We interviewed UV Boi through Snapchat

UV Boi is one of the fastest rising artists in the Australian electronica scene. Having charmed the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, the producer has churned out everything from kawaii sounds to iPhone messenger sounds. We took to Snapchat to interview the 18 year-old up-and-comer to prove we can still kick it with the cool kids.

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You can catch UV Boi at Paradise Music Festival and also at Future Classic & BBE’s XMAS WEEKENDER.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”250″]https://soundcloud.com/pp17051996/paint-a-perfect-picture[/soundcloud]

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Sampology on Paddle Pops, Berlin & His Collaboration With Daniel Merriweather


Creator of multi sensory, high octane, audio-visual landscapes, music producer Sam Poggioli (AKA Sampology) has had a busy past few months. Recently sharing the studio with fellow Aussie, Daniel Merriweather, to produce the uplifting track, Shine A Light, the Brisbane-born musician has just hit the road with his new AV show. Sam took time out of his BIGSOUND debut to have a chat to us about Paddle Pops, Berlin, his forthcoming album and collaborating with Daniel Merriweather.

Are you excited for tonight?

I am for sure. It’s the first time I’ve done this new live show so I’m really excited. I’ve been to BIGSOUND a bunch of times, because I’m from Brisbane, and it’s just fun to go out and check out a bunch of stuff. It’s always good but it’s the first time I’ve actually showcased here which is kind of good timing because of this new live show and it’s kicking off the new album cycle. I’ve been working with different vocalists and musicians. Most of them are from Brisbane, like Jordan Rakei, who’s definitely one to check out, he’s an up-and-coming solo artist. He’s playing keys and vocals tonight. Also Tom Thumb, who I’ve worked with for quite a long time, and then Daniel Merriweather, who’s coming out from Melbourne to do the track (Shine A Light) tonight.

Is this your first time with two other guys on stage with you?

I’ve done heaps of stuff over the years, just like little collaborations, and I’ve done heaps of shows with Tom before. So I’ve always had stints where I’ve worked with other people but I guess in terms of putting together my own live show, it’s more on that live show/performer/new music kind of style. It’s definitely a new thing for me.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”250″]https://soundcloud.com/sampology/preview-sampology-shine-a-light-ft-daniel-merriweather[/soundcloud]

Is this going to be the arrangement for you, moving forward? Are you going to be on stage with people in live shows now?

Definitely for the next year or so, but I’m still doing my visual show as well for specific tours. So in mid- to late November I’ll be doing a visual tour around the release of that single and then early next year-onwards, I’ll be doing live shows with the guys.

So the visuals will still be incorporated in the live shows?

There’ll still be that visual component for sure. I was never trained, I never went to uni for visuals or anything, I just had ideas that I kind of wanted to put on the screen. So I kind of taught myself how to do that stuff for the AV show and I guess from that stuff, I had more creative ideas around what I wanted visually for the live show. But it’s definitely a different style of things, because the AV show is more about taking found footage, and flipping it and juxtaposing. Juxtaposing is a pretty solid word to use for that show, whereas this show is following a strong art thing surrounding all of it.

Do the others contribute to the ideas surrounding the visuals?

No, it’s actually me and my Mum! She’s an artist. There’s so much more art to come out, around the album cycle that I’ve been working with her for. So at the moment I’m just really excited because I know I’ve got on my computer all the stuff we’ve been working on and there’s so much rollout over the next year and it’s all on the same thing. It’s funny, to me, my Mum is my Mum. Not really thinking she’s an artist. But it’s only recently I saw this one piece that she’d been working on, and I was like, “that really links to the music that I’ve been working on” and we developed all this stuff.

So this is the first time collaborating with your Mum?

Yeah! So the visuals that you’ll see on the screen are animations, inspired by stuff that she’s done.

Sampology_Five Quick Qs

How did collaborating with Daniel Merriweather come about? 

I had a couple of days down time in LA about four months ago and he was living there at that point and I hit him up because I wanted to work with him anyway on that track. It just so happened that we were both there. I was just going to work over the internet like I usually do but I was like, “oh, we’re in the same city,” so we met up for coffee, I played him stuff from the album which he was really digging and that track. The next day, I had to find a studio really fast and ended up knowing one of the engineers that works at the Mad Decent studio so I used that. He gave it to me for free so we recorded it there.

Is that the only track he pops up on?

