What To Expect From Splendour In The Grass 2015 Based Off Coachella


Splendour In The Grass' mighty lineup, released yesterday, basically covers off nearly every International artist doing the festival circuit overseas right now. One festival it shares a number of its acts with is Coachella, which has just wrapped up its first weekend. We were there (did you hear?) so we thought we would take you through a few of the acts that played there and are also playing Splendour as a loose guide of what to expect. Find below videos, setlists and a short recap of each of the acts' performance to help you get pumped for Byron Bay in July.

Florence + The Machine

Florence and co made their huge festival return at Coachella armed with a bunch of new songs from their forthcoming third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Off that album they performed the title track, the lead-single What Kind Of Man and Ship To Wreck proving that the new songs have just as much strength in the festival arena's as the well-established favourites. If Florence proved anything at Coachella it's that she's one of the best-suited festival performers in the world lighting up the stage with boundless energy and plenty of climatic moments. It seemed she might of gone a little too hard out of that gates as she broke her foot while leaping from the stage. It seems she will be back to full health by Splendour so expect her at her best. Also get ready to remove an item of clothing when she politely asks during Dog Days Are Over. Florence is back and festivals feel right once again!

Her Splendour 2015 headline set may differ a little from Coachella given that the album will be out by then but many elements will remain the same. If you dare to peek watch the video below.

What the Water Gave Me
What Kind of Man
Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris)
How Big How Blue How Beautiful
All This and Heaven Too
Drumming Song
Ship to Wreck
Shake It Out
Dog Days Are Over

Tame Impala

Just like Florence + The Machine, Tame Impala's Coachella set was a much-welcomed return to the mainstage. They're gearing up for a new album titled Currents and played two of its tracks at the festival - Let It Happen and 'Cause I'm A Man. Their set delivered much of the same as we saw last time around except this time it feels like they understand that they're becoming one of the world's biggest bands. Frontman Kevin Parker was still bare-footed but he spoke to the crowd between every song and his vocals were on-point. Backed by a psychedelic backdrop they ran through a set mainly consisting of songs from Lonerism. Elephant was gifted an extended drum solo while Apocalypse Dreams closed the set in euphoric style. Don't expect any frills for their Splendour set. This is a band that dazzles purely off the strength of their own songs. They also entered to Can You Feel The Love Tonight which was an odd but inspired move designed to hook the crowd from the early moments.

No release date has been set for Currents yet so it's unknown whether we will have heard it before Splendour but regardless there should be a few new songs sprinkled through the set. Their oldies are brilliant but the new singles have an extra grunt to them that elated the Coachella crowd.

It Is Not Meant to Be
Why Won't They Talk to Me?
Mind Mischief
Let It Happen
'Cause I'm a Man
Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Apocalypse Dreams

Peking Duk

Peking Duk know how to bring the party wherever they are. There's no denying that. Their songs have a euphoric energy that translate for any audience which is why their set at Coachella was so successful despite them being less known in the US than in Australia. During their set in Palm Springs they brought out Ben Woolner from SAFIA for a rendition of their track Take Me Over, which they also did at Splendour In The Grass last year. This year, however, expect the response to be 1000x bigger. Since them the track has reached number five on triple j's Hottest 100 and the top ten of the ARIA Charts. American audiences loved Peking Duk, but it will be hard to compare it to a mighty Splendour set in their home country.

They also played a new song at Coachella which featured Woolner on vocals once again. Hopefully they give us a studio version very soon so we can sing the hell out of it at Coachella. Watch a very rough version of it below.

Ryan Adams

It should be well known by now that Ryan Adams is a trustworthy performer. You won't get many tricks but you will always get a good, solid performance and that's exactly what he delivered at Coachella. His fourteenth album was released last year and his Coachella set featured a smattering of songs from that record and a few old favourites including set closer Come Pick Me Up. His brand of alternative-country is the type that Americans lap up so it will be interesting to see how the response differs in Australia. No matter the style though there's nothing like a heartfelt chorus to spark a spine-tingling singalong. He's just the artist Splendour needs to ground people after all the electronic music puts them in a sugar high. This will mark only his second solo tour of Australia.

