Hear two new free songs from LA Hip-Hop trio clipping.


LA hip-hop group clipping. impressed earlier this year with their Sub-Pop released record, CLPPNG. The fierce and raw album has gradually found into the ears of most people over the past few months catapulting clipping. from a cult favourite to true heroes. something they don’t know and mouth are two new tracks just released from the trio, featuring a number of friends (sb the moor, nocando, black mushroom, to name a few). The quick rapped, agressive tracks are free bandcamp releases for no reason other than just cos it seems. something they don’t know features 24 samples and clipping. are giving away a one-of-a-king clipping. tee to the first person that guesses them all. So, apart from them both being phenomenal, there’s also an aspect of trivia involved which is always fun.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/clppng/x-something-they-dont-know-ft-sb-the-moor-nocando-open-mike-eagle-and-cuts-by-baseck[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/clppng/mouth-ft-sb-the-moor-black-mushroom-chinaka-hodge[/soundcloud]


Your October Music Guide on a $30 Budget

OctoberSeptember has ended, October has begun and it’s finally time to wake Green Day up from their slumber. Here at the interns, we make it our mission to fit in as much music into each month as humanly possible. However, sometimes this isn’t so easy on the wallet (or the head) and we must take care to work out what’s worth our precious hard-earned cash and how to stretch said cash that much further. Rather than keep this useful information all to ourselves, we decided it was best to provide our loyal readers with a list of October’s music offerings, all for the price of three Blue Swimmers each i.e: $30 (give or take 20%).


Bondax (with supports Kilter & Hatch)

When & Where: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney | Thu 2 Oct (i.e: tonight)

Why: On the back of their stellar Listen Out, Sydney performance, UK’s Bondax will be playing one exclusive sideshow in Sydney. Receiving massive airplay on BBC Radio 1 and making big waves on Soundcloud, the duo have been filling dancefloors with their cheerful, tropical-inspired electronic beats. Better text your friends ASAP as their set begins in only a matter of hours.

Cost: $44. Early Bird tickets were $30 so technically this still could be included in this list.

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[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/bondax/all-i-see[/soundcloud]


When & Where: Goodgod Small Club, Sydney | Fri 3 Oct

Why: You may know him from his collaborations with JeremihHow To Dress Well and Banks or his remix of Little Dragon‘s Sunshine. For those that read our Listen Out Sydney wrap-up, you’d have noticed that we were slightly disappointed to see the LA producer’s nighttime beats wasted on a daytime crowd. Personally witnessing the incredible atmosphere emanating during DJ Dodger Stadium’s set at Goodgod two weeks ago, we know the compact Danceteria again will provide the perfect acoustics that Shlohmo’s brooding, insulated music requires.

Cost: Slightlyyy tipping the scale to $33.40, you might need to forgo your soy cappuccino on this day in lieu of the booking fee.

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[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/shlohmo/shlohmo-jeremih-no-more[/soundcloud]


NLV Presents: International Edition

Who: Nina Las Vegas, Eclair Fifi, Sam Tiba, UNiiQU3, Swick

When & Where:

Villa Nightclub, Perth | Fri 10th Oct

The Hi-Fi, Melbourne | Sat 11 Oct

Zhivago, Adelaide | Sun 12 Oct

The Helm, Sunshine Coast | Thurs 16 Oct

The Imperial, Sydney | Fri 17 Oct

The TBC Club, Brisbane | Sat 18th Oct

Why: Full-time DJ, radio host and party liaison, Nina Las Vegas always brings us good times and great classic hits, time and time again. Whether it be presenting Triple J’s Mix Up Exclusives or rounding up a talented crew for her debut NLV Presents at the beginning of the year, Nina has established herself as both a beatmaker and tastemaker who always knows what’s up.  Nina has said her reasoning behind the tour was “to bring you some artists that you may already know and respect, as well as some artists that you should know and will get to see first in Australia on this tour.” Get to know these international artists who are soon to be the names on everybody’s lips.

