeds right up before laying right back in the beat and letting things move along at their own pace. One of his finest moments is his remix of Foster The People’s Best Friend with Jai Wolf. He uses Mark Foster’s psychedelic chorus and candy-laden hook to stir the beat into a flurry before dropping an almighty wave of synths and percussion. The sped up instrumental hook makes the track sound even more enticingly melodic than the original. The same can be said for his original tracks, although they tend to sit more on the side of RnB. His original, It’s Okay was one of the standouts of Moving Castle’s first compilation, spurred on by a delicious vocal sample that single-handedly drives the melody.



Robokid is a 22 year-old Boston producer who has his hands in a number of different collectives including Peachboiz and Lifted Contingencies. His music combines the kawaii aesthetic of anime, sprinkles in RnB with a touch of Sad Boys to it. His releases alter through each different collective. Through Peachboiz, he’s serving up candy-filled tunes born from video games while for Lifted Contingency he’s just released Panther- a mature, restrained cut that’s dark and introspective. His tracks through Moving Castle sit somewhere in between. Hyper Beam, for instance, is characterised by perky, striking synths and down-trodden beats that mix a cloudy atmosphere with a sunny disposition. It seems Robokid is a man with many different modes just like any product of the internet.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/movingcastle/hyper-beam[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/lifted-contingency/robokid-panther[/soundcloud]

boys noize baauer

Free Download: Baauer & Boys Noize’s massive new track, ‘Fire Like This’

boys noize baauer

Dance heavyweights Baauer and Boys Noize  have collaborated to make the anthemic Fire Like This. Bass-heavy and accentuated by a heavy, gritty bassline, the track highlights both Baauer’s trap aesthetics and Boys Noize’s techno technique to create a thumping dancefloor tune. The intensity is curbed slightly by a looping schoolyard chant which pays homage to the Miami hip hop group Anquette’s 1988 single, Janet Reno.

Download Fire Like This for free through Baauer’s Soundcloud below:

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/baauer/fire-like-this[/soundcloud]


SBTRKT recruites Raury for new track, ‘Higher’

We’ve already heard the wonderfully weird, New Dorp, New York and the Sampha-featuring, Temporary View and now SBTRKT has dropped another track from Wonder Where We Land. This time around he’s recruited 18 year-old hype-artist Raury for some hip-hop meets electronica perfection. SBTRKT lays down a moody, twinkling instrumental but leaves the spotlight to Raury, whose raps sound flawless. They come together best on the chorus where the song crescendos for a gospel-like moment. SBTRKT elevates the synths while Raury croons, “higher, higher, higher, higher”. It’s yet another triumphant cut of the new album which is shaping up to be one hell of a record.


London artist Jones drops her debut, ‘Deep’


London is churning out female artists at the rate of knots at the moment and the latest to rave about is Jones. Details are scarce about Jones but what we do know is she’s just dropped her debut, Deep, and it’s a stunningly well-polished tune. For the track she worked with Jai Paul’s brother, Anup, who made a name for himself with Nao on So Good. Together they’ve crafted a synth-RnB number that has the same aesthetic as a Dev Hynes production. Jones sounds comfortable and comfident lying right back in the beat and delivering a intoxicating vocal. The beat is characterised by a bassy-thump and warm, enticing synths. Line of Best Fit speculates that she may have been signed to 37 Adventures, the management company started by former head of A&R at XL Records, Nick Worthington, who’s signed the likes of Basement Jaxx and The Streets in his career. If so, she’s in good hands and so she should be, this is brilliant.


Flight Facilities premiere ‘Two Bodies,’ the first single from their debut album


We’ve been waiting with bated breath for Flight Facilities’ debut album, Down To Earth, to finally drop and today, we had our very first taste of what’s to come. Premiering on Triple J, Two Bodies is everything you can expect from the elusive electronic duo. It’s dreamy, steamy and has the perfect vibes for when the album drops in Australia this coming Summer. The starry-eyed, effortless track transcends to new heights through romantic synths and a steady bass, further elevated by the heavenly vocals of Emma Louise. The Sydney duo have said of their guest vocalist:

We’ve always wanted to work with her and we kind of wrote ‘Two Bodies’ with her in mind. She’s an amazing songwriter and vocalist and she killed it. It probably took three days to record and then six months to mix. We’re perfectionists. It’s a lust song, they’re Emma’s vocals and lyrics for sure. It’s about something very personal to her – I think we’d be in a bit of trouble if we were to divulge [without her permission].