Gimme Something Good
Let It Ride
Stay With Me
This House Is Not For Sale
Dirty Rain
Blue Light
Magnolia Mountain
When the Stars Go Blue
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Come Pick Me Up

Porter Robinson

Coachella's dance music Sahara stage has become one of if not the most popular stage at the festival. Porter Robinson has played the stage before but as a DJ, this was his first turn their with his newly created live show launched of the back of his debut album Worlds. Visuals and sound combined the show was a revelation in many ways. The stage had hosted EDM DJs for the majority of the day but none stimulated quite like Porter did with his glitchy, video game-inspired, cinematic set. It was bass-heavy and completely danceable but also at times moving. There's really no other producer doing what Porter is doing at the moment, walking the line of EDM and intelligent electronica, and hopefully he'll be able to capture that at Splendour on a stage with less bells and whistles than the Sahara.

Sad Machine (Song of Storms & Easy & Anamanagushi Remix)
The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
Sea of Voices
Fresh Static Snow
Say My Name
Fellow Feeling
Hear the Bells
Goodbye to a World

Azealia Banks

You could say it's a risky move for Splendour to book Azealia Banks again. Last time she played, in 2012, she delivered only a 20 minute set. When she came back to play Future Music Festival she feuded with nearly the entire lineup backstage and when she returned once again for Listen Out Festival she stormed off stage twice (in Melbourne and Sydney). If Coachella taught us anything though, it's that Azealia Banks means business. Gone are the antics, and instead there is a performer that has something to prove. Last time we saw Banks she was accompanied by just a DJ and two dancers. The dancers are still there but there's now a full band behind her, helping her deliver a hip-hop show like no other.

Her Coachella set was energetic, fierce and well thought out. The crowd may not have been as familiar with her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste as they were with 212 but it didn't matter. Every song popped in the right places and it truly felt like Banks' whole vision had come to life. If you saw her last time and wrote her off, you're going to want to give her another chance.

Idle Delilah
Gimme a Chance
Heavy Metal and Reflective
Ice Princess
Chasing Time
Yung Rapunxel
Miss Amor
Nude Beach a Go-Go

Alison Wonderland

You've gotta love a producer who uses her Coachella set to drop unreleased music by a fellow Aussie act, Cosmo's Midnight. As well as dropping tracks from her own brilliant debut album RUN, that's exactly what Alison Wonderland did. She's an artist who seems to be really proud of the Australian scene from which she was born and also exemplified how much the Americans are loving Aussie electronic right now. She drew a respectable crowd at Coachella and stepped out from behind the decks a number of times to directly hype the crowd. If Coachella proved anything it's that it won't be long until she's away from Aus a lot more often catering to her continually growing fan base. Don't take her Splendour set for granted.

Australia is only just being properly introduced to . Her track with Major Lazer, Lean On, has burnt up the charts and has probably done better here than anywhere else in the world. She was in Australia over New Years but Splendour will really feel like her introduction to Australia. Essentially at Coachella, she was there to hype the crowd into hysterics. She crowd-surfed, screamed and danced with everything she had on stage. It was only a six song set but it featured One More with Swedish artist Elliphant. Elliphant is also playing Splendour In The Grass so maybe we should expect a repeat meeting live on stage in Byron.

Walk This Way
Waste of Time
Don't Wanna Dance
One More (with Elliphant)
Lean On

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.33.58 am

Here's Everything You Missed At Coachella 2015

Coachella is in full swing in California at the moment and we're here to cure your FOMO. There are plenty of celebrities here but there's also this little thing called music which seems to take a little bit of a backseat for some. Here are the best moments so far.

UPDATE: Below are all the best moments from weekend one. Thanks Coachella, it's been one hell of a ride.

