10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


For those of you not at Splendour in the Grass this weekend, here’s a playlist of the best songs of the week so you can sit in an isolated room and contemplate your decision-making processes. For those of you who are, let this be your soundtrack to hungover breakfasts, late-night boogies and long, sun-drenched car trips.

Listen to our Soundcloud playlist over here.

SBTRKT- New Dorp. New York

"It's a funny sort of song" says SBTRKT and he's exactly right. Unlike the formulaic Temporary View, the first single from SBTRKT's forthcoming album is as unconventional as they come. New York ambassador Ezra Koenig joins the producer for the most inconic tribute to NYC since Jay's Empire State of Mind. A female vocal runs underneath Ezra's reminding us that this is British house music after all. Meanwhile SBTRKT lays down steel drums and pulsating drums to create a weird yet groundbreaking track.


BANKS- Beggin For The Thread

It's becoming very clear now that BANKS' debut album is not going to be sunshine and rainbows. Begin For Thread is another angsty track from the London songstress yet it ups hate tempo from her previous outputs. It's the most immediately likeable thing she's done yet while she retains that brooding darkness that has captivated us from the very beginning. Basically we'd like to thank the guy who fucked over BANKS because he's made way for one hell of a record.


Shura- Just Once

Shura's Touch is still one of the most quietly brilliant songs of the year and her follow-up track does not let down. Shura floats through mellow synths and claps, singing “we can get lost”. We accept your invitation, Shura and are currently floating right there with you.

Grand Pavillion- Weightless

Brisbane steps up once again, producing budding singer/producer Grand Pavillion. Weightless is from his EP Secrets and is doing some seriously great things to our ears. It’s a sparse, twinkling tune lifted by layered vocals. For a new artist it’s a masterfully textured and dynamic affair that should make sure his EP gets heard by more than just a few listeners.

Jessie Ware- Share It All

Share It All is the second track to be lifted off Jessie's forthcoming album, Tough Love. It's another Julio Bashmore production and is also co-written by Romy of the xx, so basically it's a dream-team. The mellow number sees Ware croon through beats reminiscent of the xx. It may not be as immediate as Tough Love, but Ware's Sade-esque vocals never fail to impressive.


Chrome Sparks- Losing You

Chrome Sparks is in Australia right now and in celebration he’s dropped a new track, Losing You. Not to be mistaken for the Solange classic, Losing You is a deep brooding track with a soulful vocal sample. Given his midday Splendour set time this one may be the most appropriate for his set. It sounds as if it’s been injected with sunshine in preparation for a morning warm-up. Loosen those vocal chords.


Rustie- Attack (Feat. Danny Brown)

When a Rustie song plays, you know that shits about to get real. From his forthcoming album, Green Language, Attack is the very definition of shit getting real. Rustie sounds the sirens and drops the beat while Danny Brown goes completely bonkers.


Hudson Mohawke- Chimes

Talking about shit getting real, let’s move onto the new track by one half of TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke. Chimes is a mongrel of a track built around huge brass-filled drops and shattering bass. It immediately demands your full attention and you should definitely not be embarrassed if when it comes on you yell “oh, yeah this is my tune”. It’s all part of the Hudson Mohawke experience.


Kimbra- Miracle

That Kimbra, she’s a perky one isn’t she. Miracle sounds like pure joy- a get-up and go anthem, the likes of which have not been seen since Break My Stride. She’s “rising up” on the track and sounds unstoppable. Think Prince, think Janelle Monae and think all things positive. If someone’s bringing you down, get right in there face and let them know through the best way possible- an ‘80s funk boogie.

Jungle- Time (Lxury Remix)

For those heading to Splendour this weekend you'll be hearing the original of this aplenty but this remix by producer Lxury does a nice job of renovating the funky track. There’s a certain weightlessness to this track by way of its airy synths and subtle treatment of Jungle’s original vocals.


Listen to the Soundcloud playlist here.


10 Reasons why Tomorrowland is the best Festival of its kind


Since its inception, Tomorrowland has been one of the most hotly anticipated events every year, with thousands upon thousands of dance music-enthused festival nuts making the pilgrimage to Belgium for the Mecca of all music festivals. This July marks its 10th birthday and to celebrate this epic milestone of raving culture , here are 10 reasons why it's the best festival of its kind in the world.

1. Boom.

No we are not referring to the epic sound pounding out of the speakers on the Main Stage, Boom is an actual place and what a name for a festival town it is. Every year this tiny town, nestled tightly in between Antwerp and Brussels in the Belgian countryside, is transformed to play host to a new world full of music, madness and frivolity. During this time the town's population grows from 16,000 people to 360,000 in a span of two weeks, just for the festival.

Photo: Rutger Geerling | Fotograferen.net


2. Tomorrowland has its own Hymn composed by Hans Zimmer

In 2014, to celebrate the big 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland, Oscar winning film and music composer Hans Zimmer has created the first official hymn for the festival. The festival approached Zimmer to create a hymn which embodies the "mystical, magical" aspects which make Tomorrowland so unique. The result, a spine-tinglingly beautiful hymn, in which Zimmer hopes will "bring different cultures together, and all the things that make us different are actually the things we should be celebrating."


