5 Artists You Need To Hear Right Now Vol. 4

5 artists you need to hear ugly

Like the Microsoft paperclip, we're always here to help. This week we're delivering five new artists that cover nearly every genre you could imagine setting your eager ears on. We've got hip-hop, electronica, rock, dance, jazz and seemingly everything in between. We must warn that Jungle Pussy or the Naked Eye are not suitable to search in google images at work.

Ara Koufax

You may recognise the names Sam Gill and Luke Neher as those two guys who previously recorded under Naysayer and Gilsun. Ara Koufax is a new project for the duo, which explores new territory. The project is “two producers driving to a beach house in the middle of winter to distill a bleak climate into something warmer”, according to the press release and it does show. Their first track, Converge, is a distorted and frosty tune, made comfortable by the nestling vocal. It’s the only taster we have from them right now but given their previous output as Naysayer and Gilsun and this track, it’s a safe bet to say the future looks bright for Gill and Neher.


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It was the name that attracted me but the music that made me stay. As you can probably tell Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy, ain’t one to mess around with. Her new mixtape Satisfaction Guaranteed is a hefty collection that finds a perfect mix between throbbing bass and seductive tempos. It was produced mostly by Shy Guy who’s produced NYC rapper Le1f. She opens the tape with “What’s up good lookin’/You hot n’ I’m cookin’” and from there it’s a succession of quick-fire lyrics full of sass.


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Not to be confused with Elephant or Elliphant, New York five-piece, Elaphant, may just be the one’s to convince the world that guitars still exist in recorded music. They centre around scungy riffs and formulate melody over willful grooves. Their debut self-titled EP is polished enough to appeal to more than just a hipster like The Black Keys but also individual enough to ensure they don’t take the Kings Of Leon highway to mediocrity.


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The Naked Eye

French/English duo The Naked Eye are probably the biggest treat we received in our inbox this week. Self-described as “Jazz/Soul/broken beat influenced new comers”, the pair have released two exquisite tracks to date, that sound exactly as they have alluded to. As a debut, Embrace, carves an ambitious musical path, beginning with a minute-long instrumental before expanding into a hazy, nouveau-jazz sound. Second single, Sweet Boy, is more minimal but also more immediately melodic. It feels as if Nina Simone was remixed by Flying Lotus and we’re utterly enamoured by it.


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When I was 17 I was spending copious amounts of hours choosing my MySpace song. It seems 17 year-old singer/songwriter and producer Olivia McCarthy (aka. JOY.) has been putting her time to much better use. At this point, she’s only got one song to her name but it’s a corker. Captured is a sleek track pumped along by a persistent throb below her breathy voice. It’s a downtempo affair, that adds some soul to a genre of electronic music that is becoming increasingly monotonous. For a debut, it’s beautifully polished and deservant of the hype that it will no doubt receive.


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Guerre channels JT on new track 'Tuk'


Australian artist, Guerre, is part of a host of electronic musicians in the country making deeply intricate and interesting music. Tuk is the second offering off his forthcoming album, Ex Nihilo, and it's a flittering, neo-tribal exploration that features his whispy vocals running effervescently alongside. According to Guerre, the song is the most pop on the album and it's him "trying to channel all that Pharrell produced Justin Timberlake stuff". Ex Nihilo is out 4 July via Yes Please/Remote.



Jungle perform both Busy Earnin' & Time on Jimmy Kimmel

jungleJungle made their very first US television debut last night, performing both Busy Earnin' and Time on Jimmy Kimmel. Watching their funk-infused performance is merely a taste of what's to come when they hit the Splendour in the Grass stage in July and we couldn't be any more excited.

Jungle's debut self-titled album is due for release on July 14, just in time for their Australia visit.

Jungle Sideshows

Tuesday, 29th July 2014
The Corner, Melbourne | BUY

Wednesday, 30th July 2014
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney | BUY


Arctic Monkeys release meaty music video for Snap Out Of It


Arctic Monkeys have released the video clip to accompany the 2013 hit Snap Out Of It. Directed by production company Focus Creeps and starring actress Stephanie Sigman, the video is a curious watch, with certain symbolisms I just can't put my finger on.

Does it resemble heartbreak? A fangirl's unrequited love? Or perhaps it describes what an always-helpful YouTube commenter has suggested:


Watch the video and decide for yourself. Vegans, look away.


Le Youth recruits Javeon for Feel Your Love


LA Producer, Le Youth, had an unexpected hit last year with his song COOL, which sampled Cassie's Me & You. He's now teamed up with newcomer Javeon, for another soulful slice of electro-house with his new track, Feel Your Love. It really ticks all the boxes. It's a glistening, supremely-produced cut that has enough grunt to be a major hit for him.



Listen to Billie Black's captivating debut, 'I Waited For You'


There's a plethora of young female artists channeling an electronic singer-songwriter vibe, but few are able to capture attention in the way Billie Black does. London artist, Black, has just dropped her first single, I Waited For You and it's stunning. She ever so slightly changes the track up melodically doing enough to pique your interest but at the same time the song barely wavers in sound or tempo. It's a sophisticated and vulnerable debut with a captivating video to boot. Releasing a song this intimate as a first taste is a brave move, but Black has pulled it off with the utmost grace.


RAC remixes London Grammar's track, 'Strong'


RAC has put his Midas Touch onto another song, this time turning London Grammar's Strong into gold. This version has a touch of broodiness and is not too dissimilar from the original, with RAC stating ,'with a voice like this, I just tried to stay out of the way.'