Cost: $28.60

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Read: Nina Las Vegas on Emojis, Australian talent & her upcoming NLV Presents Tour

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/eclairfifi/eclairfifitriplej[/soundcloud]


Bluejuice, RETROSPECTABLE: The Farewell Tour

When & Where:

ANU Bar – Canberra, ACT

Metro Theatre – Sydney, NSW (SOLD OUT) | Fri 24 Oct/Sun 26 Oct

The Venue – Townsville, Qld

Why: This will be your very last chance to see the Bluejuice boys doing what they do best in the tightest and goldest of leotards. Don’t risk missing out in the hopes that they’ll do multiple farewell tours, John Farnham-style; you’ll probably have to wait a long, long time for that to happen. Plus, wearing a leotard at the age of sixty is not exactly the definition of Acting Yr Age. Both Sydney shows have sold out but there’s still tickets available in Canberra and Townsville, so best book some flights while you’re at it. In the meantime, check out what happened when we had a chat with Bluejuice in one of their very last interviews.

Cost: $37.01

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[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/bluejuicemusic/ill-go-crazy[/soundcloud]


DMA’s (with support The Creases)

Why: Signing with I OH YOU at the beginning of the year, DMA’s have gone from strength-to-strength, almost selling out all tickets ahead of their national tour. With comparisons made to Oasis, DMA’s have an impressive catalog of tracks with the anthemic Delete gaining deserved worldwide attention. Witnessing the trio’s triumphant performances at both Splendour in the Grass and BIGSOUND this year, we, the interns, believe they are one of the best live bands of 2014. With only a handful of tickets available for some of their shows, you’d better act quick or set up those Gumtree accounts quick-stat to see these guys before they’re whisked away overseas for CMJ Music Marathon.

When & Where:

Brightside, Brisbane | Thurs 2 Oct

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney | Fri 3 Oct (SOLD OUT) / Sat 4 Oct

Rocket Bar, Adelaide | Fri 10th Oct (SOLD OUT)

Northcote, Melbourne | Sat 11 Oct (SOLD OUT) / Sat 12th Oct (SOLD OUT)

Cost: $18.50

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Check out our DMA’s review from BIGSOUND.


Oxford Art Factory’s 7th Birthday

Who: Kilter, Oscar Key Sung, Hatch, Kanyon., Meare, Phondupe + more.

When & Where:

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (duh) | Fri 17 Oct

Why: Oxford Art Factory (or OAF, as its regular visitors lovingly refer to it) has been providing us with solid good music and, almost always, memorable nights out for a massive seven years. Now it’s time for everyone to come together and celebrate the birth of the Surry Hills establishment in the best way possible: to a slew of awesome electronic acts for you to dance away the night until the early hours of OAF’s Birthday Boxing Day. But wait, there’s more! There will also be a Hunter And Fox Tattoo parlour lined up in the cube to influence you and your friends to make life-changing and body-altering decisions when you’re at your most vulnerable. There may or may not be cake.

Cost: Free!



Adult Disco featuring Lxury

When & Where: The Imperial Hotel, Sydney | Sat 4 Oct

Why: After dropping his debut track, J.A.W.S, in July last year,South London DJ/Producer, Lxury, has been filling dancefloors with his sunny house remixes of tracks such as CHVRCHES’ Lies and Jungle’s Time. Releasing his spirited EP, Playground, just last month, the  enigmatic producer has a whole load of new tracks to show off. Located at the non-lockout-zone-affected The Imperial Hotel, you’ll be able to drink and dance to your heart’s content. Hot tip: Don’t be confused when you check the time upon your departure, as Adult Disco also coincides with the Daylight Savings rollover.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/jungle-8/jungle-time-lxury-remix[/soundcloud]


SAFIA – You Are The One Tour

When & Where:

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney | Sun 5 Oct

‘Halloween Party’ at The Bakery, Perth | Fri 31 Oct

Why: The Canberra trio have had a busy year, going on tour, performing at Splendour in the Grass and supporting Lorde, as well as remixing and releasing a number of tracks. Their latest, You Are The One, has received massive airplay, and rightly so. The brooding, beat-laden track shows that these boys have something special going on. Already selling out some of their shows, you’d best get onto the rest of their gigs quick smart.