3.  You are encouraged to get down and dirrrrttty

Tomorrowland wants everyone to feel the love in way or another. "The Church of Love", found hidden in the forest of the festival, is designed for lovers of all varieties to get some down time, and basically get their gigi on if they want to. Long-term, short-term, new or old relationships are encouraged to lock themselves inside this mischievous church, with safe protection of course. Meanwhile the naughty but nice Nuns stand guard outside, scantily-dressed, egging you on to fulfil your wildest dreams.


4. The Main Stage

It may seem like the most obvious stand-out thing about Tomorrowland, the "Main Stage", but no one can truly prepare you for the all-over body experience you feel when you see the giant set for the first time. From giant trees, to magical story books, to last year's man made erupting volcano - again, "a man made erupting volcano" - every year, festival organisers, ID&T, raise the bar with their jaw-dropping stage productions. This year saw the 10-year old festival celebrating its anniversary with the theme, "The Key To Happiness."



5. Tomorrowland controls the weather, not Mother Nature

Ever wondered why it is always sunny on the fields of Boom every year? While it was thought to be an urban myth - the idea that Tomorrowland controls the weather, not Mother Nature is very much a reality, and it's amazing. In 2013, monsoon rain and storms threatened to ruin the 3-day festival for punters, however fortunately the people of Belgium do not settle with the idea of being washed out. Originally designed to prevent crop damage from storms, the festival organisers resurrected "hail cannons" around the festival site, producing loud war-like booms every morning to clear the skies. Only at Tomorrowland....


6. Dreamville is well, awesome.

After years of camping out at festivals, it really becomes all about the small luxuries. Besides having its own newspaper, radio station, butcher, supermarket, tattoo parlour, H&M clothing story, and its own currency,  Tomorrowland's own pop-up city Dreamville is truly is a home away from home. To add, there are special "FreshPoints" at the festival site where you can freshen yourself up with deodorant and hairspray!


7. Friendship bracelets!

It is a given that you are going to make new best friends at festivals as big as Tomorrowland. In the toilet line, in the mosh-pit or even back at camp, you will find yourself talking to anyone and everyone about your shared passion of music and partying. This year however, Tomorrowland will play host to more than 214 different countries, a higher number than those who were in the London Olympics. What makes its even cooler, is that the festival organiser have developed Facebook wristbands which ensure you never have that "one that got away" experience with any potential friends.

The concept is quite simple – these wristbands not only store all your information for entry for the festival, but they also serve a social purpose by housing your Facebook account details as well. All you have to do, should you meet an awesome new friend at the festival, is push the love heart button on your wristband and a Friend request will be sent. They think of everything!

8. The food is not festival food.

Food glorious food. Dancing requires sustenance and so does socialising, but one thing you will never have to worry about at Tomorrowland is going hungry. Festival food generally consists of cold 'hot chips' and pizza, however every year Tomorrowland churns out some of the best Belgian cuisine on offer. You can dine at restaurants looking over the Main Stage, order 100% beef burgers cooked by award winning chefs, indulge in Belgian waffles and frozen yoghurt or even feast in their famous Steak House. It's hard to think there is actually a music festival going on as well!


9. Tomorrowland now has cool cousins in America and Brazil.

If one weekend of Tomorrowland is not enough to feed your EDM tastebuds, then do not fret. Tomorrowland now has two other festival cousins. One in the US and and the other in Brazil, which was announced last weekend to be playing host to TomorrowWorld in May 2015. This September will see Atlanta, USA play host to the likes of Avicii, David Guetta, Diplo, Steve Aoki...the epic list goes on and on!

10. The After-movie

Finally, who could forget.

With more cinematic praise than most Oscar films, the Tomorrowland after movie is the final glorious memory you can take home from the best weekend of your life. The 2012 Tomorrowland after-movie has clocked up over 115 million views on YouTube to date, turning the festival experience into one big fairytale. From the panoramic views atop the Ferris Wheel, to the crowd shots, inside the DJ booth and across the camp-site, this token piece of memorabilia is 20-30 minutes jam packed full of enviable moments and a perfectly mixed soundtrack. No we know why people across the globe make this journey to the beautiful fields of Boom every year.



5 for 5: The best songs by Splendour in the Grass' main acts


These are five of the biggest artists playing Splendour in the Grass this year and need no introduction, however, some of them have been releasing music since before the turn of the millennium. Some of you haven’t even been releasing hormones since before the 00s, so we’ve compiled the five best tracks from the artists in the interest of setting you all a ‘to learn’ list.

Take our advice, Outkast and Kelis’ sets in particular will be very very long if you’re waiting for Hey Ya! and Milkshake respectively. Particularly the latter given Kelis has been known to give her biggest hit a miss live.

Click through the pages to see the Top 5 Songs from Outkast, Foals, Kelis, Metronomy and Lily Allen according to the interns. 


Amphitheatre: 10.15pm - 12.00am

*we've stopped ourselves from including Hey Ya! and Roses because we were unable to come to a decision on 5 and thought everyone was already up on the lyrics to those ones.

B.O.B (2000)

The tempo-raising centre-point of Stankonia, B.O.B has opened all of Outkast’s sets post-comeback. The choir-driven monumental chorus is a guaranteed heart-starter and once you hear it in the flesh you’ll understand why this is one of the greatest tracks of the 00s.