Down To Earth will be released in October and reportedly will be in excess of illustrious guest appearances, including Reggie Watts, Owl Eyes and Bishop Nehru. See below for info on joining the Mile High Club when Flight Facilities tour Australia this November. 

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/flightfacilities/two-bodies-feat-emma-louise-extended-version/[/soundcloud]

Flight Facilities tour

Thursday, November 6 – HQ, Adelaide Buy tickets 
Saturday, November 8 – Capitol, Perth Buy tickets
Thursday, November 13 – The Forum, Melbourne Buy tickets
Saturday, November 15 – Tivoli, Brisbane Buy tickets
Thursday, November 20 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney Buy tickets


First Impressions: Aphex Twin, Calvin Harris, Mary J Blige + more


First Impressions is an interns roundtable review of songs on their first (or second) listen. Each week we review six new songs from the week passed, each giving them a score out of five and awarding our pick of the week.

Aphex Twin- minipop 67 [source field mix]

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/warp-records/aphex-twin-minipops-67-1202source-field-mix[/soundcloud]

Sam: I was nine when Aphex Twin’s last album, Drukqs, was released so excuse me for not being overly excited about his return. Coming at this with fresh ears though, it’s an introverted, intelligent tune that bubbles along, working itself further and further down the rabbit hole. This is jam-packed full of sounds and melodies, but it sounds completely removed from dance music today. It’s weird, unexpected and yet totally captivating. 4

Bianca: This is a weirdly wonderful assortment of sounds that don’t even hint at a 13-year hiatus. I feel like a ‘How It’s Made’ episode could be made for minipop 67 [source field mix] to unravel the mystery behind the mash-up of analog and digital which have somehow been smooshed together to create a strange, yet, perfectly functioning piece of music. 4

Lizzie: This is very cyborg, I feel like I should be hurtling into another galaxy with Dr Who. I am really sorry to say but the last 30secs made me actually giggle out loud, just not my cup of tea! 1.5

Kindness- This Is Not About Us

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/kindness/this-is-not-about-us[/soundcloud]

Sam: I’m loving Kindness’ whole aesthetic for this new album. It has the immaculate tailoring of ‘80s MJ, the smoothness of Sade and the effortless cool of Dev Hynes. I’m not sure if this is the most exciting thing we’ve heard from him but it helps to formulate that image and sound that I imagine will all make sense on the album. There’s plenty of bells and whistles looping under Kindness’ most soulful vocal yet. In the words of the wonderful Britney Spears, “gimme more”. 3

Bianca: Came for the swinging vocals, stayed for the cowbells. The percussion and Kindness’ croon are honestly a bit too minimalist for my liking but the funky bass line manages to keep it from falling too flat. 2

Lizzie: The “sssssss” in his vocals are unshakeably distracting. Take him out of the equation, its actual are really nice mellow track. Great for running errands and what not, and who can say no to a cowbell! 2.5

Swick & Lewis Cancut- Wishes (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/shhsecretsongs/swick-lewis-cancut-wishes-ft-tkay-maidza[/soundcloud]

Sam: This is just a melting pot of a few of my favourite things really. Ryan Hemsworth is releasing this cut on his Secret Songs compilation and it just so happens that the first release is an all Aussie affair. Swick & Lewis Cancut’s beat is popping bubblegum born from the PC Music era while Tkay just kills ‘em all, singing rather than rapping for the first time. I know we’ve seen a lot of Aussies do well overseas recently but, my goodness, if this girl doesn’t beat them all, somebody strip me of any music credentials. 4.5 Sam’s Pick

Bianca: Tkay is just like Vegemite in the way that she goes with everything. Whether she’s laying down R&B rap or singing stylised, sugary-sweet tunes over a glitchy 8-bit beat, this girl is multi-faceted and is about to be Australia’s hottest export. And, unlike Vegemite, I feel the US is going to develop a taste for Tkay instantaneously. 4