Cost: $15.40

Buy Sydney Tickets  Buy Perth Tickets  

SAFIA want to be brought back from the dead as a hologram & other things I learnt from our interview

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/safia-music/you-are-the-one[/soundcloud]


Caribou’s Our Love

When & Where:

Your local iTunes or record shop | 3 Oct

Why: Dan Snaith made a stunning comeback with the delicate slow burner Can’t Do Without You, the first single from his fourth album under his Caribou moniker. Succeeding that release with only one song, title track Our Love, the Canadian producer left us in the lurch, keeping the rest of his album under tight wraps before launching the stream of Our Love in its entirety a couple of days ago. the interns had a sneaky peek of the album, also known as had it on repeat for the past two days, and it is safe to say it was well worth the wait.

Cost: $16.99

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/caribouband/cant-do-without-you[/soundcloud]


Jessie Ware’s Tough Love

When & Where: Your local iTunes or record shop | 10 Oct

Why: I don’t believe a day goes by without one of the interns gushing over the talent of English songstress Jessie Ware. Releasing the captivating Tough Love earlier in the year, Ware has slowly been offloading song after song, each one as impressive as its predecessor. We highly recommend you show her some un-tough love and buy this record without delay.

Cost:  $19.99

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/jessieware/tough-love[/soundcloud]

montgomery pinata

Montgomery releases ‘Piñata’, the first single from her upcoming EP

I OH YOU’s latest member to the family, Montgomery, is proving to be a strong offering from the label. Following-up from the stunning War Cry, the Queensland-born singer has now released the first official single from her upcoming New Clear War EP, Piñata. Similar to War Cry in terms of its melancholic nature, the tone of this track has been stepped up a notch as the reverberating bass provides a strong backdrop to the musical landscape. With both singles co-produced by Big Scary‘s Tom Iansek, it is clear she is in safe hands, her ethereal voice being led by polished, electronic production.

New Clear War is due for release 24 October.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/iohyouparty/montgomery-pinata1[/soundcloud]

Flying lotus Never Catch Me

Watch: Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Never Catch Me’ video

Fresh off the back of the news of Flying Lotus‘ upcoming appearance at next year’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, the LA producer has released the video for Kendrick Lamar-featuring Never Catch Me. Directed by Hiro Murai , whose past projects have involved Childish Gambino and The Shins, the somewhat macabre clip features two children rising from the dead and dancing away, unbeknownst to their grieving family.

Never Catch Me features on Lotus’ forthcoming You’re Dead! album, out 7 October.


La+ch recalls warm summer evenings on ‘Nights’

As the sun heats up, it’s high time we had some explicitly sunny music to take with us into the summer month. La+ch is a producer from Toronto who’s been churning out delectable tunes with full-bodied melodies and jabs of euphoria. The latest to come from his is Nights – a dusky, twilight track born from bursting synths and a heavy back-beat. Throw in some keys and a soulful voice and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a night-starter track. It all feels a little familiar and nostalgic which is exactly what Summer is all about.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/la-ch/lach-nights[/soundcloud]

HarryHeart copy

Premiering: The Harry Heart Chrysalis’ debut video for ‘Vex’

We were enamoured with Harry Heart Chrysalis‘ latest single, Vex when it premiered last week and now he’s released an arresting video to boot. Shot and directed by Sydney cinematographer Matt Scott Chow, the rather sinister clip is black & white in nature and primarily shot in reverse. Said to be inspired by The White Stripes’ famous video for I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, it subtly surrounds the story of a guy left heartbroken by his unfaithful girlfriend and his violent retaliation to the ‘other guy’ in the relationship. The track and accompanying video are both emotionally-stirring and passionate, even slightly foreboding, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else the Triple J Unearthed High nominee has up his sleeve.