Ghetto Musick (2003)

Much like B.O.B, Ghetto Musick is Big Boi at his anarchic best. Compared to Andre 3000's Love Below, Ghetto Musick was a pulsating, glory-run with Big Boi taking his foot on and off the accelerator. Feeling good, feeling great? Yeah you are.

Rosa Parks (1998)

Aquemini is also fifteen years old yet Rosa Parks, in particular, sounds as fresh as ever. Together Big Boi and 3000 deliver stellar, vinyl-scratching verses before launching into an infamous hoedown. Yeeee-ha.

So Fresh, So Clean (2000)

This track from Stankonia typifies everything that’s great about Outkast. They’re production is so bare, that it takes huge personalities to shine through and 3000, in particular, shines through on this one. “Those huge baby eyes get to runnin off at they mouth/Tellin’ me that’s on your nasty mind” he raps, treading a thin line between sexy and creepy.

ATLiens (1996)

“Throw your arms in the air and wave em’ like you just don’t care”. It’s the most obvious directional song since the Hokey Pokey. You better not let them down.


Amphitheatre: 9.15pm - 10.15pm

My Number (2013)

My Number from Foals’ third album, Holy Fire, is their most anthemic yet. The funky guitars, the stomping, kick drum and and the hefty chorus are all ingredients for a perfect festival moment.

Miami (2010)

Bringing some hip-hop to indie-rock long before the Arctic Monkeys did, Foals' heavy-hitting Miami is a slow-burning classic. It’s basically all about the driving percussion and the deep, deep bass.

Spanish Sahara (2010)

There are very few songs of this tempo that can captivate a crowd for nearly 7 minutes. The centrepiece of Total Life Forever is one of those songs. It holds your heart in your mouth for four beautiful minutes before sprawling into a dramatic end.

Two Steps, Twice (2008)

Always a worthy finish to a Foals set, Two Steps, Twice is a reminder of the youthful, blood-pumping Foals. It weaves through unconventional tempo changes, bi-polar riffs and anarchic chants and yet still manages to command crowds.

Olympic Airways (2008)

The first signpost of what direction Foals would head on latter albums, Olympic Airways is the band at their melodic best. Unlike most of Antidotes, it’s a solemn, subtle track demontstrating Foals’ now trademark, swampy rhythms.


Mix Up Stage: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Millionaire (2003)

Were Kelis and Andre 3000 separated at birth? We think so. Millionaire saw the two oddballs combine in a track that still sounds as relevant today as it was then. While Kelis’ dulcet tones are an appetiser, 3000’s rap is the main event. For those playing at home, remember it goes- cheese, rats, cats, dogs, bitches, glitches.

Rumble (2014)

Kelis took a U-turn on her latest record Food, but just like jerk chicken, many were left salivating over the motown flavoured record. Rumble is its highlight- a slow-burning, brass-laden affair with Kelis playing the most graceful ‘60s songstress.

Trick Me (2003)

“Freedom to us has always been a trick, freedom to you has always been whatever landed on your dick”, sings Kelis on this overshadowed single from Tasty. The funky guitars throughout backup Kelis’ lyrical sassiness while her slinky vocal adds further insult to injury. Nas was a brave, brave man.

Caught Out There (1999)

Caught Out There is to this day one of the Neptunes' greatest productions. The minimalist, futuristic production provided the perfect playground for Kelis to run her spiteful tongue. That chorus is so unconventional but so angsty and probably still the boldest move of Kelis’ career.

4th July (Fireworks) (2010)

Kelis is the queen of reinvention and on 2010’s Flesh Tone she took to the dancefloor for a brief moment. 4th July (Fireworks) is the most euphoric creation of Kelis’ built by throbbing bass, twinkling synths and ‘90s keys.


Mix Up Stage: 8.30pm - 9.30pm

The Look (2011)

Metronomy have basically built a career on awkward and quirky yet delectable indie-pop. The Look is the perfect example of that. Backing vocals, perky keys and a mischievous pigeon in the video almost make this song cheesy but Metronomy’s knack for knowing when enough is enough makes it rather sophisticated.

The Bay (2011)

The English Riviera was the inspiration for Metronomy’s sophomore album of the same name and no song conveyed that better than The Bay. The synths are majestic and the layered vocals are like a summer’s breeze, evoking crystal clear water immediately.

Radio Ladio (2008)

Before Metronomy learnt subtlety, they released their ‘80s, Back To The Future-inspired debut. Radio Ladio nails the futuristic, sci-fi vibe with intergalactic synths and guitars that say “drop everything and dance immediately”. Of course, we happily oblige.

Reservoir (2013)

Metronomy’s third album, Love Letters was slightly disappointing but Reservoir is one of their finest moments. The organ is really the only melodic instrument in the whole track yet the band’s leader, Joseph Mount, carves out the most subtle of pop-tracks.

Corinne (2011)

Still a staple of their live set, Corinne is one of the most dance-ready heartbreak tracks. Mount’s falsetto coupled with those finicky synths and followed by the female response is one of the band’s most delectable moments.

Lily Allen

Amphitheatre: 10.45pm - 12.00am

Smile (2006)

Back to where it all began. This is Lily Allen at her passive-aggressive best. The sunny disposition of the track is juxtaposed by the fact that the British songstress is giving a huge middle-finger to her ex-significant other.

