the interns co-presents the Semplesize Block Party

We are thrilled to announce that, for the very first time in interns history, we have teamed up with our musical cousins, fellow VICE buddies and rising stars of the Australian blogosphere, SEMPLESIZE, to present a New York-style Block Party and Summer Soiree. In association with fellow tastemakers Spook Magazine, Hessian MagazineBeat Magazine and Trumpeter’s Alcoholic Ice Tea, the daytime Sunday Sesh will be hosted in the multifaceted concept space, Howler in Melbourne.

Kicking of at 1pm and running ’til late on the 7th of December, the event already boasts an immense lineup, featuring BIGSOUND babe and Got It girl Banoffee, Aussie Hip-Hop legends Milwaukee Banks and psych-rock four-piece House of Laurence, with a host of names yet to be announced.

Tickets are on sale today, with our pals at SEMPLESIZE offering a very limited edition selection of early-bird tickets at the discounted rate of $15.00.

Buy tickets now via Howler.



the interns’ Saturday Mix #10


What a jam-packed week. The storm of Big Brother hit us, The Bachelor touched his eye, some chick cried when she missed out on getting the iPhone 6 and Scotland’s ‘YES’ campaign was a voted a big no no. In other news, 10 songs were released this week and they were awesome, and the interns’ took the liberty of jazzing up your Saturday playlist for a once in a lifetime, easy 3-installment price of FREE, FREE and FREE! Bargain!

Champagne Drip – Sounds From The Well: Music to turn you hipster.

Some people in the world are blessed with the ability to grow an impressive amount of facial hair, namely a beard. Others started wearing bucket hats and Birkenstocks before they were even in fashion and ‘Thrift Shop’ was a smash hit. Most of them have a distinct knowledge of intelligent dance music,or IDM as we like to call it. Heading to Listen Out next week? Then this mix is sure to tighten up the top button of you flannelette for you, and have you speaking fluent hipster in no time.

Notorious BIG ‘Ready to Die’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape mixed by Chris Read: Music to reminisce to…

Remember that time when Stevie did that really funny thing that was totally illegal, but really funny and we all laughed? Or that time when you totally cock-blocked that guy and it was also…really funny? Reminiscing is a beautiful thing, best served with some old friends you haven’t caught up with since college. They will always be etched in your memory, but it often you don’t hear from them until you receive a wedding invitation in the mail! Saturday afternoon, it’s time to call up all those people you have missed, and reminisce about the good times, even invite them over for a beer or two. Tis the season! This 20th anniversary mix is all about bringing people together.

 The Large – 2 on the mix: Music to Jamai-can you crazy

Who could resist the suave Jamaican sound of Popcaan? A popular feature on the interns, the effortlessly upbeat and sexy beach-side vibe of this dance hall jams are the perfect compliment to the rebirth of the Sun and Summer. Make sure to find a good perfect dancing partner, there ain’t no slackers or uncoordinated persons within a 5 mile radius of this The Large booty-shakin’ Saturday mix.

Stafford Brothers -DAD110: Music to start shredding

It’s never to late to start shredding, with just over two months until #twodays Stereosonic. If you haven’t already bought shares in your favourite fake tan brand, or started doing sit-ups to perfect that shirtess rig then now is the time to get a wriggle on. Summer is slowly creeping us and we could not be happier, but as the Scouts always say “be prepared.” You do not want to be caught unawares by the terrors of a bad festival selfie!



Elliphant – ‘One More’ Featuring MØ


The stars have finally aligned. Two goddesses at the top of their game have combined their talents to produce ‘One More’, the  latest cut from Swedish singer (and occasional rapper) Elliphant’‘s upcoming One More EP, out on October 14. An effortlessly natural combination, MØ plays the perfect musical guest, offering up her cool pop vocals but with her own unique edgy twist. Enjoy…



the interns’ Saturday Mix #9


This week was all about the highs and lows. The highs? Redfoo-headlined iHeartRadio Aus festival was cancelled (rejoice!). The lows? We were left wanting more when Ariana Grande graced our shores – more of her right side that is. the interns’ Saturday Mix is about smoothing out those high/low kinks in your week and bringing you a little something to make the weekend tolerable, before the excitement and fun of a new work week begins.