In celebration of this premiere, Harry Heart and his band will be touring Vex and the rest of their catalog in October. Tour dates as below:

Wednesday 15th October– Verge Festival – Sydney Uni
Thursday 16th October– RAD Bar– Wollongong
Friday 17th October– El Topo Basement– Sydney
Saturday 18th October– Lass O’Gowrie– Newcastle
Friday 24th October– MUM @ World Bar- Sydney


Laneway Festival 2015 lineup predictions


The St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015 bill will finally be announced and it’s promising to be a big one. Last year saw the likes of HAIM, Lorde and Four Tet grace our shores and next year is set to bring another set of cool cats to Australia. Laneway has made a name for itself by selecting the names that are on the tip of every tastemaker’s tongue and stray away from booking acts twice. A ticket to Laneway is almost like an insight into what is going to soundtrack the year ahead.

With Canadian sillyman, Mac Demarco, the only act to be booked in yet, here are our stabs in the dark at who will be on the lineup for Laneway 2015.


This one is all but confirmed at this point. The London songstress released her debut album, Goddess, last month and told Music Feeds that a tour is likely for early next year. Given that she’s yet to find herself on a festival lineup for the Summer, Laneway looks like the most certain bet. If she does, expect a brooding, twilight set.

Chances: Lock it in.


This New Zealand duo impressed earlier this year with a set at Splendour in the Grass and followed it up with an expertly crafted debut, Evergreen. Lorde held up the NZ side of the lineup this year and Broods would be the perfect candidate to fill that spot next year. Their album is full of tracks waiting to crossover into the mainstream like the delectable, L.A.F.

Chances: It wouldn’t be a stretch at all.


This year’s Laneway had a remarkably strong string of hip-hop acts. Danny Brown, Run The Jewels and Earl Sweatshirt all gave cracker sets. ILOVEMAKONNEN is the latest and greatest name in hip-hop, having been talked-up by Drake. Laneway will no doubt be trying to get their tastemaker hands on the Atlanta rapper. If so, Tuesday may just soundtrack the Summer and every Wednesday hangover after that.

Chances: His strike for the spotlight may have come a little late for Laneway to book him.

La Roux

After five years, Elly Jackson aka. La Roux, returned with her sophomore record, Trouble In Paradise, this year. It may have not been as big a chart success as her debut but the critics were pretty enamoured by it. It’s full of warm, tropical instrumentation and would go down a treat in the Australian sun. If Falls or Meredith won’t have her, surely Laneway will.

Chances: Please Laneway, don’t let us down gently. Or at all.


His TNGHT collaborator is coming to Australia over New Years but we’re still to hear of a tour announce from Lunice, who released his new track Can’t Wait To not long ago. He has a nice little touring gap at the beginning of February which would be perfect for a trip to Australia. He’d do for the lineup what Cashmere Cat, Four Tet and Jamie xx did last year- inject a little throbbing bass into proceedings.

Chances: It’s going to happen and until Thursday, don’t tell us otherwise.


Laneway has never been big on having huge headliners but if Caribou was to grace the stage in 2015, it would be as good as. The Canadian producer releases his new album Our Love this week which was proceeded by one of the best singles of the year, Can’t Do Without You. He toured Australia in 2011 with Four Tet, who’s been back a number of times since (including for Listen Out) but a Caribou tour is long-awaited.

Chances: It’s been strongly rumoured for years, but has never happened. 2015 could be the year.

FKA Twigs

Like BANKS, this one is almost a sure thing. FKA Twigs is perhaps one of the most talked about names of 2014 and one that Laneway would be no doubt clamouring to book. After an interview earlier this year, News Corp journalist Mikey Cahill tweeted that Twigs said she will play Laneway in 2015. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll take that. Hopefully by then, this Robert Pattinson press fodder will have disappeared so we can appreciate her spectacular debut live without distraction.