Lizzie: This is such a pleasant surprise! It’s not my usual style but this is a great example of how to make a lollipop PC track and not drive anyone crazy (i.e me)! The two minute mark is a glittery treat, and something fresh and more feminine from Tkay. 4

Calvin Harris- Blame (Feat. John Newman)

Sam: My biggest tip here would be don’t look at the lyrics. It was only when I looked at them that I realised just how repetitive this is. Until then, I was content listening to Newman’s gravelly tones. In terms of Calvin’s beat it’s more of the same, isn’t it? It’s the same breakdown we’ve been hearing since Rihanna’s We Found Love. Then, it was a rush of blood to the head, now it’s a rush of nausea to my stomach. This guys the highest paid DJ in the world and he’s practically doing it in his sleep. Definitely a hit, but a personal triumph? I don’t think so. 1.5

Bianca: It’s just the same tried and tested formula from Calvin. Last year, he claimed he was “doing more dance music that probably won’t get into the charts” but it feels he’s slipped right back into over-familiar territory and mass-producing hits suffering from a serious case of same shit, different day. Where is the old Calvin we used to know and love??? 1.5

Lizzie: O oh spagettio, he’s got me again. As much as I want to resist his dance floor charm, Calvin has got me under his EDM spell with ‘Blame’. And the worst thing it’s totally not his best hit by FAR! John Newman delivers yet another whiny heartfelt overlay which is tolerable, Calvin brings his classic Calvin geddup…and sadly I can just see myself shamelessly dancing to this all Summer.  3.5

Theophilus London- Tribe (Feat. Jesse Biykins III)

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/theophilusl/tribe[/soundcloud]

Sam: Theophilus is relatively unknown but he has some damn cool friends including Solange, Big Boi and Karl Lagerfeld who shot the album cover for his forthcoming record. I played this out loud the other night and lost my shit. It’s got an effortless flow that’s both groovy and hard-hitting. This is a party-tune that would sound best to popping champagne corks and the trickle of spirits hitting ice. Smooth and so, so trendy. 3.5

Bianca: There is such an effortless groove to Theophilus’ vocals which have been deliciously contrasted by Brodinski’s eccentric, accelerated production. So many good vibes from this track with my only issue being that it ends too prematurely. 4 Bianca’s Pick

Lizzie: I feel instantly so much cooler for listening to this song. I am in love with the beat, the swagger and the CHORUS – oh the chorus. I have not heard a track like this in forever, it’s brilliantly layered and keeps you on your toes the entire time 4.6 Lizzie’s Pick

Mary J. Blige- Right Now (Prod. by Disclosure)

Sam: Disclosure are no strangers to working with Mary J. Blige, so where her guest spot on F For You felt a little intrusive, here she sounds completely at ease. Blige is 43 right now and constantly changing up her sound yet always keeping her gut-wrenching soul. Disclosure have toned it down on a notch on this one, as to not let their own exuberance flood Blige’s vocal and the give and take does them good. I can just see Blige strutting across the stage to this, glaring through people’s souls. Take not Swifty, Blige is the original queen of breakup songs. 3.5

Bianca: Disclosure’s trademark syncopated rhythms and poppy synths are all over this track with the duo laying down a flawless beat for Mary J to work with. These guys are just the right people to breathe life and ‘cool’ back into her music career. 3

Lizzie: I had such high expectations for this combo – Mary J and Disclosure – what could go wrong? The thing is nothing is really wrong with it, I am just not digging Mary J’s vibe, she just flatlines for me. Hats off of to Disclosure however, their backing production is a lovely tickle to the ears. 3

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.50.46 am

FKA Twigs covers Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.50.46 am

You’re usually pretty sure what Sunday is going to throw at you, but sometimes you wake up to something like this and your world is sent spinning. Yes, it’s true, FKA Twigs has covered Sam Smith‘s megahit, Stay With Me for Radio 1’s Live Lounge and it’s amazing. In true Twigs fashion this is not your stock-standard cover. It’s a jittery, late-night rendition of the track with Twigs taking melodic detours and leaving out lyrics where she pleases. The result is an illuminating and haunting cover that resonates in a completely different but no less emotional way as Smith’s original. Just try living a normal Sunday now. Just. Try.



the interns’ Saturday Mix #8

Today marks a week until Kanye graces our shores, so we all need something to tide over the time until then. Let us replace your twiddling of thumbs with dance moves, and switch your most played album on iTunes from Ms Taylor Swift to these brand spanking new mixes.