Nest HQ Bobby Tank: Music to game to

Nothing is more on trend right now than PC music. The glittery lollipop lyrics and arcade-style beat are the perfect accompaniment to your weekly gaming gathering. The door is locked, the blinds are down and you’ve ordered-in the greasiest food known to man – and now it’s time to LAN. Dust off your old PlayStation or even that ancient SEGA Megadrive – sorry Gen X that’s probably way before your time – and gather the nerdy troops because Nest HQ has got you covered for the next 48-hour lock in.

Martin Garrix BBC 1: Music to take you by surprise


Okay, now I have your attention. I had to do what it takes to get you to listen to this mix. The majority of the world’s population want to switch off when they hear the name Martin Garrix but prepare to be surprised. This is his Garrix’s first Radio 1 Essential Mix, and to put it into context he starts with Flume, and there is no ‘Animals’ within a 60 minute radius of that. A perfect mixer to your pre-drinks (preferably before seeing Kanye tonight!), your friends will not know what just smacked them in the face. The second hour is a lot more dancey, but you will be too drunk to care at that stage.


Nina Las Vegas: Music to spring clean to

We all have flat mates, and we get to that comfortable time of the year where you are perfectly happy to live in a house which is slightly messy, slightly dirty and/or an absolute pigsty.

NO! It’s Spring-time and you know what that means, house parties and guests. It is the month were you need to sort through all the stuff you have kept under your bed for 9 months, because no one wants to be friends with a hoarder. Blast this alternative mix through your speakers – only to be drowned out by the beautiful sound of the vacuum cleaner!

 HPNTK: Music to box to

*Ding Ding*

Round One and it’s time for you to take the ring. You’ve just watched Christian Bale in The Fighter and now you’re inspired. Whatever anger, energy, or badass-ness you want to release, now is the time. Boxing is one of best fitness work-outs going around, but you need something to push you harder as the lactic acid builds up and the skipping rope gets tighter. HPNTK is sure to pack a punch when it’s needed!




the interns’ Saturday Mix #8

Today marks a week until Kanye graces our shores, so we all need something to tide over the time until then. Let us replace your twiddling of thumbs with dance moves, and switch your most played album on iTunes from Ms Taylor Swift to these brand spanking new mixes.

7 days…

Bonobo THUMP Mix: Music to D & M to

It happens to the best of us. 1am hits and you grab the hand of some complete stranger or someone on the “outer echelons” of your friendship group, and brain dump everything you’ve ever felt about love, love or anything. Childhood stories, thoughts on the situation in the Middle-east, your ex, your favourite cheese – you name it, topics will be covered whether you can put together full sentences or not. You don’t want music that disrupts the flow of conversation, but you certainly do not want an awkward silence in the background – god forbid. Bonobo is your man to help you truly open up.


?Z – Trap Quest Mix For Annie Nightingale: Songs to take you sneaker shopping

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse – the choices are endless. But which do you choose, as this could be one of the biggest seasonal decisions of your life!? This trap mix is going to be your street-cred shopping buddy to help you choose a pair of high-tops that will make much more than just a fashion statement – it will a lifestyle statement. Prepare to poke your ALL new cool friends away with a stick.


Deadmau5 – Music to give you RSI (in a good way)

Despite what he says or does away from the decks, Deadmau5 knows what he is doing. This year’s Itunes Festival in London saw the mau5 knock everyone out of the park with his latest gob smacking live performance. No other DJ has the ability to play the same loop over and over and over again, without an inch of boring. Whether its bopping, fist-pumping or hip swinging you are going to be happily sore in the morning after indulging in this mix.


