Yacht Club DJs interview

10 things I learnt from my interview with Yacht Club DJs

Yacht Club DJs interview

Back in August, it was announced that party duo and mash-up maestros, Yacht Club DJs, were calling it quits. Since forming in 2008, Gareth Harrison and Guy Chappell have entertained crowds with their unique mixing style and mash-up techniques, as well as their on-stage antics, which in the past have included nudity, crowd invasions and riding over the crowd in an inflatable boat. To celebrate almost eight successful years in the music industry, the Ballarat locals are throwing 14 massive send-off parties around Australia, beginning in Hobart and ending in their hometown, Ballarat. I was lucky to speak to one half of the super duo, Gaz, in one of their last interviews ever. Here’s what I learnt:

1. Music goes in circles

When I first started DJing, literally the biggest thing was deep house, pushing that sound all over the world, and then everyone went really backwards with it and didn’t want to listen to it, it was all too serious, and then it went ultra, ultra party and everyone was listening to hip hop and party jams. And when we came along, the whole mash-up thing happened, what with 2manydjs, and then that moved into the indie-electro sound by Justice, and then Daft Punk happened. And now it’s all come back round again and everyone wants to listen to deep house. It all happens in circles. Everyone out there is like, “I’ve got a fresh new sound!” and I’m like, “Bullshit! it happened in 2000!” It’s cool, though, there’s always going to be new discoveries. That’s music, that’s what it’s there for.”

2. Mumford & Sons and The Prodigy go surprisingly well together

“Guy was obsessed with playing a Mumford and Sons song in our set and I kind of hated it. I like Mumford and Sons but I came from this really serious band background so every now and then we’ll do something that will make my skin crawl. I had to do things to get my head around it so I started mixing Breathe by The Prodigy into it. This really anthemic Mumford and Sons song with this really garage thing (laughs). So like injecting that kind of sense of humour into it got me past the skin crawling phase because it was just so preposterous and funny. But that sort of thing still backs the spirit of the house party vibe we have. It’s like the kind of shit you’d put on your iPhone with your friends, like playing ridiculous song after ridiculous song.”

3. Australia’s killing it in the music scene

“There’s so many good dudes in Australia now, we’re taking over the world. Just to see people do what they do, like Chris from What So Not, Flume, all those guys, are absolutely taking over the world. And then there’s dudes just killing it, like Paces and Spenda C. Also, Yahtzel, I love that kid. He’s unreal. And he’s such a good DJ, it’s ridiculous. Australia’s scene is really, really strong.”

4. Their onstage antics are unplanned

People make it sound like our shows are really planned. We just go on stage and do our thing. One time, I got this really intense cut on my back and was bleeding everywhere and it just got written off that I had planned it. And I was like, ‘I’m really hurt here?’

Another time in Byron Bay, I broke my leg. These things don’t get planned. This shit just happens. If I get naked, I get naked. If I accidentally break my leg, I accidentally break my leg. We’re never going to go on stage and be like, ‘Alright. 10 minutes in, I’m gonna do this, you’re gonna do this.’ Who even wants to plan that shit? It’s so ridiculous!”

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/yachtclubdjsmusic/hooroo[/soundcloud]

5. They hate the lockout laws

“Last time we played, we had to play so early so everyone could go out afterwards. And then I couldn’t go out afterwards! I went on stage, got a beer and was like, “Sweet, let’s go out,” and then it was like, “Nup, can’t go out.” Fuck the lockout, I hate that stuff!

It doesn’t work. Ballarat, where I live, is the first place that ever did it. And if they looked up what happened here, they’d know it doesn’t work because everyone goes out on the streets and fights each other. No lockout, it’s a shit idea.”

6. They really, really love Meredith Festival

When asked about one of his favourite moments of his career, Gaz replied, “I’d have to say the very first Meredith we’ve ever played. I worked at that music festival for so long and I absolutely adored it. I always said that if I ever got on stage there, I’d take a shovel and just bury myself out the back…and then we got to play it three times.