Alfie (2006)

Yes, it could be easily mistaken from a 'Pine O Cleen' commercial but it’s far more vicious than that. Alfie is Lily’s perky ode to her weed-smoking sibling and the triumphant end to her debut record. It effortlessly couples her knack for a witty narrative and her fairy tale instrumentals.

Fuck You (2009)

Lily took her mammoth pop record, It’s Not Me, It’s You as a chance to stick it to George W. Bush. It’s since become a universal anthem against pricks all around the world and suitably induces offensive gestures when she performs it live. Keep in your anger until Sunday night. It will be worth it.

Not Fair (2009)

A country-tinged track about a man not performing in the bedroom is an unlikely hit but Lily pulled it off. It may be the one and only time you get a chance to hoe-down to a premature ejaculation anthem so savour every moment.

URL Badman (2014)

Lily may have returned a mother on her latest album, Sheezus, but she’s lost none of her ability to strike up a bit of social commentary. A self-proclaimed queen of social media, Lily takes on trolls in URL Badman. She flicks between an almost-rap and a dubstep inspired chorus which also teaches us how to spell URL Badman. Add that alongside Fergalicious and Glamorous in your wordbook.

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10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


Is it that music is getting better? Is it that we had a good week? Or is it that we’re overjoyed by the news that Adele will indeed be naming her album, 25? Whatever it is, these 10 tunes are just sounding that little bit better this week. Amongst the 10, we have the creme de la creme of hip-hop, a few triumphant comebacks and enough Ryan Hemsworth to fill our Pokedex. So go forth and check out the best 10 songs of the week. Gotta catch 'em all.

Click here for this week's Soundcloud playlist. 

Kwamie Liv- comin THRU

Looking for Paper Planes without the tacky, dance-along moves? Look no further than the third offering from Danish-singer Kwamie Liv, comin THRU. There’s mellow, RnB undertones followed by a hip-hop-inspired chorus that pops like M.I.A’s hallmark track. Wanna' get down, pop-it and lock-it this weekend? Yeah, you do. Press play.


Vic Mensa- Feel That

It was always going to be a hard job following up Down on my Luck but Chicago rapper Vic Mensa has done a valiant job. We don’t publicly condone it, but if your Saturday looks anything like this video then you’ve had one helluva weekend. As for the track, it’s a hip-hop banger that lays a runaway train flow over sparse hip-hop beats.

The Drums- Magic Mountain

The Drums have gone from the beach to the mountains on this trippy comeback single. There’s a bit more noise, there’s a little bit more psychedelic but The Drums are still there at the core of it all. Stick around for the 2min 30 mark when it all gets a little bit spooky and we descend down the mountain and into the rabbit hole.


Tkay Maidza- U-Huh

Is there something in the Adelaide water? Motez, Allday and now 18-year old Tkay Maidza has taken to the stage as one of the most exciting new talents to watch in 2014. After seducing us with her catchy track Brontosaurus back in 2013, U-huh is Maidza's first single since signing with Brisbane label Dew Process - home to London Grammar, Mumford & Sons and Sarah Blasko. This track is crisp, sassy and the perfect blend of hip-hop and pop - in a way that Azealia Banks could only dream to replicate. Timed to perfection,this release comes as Tkay is set to play Splendour in the Grass next weekend, Listen Out and Big Sound in coming months. Be sure to catch her before the rest of the world eats her up!


Perfume Genius- Queen

Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) embraces his inner Freddy Mercury this week on the bold new track from his forthcoming album, Too Bright. It’s production is far denser than anything he’s done before with haunting whistles, brave percussion and a vocal that sees Perfume Genius take charge like never before. We’re not sure about the Perfume part but this one is definitely Genius.

Sinead Harnett- No Other Way (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Hemsworth is the guy you know and trust to do your work justice, and his re-work of London-based songstress Sinead Harnett's No Other Way is no exception. Production-wise, it is hard to fault him, serving up the perfect balance between soul, toyed melody and dancey electronica. The layered synths up the tempo of the catchy chilled-out original to produce the perfect mid-Winter pick-me-up.


Ryan Hemsworth- One For Me (Feat. Tinashe) (Lucas Remix)

*Wipes tears away*. Much Ryan Hemsworth this week, many feels. Seattle producer, Lucas does an emotional flip of Hemsworth's album cut, One For Me. Tinashe’s vocals are taken down a few notches to sound like a soulful male, while Lucas lays down keys and a steady beat. This song was already beautiful but this just takes it to another level. If you’re going through a breakup this weekend, press repeat. If not, press next.


- Walk This Way (Lido Remix)

It’s everything video games and gaming arcades on the Lido remix of ’s track, Walk This Way. It introduces a whole new element of trickling synths and skittered beats that will possibly grate you and possibly won’t. Such is the joy of the democratic nature of music.


Astronomyy - Nothin On My Mind (Bearson Remix)

the interns have got tropical fever this week from La Roux’s Trouble in Paradise and the vibes are continuing with this remix of Astronomyy’s Nothing On My Mind. Oslo House producer, Bearson has reworked the already-chilled track with, taking us from beach to beach bar.


ODESZA - Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Seattle-based duo ODESZA have dropped their dreamy first track from their upcoming second album, In Return. Awash with heavenly synths accompanied by purposeful percussion, Memories That You Call is an anthem of youth; painting pictures of wayward journeys across the plains.