JD Twitch – Bucky Skank 2014 mix: Time to stop and appreciate

Reggae & dancehall – two genres of music we do not give enough time to. We also don’t give enough time to stop, and think about how fricken sweet life is. Whether you are jam-packed with work, uni, kids or life in general, take a second to hit play and recline and look are everything from a different perspective. Relax…..



the interns’ Saturday Mix #7


While we are all still trying to come to terms with the idea that Hello Kitty, is in fact, not a cat (pause for effect), some of us have been left frazzled, disheartened and absolutely incapable of putting together a suitable mix or two for the weekend. This is where we come in. the interns are here once again to mend this cat-astrophe; whether it be at a party or taking the dog for a walk, there’s no need for any of those unnecessary awkward silences.

Dizzy: Music to crunch to

Time to feel the burn. Remember, my Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun. You want people to stare, you want people to gasp at just how big your…crunches are. This mix is going to give you that little bit of oomph to get you going in the gym.


Wayward – Nest HQ MiniMix: Music to make friends with

The dancefloor is an awkward place at best- a mixture of those who can dance, partnered with some of the most uncoordinated and intoxicated animals you have ever seen. Use this mix to make sense of it all. It’s the perfect beat to shimmy over to a new friend and introduce yourself. Not too fast, not too slow. Just the perfect touch for a night time meeting.

Cashmere Cat – Rinse FM Podcast: Music to squeak the bed

What better way to cure your lack of music dilemma than with the purrrrfect mix from none other than the feline turntable-ist himself, Cashmere Cat.  Take this mix however it comes naturally. It’s a blend of R&B, hip hop and just Cashmere’s original squeaky twang. Your bed is there to be bounced on, so go wild!


Club Nights Episode 38: Mum I ate too much sugar…

The cure? Dance it off. You are certainly not going to be sitting still after this firecracker blows out your speakers. Lactic acid burning up, breaking a sweat, repetitive dance moves – whatever it takes to itch that scratch, just move!



GORILLA VS. BEAR AUGUST 2014: Music to nurse your hangover

Sometimes your Friday night knock-off drink leads to another, then another, until next thing you know, you’re allured by the smell of Pie Face and cursing Barry O’Farrell for ending your night ‘early’. This is a mix for those who went a little too hard before the weekend even began. Lie back, rest those dancing feet, and be soothed by the likes of Drake and Kero Kero Bonito as you reach for the second round of Panadol Rapid.



Against Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’


Sam: “I stay out too late, got nothing in my brain”, well the second part is probably right but I can imagine Tay Tay having a lime spritzer and then going home to chat on MSN messenger to Selena. People obviously say a lot about Taylor but should we really be feeling sorry for her with that hot bod and cash that she no doubt swims in.

A lot of it feels like a bit of a ploy to cash in on a very vulnerable teen market that will no doubt be shaking off all the haters in front of their bedroom mirror. And the video? Well, she looks phenomenal the whole time and while she’s being embarrassing some of the time, it’s more of an “OMG this is SO EMBARRASSING, let’s post it on insty” moment. She knows she looks hot and even hotter in comparison to the dorky teens that plague the end of the clip.

As for the racism thing, I am not completely buying it. It seems she and her team were completely aware of all the criticisms and have tried to avoid them by having a very careful mix of races in the video and going through dances that cover all types of races. That’s the very problem. The whole thing feels incredibly measured for a song that’s essentially about reckless abandon.

Also, she’s clearly a liar with intent to bring down society. When she sings “I’m dancing on my own”, she’s joined by a plethora of dancers. What about those that truly are dancing by themselves Tay Tay, like Robyn?

If I want to shake it off I’m going to go to Florence and the Machine or Mariah Carey. But probs not for the next few months cos I’m kinda in love with this song tbh. BRB.


“Haters gonna hate.” Yes, I am. There is nothing clever nor groundbreaking about this song and Taylor’s transparent attempts at acting both endearing and nonchalant about the inevitable backlash from her transition to pop are embarrassing.

The character-referencing gaff is beyond dated and the fact that Taylor is the one in the costumes is not helping the situation. Her role-play and fake ‘attempts’ at twerking and performing ballet are neither cute nor funny and we are not buying your desperate ‘damsel in distress’ guise.