Tame Impala Debuted Their New Songs Live

Tame Impala were visibly nervous when they took to the stage on Friday night for their biggest set to date. It didn't seem to affect their sound though. They delivered a hearty, psychedelic set with tracks from both Innerspeaker and Lonerism. Elephant slammed and Apocalypse Dreams dazzled but it was the new more electronic tracks that really impressed. The bridge of Cause I'm A Man is an absolute scorcher which bridges into a beautiful chorus while Let It Happen is the most melodic, expansive thing they've done. This could be the year of Tame Impala.

tame impala

Source: The Picayune Leader

Run The Jewels Packed Their Set With Guests

El-P and Killer Mike have really turned this Run The Jewels gig into a full time thing and you  an see why. They're best friends and they bounce off each other with charisma and enthusiasm. During their Saturday night set they brought out Travis Barker from Blink 182, Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha, Beyonce collaborator Boots and rapper Gangsta Boo. Their Australian sets over New Years were amazing but this was something else. They truly brought the album to life.


Source: music.mxdwn.com

SBTRKT Brought Out Basically Everyone He's Worked With

Speaking off guest appearances, SBTKT's set was full of them. On top of the strobing light show and pulsating instrumentals, SBTRKT had mostly live vocals from Wonder Where We Land guests. Denai Moore appeared for The Light, Caroline Polachek told us to Look Away and Raury went hard on Higher. The night belonged to Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend ough who delivered a super smooth version of New Dorp. New York.

There Are Hippos In Business Suits

We're not kidding. There is an art installation that is a corporate building with 'people' in hippo masks destroying the office. You can pick up a phone and talk to them but they're pretty intolerable. We're not exactly sure what they're doing but it's a statement about corporate greed or something like that. Anyway we headed to the Heineken Bar to charge our Samsung Galaxy while listening to Coachella's Spotify playlist to ponder some more.

Coachella Is Literally Pimping A Butterfly

What started out as a caterpillar art installation has today flourished into a beautiful butterfly. Last the spaceman was amazing but we think this one beats it. Still, it was never a good idea to set the caterpillar as a meeting spot. One, it moves. Two, it changed form somewhere between Saturday and Sunday.

FKA Twigs Performed New Songs

We know FKA Twigs has a new EP on the way so we were expecting some new tracks when she took to the stage at Coachella. Wearing an outfit that at first looked like nipple tassels, the Brit performed Figure 8 and Glass & Patron alongside a host of tracks from LP1. A night festival set backed by illuminated palm trees is the perfect setting for twigs and she was predictably brilliant. She elongated her limbs beyond the realms of possibility and sung with a beautiful fragility. Also Robert Pattinson was in the crowd and I hate myself for writing that.

Source: music.mxdwn.com

Source: music.mxdwn.com

Azealia Banks Completed Her Redemption

Banks has a turbulent history of live performances with spats, super short sets and the like but she was a different person on Friday. Backed by an American flag, the rapper delivered the most impressive set of the weekend so far bring tracks from Broke With Expensive Taste to life with a full band. She barely spoke to the crowd rather deciding to out her head down and get to work. This girl is phenomenal and it feels like she's only just realising how to full express it.

Tyler The Creator Said "Fuck You" To Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is here. At Coachella. And everyone is losing their mind. Tyler The Creator seems less impressed though saying "fuck you" to her during his set while calling out the"soft" VIP section. Jenner responded by putting her rude finger up at him. Apparently they're friends and hung out last Halloween so this was probably a joke. I'm not sure, I had to read Perez Hilton to find out that information so I'm rightfully a little fragile.

Katy Perry Posed Next To A Shark Bin

Spotted @leftshark doing community service @coachella

A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

*insert line about Perry's music being trash*

Drake Is Everywhere

Drake's headline set is not until tonight but he's already taken over the festival. People are holding up pictures of him in a wheelchair (circa Degrassi days) and plenty of punters are wearing OVO shirts. The Weeknd also performed Crew Love last night but Drake didn't make an appearance.

As Far As We Know Kanye Is Not Here But He Is In Spirit

Vic Mensa kicked off the first day by debuting his latest collaboration with Mr. West titled U Mad and also played Wolves. Cashmere Cat, who produced Wolves also dropped the track in his set yesterday. If we're going to see Kanye at all, it's going to have to be in Drake's set this evening.