And here's another. We're feeling generous:

Treasure Fingers & BOSCO- Names

Brooklyn label Fools Gold is quite literally a goldmine of tunes. Their latest delivery is from Atlanta Producer Treasure Fingers and it’s a disco cross hip-hop cross house number that’s exactly what it sounds like- a perfect amalgamation of sound. He’s joined by singer/songwriter BOSCO who effortlessly goes in between rapping and singing, sassiness and sensuality. Grab someone and grind them when listening to this. It will make so much more sense. Please make sure you know the person you grab.


Click here for this week's Soundcloud playlist.  

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10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


At the beginning of the week we said “Make it rain” and while the ‘rain gods’ didn’t send us money ( :[  ) they did send us new music in droves. We almost found it hard to keep up with the amount of new music coming our way, but because we are professionals with little else to do than watch the House Rules finale, we managed to catch the week’s best and put them here for your endless pleasure.

Consider these 10 songs as our way of saying happy weekend. Maybe pour yourself just one wine extra tonight, put on these tunes and lament on the week that has been. You deserve it.

Jessie Ware- Tough Love (Cyril Hahn)

And on the sixth day, there was a beat. Yes, Jessie Ware’s criminally smooth track, Tough Love has been given the remix treatment by Canadian beat-smith, Cyril Hahn and it’s a match made in heaven, of course. Hahn keeps Ware’s heighty vocal intact, instead choosing to pump it along with a deep-house base-line and send it straight to the clubs.


Juce- Burnin’ Up

Somebody, please save Juce. Their city is burning and their only response is to write this perfect piece of ‘90s throwback RnB. On second thought, let them be. Burning has never sounded so good. These three just keep getting it right, time and time again. They also sing the lyric “Juce it up” and you know what that means; we’re entering Spice Power territory.


Usher- She Came To Give It You (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Usher is yet to really score a radio-hit in the lead-up to his forthcoming album so he’s called in the hit-making machine, Pharrell to help. And help he has. He’s laid down a quasi-disco beat with a strident back-bone and effortless funk. Just when it all gets too smooth to handle, Nicki joins to put some sass all up in your face and we’re left in the corner sweating and fanning our face like “dayum this is hot”.


HAIM- My Song 5 (Feat. A$AP Ferg)

Just when you thought HAIM couldn’t get any more badass they go and put a rapper on their hardest-hitting song yet. Yep, you’ll never be as cool as these Californian hunnies, so just pop this on, don some shades and pretend you’re cruising Melrose Avenue with a baseball bat en route to smashing your ex’s car. And yes, of course A$AP can come along for the ride.


Lunice- Can’t Wait To

Last time we heard Lunice he was assaulting your ears and general chest area as one half of trap-duo TNGHT but now he’s decided to go it alone once again with a new album on the way. Can’t Wait To is not as heavy on the bass as anything TNGHT has churned out. He replaces it with a skittering vocal sample and an industrial rawness that’s a little bit cold and alienating in the friendliest way possible.


Banoffee- Got It

Who’s got it? Melbourne artist Banoffee has got it and “she know you know I got it”. Got it? What I’ve also got is that this song is one of the most interesting things we’ve heard come out of this country, this year. It’s a minimalist RnB track, that adds dark shades with a deep, male vocal running below Banoffee’s sweet, dulcet tones. Got it?


Future- Rock Star (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Nicki Minaj must’ve barely had a moment to breathe this week. Here she pops up on a left-over from Future’s Honest album, that didn’t make the album because they couldn’t clear the George Michael, Careless Whisper sample. Surely if Michael just gave the song a listen he’d realise “All my bitches in love with me” is a far more eloquent way of saying what he wanted to say on Careless Whisper.

Listen here.

Coldplay & Cat Power- Wish I Was Here

We came to hate on Coldplay but we stayed to fall in love with Cat Power. Seriously, I really couldn’t care if Chris Martin was playing the banjo and the accordion in the background of this, Chan Marshall’s (aka Cat Power) vocal is so beautiful. She sounds melancholic, longing and ethereal. Conveniently, it’s titiled after Zach Braff’s forthcoming film Wish I Was Here.

Wet- Move Me

Remember Wet? They’re the New York trio that didn’t realise the significance of having a band called Wet with an EP called Dreams. While they may be a little bit oblivious, they know a good tune when they hear it and Move Me is just that. Move Me is a lush, RnB-tinged number that plods along with the occasional auto-tuned vocal and pluck of the guitar. Subtlety is their strong suit and in Move Me less is most definitely more.


Saint Pepsi- Fiona Coyne

If one more artists delivers a single straight from the tropics in the middle of this harsh, harsh Sydney Winter I may just self-combust. However, I must make an exception for the brass-laiden efforts of 21 year-old Ryan DeRobertis (who is Saint Pepsi, FYI). Fiona Coyne, the subject of his perky track, is a character from Degrassi (who probably know Drake!) who Saint Pepsi is lusting after. Judge for yourself, she’s not our cup of tea, but she must be a pretty special gal if Saint Pepsi is pulling out the trumpets for her.



Click here to head over to our 10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week Soundcloud playlist. 