Just that one track, yeah. But Jordan’s on a couple of tracks and Tom’s on another track and Hannah Macklin, who’s from Brisbane, is doing some vocals on some tracks. Really beautiful choir-stacked vocals. It was like halfway through making the album stuff, and I’m still working on it. I’m really happy with it at the moment because a lot of the sounds are inspired by overseas. A very Brazilian kind of influence on the Daniel track, as well as carnival and tropical themes, even though I’m using contemporary synthesisers and stuff. There’s that kind of element but then on top of that, there’s definitely a strong, next-wave, Brisbane soul artist world. It’s cool to represent where you’re from as well. That came about naturally so I realised it and went with it a bit more.

The Brisbane music scene’s evolving so much.

Definitely. And it’s kind of like, when you don’t expect it to happen, it just naturally happens. When I saw Jordan for the first time at West End at this super small gig, it was kind of like the split second he opened his mouth, I was like “woah”. Just that tone of voice that he has. I was like, “Holy shit, this guy’s from Brisbane.


It feels like a kind of change of direction for you. Almost like starting a new chapter of sorts?

Yeah, for sure. There’s lots of new stuff and the show and the sounds and the album…but at the same time, I kind of see there’s definitely extensions of what I’ve been doing. Shine A Light, for example. The original rhythm track that I made of that was from playing DJ sets and I always try to drop an upbeat, traditional Brazilian track. I find whenever I play Brazilian music, girls always get onto the dancefloor. This chanty, choir, Brazilian stuff. It just works really well. Even if I’m playing dance music that was made in 2014, I try and find these specific older tracks that you can bridge into nicely. So it was kind of after a few gigs of doing these kind of things that I was like, “I want to make a track that is a culmination of those two things.” So that was kind of the starting point for the Daniel track. I guess that was an extension of what I was doing in these DJ sets.

It sounds like you’ve had a pretty crazy year, travel-wise. Visiting a heap of places. Does that influence the sounds that you make?

I think so. I remember working on tracks when I was in India, even though there’s no Indian or Bollywood sounds on the album. I guess, you can be inspired in a specific place in the world, completely removed from Brisbane, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make music from that spot.

Was there a favourite place from your trip? Where you were like, “I’ve got to move there!”

I could definitely live in Berlin. It’s cheap and I’ve got a lot of Aussie and New Zealand friends. I probably wouldn’t do the “I’m moving to this city forever!” kind of thing, I’d do something like live there for three months.

Are there any producers or artists in particular that you’re listening to that maybe could have inspired the album a little bit?

I feel like different processes through the album. When I was working with the bass tracks, like the initial rhythm tracks, there were definitely situations combining traditional Brazilian thing with a contemporary track, and then layer a track over the top. So that’s kind of influenced the bass tracks and the rhythms. But then, situations like, going out and being a punter and seeing Jordan play or seeing Hannah Macklin play, those kind of situations, it would be cool if you combined this and this. I feel like it’s a different hat that I wear for my DJ sets because there’s so much new music. I hear it and then I want to play it in my DJ set. I’ve never thought about it this way but I guess it’s a different thing to be inspired to be making my own music.

On the AV side of things, how do you travel with it all? Or is it just your laptop?

With the AV show, I’m manipulating videos and audio at the same time using turntables. And with the visual show, I’ve got cameras pointing down so I can show that it is live. I send a green screen through this box and then I key out the green light, like the weatherman on TV, and it’ll show through to the camera shot. It’s kind of a tricky way to layer up stuff to get this cool effect that I wanted to do at the start of the year.

Is it easy enough to set that all up? In all these locations around the world?

It’s a little bit more complicated because I’m using all this gear that was meant for something else. Like, using it in a different way. So I cable it differently.

Sampology Tour Dates 

The Factory, Qld | Nov 21

Oh Hello!, Qld | Nov 22

GoMA Future Beauty Up Late, Qld | Nov 28

Flinders Social, Qld | Dec 13

Howler, Vic | Dec 19


WIN A Copy of Ministry Of Sound’s House Sessions


Ministry of Sound Australia are thrilled to announce the release of House Sessions, mixed by Danny T and Acaddamy. Featuring tracks by interns favourites AlunaGeorge, Vic Mensa, Duke Dumont, London Grammar, Jessie Ware, Classixx and many, many more,  it’s the definitive 2014 collection of hits to kick off the Summer festival season.