The Drake And Madonna Kiss

As the third day of Coachella drew to a close there was a risk that the festival wasn't going to deliver that 'shock moment' that it's become so well known for. This is a festival that's brought Tupac back to life and debuted Daft Punk's Get Lucky so it's not unreasonable to expect something out of the ordinary.

Thank goodness then for Drake's headline set which saw the rapper introduce Madonna to the stage for a slightly out-of-place performance of Human Nature. The two then shared cringe-worthy kiss that blew up the internet in a matter of minutes. Madonna looked pleased with herself while Drake looked a little distressed. As the 100,000 strong crowd exited the festival grounds the most popular word thrown around was "creepy".

Eric Andre's Questionable Appearance During Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco is known for his NSFW onstage antics but it wasn't him who was playing up at Coachella. Comedian Eric Andre joined Mac and the band onstage wearing a dildo and playing the theramin during Together. It was a pretty unforgettable end to the set and while it was at times uncomfortable to watch, it was actually quite effective as an instrument.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.09.23 pm

Image: Twitter (@BreakOnACloud)

Florence's First Festival Gig Since The Album Announcement

Florence Welch is the ultimate festival act. Her tunes are huge, her stage demeanour is charismatic and she actively uses every musical climax to rouse to the crowd. It's been a long time in between drinks for Florence and co but you wouldn't have thought so going by her Sunday evening performance.

She threw in What Kind Of Man, Ship To Wreck and the title track from her forthcoming album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful alongside crowd favourites. The crowd took to her new songs well but it was her already established hits that really created goosebumps. She finished the set with Dog Days Are Over using every moment of silence to prepare the crowd for the incoming climax. Just before she yelled "run fast for your mother," she asked the crowd to take one item of clothing off, whipped her top off and ran the length of the stage in her bra. Her songs may be heavy at times on record but live she's a fun-loving, big-hearted performer who knows her crowd like no other.

Father John Misty Awkwardly Serenading A Fan

Father John Misty was one of the surprise highlights from the weekend. The ex-Fleet Foxes member performed a set mostly consisting of songs from his new album I Love You, Honeybear. He stalked around the stage in a black suit, performing each song like a preacher with a perfect dose of sarcasm. The highlight of the set came when he brought a member of the audience up on stage and serenaded her with Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man while she sat in a chair covered in pink balloons. It was wonderfully awkward but was an act that only Father John Misty could have made bearable.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Entertainment

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Entertainment

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Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.53.44 AM

REVIEW: Jessie Ware | Terminal 5, New York

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.53.44 AM

Image: JessieWare Instagram

Jessie Ware is essentially a deconstructed pop star - one that has cut the crap, removed the glass facade and kept the impossible style that makes people want to idolise you. Through her honest songwriting, social media approach and onstage demeanour Ware makes you feel as if she's your best-friend but then she opens her voice and makes you feel as if you should bow down in the presence of greatness.

Last night at a sold out show in New York we were in the presence of greatness. Not the Hyperbolic Beyonce as a higher-being type but the human type. One that lays all her flaws out on the table and yet still manages to deliver the most sophisticated, refined performance around while also making punters swoon, gasp and cry.

From the get go it's clear that Ware's show is going to be monochromatic. Dressed in all-black, the British songstress gives off a brooding presence while the white fabric draping from the ceiling creates some light without colour. Many performers can get lost in this kind of pared-back approach to their image. It's one that can swallow you up and fade you into the background. Not Ware though. Her greatest strength live was her ability to standout and juxtapose her surrounding with a smack-full of personality.