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


Pull on those flares, perm that hair and don those shades, it's time for another groovy weekend. It's our job to provide the music but it's your job to get down. Here's 10 of the best songs this week to get you started. There's some downbeat ones in there too for those slow dances with your BAE.disco_stu

Nile Rodgers- Do What You Want

Nile Rodgers has had a Pharrell-like revival since Get Lucky and this is his first solo record since. It’s pure disco-joy with a synth line that will surely make you smile. The whole thing is a little sunshine and lollipops but Rodgers is the king of making irresistible grooves and this one is another groove to add to his long, long discography.


Broods- L.A.F

Usually Australians aren’t allowed to praise our little sister, New Zealand but we’ll make an exception for the wonderful Broods. This duo are gearing up to release their debut album EVERGREEN and have prefaced it with Mother & Father and now L.A.F. Founded on handclaps and warm synths, L.A.F is as delectable as they come.

Meg Mac- Roll Up Your Sleeves

This is Meg Mac’s third single and already she’s establishing herself as one of Australia’s finest female songwriters. It’s no frills with Mac. Roll Up Your Sleeves is an effortless pop song built upon a piano and a few handclaps. It’s easily digestible, optimistic and will easily find favour with listeners.


Disclosure- Good Kisser (Usher Remix)

Oooh, this is just the kick that this song needed. Recently this British duo have been working with American soul-singers like Mary J. Blige with Usher the most recent to get the Disclosure treatment. It’s nothing new for Disclosure with deep-house synths permeating through but why fix something that ain’t broke.


Allday- You Always Know The DJ

Allday released his debut album Startup Cult today and this is the second single from it. It bubbles along with minimal instrumentation and Allday’s highly melodic rapping which sits somewhere between Drake and Remi. He also make his directorial debut with the accompanying film clip. Props to Alldeezy, he’s a self-made man, truly deserving of his success.


Nashville trio LANY released two new tracks this week but ILYSB is our favourite. For those of you who are not up with the cool kids, ILYSB means I love you so bad in text speak. The songs itself, is as contemporary as its title would suggest. It’s a laid back track that relies on its velvet melody and subtle guitar-line. They already sound more polished and self-assured than on their debut set, further proving that LANY may be one of the heroes of the second half of 2014.


Yelle- Bouquet Final

The last time we heard from Yelle she was inviting everybody to the Safari Disco Club. This time around she’s ditching the tribal influences for heavier electronic vibes. The synths screech while Yelle hums along subtly beside them. It’s a perfect juxtaposition and one that will surely prove all those who had her pegged as a novelty act wrong.

Bon Iver- Heavenly Father

Rumour has it that we’re not going to hear another album from Justin Vernon and co for a long time so this one will have to suffice. It’s from the soundtrack for Zach Braff’s new film, Wish I Was Here which includes songs by The Shins, Cat Power and Holocene from the last Bon Iver record. Heavenly Father is more melancholic beauty from Vernon. It has electronic undertones with Vernon rumbling at the depths of his vocals.

Tiaan- Devil’s Touch

Tiaan is an Australian currently living in LA, making super-smooth R&B music. In the same vein early 00s divas like Cassie and Ashanti. Devil’s touch is devilishly smooth with layered vocals over a minimalistic beat. It isn’t very dynamic but such is the charm and skill of this music. It’s intrinsically interesting without much variation at all. It’s all about the seduction.


Azekel- Holy Matrimony

Is there any way to finish of the 10 than with a slice of soulful, throwback R&B. London producer/singer’s Holy Matrimony is as sparse as they come. He fills every nook and cranny with his dynamic, smooth voice, taking his time in order to add in effortless runs. You don’t hear much music this organic anymore.




8 Songs by New Artists Under 21


Following the news of Rafael Nadal’s WImbledon defeat to 19 year-old Australian Nick Kygrios overnight we thought we’d find the best eight tracks right now by artists under 21. Why? Because it seems at the moment, once you’ve reached 21 your life is over. These youngsters are impossibly talented and while these songs will delight they will also make you more unhappy than when Adele hit number one all around the world at the age of 21. Don’t even get us started on Lorde.

XXYYXX- Zygote

XXYYXX is not necessarily a new artist anymore, the American producer has been making releasing beats for over two years, however, he’s still impossibly young. At 18 years of age, XXYYXX has amassed a Soundcloud following of 165,000 and already toured Australia with Laneway Festival. Zygote is his Mary J. Blige-sampling track released today. It’s an unrelenting, tempo-raiser inspired by future RnB. Another notch on XXYYXX’s belt.


Madbliss- Crash

It’s enough that this Californian producer is only 16, however, he’s also been producing beats for three years. Most of us couldn’t even work Garageband by that age let alone produce audible music. Crash is a smooth, laid-back that pumps along in no hurry. It’s such a self-assured effort for a sixteen year-old that shows incredible restraint and a feel for hidden melody.


Thomston- Motley Crue

Being only 16 and from New Zealand, Thomston was always going to draw comparisons to Lorde, however, with his new Argonaut EP he is forging his own identity. Motley Crue is a standout from that EP, and acts as a certain ode to youth. “Drive all night, sleep all day” he sings over a throbbing, dark beat joint by the odd handclap. It’s slightly dissatisfied and derranged like any teenage anthem should be.