Swift’s clumsy intermingling of the hip-hop term turned popular internet catchphrase ‘Haters gonna hate’ with a plethora of pop culture jabs is such a sickly-sweet, cheap, blindingly-obvious way to reach her target audience and she should be punished for it. Instead, she’ll be receiving a throng of admirers, prompting comments like “OMG Taylor’s twrking is so lol, it’s so gr8 she can laugh at herslf <3” (sic) and “She’s just like us!”

I’m not even going to go into how I feel about the spoken word breakdown. What a joke. The only shaking I’m doing is of my head.

Taylor Swift, I’mma not let you finish. #TeamKanye



Someone had to do it.

I have emotionally and physically prepared myself the uproar that is about to occur after this article is posted. Tay Tay fans, I apologise, I do not like and have never liked Taylor Swift. Sure she’s probably a great gal pal to her celeb friends and fans (I’ve dabbled on Instagram). And I know her voice is like a country angel plucked fresh from the fields of Nashville.

However, what really grinds my gears…is that her cookie cutter demeanor, rosey cheeks, red lipstick and blond ringlets are all a facade for this inner whiney break-up bitch. At age 21 Adele wrote a beautiful yet feisty album about one dickhead ex, and damn it was good.

At 23, Swift has a catalogue of ex-boyfriends and BFFs backdating to her teens. Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Cory Monteith, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Jack Gyllenhall, Connor Kennedy, and Harry Styles. Plus she has recently been linked to Ed Sheeran, and said “I would do a ginger. I like Rupert Grint, the guy from the Harry Potter films:” STAY THE F@#K AWAY FROM RON!

But why do I care about she is dating? Because every song is about her break-ups. If you have ever dated this young temptress, which means basically everyone in Hollywood, or even looked her in the eye even, then you are sure to be in the firing line. Prepare to be hit not with a bullet (which would arguably be better), but with a catchy melody, sprinkled with a “don’t you get what I’m talkin’ about girls” chorus, then topped of with the backing vocals of her 50+ Twitter fans.

Why doesn’t she put up a pathetic Facebook status and get over it?

Read the argument for the track.



the interns’ Saturday Mix #5


If we could just divert your attention away from The Bachelor for one moment, you might actually realise it’s the freakin’ weekend and it’s time for mummy and daddy to come out to play. Remember kids, you don’t make friends with salad and with people with shitty music taste. Always come musically prepared for the weekend.

Promnite – Triple J Mix Up Exclusive: Music to get your freak on

Twerk baby twerk. Before you have time to scream “I.G.G.Y”, you will grinding up against your boyfriend, your best friend or any intimate object which will let you make that booty clap. Prepare your thighs for a work out, cause tonight you are going to freak out harder than Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.


Motez – Splash House Mix: Music to shop to

You’ve just been paid and you deserve to treat yourself. What you do not deserve however, is to have annoying retail assistants and weekend shoppers cramping your style. Pop this baby in your ears and wonder down the high street with ease, with a spring in your step even. Motez will give you the retail therapy you need.


Twonk Team – Mixtape: Music to cause mayhem

It’s time to hit the streets and make yourself look and sound so much cooler than you really are. You ain’t no SuperBad drop-out any more, prepare to turn it up – if you wake up with an unknown tattoo on your forearm do not be surprised, you are a badArse now.


Richie Hawtin – Essential Mix Live, Ibiza: Ain’t nobody listen to techno

It seems like everyone is in Ibiza right now. The Kardashian clan, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Leo Di Caprio, Linsday, Beiber – you name it, the gang is all there fresh out of their recent rehab stints! It then seems fitting that we brought a bit of that sun-kissed party vibe to remedy your Winter blues. Don’t shy away from the techno, it’s just a harmless bit of fun, just don’t expect to surface for a few hours…or days cause this mix is set to pack more of a punch than Orlando Bloom on a dinner date. “What’s up bitch?”