For your chance to win your very own copy, enter below by telling us in 25 words or less what the best electronic song of 2014 is and why.


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10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Major Lazer, George Maple + Cosmo’s Midnight


This week, Kim Kardashian exposed her body all to #breaktheinternet. People say that sometime it’s harder to bare your true feelings and opinions than stand naked. In the interest of that, we’re going to show true bravery and give you our 100% honest opinion on what the best songs of the week were. Here’s hoping we #breaktheinternet.

Jessie Ware- Keep On Lying (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

There’s been about 53 remixes of Keep On Lying released this week thanks to Red Bull Studios who had artists from Pional to Nina Kraviz remixing the song. This one by TOKiMONSTA is our favourite one though. It’s a bubbling masterpiece that chops and changes tempo and switches between Ware’s original vocal and vocally manipulated samples. The song is great on Tough Love, but this breathes new life into it.

Blende- Running (Feat. Gustaph)

We already know the Swedes know how to craft a melody or two and this track by London-based Swede, Blende proves that fact once again. He’s recruited the vocals of Gustaph from Hercules & Love Affair for a funky number that glitters like a Donna Summer cut. It’s crisp, electro-funk that is just calling for some bouncing dance moves.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/eskimorecordings/blende-feat-gustaph-running-4[/soundcloud]

TĀLĀ – Unfinished Business

It’s true, TĀLĀ had unfinished business and by that we mean she was yet to drop the final track from her Alchemy EP. That track is infact aptly titled Unfinished Business and is another tightly-produced, innovative track. It sees TĀLĀ dabble in drum n’ bass influences with her voice hovering above in a haze of reverb. TĀLĀ’s expertise is in crafting songs with lots of noise but a killer melody at its heart. That’s the stuff you can really sink your teeth into.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/unfinishedbusiness?in=talaofficial/sets/alchemyep[/soundcloud]

George Maple- Vacant Space

Talk Talk was enough to stamp Aussie vocalist George Maple as one to watch but her latest, Vacant Space launches her to the stratosphere. Seducing with those dusky vocals, she ushers in a stomping dance beat that bubbles under for the entirety. Behind it, she whispers and hushes creating this dim-lit atmosphere that’s warm and encompassing. We can’t remember a song that was this good by an Australian female vocalist in a very long time.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/george-maple/vacant-space[/soundcloud]

Major Lazer – “All My Love” (Feat. Ariana Grande)

We’ve never seen Hunger Games but we’re taking an unusually active interest in the latest film thanks to the Lorde-curated soundtrack. The latest track to drop off it features 2014’s queen of pop teaming up with Major Lazer for an absolute stomper. It’s one of the less-manic creations from Major Lazer, with Grande’s pop voice and melody taking total control. We weren’t aware that there was a dancehall scene but we’re so up for dutty dancing in the cinema.

Jones- You

London newcomer Jones dropped her debut track, Deep, last month and immediately drew comparisons to Solange but it seems on her latest track, You, she’s setting out to dispel that. Produced by A.K. Paul (who should probably not be referred to alongside his brother any longer), the track is an innovative, industrial RnB track that sees her really go for it vocally. It doesn’t have the immediate appeal of You but its longevity will surely be greater.

Cosmo’s Midnight – Snare (Feat. Wild Eyed Boy)

We’ve been waiting for a minute for a new track by Sydney duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, but finally we’ve got something new from them. Snare is the new track in question and it’s a cruisy track that’s caught up in the clouds. It’s one of those slow-burners that just hovers in your head, slowly working its way into your psyche. Keep them coming, Cosmo’s Midnight, don’t leave us hanging so long.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/cosmosmidnight/cosmos-midnight-snare-feat-wild-eyed-boy[/soundcloud]

Chiefs & Nick Acquroff- Inside Out

In terms of new Australian music, this cut by Aussie producer Chiefs and Sons et al vocalist Nick Acquroff would have to be our pick this week. With the same kind of chemistry that Flume and Chet Faker fell upon, the pair have turned out a dense, melodically-sound track that peaks and troughs perfectly, both vocally and instrumentally. Inside Out is from a forthcoming EP that’s out next Friday, thank goodness.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/die-high/chiefs-nick-acquroff-inside-out[/soundcloud]