Chances: We don’t even need to phone a friend. Lock it in Eddie.

How To Dress Well

Tom Krell last toured Australia back in 2013 and since then has released his most established album yet, What Is This Heart? Many compared Laneway alumni, Autre Ne Veut to Krell last year so maybe it’s time we had the real deal down-under. By all accounts, his live shows are a haunting mix of RnB and electronica swelled by that brilliant voice.

Chances: His tour schedule for next year is clear at this point.


Laneway presented Jungle’s Splendour in the Grass sideshow earlier in the year, meaning they know who to call to get the once-enigmatic, British collective back. Last year they brought HAIM back after they appeared at Splendour in the Grass so clearly the organisers have no problem with it and Jungle fit the Laneway aesthetic perfectly. It’s time that Jungle got to really feel The Heat.

Chances: It’s only a matter of Time until we see Jungle again.

Mutual Benefit

Jordan Lee aka. Mutual Benefit’s debut album Love’s Crushing Diamond has flown a little bit under the radar here in Australia but it’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching piece of work. The Laneway curators have always kept an eye on what is going on overseas, bringing acts over here to introduce them to a new audience. A late afternoon, live rendition of Golden Wake would go down an absolute treat for those looking to discover some new music.

Chances: He played Laneway’s SXSW showcase earlier this year. No doubt there were some deals done there.

Vic Mensa

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is another name that has been heavily rumoured for Laneway. He confirmed a tour early next year when he spoke to triple J’s The Doctor and is yet to be announced on any other Summer bill. His track Down On My Luck has been on heavy rotation on triple j which would no doubt make him a huge drawcard for the festival.

Chances: If we had a dollar, we’d be putting it on Mensa. Don’t let us get down on our luck.


SBTRKT collaborator Denai Moore releases ‘I Swore’

deani swore 397x400 Denai Moore   I Swore

London musician Denai Moore was properly introduced to the world last week when she popped up on The Light, from the new SBTRKT album. No doubt capitalising on that stellar track, Moore has dropped I Swore off her EP of the same name due out in late November. The track is a haunting ballad that builds with the aid of her booming vocals and crushing keys. It’s certainly not in the same genre as the SBTRKT tracks but you can see why the enigmatic producer put her on the track. That voice is undeniably affecting and her songwriting is exquisite.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/denaimoore/i-swore[/soundcloud]


Les Sins (Toro Y Moi) drops ‘Why’ featuring Nate Salman

Les Sins is the dance side-project for Chaz Bundick otherwise known as Toro Y Moi. He’s releasing a full length album titled Michael on 4 December and proceeded it last month with the brilliant BotherToday he’s delivered us, Why, another cut from the album. The album has more of an effortless groove than Bother, sounding slightly closer to his material as Tory Y Moi. It features Nate Salman on vocals and is a disco-funk number that shares a lot of similarities with Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories. Another stunner from an album that’s sure to bring 2014 home strong.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/company-record-label/les-sins-why-ft-nate-salman-1[/soundcloud]



Tinashe makes a ‘Bet’ with Dev Hynes


We’re loving everything we’ve heard of Tinashe‘s forthcoming album, Aquarius and that love continues with the drop of another track, Bet. Bet features Dev Hynes but not as you’ve heard him before. Hynes usually revels in throwback RnB numbers a la Solange‘s Losing You, but here he closely follows Tinashe‘s aesthetic and turns out a bass-heavy, contemporary tune. Tinashe sounds brilliant as per usual, winding her way through slightly more unconventional melodies than she’s used to- think more Kelela than Jhene Aiko. It’s an interesting cut that has us hyped to hear what the rest of the album has in store. Bring on 7 October.

