digital illustrative absolute final

Through our in-house illustrator and graphic designer Bianca Bosso, we’re able to work with you on custom digital or illustrative assets.

From playful GIFs to eye-catching infographics, we can pitch projects from scratch or work with existing creative to extend the vision further. We’re constantly engaged in the ever-scrolling world of pop culture and can make sure your campaign is part of the conversation.

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lyric videos

Lyric videos combine all of our assets in one colourful feast for the eyes. The lyric video has become an art in itself over the past few years, drawing heavy attention on YouTube where fans are just as excited to see the lyric video art as they are the music video. We can make sure they're not disappointed. 

Past Projects: Merci, Mercy & Mae Muller

music videos

We can create full animation music videos for artists. We're able to combine both the real-life and surreal to provide a visual with a narrative that's unique and engaging. This is our directorial debut for Merci Mercy's second single Fall Apart. 


Custom illustration is one of Interns Creative’s hallmark services and can be used in a variety of work. Our illustrator Bianca Bosso can work with you on creating illustrations tailor-made for your project.

In the past, she has worked on commissions for everyone ranging from Dua Lipa to Normani, in her own unique style, putting colour and charisma front-and-centre. Your custom illustration can be used on a variety of platforms from socials to press releases.

social teasers

If you're looking to spice up your socials were able to provide animated clips to tease new projects or explain the inspiration behind a new track. Here is a teaser we made for Chase Zera's track Chasing Bugs. She provided us with her own story and we brought her words to life for Instagram. 


One of the most eye-catching ways to highlight information is through an infographic. Whether it’s for a press release or an online post, we’re able to take your mass copy and turn it into something visually stimulating.

Through our own content platform The Interns, we’ve found that audiences respond to bite-sized information and so we’ve refined the infographic as one of our signature styles. Past infographic clients include Warner Music, EMI and Australian touring festival FOMO Festival.

cover art

If you’re looking for creative for an upcoming release we can design something that aligns with the sonics and your vision. Our team has experience working with labels and independent artists on creative direction and can bring that to the table. Once we’ve delivered the art, we can also work on translating that to social posts and streaming visualisers.

gifs stickers

Instagram, Facebook, Apple and Snapchat’s integration of GIFs has seen widespread use. Our illustrator Bianca Bosso is a verified artist on GIPHY and has had her artwork viewed 4 billion times, as well as being featured as ‘Trending’ multiple times. In the past she has created GIFs for Warner Music, Sony Music, Afterpay, EMI, Honda, Three UK and GIPHY.


For labels and artists, we offer our design services for plaques. We have extensive experience working with Warner Music Australia and Sony Music Australia on custom plaques for the likes of Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson, George Ezra, Jess Glynne and Macklemore.


If you're looking to up your streaming visual game, we've been providing short visuals to accompany songs on Spotify. Whether it's a logo or a short animation, we can add a little personality to your streaming visualiser.