I’ve walked on stage at a lot of festivals and and there’s nothing like the rush when you walk on that stage there. And that includes all the stuff we did over in America, which was a huge rush and such an incredible experience, but there’s just something about Meredith. I think also having my best friends in the front row just giving me shit the whole time is good. It definitely holds a special place.”

yacht club djs

7. Gaz wants to be a fortune cookie writer

When asked to choose between professional sleeper, dice inspector or fortune cookie writer as his next career options, Gaz was quick to choose the latter: “I love unloading truth on people.”

8. Their career was a huge surprise to them

“We only ever did this for fun. The whole career has been a huge surprise to be honest. We started this just for a laugh and like 8 years later we’re still doing it and we’re like, ‘holy crap, how did this even happen?’”

9. Gaz is taking a well-deserved break  

“I don’t have any plans but I know Guy’s got some other stuff he’s working on. I just want some time off. I’ve been DJing full time for 15 years. I just want to do something else and I kind of like the idea of not knowing what I’m going to do. After 15 years of having a pretty regimented life, I think I’m just going to wander around and see what happens.”

10. They’re quitting the biz and there’s nothing we can do about it

It seems the duo are pretty confident there’ll be no John Farnham-esque comeback tour. “Definitely zero chance,” said Gaz. “I’m not as young as I used to be and who the fuck would want to see me when I’m 40 and playing party music at a nightclub? I don’t think that will ever work.

We never wanted to get what we do to get old. We always said, if we get tired of it, leave it where it is. We’re still doing really good things with it but at the same time we want to do other stuff so we’re like “fuck it, let’s just  call it off.” Let’s leave it as this thing. It was really good and never got old so let’s, yeah, move on.”

Yacht Club DJs’ Hooroo! tour kicks of tonight, 31 October. See below for dates. 

Fri 31 Oct – Republic Bar | Hobart TAS | Tickets 

Sat 1 Nov – Republic Bar | Hobart TAS | Tickets 

Fri 7 Nov – The Northern | Byron Bay NSW| Tickets 

Sat 8 Nov – The Brightside | Brisbane QLD | Tickets

Fri 14 Nov – The Cambridge | Newcastle NSW | Tickets 

Sat 15 Nov – Oxford Art Factory | Sydney NSW| Tickets 

Fri 21 Nov – Barwon Club | Geelong VIC | Tickets 

Sat 22 Nov – The Corner Hotel | Melbourne VIC | Tickets 

Fri 28 Nov – Jive | Adelaide SA| Tickets 

Sat 29 Nov – Lost at The Vic | Darwin NT | Door Sales Only

Fri 5 Dec – Amplifier | Perth WA | Tickets

Sat 6 Dec – ‘Hooch’ at Toucan Club | Mandurah WA | Tickets

Fri 19 Dec – Karova Lounge | Ballarat VIC | Tickets

Sat 20 Dec – Karova Lounge | Ballarat VIC | Tickets

TALA Everybodys free

TĀLĀ reworks ‘Everybody’s Free’ from Romeo + Juliet

TALA Everybodys free

Featured in the Baz Luhrmann classic, Romeo + Juliet, Quindon Tarver‘s Everybody’s Free was the soul-wrenching hymn of the ’90s, soundtracking the heartache of two star-cross’d lovers in fair Verona who (*SPOILER ALERT*) take their lives. The song has now been transported to modern day by TĀLĀ, the electronic singer/songwriter/producer who has been on the interns’ radar for a while now. Keeping the basic song structure of the original intact, the half-Iranian, South Londoner has put her delicate touch onto it, slowly building up the ambience with a heavy, skittering beat and layered vocals. Immaculately produced, this rework is a testament to TĀLĀ’s knack for creating atmospheric beats, kept at just the perfect level of intensity.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/everybodysfree[/soundcloud]

Baauer EP B

Hear Baauer’s ‘ß’ EP In Full

Baauer EP B

We heard the first taste of Baauer‘s solo EP, ß, when he released his Rae Sremmurd and Alunageorge collaboration, One Touch, yesterday and now the American producer is streaming his debut in full. While the surprisingly genial first track may have been a sign that the Brooklyn beatmaster may be restraining his trademark heavy bass beats, Floreana, Boog and Swoopin prove that he’s not giving up his steady builds or sirens any time soon. The 5-track EP also features a ‘VIP’ version of One Touch which sees Baauer unleashing his trap-infused beat a bit harder than what was previously heard on the original.