Running introduced Ware to the music scene perfectly back in 2012 and last night it also introduced the show, creating a precursor for what was to come. Ware slid around the stage to slinky synths weaving her honey-silken vocals through elongated melodies. For the first part of the set it felt like she barely broke a sweat, moving from Champagne Kisses to Cruel to If You're Never Gonna Move at a steady pace, choosing to slowly unleash her charm over the crowd. She barely spoke to the crowd during this beginning part, seemingly opting to let he music do the talking before opening her mouth and let out her brash English accent. When she did open her mouth it felt as if she'd made the room feel two people small. She gushed about how much she loved New York, called the American visa system a "pain in the arse" after she was left without a drummer last minute (Dornik stepped in to save the day) and swore at someone for ruining her segway into a song by yelling out the tracklist.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.15.48 AM


It was this switch between her beautifully slow-dancing songs and her kick about banter that made people gaze at her starry eyed and then laugh with her as if she was their best mate. Of course, there was more than just banter to enjoy. Her setlist, mostly made-up of songs from her most recent album Tough Love, perfectly showcased her approach to writing a subtle pop song and her soaring voice. Title track Tough Love was understated and dignified while song like Sweet Talk and Sweetest Song laid-down a creeping groove.

Collaborator Dev Hynes was in the audience and she used the opportunity to perform his co-write on the album Want Your Feeling. With warm keys driven by a funky guitar riff, Ware delivered one of the nights highlights making people dance with a song that sounds so unsuspecting. She prefaced it by saying that she's written "some" of her best songs in NYC like that and Nicki Minaj's The Crying Game. She joked that she didn't want the latter so she said "there love you can have it," to Nicki Minaj. We imagine the conversation might of gone a little bit differently.

There was plenty of love in the crowd too with Ware's You & I (Forever) introduced with a successful marriage proposal which Ware celebrated by jumping around the stage. The groom-to-be had picked a perfect setting to propose almost of the night celebrated all facets of love from the rose-coloured charm of Champagne Kisses to the stupid-in-love notions of Keep On Lying.

Got to love a proposal man A photo posted by Jessie Ware (@jessieware) on

Ware proves that you can do a lot with very little. Refinery was key last night with Ware climbing a steady trajectory towards her epic closer which saw her go all-out vocally, along with the crowd who acted as backup singers. That closer was Say You Love Me, a track that shares similar qualities with Sam Smith's Stay With Me and should've been her key to mainstream chart success.

Ware is undoubtedly one of the classiest singers around. She commanded the stage bereft of tricks and without any preconceived notions of how she wanted to portray herself. She's an honest songwriter and an equally honest performer and the crowd rewarded her for that in droves. As it should be she left the stage without giving an encore. Just another example of how little bullshit she trades in.


REVIEW + PICS: Years & Years | (Le) Poisson Rouge, New York

There's a few things that you tick off along the way when you're a hyped band to validate that you're on the right track. Infiltrating the blogs, winning over the critics and scoring a number one single are all good indicators but perhaps the biggest is playing a sold out show in New York City.

Brits Years & Years are yet to really crack the charts in the US but they have managed a number one single in the UK with King and last night at (Le) Poisson Rouge it seemed as if the hype had traveled the seas. A packed out room stood waiting for the band to take the stage for the last show of their US tour, many of them donning Years & Years crowns.

Taking to the stage with Take Shelter it was immediately clear how the band have kicked so many goals in such a short amount of time. They oscillate between soul, pop and house music, effortlessly borrowing the good elements of commercial music and blending the, together to make something delectable. Take Shelter also confirms that the band have already developed a small but dedicated following in the US - one that know all their released material inside out.

Though frontman Olly Alexander was clearly suffering from illness, coughing in between songs, he still managed to push through and deliver silky smooth vocals complete with dance moves. He's shy, but there was a quiet confidence poking through as he hurled his arms around the air in the dance breaks of each of the tracks.

The band continued to fire out gold for the entirety of the night offering a short but impressive set that made it impossible to believe that they haven't even released their debut LP. Memo offered a beautifully solemn moment, one where we got to truly hear Alexander's vocal capabilities while early track Real brimmed with popping beats and a brilliant chorus that found a perfect balance between RnB and electronica.

The few new songs they played sat much in the same lane as what we've heard from them before, only extending the belief that the band have more than just one hit single up their sleeves from their forthcoming album Communion. Even Worship which is only a matter of weeks old found huge favour with the crowd as they elevated its gospel-flavoured chorus. Many of Years & Years' songs are crafted around those types of hands-in-the-air moments that can only be properly realised when the whole crowd is on board.