Tove Styrke- Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You

So many young artists try to act beyond their years, that’s why it’s so refreshing that Swedish artist Tove Styrke sounds every bit her 21 years. Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You is an obnoxious chant song that sounds sassy, youthful and rhythmic. She barely gets a breather in this three-minute runaway train that gets better with every listen.

K Stewart- Speechless

19 year-old K Stewart was the live vocalist for fellow youngsters Bondax, but has now broken out as a soloist. Her latest track, Speechless, was produced by Karma Kid and featured by Radio 1 presenter Annie Mac. It follows in the path ‘90s throwback RnB, as she runs through her vocal range like Mariah while having the restraint and fragility of Ashanti. There’s a huge future ahead for this Londonder.


Little Simz

Little Simz is a 20 year old rapper from North London who is making a name for herself with her brash, aggressive raps laid upon smooth beats. Devour is off her latest EP E.D.G.E and is produced by acclaimed British producer Jakwob. There’s a certain Azealia Banks flavour to it without the feeling that she’s going to fly off the handle at any second. She’s sounds confident yet organic and totally committed to her craft.

Aleksander- Ultraviolence

Aleksander is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter from Brisbane who’s just released his debut EP, Mah, Jong, Jong! His look and sound channels bold male songwriters like Alex Turner, Jake Bugg and even Johnny Cash. A few weeks back he dropped a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence on his Soundcloud which showcases the very strength of his voice. To have a tone and presence such as his at the age of 18 is baffling.


Darcy Baylis- How Can I Live?

Darcy Baylis is a 19 year old producer from Melbourne who’s already made a name for himself as electronic maestro Namine. He’s now ditched the moniker and is doing it under his own name. How Can I Love? is the most immediately melodic track he’s made yet. It’s underlined by a pulsating beat and peppered with ‘90s keys. It sounds like an anthem in its most minimal and stylistic form.



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


What a week for new music. It felt like music was gushing from every surrounding channel and we’re yet to fix the pipes. These 10 are the 10 we managed to stop in their tracks in order to chuck them on repeat and revel in their brilliance. If you haven’t heard these songs this week, here’s your chance to before your friends are all 10 steps ahead of you and you’re #oldnews. If you just want to jump straight to the Soundcloud playlist, click here.

FKA Twigs- Two Weeks

British singer/producer FKA Twigs is months away from releasing her debut album, LP1 and Two Weeks is the first single from it. If the Papi Pacify video taught us anything it’s that Twigs isn’t afraid to take on taboo subjects. Once again on Two Weeks she’s bold and revealing with her subject matter. The lyric, “My thighs are open for when you’re ready to breathe in”, should give you a few clues about what we’re dealing with here. Coming from Twigs, however, it doesn’t sound trashy. Rather she does it with the utmost grace and confidence. Slinking around the melody with sexual prowess.

Grimes- Go

Grimes loves a bit of T.Swizzle and the Biebs so it should come as no surprise that she originally wrote this one for Rihanna. Rihanna turned it down but it’s her loss. Go, produced with Blood Diamonds, is a trap-driven, ethereal pop song. It’s undoubtedly different from anything she’s released in the past and probably won’t be on her next album, but it’s a welcome detour into banger territory. Watch out Miley.


Ryn Weaver- OctaHate

When Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat and Passion Pit combine on one song, there’s really only one way it can go. American newcomer, Ryn Weaver, is introduced to the musicsphere with a cracker of a pop song. The choruses scream Passion Pit, the pop-forwardness says Benny Blanco while the synths have Cashmere Cat’s fingerprints over them. Meanwhile, Weaver is the perfect host, sounding like a seasoned pro.


Lido- I Love You

Like Cashmere Cat, Lido is a Norwegian producer, who last week dropped a stunning remix of BANKSDrowning. This week he’s dropped his EP, I Love You. The title track is the most impressive of the set, it’s a skittering, unpredictable affair that dazzles with a sonic-adrenalin rush hook. The funky bass undertones ensure that we stay around in between choruses.


Bondax- All I See

British duos making house music have a good track record. Just look at Disclosure. Bondax have been tracking along for about the same time but are yet to drop an album. All I See is the latest track from them and the sound is planted in the tropics. It’s perhaps their most accessible tune to date and is no doubt aimed towards a Mediterranean Summer.


Kyan- Cold Friend

Ever since we featured Kyan’s Shuttle we’ve been huge fans of British singer. Fresh from playing Wembley Stadium with Duke Dumont, he’s dropped the second single from his forthcoming EP, Life In A Triangle. Cold Friend is far more of a casual affair than the first single, Taking The City but it’s no less effective. Frosty tones and isolated drums make it quite a melanholic track warmed only by Kyan’s soulful voice.



And the brilliant Australian producers just keep coming. LUCIANBLOMKAMP as well as being a mouthful to pronounce, is a Melbourne-based producer who’s gearing up to release his debut LP Post-Nature on 15 August. Help Me Out is taken from that. It’s a dark track with building intensity delivered by crescendoing beats and short stabs of synth.


Zola Jesus- Dangerous Days

This may be one of the most surprising releases of the week. Zola Jesus is known for her dark, experimental music that has often blatantly stayed away any pop-influences. Dangerous Days, the first release from her forthcoming LP, Taiga, sees her let her card down. It has a big hearty chorus and beat-driven verse that doesn’t stray too far from M83’s sonic aesthetic. Taiga suddenly just got a whole lot more interesting.