Update: Fuck the song, hear the whole album here.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/tinashenow/bet[/soundcloud]


Stream Caribou & Zola Jesus’s albums in their entirety


Dan Snaith made a stunning follow-up from his 2010 album, Swim, with Can’t Do Without Youthe first single from his fourth album under his Caribou moniker. The Canadian producer also had us swooning with the slow burner title track, Our Lovewhetting our appetites even more for the release of his forthcoming album. Snaith stated in a recent interview regarding Our Love: 

“The whole thing is a kind of reflection on love and my life and the life of people close to me for the happier moments and the more melancholic moments…its different from previous Caribou records people might have been following.”

Our Love is out 3 October through Warp Records and Inertia but in the meantime, you can stream it exclusively via iTunes RadioAnd we highly recommend you do.

Zola Jesus has also provided exclusive access to her forthcoming album, Taiga. Releasing the equally grandiose Go (Blank Sea) and Dangerous Days, you can expect more of the anthemic melodies and throbbing beats from the rest of the album. Zola has said of Taiga:

“The music on the record is massive, with big brass and beats, crystal clear vocals…It’s the most accessible music I’ve ever made, but also the most earnest and passionate. I gave everything for this record, more than ever before.”

Taiga is out 3 October via Create/Control and Mute but can be streamed through NME  starting from…right now.



First Impressions: Kendrick Lamar, Azealia Banks, Ryan Hemsworth + more

FI_30SeptFirst Impressions is an interns roundtable review of songs on their first (or second) listen. Each week we review six new songs from the past week, each giving them a score out of five and awarding our pick of the week. 

Jeremih- Nobody But U

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/europeangelique/jeremih-nobody-but-u[/soundcloud]

Lizzie: I am little bit flustered after this. I feel I have been seduced by some stranger, an artist I have never heard before – whispering sweet nothings in my ear. There is an effortless flow, and I can actually understand the words what he is singing unlike others of his kind! 4

Bianca: If a slow grind were to be translated into a song, this would be it. Even Jeremih on cruise control is so much smoother than your average Joe making a move in a club, as he flicks out lines with the ease and suaveness of a true pro. 

Sam: No other artists moves between the mainstream and alternative RnB than Jeremih. Here he’s back in mainstream mode preparing for the release of his next album, but it’s still an interesting, tongue-twister of a tune. When the music drops out and Jeremih spits effortlessly, it’s like there’s no better thing in the world. 3.5

Hudson Mohawke- Brainwave

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/hudsonmohawke/brainwave[/soundcloud]

Lizzie: The start is very cinematic – that Dolby surround sound feeling you get at the cinema. THEN, it just stops! This rather short track has definitely captured my attention, and struck a weirdly cool wavelength that I seem to be on today also. Any other day I may have hated it I feel, but today you’ve got my vote! 3.5

Bianca: I feel like I’ve literally stepped inside Hudson Mohawke’s brain, watching his neurons transmit electrical and chemical signals hack and forth. Judging by the wobbling synths and frantic melody, it would be a pretty intense, mysterious expedition but I’m happy enough to venture in to take a look. 3

Sam: I liked Chimes when I first heard it but to be honest it hasn’t really stuck with me. This one’s totally different- less bass, less anarchy and more atmospheric tinkles. It really doesn’t go anywhere rather sounding like a pleasant interlude. That said it’s a pretty stunning piece of synth work. 3

Ryan Hemsworth- Snow in Newark

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/ryanhemsworth/snow[/soundcloud]

Lizzie: “You are a million miles away.” This is a real departure from what I am used to hearing from the Canadian, which takes you to a pensive place far far away. The song is stripped-back, and delicate and the vocals by Dawn Golden really seals the deal for me. But why am surprised? Hemsworth always delivers! 4

Bianca: Snow in Newark transports me right to a bus window, pensively watching the snow falling gently on the ground after packing my bags and leaving my old life behind. A classic sadboy tune with a touch of emo, without all the pimples and angsty screaming. 3.5 