Sophie et al – Dismagazine on Rinse: Music to turbo charge

Everybody loves a bit of life admin, but when you have a million jobs to do and half a day to complete them – everybody needs a little energiser bunny to help them on their memory way. [Cue Sophie Et Al]. If your head doesn’t explode from this glorious PC Music mix, then you are in the clear and hopefully able to clean your room, do the washing, call your mother, wash the car and file your tax return in 20 minutes flat.





Throwaway Thursday


We’re always looking for things to give you and, while a few LOLs here and there go a long way, sometimes you need something tangible that you can listen to over and over again. This week was a bit of a flop, let’s be honest. The Block Glasshouse is a little slow, The X Factor Wildcard was nothing to get excited about and all we learnt was that Delta Goodrem can’t dance to hip-hop, as if we didn’t already know that. In the spirit of Delta, we’re picking ourselves up and adding some spice to this week with a collection of new tunes ready for the download. 13 tracks are up for grabs this week including blazing mixes by Adelaide beat master Motez and Swedish pair JJ. There’s also the Hey Arthur re-work from Chance The Rapper and friends and a track from the latest Future Classic signee, Thrupence. On the remix side there’s a swish remix of Vic Mensa‘s Feel That and yet another brilliant remix of Tinashe‘s 2 On by Robokid. There’ll be a few tears, a few laughs and hopefully a few smiles as you tuck that iTunes card away.

Stream the playlist and download the tracks below:



the interns’ Saturday Mix #3

saturdaymix2It’s the gift that keeps on giving. the interns‘ Saturday Mix is back again for its third glorious instalment to guide you deep into this mid-winter weekend. Why not play the host, go on an adventure or just catch yourself drifting away – there is no need for any awkward silences when we are here hitting the play button.

triple j Unearthed – June Mixtape: Songs to take camping

We don’t have bears in Australia, so there is no real excuse not to go camping this weekend. Except for drop-bears, they suck. Here is something adventurous and all-Australian to guide you on your merry ways in to the forest, to the beach or anywhere creative you can pitch a tent with mates. This mix is infused with all new music, offering up that breath of fresh air you needed in your iTunes library. Just don’t forget to pack the marshmallows!


LFTF – Saint Pepsi LFTF: Songs to own the dance floor

It’s time to spread your arms, holla to your mates and clear a big fat space – you are about to own the dance floor. Flared pants or not, this mix from 21-year-old Boston producer, is jam-packed with your favourite pop songs but with his own dazzling disco sentiment which will leave you clapping to the left, and shimmying to the right. Go on, do the Hustle!


Benzi – Live @ Sway In The Morning: Music to host a house party

Time to tap the kegs, lay out the beer bong table and clear your room of any valuables and baby photos. Tonight, the time has finally come around for you to host a house party. Bitchez gonna be twerking, beers are gonna be flowin’ and you are going to have the night of your life – because no one can ever fail when Diplo, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are invited to your party.


DJ Hanzel – Mix BBC Radio 1: Music to push that one bit deeper

DJ Hanzel, a.k.a Dillon Francis‘ infamous alter ego has taken over the decks at BBC Radio 1. It’s at this stage, all you want to do is leave the club. It’s 3am, the music is drying up like a desert and your attention is now solely focussed on what kebab you want from across the road. Here is just 30 minutes of numbness to push you that one bit deeper into the night – just so your mates don’t think you are a pussy.


Max Graef – Live at Club Bonsoir: Beats for your Sunday sesh

A good Sunday sesh often supersedes the infamous night before. Best served with mates and a barbecue, do not let the winter blues hold you back from seeing out your whole weekend of frivolity. This mix offers up something fresh and boppy, with the perfect amount of dancey disco, but with not too much of a punch to drown out your banter with your friends.

Click here to listen to the mix.


Mount Kimbie – Minimix for North America 2014: Songs to daydream to…

Sundays are for dreaming. Free your mind, lie back on your porch or in the park and let the last of the sun’s rays warm up your face. Now close your eyes and let yourself just drift away with this gorgeous, yet purposefully disjointed musical head-space which the London duo conjure up for your delight. Prepare to get vivid.





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