Things really heated up for the final few songs of the set kicking off with the strobing bass of Desire. Desire sits in the dance lane more so than any of their other tracks and that works strongly to their favour in the live arena. It was the first true jumping moment if the night and the band lapped up the ramped-up energy.

After a short and perhaps unnecessary break the band returned for an encore of their massive hit King. The song with it's howling synths and meteoric chorus rightfully provided the golden moment of the night. The crowd sang ever word back with mighty passion, giving the sense that it won't be long before this infiltrates the charts in the US (it's slowly doing so in Australia).

Years & Years' best sets are yet to come as they're set to join the European festival circuit armed with a debut album but their New York show provided a short showcase that one, proved we should believe the hype and two, built excitement for what will be one of the best selling debuts of the year. Rarely has pop music ever sounded this good and come so guilt-free.

[metaslider id=8513]

Read our interview with Years & Years here.


10 Things That Should And Could Happen At Coachella 2015


In just a week's time, the interns will be going international, following our Aussie artists around the US, discovering a few international artists and covering one of the biggest festivals in the world, Coachella. We're going to the land of the free and because we like ruining surprises we're attempting to guess what's going to happen at Coachella. Coachella is the festival for surprises. We've seen 2Pac appear as a hologram, Daft Punk debut Get Lucky and Beyonce get up to dance with Solange. Never does a year go by where something special doesn't happen so here are our educated guesses as to what the festival will bring us in 2015.

Nicki Minaj Comes Out For Drake

Every year at Coachella there’s a number of acts who jam-pack their set with special guests. Last year it was Pharrell who brought out the likes of Usher, Gwen Stefani and Jay Z. This year, it looks like Drake is the most appropriate artist to bring out a plethora of guests. Of course, Kanye West has been everywhere at the moment and also had a collaboration album in the works with Drake last year, so he is an obvious guess.

Another possibility is Nicki Minaj who is a label-mate of Drake and they each feature on a number of each other's tracks. Drake has made Minaj’s Truffle Butter a staple of his recent sets so a Nicki appearance would make so much sense. The bad news? She’s in the UK during weekend one so weekend two would be the only possibility.

The Weeknd is also on the lineup and could make an appearance for Crew Love. Lil Wayne is a long shot but his tour schedule leaves room for a weekend one appearance so all the fingers and toes are crossed.

We’d also be happy if Rihanna jumped up on stage with him. She stomped around the festival grounds last year and is also building hype for her eighth album and this would be an easy press grab.

Run The Jewels Collaborate With Until The Ribbon Breaks

Run The Jewels feature on Until The Ribbon BreaksRevolution Indifference and UTRB feature on RTJ’s Job Well Done so an on-stage collaboration at Coachella wouldn’t be out of the blue. Run The Jewels’ recent shows makes them an early favourite to be one of the best acts of the weekend so an opportunity to see them twice is not one we would pass up.

The Kardashians Dominate The Coachella Headlines

Coachella last year was all about Kendall Jenner. The second youngest of the klan strutted around Palm Springs just when her career as a model was starting to blow up. Kylie was also there last year but all eyes will be on Kim Kardashian this year. If Kanye jumps up on stage with Drake it would be rude of Kim not to make an appearance.

Of course the Kardashians only distract from the main focus of the weekend (music) but Coachella has always encouraged a little celeb spotting.

The Aussies Hold Their Own

We’ve got a pretty impressive contingent this year. Alison Wonderland, Peking Duk and What So Not will be pumping out their tunes over the weekend proving why Aussie electronica is impressing the world right now. Vance Joy, Angus and Julia Stone, Chet Faker, AC/DC and Tame Impala are also playing but we reckon all eyes will be on our electronic artists. Since Flume blew the roof of the festival last year, Americans seem to be keen for more and more of our brand of electronica and these three acts are probably the best representation of where we’re at in 2015.