Sam: The same week Hemsworth drops a perky collection of bubblegum electronic he drops the moody first single from his next album. It couldn’t be more of a juxtaposition, but I’ve always admired Hemsworth’s ability to traverse genres. One of my favourite songs of last year was his track One For Me with Tinashe and this is in the same vein. He doesn’t overdo it, rather subtly laying down twinkles and organic percussion. Dawn Golden is the perfect addition for a track that proves less is more. So restrained and so brilliant. 4

18+- All The Time

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/houndstoothlbl/18-all-the-time[/soundcloud]

Lizzie: Her “talking” singing voice is utterly obnoxious but if it wasn’t for the chorus you would have lost me halfway through this track. The production is actually quite beautiful, but I just cannot get her out of my head, and not in a good way! 2

Bianca: The combination of her drawly talking voice in the verses and slightly creepy, floaty vocals in the chorus manages to make me a little bit unsettled. Both ominous and alluring at the same time, I’m kind of getting horror movie vibes from this. In saying that, it’s a nicely made track with the twinkling synths and steady RnB beat managing to pull everything together quite nicely.

Sam: The production on this is seamless- a wave of floating synths and metallic beats but the chorus lets it down. I actually like the talking verses. They’re seductive and interesting but the chorus is just a bit of a wet blanket. There’s not really any dynamic to it. Maybe It’ll grow with me in time and I hope it does because I think this duo has great promise. 3

Kendrick Lamar- I

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/topdawgent/i-1[/soundcloud]

Lizzie: This song is the healthy injection of narcissism we all need in our day! Kendrick has produced a jazzed up Santana vibe, which gives you the same uplifting vibes as Pharrell’s Happy – but way cooler. 4.5 Lizzie’s Pick

Bianca: Kendrick loves himself, and rightly so. His rapid fire roll of the tongue is hella admirable, while the megaphone vocal samples are a gritty juxtaposition to the almost too positive nature of the track. The grooving bass finale makes for a perfect ending. Hot tip: Don’t listen to while driving if you’re easily susceptible to believing that car beeping samples are happening in real life.

Sam: I can’t imagine any artist that is under more pressure for his next release to be brilliant than Kenrick Lamar. The most brilliant thing about i is that it shows no sign of desperation for another hit. The breezy, Isley Brothers sample is refreshingly self-assured and Kendrick sounds completely relaxed. While the rest of the world is dabbling in crisp, streamlined RnB, Kendrick goes for a completely different throwback vibe. It may just be the best hip-hop track of the year. 4.5

Azealia Banks- Chasing Time

[soundcloud width=”750″ heigh=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/yung-rapunxel/chasing-time[/soundcloud]

Lizzie: Just as I thought she was going to 212 herself out of the music industry, this song is undeniably brilliant. Yes, I know it’s Azealia singing, but she has done such a 180 degree turnaround that I could barely believe it was her. A soft, yet poppy tone is the perfect comeback, and it’s (for once) not in your face and annoying. Welcome back Miss Banks! 4.5

Bianca: This is such a fun comeback for Azealia. It’s a refreshing change of pace, with her more melodic mode of vocal transport and the Disclosure-esque syncopation bopping the track along nicely. I do, however, find the change of pace between verses, choruses & bridge slightly off-putting and unnecessary. It feels like she puts on the breaks right before launching into a too-short chorus. Despite this, she’s certainly got my attention, and all without using the ‘c’ word! 4 Bianca’s Pick  

Sam: Is it slightly ridiculous that Azealia Banks is making a comeback this early in her career. Her whole path since 212 has been pretty disastrous and has put her in this position where she pretty much has to start from the bottom. Luckily, this has completely restored my faith in Banks. It’s not a 212 copy- it’s a perfect pop tune that effortlessly blends together her New York raps and cool-as vocals. It may be a tune about someone wasting her time but for the first time she actually sounds at ease. I guess this means I’m back on the Azealia Banks train, let’s just hope for no more trackwork. 4.5 Sam’s Pick