Wills- Going Through It

These days electronic-RnB floods our inbox everyday. It’s hard to find one that really stands out but when it does it’s a goosebump moment. Going Through It by enigmatic Bronx artist Wills, gives us that exact moment. It’s a confident, accentuated tracks that delivers a startlingly aggressive alongside silky smooth vocals. This is perhaps what Frank Ocean would sound like if he wasn’t a dedicated minimalist.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/willsslliw/wills-going-through-it[/soundcloud] 

Years & Years- Memo

God damn the vocals of Years & Years just get us everytime. Memo is the b-side to their latest single Desire and it’s a slow-burning stunner. It’s good to hear the group stripped-back and really testing out those vocal chops. Splendour In The Grass should take note and book these guys know, it’ll be one of the most sure-fire bookings of the week.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/yearsandyears/years-years-memo[/soundcloud]


This debut single, ‘Going Through’ by Bronx artist Wills is massive

…And by massive we mean massive. We have no idea really who Wills is but this debut single, Going Through It, is by any measure amazing – a concoction of thundering drums, striking RnB vocals and plenty of cheap thrills. Apart from where he’s from WILLS’ facebook features no information about him. If you’re going to enigmatic, then dropping a single of this magnitude is the way to do it. It sounds like Kelela‘s debut mixtape had a baby with Jeremih. It’s equal parts sensual and strong with a killer melody pushing it along. Very exciting stuff.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/willsslliw/wills-going-through-it[/soundcloud]


Kanye West’s Albums Reimagined With Kim Kardashian


Kanye West Kim Kardashian break the internet

When Kim Kardashian‘s rear end commanded the breaking of the internet, news outlets and websites worldwide abided by its instructions; they blogged, posted, reposted, rehashed and hashtagged the living daylight out of her derriere. Feeling a little left out from the party, and not wishing to look ‘behind’ in the news, we decided to make the gluteus maximus of this well-endowed occasion by finding a link to music, no matter how dubious it may be, to allow us to incorporate the notorious picture into the interns in some way. Looking to the Messiah of music and the #1 fan of Kimmy’s tush, Kanye West, for inspiration, we decided to combine his hefty back catalogue with her hefty *ahem* back catalogue.

The College Dropout



Late Registration






808s & Heartbreak


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy



Watch the Throne

Watch the throne2



Yeah…we’ve got nothing.

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CNA - 2

Hear the huge, ‘Inside Out’ by Aussie newcomers, Chiefs and Nick Acquroff

CNA - 2

The Australian electronic scene is popping right now. You only have to look at the EMC Play lineup to know that we’ve got a plethora of brilliant acts capable of holding their own against internationals. Melbourne producer, Chiefs is one of those Aussie producers churning out excellent stuff. His latest track, Inside Out, features the vocals of Nick Acquroff and together they have crafted a dense, melodic track. Stylistically it sits in the lane of Flume and Chet Faker with a little more grunt. triple j is going to eat this up and so they should- it’s an excellent polished piece that effortlessly melds together electronica and soul.

Their EP, Inside Out, is out 17 November too!

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”415″]https://soundcloud.com/die-high/chiefs-nick-acquroff-inside-out[/soundcloud]


Hermitude on Hangovers, Poutine & Plans Beyond The Valley


After a solid stint touring, most recently around North America with fellow Sydney mates RÜFÜS, Hermitude are back in the studio. I chatted with one half of the electronic production duo, Angus Stuart, about various things, most notably mistaking his beer choice of Coopers for Cougars, the North American cuisine and plans on bringing in the new year.

You arrived back in Sydney a week ago, how was the tour?

Yeah it was amazing, we had a lot of fun with the RÜFÜS boys touring around, checking out America and Canada and playing the music that we love. It was a great experience.

We had a lot of shows over there in a small amount of time, we basically did 15 shows in 20 days. There was a lot of driving, we got to see a lot of the country side which I find inspiring but also meeting people from the audience in different cities, really getting a vibe for what that city feels like and what the people are like. I really enjoy that when travelling.

A lot of our music is rooted in hip hop, we also take from the electronic side of things as well, so I always like listening out for new music and usually come back with a lot of new music in my bag.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”250″]https://soundcloud.com/hermitude/hyperparadise[/soundcloud]

What’s on for Hermitude in the coming months?

We are currently finishing up our new record, at the tail end of the process working on a bunch of tracks. It’s sounding really cool, we have just finished the single, thats coming out soon and dropping the record next year, so its all ramping up.