Also, Wonderland is one of a very small handful of female producers taking to the stage (including Annie Mac!) and she’s got more than enough gusto to take on the boys. Anna Lunoe held her own last year and Wonderland will have no problem this year.

AC/DC Draw The Smallest Headline Crowd Of The Weekend

They may be Aussie but AC/DC is a very confusing choice for Coachella, a festival known for drawing a largely youthful audience. It’s impressive that Aussies Tame Impala and AC/DC will finish-up night one but it’s hard to be sold on the fact that the veterans are a great fit for the festival. Glastonbury has so far announced Foo Fighters and Kanye West. AC/DC would arguably be a must better fit for Glasto while the Foos would’ve been a perfect headliner. Last year Coachella nailed it with Outkast, Muse and Arcade Fire. This year the headliners feel a little flat. It will be interesting to watch but we reckon a lot of people will be looking for alternatives on the first night.

Electronica Rises While EDM Falls

It took a while for EDM to find its way to America but it’s now well and truly established. Last year Calvin Harris broke attendance records on the mainstage at Coachella and it seems this year it will be left up to veterans like David Guetta to do the same. What’s more striking about this years lineup, however, is how many electronic producers features. Bixel Boys, Cashmere Cat, Jon Hopkins, Ryan Hemsworth, Kaytranada, Odesza and Todd Terje (just to name a few) all standout as prominent additions to the lineup in 2015. For the most part, these acts really grew their profile last year (Jon Hopkins is a legend, so maybe not him) and built their own hype. They also have great records to stand on. Cashmere Cat could really make a big impression as he’s the only one here really reaching into the pop-world. With Ariana Grande on side he could really give the EDM acts a run for their money.

On the other hand the EDM lineup seems stale. David Guetta is the biggest name on there and he’s joined by the likes of Martin Solveig, Alesso, Axwell ^ Ingrosso. Bar perhaps Oliver Heldens there are no young guns that are really pushing the boundaries. The highlight, although you’d be hard-pressed to call him EDM anymore will be Porter Robinson who has a vision far beyond playing the Beatport top 10.

It’s our prediction that even if EDM-loving festivalgoers stumble into say Kaytranada or Odesza they will be swayed. Coachella may mark the minute EDM reaches the downward side of the bell-curve. We’ll see.

Vic Mensa Collaborates With Jungle And Kaytranada

We saw it here in Aus with Jungle and now we’re hoping to see it again. Vic Mensa has to be one of the most promising rapper around at the moment and while in Australia on the Laneway Festival tour he made a name for jumping up on stage with other acts most notably Flight Facilities and Jungle. With the pair on the lineup together it’s likely that Mensa will add a verse to Jungle’s Busy Earnin’ live on stage.

It’s also likely that Mensa will jump up during Kaytranada’s set to perform their excellent new track Drive Me Crazy. It may not be quite as exciting as Drake and Kanye but it shows a new wave of artists collaborating with each other and represents an exciting spark in the music community.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.34.21 pm

Florence + The Machine, Tame Impala Prove They Are Headline-Ready

Florence + The Machine and Tame Impala are both sitting just under the headliners on the bill. Both of them are about to release their third record and seemed poised to be future headliners of major festivals.

Coachella will be their major test. If they can bring the euphoria and climaxes needed to create a memorable Coachella set then we reckon this will be the last time you’ll see them at the festival as a non-headliner.

Each of them have a song that hits all the right accent to create goosebumps - Florence with Dog Days Are Over and Tame Impala with Elephant - so it’s likely that these two will be many people’s highlights. We’re also more than likely to hear tracks from their new albums live at Coachella so keep the camera-phones at the ready.

David Guetta Has A Little Too Much Fun

Oh, please let it happen.


Mac Demarco Gets Naked

It’s happen more times than we care to count but what better occasion to strip down to your birthday suit that the world’s biggest festival. 2014 really introduced Mac Demarco as more than an indie-cult hero. He’s proved himself to be a charismatic, highly-capable performer with a swag of excellent songs to boot and Coachella will hopefully bring a much wider audience to him.