7 days…

Bonobo THUMP Mix: Music to D & M to

It happens to the best of us. 1am hits and you grab the hand of some complete stranger or someone on the “outer echelons” of your friendship group, and brain dump everything you’ve ever felt about love, love or anything. Childhood stories, thoughts on the situation in the Middle-east, your ex, your favourite cheese – you name it, topics will be covered whether you can put together full sentences or not. You don’t want music that disrupts the flow of conversation, but you certainly do not want an awkward silence in the background – god forbid. Bonobo is your man to help you truly open up.


?Z – Trap Quest Mix For Annie Nightingale: Songs to take you sneaker shopping

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse – the choices are endless. But which do you choose, as this could be one of the biggest seasonal decisions of your life!? This trap mix is going to be your street-cred shopping buddy to help you choose a pair of high-tops that will make much more than just a fashion statement – it will a lifestyle statement. Prepare to poke your ALL new cool friends away with a stick.


Deadmau5 – Music to give you RSI (in a good way)

Despite what he says or does away from the decks, Deadmau5 knows what he is doing. This year’s Itunes Festival in London saw the mau5 knock everyone out of the park with his latest gob smacking live performance. No other DJ has the ability to play the same loop over and over and over again, without an inch of boring. Whether its bopping, fist-pumping or hip swinging you are going to be happily sore in the morning after indulging in this mix.


JD Twitch – Bucky Skank 2014 mix: Time to stop and appreciate

Reggae & dancehall – two genres of music we do not give enough time to. We also don’t give enough time to stop, and think about how fricken sweet life is. Whether you are jam-packed with work, uni, kids or life in general, take a second to hit play and recline and look are everything from a different perspective. Relax…..



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week 5 Sept


Spring has sprung, the grass has ris!

I wonder what the 10 best songs is?

How about we leave the rhyming to the professionals as we provide you with yet another ten wonderful songs to spring you into the weekend. Featuring Robyn, Sam Smith, Jessie Ware Calvin Harris, the birds and the bees will be out in full force for a playlist in ode to Spring’s long-awaited commencement.

Flying Lotus- Never Catch Me (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

These two men have a lot to prove. Both Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar had brilliant last albums and are about to follow them up – a daunting task. Based on this first taste from Flying Lotus’ new album, You’re Dead, he’s going to have no problem. Lamar steps up here to offer an aggressive, fast-paced rap over a jazz-inspired instrumental. At times the beat moves so quickly that it seems indeed, we will never catch them. But we’ll keep running nonetheless.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/refreshing-muzak/flying-lotus-feat-kendrick-lamar-never-catch-me[/soundcloud]

Swick & Lewis Cancut- Wishes (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

This is almost too much. Interns favourite Ryan Hemsworth is releasing a compilation of new tracks from his favourite producers right now and Wishes is the first single off it. It just so happens that the beat is delivered by interns favourite Swick with Lewis Cancut and the vocal is laid down by interns favourite Tkay Maidza. So many favourites, so little time. Luckily, three minutes is all that is needed to win us over with this lollipop-inspired track. Maidza sounds uncharacteristically sweet yet stern and the beat races around like an impending sugar high. Please sir, can we have some more?

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/shhsecretsongs/swick-lewis-cancut-wishes-ft-tkay-maidza[/soundcloud]

Robyn- Tell You (Today)

Goddamit Robyn, is there anything you can’t do. People said you couldn’t release three albums in one year, you did it. People said the a Royksopp collaboration EP would tire, it didn’t. And If people had the chance they’d tell you don’t cover a folk/disco/funk artists, well, you’d ignore them and thank goodness. Robyn has taken on Arthur Russell’s Tell You (Today) for a covers compilation that also features Hot Chip and Sufjan Stevens and it’s spectacular. She doesn’t stray far from the melody but she tidies up the beats and lays on the disco-vibes, delivering an impossible smooth slice of disco-funk.