You have been touring a lot, how have you found time to produce new material for this next record?

Yeah, we have spent a lot of time on the road over the last couple of years since we dropped HyperParadise, there was a time we were writing in between travelling and playing some big festivals, so there are a couple of big tunes inspired from those experiences. When your in a plane or the back of a van you have this really interesting environment outside, creating different sounds which serves as a form of inspiration. This record feels like a progression on from HyperParadise, our production and song writing has stepped up a notch. I guess the main thing is whenever we write we just like to have fun and try different things and hopefully that comes through on the next record.

Are you incorporating any new instruments or technologies?

I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you after. Nah, for HyperParadise we used a bunch of old analogue synths that we still have but we have acquired a couple of new synthesisers- one of them is digital, theres a bit more digital sound going on with this record.. So yeah there are a couple of new things, a big mash.

Any collaborations which you can talk about on the album?

I’m just going to wait with that one.

What shows have you got, apart from Beyond the Valley coming up?

We have another one in Perth called Co-Lab Festival, it’s always good getting over there and we are doing NYE On The Harbour, thats going to be really fun and New Year’s is also my birthday.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”250″]https://soundcloud.com/odesza/say-my-name-hermitude-remix[/soundcloud]

New Year’s resolutions on your birthday?

Yeah I know, sometimes I do New Year’s Eve resolutions and other times I’m just like, “fuck it”.

How did the AV component of your set come to be?

When we perform live we like to play as much as possible, we have two synthesisers, MPC sampler and turntables. We realised early on that we were playing all this stuff and half the time the audience couldn’t actually see what we were playing so we went to our Production Manager and said, “we want cameras”, so he came back to us with this whole device that he had built and all these Go Pro cameras, he helped us develop this live visual feed of what we are doing on stage so its been really cool, he’s a genius.

What other artists are you excited to check out at Beyond the Valley?

AlunaGeorge, Danny Brown, Bag Raiders…it’s going to be awesome.

There are hip hop influences throughout your music. Who are you excited about in Australian hop right now?

One Day Crew, it’s a bit of like a super group between Horror Show, Split Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and a bunch of other dudes but, yeah, they are really dope. Sydney based as well.

Last artists listened to?

James Blake, FKA Twigs.

 When you were over in the US you were talking about listening to other artists, bringing back records, whats ‘hot’ over there? 

There was this girl. Me and Dubs were in this store one time, it was just a clothing store or whatever and there was this track playing. We both walked out of the store and turned to each other and were like “did you hear that track playing, it was dope”…We didn’t find out what the track was and for the rest of the trip we were just trying to hear this track again. Finally, in LA, I was in another store and they were playing a tune, it wasn’t the same track but the voice, I think it was a female rapper or singer. Anyway her name is Dej Loaf, she has a new mixtape out called Sell Soul I think.. but the track Try Me was the first track we heard, I think it was in the midst of blowing up.

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”250″]https://soundcloud.com/moaninmonkeys/dej-loaf-try-me[/soundcloud]

Apparently there is a hangover spa at Beyond the Valley, see you there?

Yeah, I’ll be there for sure.

5 Quick Questions 

Dedication to your recent North American tour- Meat pies or poutine?

That’s a tricky one, I think I’m going to go with meat pies just cause they’re a classic and they’ve been in my life for so long. Every now and then you just gotta have a good meat pie.

Mangoes or avocados?

Oh fuck thats a hard one, depends what season.. Im going to say mangoes.

VB or Melbourne Bitter?

Fucking hell, is there any other choices?

Top 3 items on your glamping rider?

A Sega Mega drive console from like 1990, with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat….umm what else would there be…champagne.

Tent or Teepee?


You can find Hermitude at either the Hangover Spa or on the stage at this year’s Beyond The Valley Festival. Get your tickets here.  


Y△CHT Release ‘Terminal Beach’


Known for their amalgamation of past and future alike, Los Angeles-based duo, Y△CHT, have released the ’90s grunge-style Terminal Beach. Set to feature on the rock/synth-pop outfit’s upcoming EP alongside the already released Where Does This Disco and Works Like Magic, Claire Evans’ defiant voice sits atop strumming electric guitars and vocoder-style back-up vocals, allowing it to slip seamlessly into a scene in 10 Things I Hate About You if it so wished. Keep an eye out for our interview with Y△CHT, where Claire discusses with us her influences, the weird world of science fiction, their upcoming EP and plans for a down under tour. In the meantime, groove equilaterally like the bendy triangle you are.