Baauer spoke of the influences his globetrotting had on the EP when he spoke to The FADER:

“A lot of the samples came from my trip with Redbull for the Searching For Sound documentary we did. I went to Japan and the United Arab Emirates and was able to record some incredible stuff. A lot of those samples get chopped, filtered, distorted, and then in one way or another folded into the tracks. There’s also a lot internet samples in there too, like someone’s recording of their cousin singing a song they learned at camp.”

Stream via Spotify below.

ß will be released 4 November on LuckyMe


JOY. turns to ‘Stone’ on new single


Brisbane artist JOY. made herself one to watch when she dropped her gorgeous debut single, Captured and now she’s gone and done it again with her new single, Stone. The young singer has crafted a song that’s beautifully textured and driven by the breathy vocals of Olivia McCarthy aka. JOY. There’s plenty of Australian artists to watch at the moment but JOY. is ticking more boxes than most. She’s effortlessly combining RnB with down-beat electronica and all the while managing to sound fresh in an overcrowded genre. Stone sounds like something Ryan Hemsworth and co. would go gaga for. cc: Ryan Hemsworth.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/joy-aus/stone[/soundcloud]

She’s going on tour too!



Jacques Greene streams ‘1 4 Me’, the first single from a new EP


Montreal producer, Jacques Greene is one of my favourite producers at the moment. Stylistically, he’s crafted this dark, minimal, sleek sound where the bass is always throbbing and he’s yet to put a foot wrong. He’s gearing up for the release of his excellently titled new EP, After Life After Party and 1 4 Me is the first drop from that. Accompanied by a terribly frustrating video, the track is one of the most ambient creations he’s released, yet it’s still got that trademark bass behind it, pulsating the song right into the early morning party zone. Meanwhile there’s this yearning vocal sample that just swirls around your head. It’s beautifully textured and as frustrating as the video may be it’s also visually on-point.


Giraffage drops ‘Tell Me’ off new EP

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.26.38 pm

San Francisco producer Giraffage has gone from being a bedroom producer to one of the fastest rising names in electronica. His Needs album last year was an effortless collection of dimly-lit, cascading numbers and it seems his new EP, No Reason, will be following in a similar vein, albeit a little more polished. Tell Me is a glistening track of sporadic vocals samples and fluid synths. It’s never explicit or over-the-top in its delivery showing a producer who’s more than comfortable in offering up something more finessed and not immediately obvious. The ear candy throughout this whole thing is immense though – popping beats, lush synths and a minimal yet profound vocal sample.

No Reason is out 14 November. Giraffage will be heading down-under in November to play Astral People’s OutsideIn Festival.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/foolsgoldrecs/giraffage-tell-me[/soundcloud]

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.17.53 pm

Shamir drops the sassiest track of the year, ‘On The Regular’

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.17.53 pm

Today has been a very good day for Shamir. It was first announced that he’d signed to the prestigious XL Records and to top that he’s released an uber fun new track titled On The Regular. The funky track sees Shamir rapping more than singing, giving us a completely different side to what we heard on his excellent Northtown EP. The confidence of it all emulates Azealia Banks’ 212, except rather than cockiness he gives a quirky coolness delivered through cowboys and a wild, wacky video. We’ve told you before but we’ll tell you again – you should probably keep an eye on this guy.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.05.30 pm

Recycle Culture has already remixed Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ and suddenly life is excellent

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.05.30 pm

If you checked the internet occasionally you’d be all over the fact that mildly successful country-pop sensation, Taylor Swift has released a new album titled 1989. Well, it only took producer, Recycle Culture, a matter of hours to pop up a remix of the 8th song on Swifties album, Wildest Dreams. The airy ballad is suddenly transformed into a blood-rushing, beat-racing number that keeps Swift’s original vocals intact. It makes us feel that Tay Tay’s next album could be all electronica. Possible?

