Premiere: Dig Into AVES' Hypnotising Debut EP


Sydney local AVES’s debut EP is finally ready, with the producer and songwriter set to launch the self-titled AVES at The Record Crate In Glebe this Friday, July 1st.

The new EP has added two new tracks to some existing singles; Don’t Say and Someone both released earlier in 2016 – and together this four track effort will have you brooding, dancing and having a good ol’ fashun chill.

Starting with the new cuts; Talking contrasts some guttural, low pitched lyrics with a glowing synths – and just when you start to sit back in your chair and decide that’s all there is to it, there’s this gorgeous counter-melodic line that plays in and out of the existing layers of sound. Pretend is probably the most melodically-inclined track on the EP – and it employs a distorted line of accompanying sound that gives the whole tune a really earthy kind of feel.

There isn’t much more to say about Don’t Say that we haven’t already. It’s the standout track for sure – and this can more than likely be put down to the vocal line really exploring a variety of pitches, accompanied by some cool bubble-like percussive effects and easily the most energetic production on the album. Don’t discount AVES’ more recent single Someone, though, which brings the whole creative effort full circle – and it’s dark broodiness gives the back end of the EP a feeling of completion.