[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”250″]https://soundcloud.com/yacht/terminal-beach[/soundcloud]


controversial redfoo 2

Controversial Videos Aren’t A New Thing

controversial videos redfoo

This week it seems the internet has been awash with inappropriate music videos and similarly pretty media surrounding them. Yesterday, X-factor judge, tennis enthusiast and part-time party rocker, Redfoo, released the video for his new single Literally I Can’t. It features a collection of the most awful rapper in the business including gravel-swallowing Lil Jon.

It’s copped flack for the song’s content and accompanying video which has them deliver lines like “Shhh … I said jump on the pole: I didn’t need your opinion” and “But you an annoying slut, because you’re talking”. The video then has Lil Jon telling girls who refuse to drop down at their request to “shut the fuck up”. Poor Redfoo’s obviously a little confused by the reaction, taking to Twitter to say “the word “slut” never appears in the lyrics of Literally I Can’t”. Well, he’s off the hook in our book then, it’s all a terrible misunderstanding. In fact he thinks, “they [women] are the most powerful people on this planet!”

Everywhere from Murdoch’s press to music blogs have expressed their fury at this latest act from Redfoo, forgetting they are talking about the man who wrote Sexy And I Know It.

The fact of the matter is, Redfoo has struggled to sell a single outside of Australia for over two years and the media has done exactly what he wanted them to do- promote the single. It’s not a new tactic, in fact, it’s an age old art.

Here are a few videos that have been pulled up for being inappropriate in the past:

Nicki Minaj- Only (Feat. Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown)

Two minutes with Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj has gone feral. We’re not sure if this is just a hideous coincidence or a chance to promote another single through shock tactics (remember Anaconda?). The lyric video for Only looks remarkably similar to a piece of Nazi propaganda which has seemingly very little to do with the song’s main message which is “I never fucked Drake, I never fucked Wayne”. There’s something really screwed up about alluding to Nazism in any case, particularly when Chris Brown is dressed in an SS uniform.

Christina Aguilera- Not Myself Tonight

Poor Xtina had been out of the game for a while and when she game back there was a new girl in town: Lady Gaga. Upon releasing her fourth album, Bionic, she was plagued with criticism for ‘copying’ Lady Gaga. So what did she do? Made an S&M themed video that was even inappropriate for red tube.

The Prodigy- Smack My Bitch Up

Drug use, vandalism, nudity and sex (aka. just another day for The Prodigy) are featured in the 1997 video for one of The Prodigy’s most iconic tracks. Unsurprisingly the video drew serious criticism for misogyny and was banned in the US and the UK. funnily enough the video eventually won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video despite being originally banned on the channel.

Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines

Do we really need to explain?

Madonna- Like A Prayer

Ol’ Madge has always been a big fan of shock tactics and she went all out with the video for Like A Prayer. The religious-themed video see the cross burnt and the murder of a black girl by white supremacists. Perhaps unsurprisingly Madonna was banned from performing in Italy by the pope. Surely someone somewhere has the power to ban Redfoo from performing in Australia or at least confine him to Marquee, right?

Psy- Gentleman

How do you follow-up a one hit wonder? By objectifying women of course. In the video for Gentleman he throws clothes at women, laughs at them falling off treadmills and grinds them with a sense of entitlement. Yep, we see the irony in doing it in a song called Gentleman so we’re not quite sure if it’s the painfully obvious irony or the objectification that’s most offensive to us.

Avril Lavigne- Hello Kitty

In Avril’s defence, we have absolutely no doubt that she had no idea she was being offensive. But surely, there was someone around her, who thought “maybe this isn’t such a good idea”. Why? She uses a bunch of stereotyped Japanese girls who are mute and robotic the whole video while Lavigne prances around like a brat. Avril’s reaction to the racism accusations? “”RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!” Bless her hello kitty socks. Also Chad Kroeger co-wrote the song which is offensive in itself.

Future & Kanye West- I Won

Not a music video in the traditional sense, but Future designed a video game based off the song I Won where the main goal was to acquire a trophy wife by throwing chains at them. If only he’d run it by Ciara just once, it would’ve never been made.