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/recycle-culture/taylor-swift-wildest-dreams-recycle-culture-remix[/soundcloud]


First Impressions: Drake, CHVRCHES, Iggy Azalea + more


First Impressions is an interns roundtable review of songs on their first (or second) listen. Each week we review six new songs from the past week, each giving them a score out of five and awarding our pick of the week. Today we pick apart tracks by Drake, Iggy Azalea, MØ, CHVRCHES, Yeo, Les Sins & The Black Hearts Club. 

Drake – How Bout Now

Sam: It doesn’t really do much in terms of furthering Drake’s sound but it’s solid. The murmuring vocal samples underneath the track give it a nice texture and the way the beat swings in and out of clarity is nice too. I think the only thing that really lets it down is it’s hookless. I dunno though. It still kind of does it for me, so where I sit on this one I’m not sure. Sorry I couldn’t be much more help. 3.5

Lizzie: How ‘bout now, how ‘bout now? No matter how many times he asks, I’m not going to tell him I like the song. How bout now? NO! Take your slowwwww jams elsewhere please, except leave the JT style backup singers with me. 2

Bianca: It just seems like there’s nothing going on in this track. I’m happy with the backing track being minimal as long as there’s something being delivered on the vocals, and vice versa. But that doesn’t seem to be the circumstance. Instead, what I first thought was a case of having my treble too low was in fact just a case of a boring song. And you know I’m all about that treble. 2
[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/octobersveryown/drake-how-bout-now[/soundcloud]

Iggy Azalea + MØ – Beg For It

Lizzie: I can just see this going off at Schoolies *sigh*. Underage kids, UDLs and Iggy – the perfect combination for a Summer hit. In saying this, I have had it on repeat for the last hour and I am #sorrynotsorry. 3

Sam: Wait, is this Fancy? Everything from the minimal beats on the verse to the chanty chorus sound scarily similar to her breakout hit but I suppose if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I absolutely love that MØ is on this one. Her album is one of the best pop records of the year and she deserves all the success she gets but this song just lacks anything special. She sounds sick on it, but Iggy is becoming a little tiring. 2.5

Bianca: I feel that MØ’s really wasted on this track 🙁 And not in a drunk in the back of the cab a là One More video clip kind of wasted. It seems that Iggy is using the same old recipe and frankly I’m bored. I guess anything’s better than Booty, right? Right?? 1.5  


Lizzie: Yes, yes, 1000 times yes. I instantly feel at home when I hear Lauren’s voice, and the pace is perfect for the Drive soundtrack revival. I was a massive fan of that album, so hats off to them for birthing a track which fits in seamlessly. 4

Sam: Quite a bizarre concept that Radio 1 have going here but if they can pull in people with CHVRCHES I’m more than happy for them to carry on. CHVRCHES suit the dim-lit synth-pop vibe of Drive down to the ground so it makes total sense to get them involved. So many of the songs on their debut were aggressive so it’s nice to hear them here a little more sweet. The chorus is beautifully subtle and I love that they take it right to the dancefloor for the final one. 4

Bianca: Just when you thought the Drive soundtrack couldn’t be topped, CHVRCHES have delivered with a track of the perfect haziness and nostalgia that could sidle in unnoticed alongside the original tracklist. Nightcall and A Real Hero will forever be my favourite Drive numbers but Get Away comes in at a very close third place. Beautiful. 4.5 Bianca’s pick
[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/chvrches/chvrches-get-away[/soundcloud]

Yeo – Secret Powers

Lizzie: These guys should have made it onto the Drive soundtrack as well!! No seriously, I can see myself driving in my Cadillac into the sunset, it’s so cinematic.. Musically, this is a beautifully layered track, something I could easily get lost in (its dreamy eyes…). Definitely an act to watch. 4.5 Lizzie’s Pick

Sam: Oh, I love how Yeo is so unashamed to deliver a straight-up, huge pop chorus. So many artists try to disguise it under many things but Yeo just goes for it, like a massive ‘80s power ballad. The whole atmosphere of this is perfect, from the way the synths twinkle gently to the way Yule Post saunders in with her smokey vocal. Can we also pop this on the re-work of the Drive soundtrack? 4 Sam’s Pick