Sam Smith- Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)

Fast Car is literally everybody’s guilty pleasure. He who says he hasn’t sung, “Oh remember when we were driving” out loud, hasn’t lived at all. This week, Sam Smith covered it and proved that he is definitely living. As always with Smith, it’s all about that voice. The instrumental is slightly pedestrian, but Smith croons like a soul-legend never hitting a dud note.

LANY – Made in Hollywood 

Spring is in the air, you hop in the car and head to the beach in anticipation of the promise of balmy afternoons and young love. Nashville locals LANY sure know how to evoke nostalgic reflection and cultivate daydreams. With floaty vocals and shimmering synths, and a jittery drum beat as the driving force, let them take you on a journey as you cruise down the smooth waveforms of Made in Hollywood. 

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/thisislany/made-in-hollywood[/soundcloud]

Jessie Ware – Want Your Feeling

Co-written with Dev Hynes of Blood Orange fame, Want Your Feeling echoes his signature sultry-come-retro take on a  current wave of soulful pop music. Ware’s undeniable vocals however make this track. They’re billowy in a way that sounds instantly familiar and beckons you to sing a long, mimicking a cool factor most will never have. There’s an effortlessness to the way her warm tones linger over the tracks synth and bass line. the interns have been certified Ware fans for a while now and continue to count down the days until her sophomore album drops!

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]http://soundcloud.com/jessieware/jessie-ware-want-your-feeling[/soundcloud]

Tkay Maidza – Finish Them (Prod. by Bok Bok)

Why do we keep coming back to Tkay? Her fearless style and unshakable talent is undeniable, and Finish Them is yet another example of how Australian music is taking charge in the international music scene. What makes this track stand strong is its commanding beat and fast pace – ain’t no fucking wth Tkay, she is a true “underground queen”. Produced alongside British producer Bok Bok, we know this R&B track is left in good hands, and if we have not already said it enough – watch this space, she is a powderkeg of awesomeness about to EXPLODE.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/tkaymaidza/tkay-maidza-finish-them-prod-by-bok-bok[/soundcloud]

Calvin Harris – Blame  

You need to hear this song right now basically because you’ll be hearing it on the airwaves for the next month or so anyway. With the assertive crooning of John Newman combined with the electronic finesse of Calvin Harris, you’ve got a chart-topping mega hit on your hands. Newman starts confidently, as per usual, before Harris’ trademark, frenzied dance beat takes over, transforming a soulful ballad into a sure-fire dancefloor hit and crowd pleaser.

Peta & The Wolves – Scum (SAFIA Remix) 

Electro-indie trio SAFIA are back at it again, this time reworking Peta & The Wolves’ Scum. Originally a dark, brooding tune, the boys have spun thread into gold, taking the song from deep forest to dancefloor. Skittering synths, tropical drums and high-pitched vocals help create a multi-textured journey that makes us anticipate their next original release even more.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/petaandthewolves/scum-safia-remix[/soundcloud]

Billie Black (feat. Mura Masa) – Simple Pleasure

Billie Black had us swaying to-and-fro in I Waited For You and I Don’t Need Another Lover and now the London songstress has given us a bit of bounce in our step. Teaming up with Mura Masa, Black’s signature RnB flair flows smoothly in between textures of ricocheting beats and a funky bassline. Feel free to use this one to groove you right into the weekend.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/billie-black/billie-black-x-mura-masa-this-simple-pleasure[/soundcloud]



Hear Willow Smith’s mesmerising cover of King Krule’s ‘Easy Easy’


A far cry from whipping her hair back-and-forth, Willow Smith, AKA the spawn of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has released a cover of King Krule‘s Easy Easy, proving that talent truly does run in the family. At a gobsmacking age of only 13, Willow sounds wise beyond her years as she croons delicately over a strumming guitar. Inflections to her voice not too dissimilar to original singer, Archy Marshall’s, it’s an honest, yet confident, cover that is likely to make anyone feel unaccomplished. 🙁

Listen to both the cover and original below:

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/dhatu/easy-easy-cover-willow-smith[/soundcloud]