If you so please, play the game here. 

M.I.A.- Born Free

M.I.A. was definitely clued into the fact that her Born Free video was offensive and the media willingly confirmed it. The video saw gingers persecuted as an ethnic minority and was swiftly pulled from YouTube upon release. At the end of 2010 many people labelled it one of the best videos of the year with naysayers still hung up on the fact that a musician made a politically-motivated video.

Party Posse- Yvan Eht Nioj

It’s still an unproven myth to many but clued in folk would’ve have noticed that the key message of this hit by Bart Simpson’s boyband, Party Posse, is actually ‘join the navy’. Pop is all fun and games until someone is affected by subliminal messaging.



First Impressions: Klo., Tourist, Ryan Hemsworth + More


First Impressions is an interns roundtable review of songs on their first (or second) listen. Each week we review six new songs from the past week, each giving them a score out of five and awarding our pick of the week. Today we pick apart tracks by Klo., Tourist, Little Simz, Joseph Marinetti, Royal + Ryan Hemsworth. 

Klo.- Under Lie

Sam: I have really liked everything that Klo. have put out but I’ve been waiting for something to smack me in the face. This is most definitely that, thank goodness. Chloe Kaul (vocalist) just sounds smokey and seductive with an extra confidence we haven’t heard before. It’s just like a big warm hug this, with its steamy drums and lush synths. 4

Hannah: Chloe Kaul. I mean seriously. Can I just listen to her forever? I disagree with Sam though. While Kaul really stands out for me here it’s almost to the detriment of the rest of the song. This is a seriously big fish in a seriously small pond. Jump out and play with the big kids Chloe, you’ve got big things waiting for you. 3.5

Bianca: Klo. have always churned out deliciously minimalist melodies but this is the first time I’ve heard something with a bit of ‘oomph’ coming out of the cousin duo. Chloe’s husky voice shines over the delicate percussion, which marries beautifully into the dreamy synths. The only thing lacking here is more of a crescendoing climax. 3.5

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/klomusic/underlie[/soundcloud]

Tourist- Illuminate (Feat. Years & Years)

Sam: I think Tourist could be onto a chart winner with this one, in the UK at least. It follows that style-of-the-moment with a flickering dance beat and a soulful vocalist to drive it along. Years & Years’ vocals are almost on par with Sam Smith for me and really help this song revel as a shimmering, after-dark number. It’s not the most revolutionary thing I’ve ever heard but it’s pretty hard to pick a reason why I don’t like it. 3.5

Hannah: There’s a hangover from that time when top 40-ites tried to do electro Dub swirling in layered beats of Tourist’s latest offering. Which, while not necessarily a bad thing, does mean that, like most of the chart-inclined it’s just a little bit… vanilla. The “soulful” vocals are more blah than ballad, the glitches aren’t quite glitchy enough, and the running pulse is headed straight for a flatline. I actually really don’t like this at all. 1

Bianca: I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. This one lies straight down the middle for me. 3

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/touristmusic/illuminate[/soundcloud]

Little Simz- Time Capsule

Sam: I usually really hate these retrospective rap songs. They’re very Eminem circa 2000 and always sound a little whiny, but I’m very much on board with Time Capsule. It’s probably because Little Simz and Jakwob go so hard from the second verse that it’s more a tale or rising up rather than being beaten down. Simz sounds like what Angel Haze should’ve on her whole debut. Fierce, impassioned and confident. 4

Hannah: Well here’s a lesson in indecision. I’m sure if each line of this track were fleshed out into its own song, the three would have a complex and interesting album on their hands, as it is though, there’s just too much going on in the brief 3 minutes and 34 seconds to really grab a hold of any of it. 2

Bianca: This is a bit of a confusing one. Little Simz’s spit of the tongue commands your entire attention, with little else making way in between her grittiness. By the time 1:19 rolled around, though, I was enveloped in track’s rawness and trap undertones, which reminded me slightly of Robyn’s Monument. If only it continued down this path. I’m not really taking to the soulful breakdown courtesy of Caitlyn Scarlett; it completely throws me off my groove. More of 1:19-1:53, please, and a bit less of everything else. 2.5

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/littlesimz/little-simz-jakwob-time-capsule-ft-caitlyn-scarlett[/soundcloud]

