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Haters gon’ hate in Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

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Just like clockwork, two years after we heard Tay Tay’s We’re Never Getting Back Together, she’s delivered the first single, Shake It Off, from her new album 1989. The track sees her move even further away from her country roots but keeps very much with the theme of ex-boyfriends, rumours and haters. It’s all good though because she’s just gonna shake it off. She shows this in the video from parodying pop clips with twerking, cheerleading and Gaga-esque oddities. Love her or hate her there’s no denying this is another huge hit and will most likely leave another ex quivering in the corner.


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Ariana Grande goes intergalactic in the video for ‘Break Free’

Today is turning out to be all about pop princess Ariana Grande. We posted about her new track with Big Sean, Best Mistake, and now she’s unveiled the video for the Zedd-produced, Break Free. Aesthetically, it’s one of Grande’s boldest moves yet. She fights space creatures, breaks-out aliens and then attends a party on a spaceship where Zedd is the DJ. It’s completely ridiculous but in tune with the space-theme that plagued the 2000s. In a strange way, it’s actually genius.

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Tkay Maidza unveils video for ‘U-Huh’

Adelaide firecracker Tkay Maidza has debuted the video for her track U-Huh. In the past month she’s releases the track to rave reviews, performed an earth-cracking performance at Splendour in the Grass and signed to Dew Process. She’s one of the fastest-rising names in Australian music right now and this video should help catapult her further. It sees Maidza just being naturally cool in front of fruit, on baseball pitches and with glitchy images. She’s fierce but still friendly enough to want to be friends with her.


Jungle drop music video for ‘Time’


Masters of mystery, Jungle, have released the music video for Time. Once again, they’ve opted to not feature themselves and have instead taken the Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice route of assigning the duty of dancing to middle-aged men. Adidas-clad and showing that age is nothing but a number, the two men engage in the dance-off to end all dance-offs, Bucket List-style .

How To Dress Well - The Great Escape 2013, Brighton | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk

How to Dress Well completes ‘What Is This Heart?’ video trilogy with ‘Childhood Faith in Love’

How To Dress Well - The Great Escape 2013, Brighton | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk

the interns were enamoured with How To Dress Well (AKA Tom Krell)’s album What is This Heart? at first listen, with it passing our Friday Night Lock-in with flying colours and Repeat Pleasure appearing in our Top 20 of 2014. We’ve also been closely following the visual accompaniments to the tracks and now Tom Krell has released the finale to his love-inspired video trilogy. Watch below for Childhood Faith in Love, following its predecessors, Repeat Pleasure and Face Again.

Part 1/3 – Repeat Pleasure 

Part 2/3 – Face Again 

Part 3/3 – Childhood Faith in Love 

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