Nao vs. AK Paul- So Good

I’d imagine AK Paul is feeling slightly like Solange right now. Why? His brother is enigmatic producer Jai Paul who is a hero to many although he’s only really released two official tunes. On So Good he pairs with Hackney singer Nao. So Good is all about holding back. Paul only plays with a few layers, creating a sparse yet effective backing for Nao’s popping vocal. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long as Jai Paul for a follow-up.


Billie Black- I Don’t Need Another Lover

Two weeks, two songs and London artist, Billie Black has ensures that she’s one to watch. Following the spectacular, I Waited For You, she’s released I Don’t Need Another Lover. The new track takes a similar, minimal formula to I Waited For You, but it kicks the pace up a notch with a gentle beat. It works the song into a subtle yet welcome groove showing that Black can be more than a Sade-like balladeer.



Listen to the full Soundcloud playlist below: 




11 Firsts of Big Day Out


Here at theinterns, what underpins everything we do is an unwavering desire emphasise the “new” in “new music.” So, with yesterday’s sad revelation that The Big Day Out Festival will not be returning to our shores come 2015, having debuted in 1992 with newer-than-new band, Nirvana as a headliner (that's right, before Nirvana were even a thang), we decided to take a moment to reflect on the many personal cherries we popped as frequent visitors to the iconic festival responsible for instilling a love of all things music (and otherwise) in us for over 20 years.

The first time we experienced an on stage Iggy-orgy.

During their first visit to Australian shores, Iggy and The Stooges invited a countless number of semi-clad young punters on stage to dance with them during submissive-anthem-for-the-masses, I Wanna Be Your Dog.

The first time everyone ignored that flag ban.

Nothing to see here. 


The first time Marilyn Manson showed us just how many uses The Bible really has.

Including acting as a kleenex for when you’re dressed as Hitler and feel like a cheeky rub and tug.

The first time we actually raged Against The Machine.

If we learnt one thing during 2008’s Big Day Out Festival it was this: A sure fire way to instill anarchy and pandaemonium in a 46-000 strong crowd is to follow Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name of, with riot-inducing equal, Bulls on Parade. People really don’t like that combination. 

The first time Eminem turned down six million Aussie dollars. Well, probably not the first time.  

Along with Blink 182 and Prince, Eminem turned down a hefty sum of money to headline the long standing festival during 2012. As a result, festival organisers sought help from who else but Yeezus. Which led to the following... 

The first time Kanye went all prophet on our ass.

During Kanye’s 2012 performance, crowds were treated to a 7-minute vocal break down at the end of Lost In The World in which he, unsurprisingly, lamented his exclusion from the fashion world and a 10 minute story of a Friday night date gone wrong. 

He also managed to irriate second headliner Soundgarden that year. Kanye decided to perform a loud soundcheck during Soundgarden's show with Chris Cornell later responding, "“Sounds like there’s children playing music there, retarded children, retarded as in held back.” In response, Kanye went on stage 45 minutes late. 


The first time Bjork cancelled, assaulted photographer

One of the bigger cancellations in Big Day Out's history was Bjork's pull-out of the Sydney show due to "swelling vocal chords". A few days earlier she had already run into trouble when she tore a photographers shirt apart at the airport in Auckland. Shen then fell to the ground. She hasn't returned to Australia since 🙁

The first time we were introduced to Silverchair

In 1995, three long-haired, grungey teenagers were added to the bill. Like Nirvana, the trio typified the raw, rock n' roll atmosphere of early Big Day Out's. That year, they would go onto release Frogstomp which headed straight for number one in Australia and reached the top ten in the USA. The year before, Tomorrow, had already topped charts around the world and so, this was somewhat of a premature victory lap.

The first time Big Day Out buggered up its second Sydney show.

Yep, it happened twice. In 2012, no doubt, elated with the joy of securing Kanye as a headliner, festival organiser put on another Sydney show. In 2011, with Muse at the helm, both Sydney shows had sold out in record time. Organisers had hoped the same would happen in 2012. Unfortunately, not. Weeks before the event the BDO had to introduce a 'bring a friend' policy for the second show, essentially giving tickets away for free.  In 2014, having not learnt from previous mistakes, organisers attempted it again and then promptly cancelled it before it got to the point of a 'bring a friend' policy. Phew.

The first time headliner Neil Young cleared the mainstage

In 2009, Neil Young came as a confusing addition as headliner to the Big Day Out. While most that stayed, were enamoured with his predictably brilliant set, most of the youngsters had fled the arena, leaving one of the sparsest headliner crowds in memory. Where did they all head to? The Prodigy in the Boiler Room which in Sydney, at least, was closed, with thousands of people having to crowd around a screen outside. Still, they looked satisfied.


The first time you went to the Big Day Out

All jokes aside, the Big Day Out will for many of you be etched in your mind as one of the first festivals you ever went to. No doubt you have memories of downing UDLs before the gate, passing out from heat exhaustion and experiencing the immense euphoria induced by seeing your favourite band on the mainstage. Over two decades, the Big Day Out has become a staple in many punters diaries, consistently churning out larger line-ups than many of the other festivals. Believe it or not, come Australia day, you may just wish you were singing along to the Hottest 100 live at the Big Day Out.