Joseph Marinetti- Ms Telesales

Sam: What’s going on now with this whole PC Music take on electronica is almost incomprehensible. Everything about this is completely bizarre, from the slow-motion video to the carnevale synths and rave beat. It’s lucky I’m completely on board with this style, it’s exciting, bright and boundary-pushing. I don’t think it’s appeal ends there though, the vocal sample just melts in your ears. 4

Hannah: It’s becoming apparent that by the time I have children, these will be the samples featured on their Fisher Price light up xylophone…. It’s a good thing that’s at least 5 years of mental preparation away. 2

Bianca: I like to think of Hey QT as the Rosetta Stone of PC Music; it allowed me to finally understand the hype of the curiously kitsch phenomena and I can actually enjoy the melodies made of bleeps and bloops and inhuman vocals reminiscent of Siri through a chipmunk voice changer. Don’t take that as me completely understanding the purpose of the movement though. Whether it be revolutionary or a complete inside joke that has the PC Music creators taking us for a ride, I’m happy just sitting here and enjoying it for whatever it is. Ms Telesales, with its cutesy vocals and plonky computer synths, is no different. It’s a boppy, vibrant number with its obscure video clip acting as the cherry on top for me. 3.75

Royal- Round Two (Feat. Desktop)

Sam: I love this marriage that’s happened between hip-hop and electronic music a la Four Tet and Rome Fortune. This is cool. Desktop’s verses are quite composed and standard, which is beautifully juxtaposed by the perky beat that Royal lays down. Erring very close to Drake, but it’s fine. We’ll let them off just this one time. 3

Hannah: I wish this sounded more like Drake. 2.5

Bianca: This sounds like it should belong on a soundtrack to a GTA and Mario Kart hybrid game. Which is a very good thing in my books, by the way. While I wait for Rockstar Games and Nintendo to get started on my dream, I’m just going to go back to Soundcloud and partake in Round Two of this track. 3.5  

[soundcloud width=”750″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/royalmakesmusic/round-two-feat-desktop[/soundcloud]

Ryan Hemsworth- Walk Me Home

Sam: BRB, I’m just going to go and get my third tissue box. Hemsworth’s use of actually live instrumentation here works perfectly. When the orchestral section kicks in, it’s literally as if somebody grabs your heart. It’s so minimal and seemingly unwavering but those sharp waves of emotion just make the ride so much more interesting. 4.5 Sam’s Pick

Hannah: Ryan Hemsworth is the Patron Saint of all I do so it’s not surprising that this slow burn, lofty offering is one of perfection as far as I’m concerned. Please, show me a better example of synthy punctated vulnerability colliding with brute strength bass or a more perfect marriage of Japanese tinkerings and orchestral samples. That slight crescendo rising just below Hemsworth’s repetition of never leave me alone, pure chills. 4 Hannah’s Pick

Bianca: Ryan Hemsworth has this knack for making delicate melodies that sound like they have come straight out of a music box. The glittering synths wash beautifully throughout the string samples, with the plucking strings mirror the tugging of my heart strings, which gives Walk Me Home an almost epic movie-like quality. I could turn the key to this music box all night long. 4 Bianca’s Pick

hunger games lorde kanye

Kanye West Reworks Lorde’s ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

The Lorde-curated The Hunger Games – Mockingjay: Part One soundtrack has gained another worthy opponent, with Kanye West being the latest to volunteer as tribute, alongside CHVRCHES, The Chemical Brothers, Tinashe and Bat For Lashes. Rather than providing something from scratch, the egocentric producer/singer/songwriter/North baby Daddy has instead reworked Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat. Slightly deviating from the original, the latest version provides a slower, more opulent, ominous atmosphere, with West’s imprint only truly making an impact about one third of the way through.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. 1 Soundtrack Tracklist: 

01 Stromae: Meltdown [ft. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, Haim]
02 Chvrches: Dead Air
03 Tove Lo: Scream My Name
04 Charli XCX: Kingdom [ft. Simon Le Bon]
05 Ariana Grande: TBA [ft. Diplo and Lorde]
06 Raury: Lost Souls
07 Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat
08 Tinashé: The Leap
09 Bat for Lashes: Plan the Escape
10 Grace Jones: Original Beast
11 Lorde: Flicker (Kanye West Rework)
12 XOV: Animal
13 The Chemical Brothers: This Is Not a Game [ft. Miguel]
14 Lorde: Ladder Song