Bianca: I don’t know what secret power Yeo has got but boy has it got a hold on me. I feel that he has really grown up on this track, with the melancholic synths and Yeo’s doleful voice creating a sombre affair, further accentuated by Yule Post’s entry in the second verse. The combination of both their voices later down the track is spellbinding with the mournful sax really taking it home. 4.5
[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/snackswithyeo/secretpowers[/soundcloud]

Les Sins – Talk About

Lizzie: The voice samples mixed with the typewriter tap in the background, remind me a little of Jamie xx’s “All Under One Roof Raving” – minus the tropical drums. Just when I thought this track was all over, the 2.30 min mark happens…where the song becomes a thicker and interesting. It’s that style of music which can babysit you for hours. 4

Sam: Toro Y Moi’s dance project is actually grabbing me a lot more than his work as Toro. This one reminds me of that moment when there are only a handful of people left in the club – the bass has dropped very low and the vocal samples just swirl around your brain. Talk About is woozy, acid house that subtly climaxes with a forceful synth. Put this on and I’ll happily be the last man standing in the club. 3.5

Bianca: I’m not entirely sure of what the vocal is saying but it sounds a lot like ‘shakshuka’. I really like shakshuka though and, coincidentally, also this song. Like the heavenly middle eastern breakfast of Gods, Talk About is a steamy, hearty morsel that will spice up your life in all the right ways. Give this to me with a side of chorizo and I’m all yours. 3.75
[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/company-record-label/les-sins-talk-about[/soundcloud]

The Black Hearts Club – Girl

Lizzie: Despite the Sesame Street style saxophone at the start, this a jazzy jam of a track. The combination of the looping and the euphoric chimes are a treat – definitely something to click your heels together with joy on a sunny day. 3.5

Sam: This is literally the start of like Frasier or something right? It’s almost as if these guys have taken the cream from Pharrell’s Girl and left the over-the-top crap. It doesn’t take itself serious and I have a massive smile on my face just listening to them singing over the horns. It’s easy to get caught up in the novelty of it all but the whole instrumental is actually really impressive. They effortlessly blend from those horns into a day-dreamy chorus and back into stomping verses. Please give me what they’ve got. They sound like happy chaps. 4

Bianca: I am so into this. Bordering on slightly comical, the jazzy horns are the star of the show as the grooving bass struts along, perfectly accompanied by Well$’s initial verse and Lucho’s falsetto, Pharrell-style hook. I’m also totally je t’aime-ing Lomani’s French spoken-word breakdown at the 1:53 mark which is the cherry on top to making Girl the perfect recipe to make anyone happy…and if that’s not the point of music, what is? (Deep.) 4
[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/immaculate-taste/girl-tell-me-something[/soundcloud]


Watch: Flight Facilities feat. Reggie Watts – ‘Sunshine’

Flight Facilities dropped their debut album, Down To Earth, last week and the response has already been (unsurprisingly) massive. Featuring prominent artists such as Emma Louise, Bishop Nehru, Owl Eyes and Kylie Minogue, the duo have been rapidly rising the iTunes charts, a testament to their faculty and devoted fan base. Today, they’ve released the video for their funky, ’70s-inspired collaboration with Reggie WattsSunshine, which sees Watts strutting the boardwalk of what looks to be Venice Beach, Los Angeles.  Click here to buy Down To Earth from iTunes.


tkaymaidza switch lanes copy 2

Watch Tkay Maidza’s animated video for ‘Switch Lanes’

Tkay Maidza has been busy as of late. She released her Switch Tape mixtape last week while in the midst of performing shows at New York’s CMJ Music Marathon and now the Adelaide mini MC has debuted her music video for Switch Lanes. The Sachio Cook-directed clip is a fun, quirky animated short which sees a cartoon Tkay mingling with fantastical creatures, colourful shapes and patterns, and various pop culture references, perfectly suiting the stylings of the bubbly, Paces-produced track.

Stream her Switch Tape mixtape below.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/tkaymaidza/switch-tape-mix-tape[/soundcloud]