6 new remixers you should be listening to


The age of the internet has given way to a flood of unofficial remixes like never before. The Hype Machine charts pile up each week with remixes of commercial music, blog favourites and emerging artists. Once upon a time, the remix was use to convert a track to the club but nowadays it seems just as legitimate way of getting your sound heard as releasing an original. From the deep-house to the atmospheric and the musically challenging, Soundcloud is bursting at the seams with young producers doing spectacular things with songs. This week we’re prying into the Soundclouds of the best new remixers around right now. Come and join us, we promise Xtina and Fergie are mentioned at least once.

et aliae

‘Your kawaii feels remixer’

Enigmatic, London producer who is not really making remixes. Yeah, I’ve started an article about the best remixers right now with a producer, who doesn’t really make remixes, but hear me out. et aliae has taken on songs from artists like Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj, rebranding them as his/her own, skewing it so far from the original that it is almost unrecognisable, apart from the odd, melodic hook. His remix/complete re-working of Rita Ora’s I Will Never Let You Down is a PC Music-like joint, born on bubble-gum synths and a high-pitched vocal sample. He does the same for Nicki Minaj’s Your Love making the untraceable to Minaj for those who haven’t heard the original before. The vocal in the rap part sits somewhere between Big Sean and Hannah Diamond and it’s glorious.

The Stats:

Soundcloud Followers: 2,914

Most played remix: His remake of Rita Ora’s Never Let You Down, Never Let U Down (30,514 plays)

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Hotel Garuda

‘Your sunshine-beats remixer’

We gushed about the Moving Castle collective last week and we’re not about to stop now. Hotel Garuda is made from Moving Castle co-founder, Manila Killa and LA via Singapore producer, Candle Weather. They’re churning out sunshine-induced remixes layered with chimes, deep-house stylings and in-tact pop vocals. Their remix of Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night is one of the most joyous things you’ll hear all year, with a sax line that will put a huge smile on your dial. Their take on Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, juxtaposes the title presenting a perky redo that provides a much better alternative to the Cedric Gervais white-wash that brought LDR to the airwaves. More recently, they’ve taken to Anna Lunoe’s All Out and kicked it back two decades into the ‘90s.

The Stats:

Soundcloud Follows: 10,580

Most played remix: Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness (933,000 plays)

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Matt DiMona

‘Your afternoon pool-party remixer’

This LA producer has obviously soaked in some serious sun in his life. All his remixes embody this tropical vibe that is infectious and uplifting. He’s remixed the likes of Drake, Asher Roth and Cashmere Cat but best of all he’s remixed Fergie Ferg’s Glamorous which, back in the day, took Fergie out of the gym and into the classroom teaching every how to spell its tricky title. While sounding refreshed, DiMona’s remix still sounds glamorous. The beats are crystalline and the synths wisp through like a summer breeze. His genre of choice is feel good house and it’s a prominent thread between his remixes. His “get naked” remix of Cashmere Cat and Jeremih’s Party Girls oscillates between RnB-trap and glistening house, doing the same thing with Drake’s Girls Love Beyonce. Of course, we know everybody loves Beyonce and maybe with a bit of luck, everybody may just love DiMona too.

The Stats:

Soundcloud Followers: 9,240

Most played remix: Fergie- Glamorous (352,000 plays)

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]


‘Your sad feels remixer’

New Zealand-producer, ?POLO is making waves on SoundCloud despite apparently hating it. His remix of FKA TwigsPendulum is titled R.I.P Soundcloud and accompanied by the tag #fucksoundcloud. Despite his hatred of the platform, he continues to upload music to it and thank goodness because it’s damn good. His remix of Kanye West’s is a brooding, success with woodwind synths and vocal manipulation making an already dark song, isolated and cold. With Justin Timberlake’s My Love, he strips the instrumental and kicks JT’s vocal up a pitch or fifteen making it sound beautifully introverted. These remixes aren’t bound for the clubs but they are an absolute treat with headphones on.

The Stats:

Soundcloud Followers: 3,800

Most played remix: His remix of Lady Gaga and Ying Yang Twins, Amen (32,000)

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]


‘Your RnB nostalgia remixer’

People are going downright mental for anything that makes reference to the late ‘90s/ early 00s right now and Norwegian producer Filip and Eirik (aka. LOVELESS) are capitalising on this right now with soulful, deep-house remixes of old favourites. He’s shooting up the Hype Machine charts right now with his delectable remix of XTina’s Genie In A Bottle capitalising on those brilliant vocal runs that permeate the original. That peppered with some ‘90s keys and you’ve a goosebump-inducing moment of nostalgia. He also has taken on Toni Braxton’s You’re Makin Me High but it’s his remix of Kid Ink’s Show Me, that triumphs, ditching nostalgia for all-out, four-to-the-floor beats.

The Stats:

Soundcloud Followers: 1,834

Most played remix: Christina Aguilera- Genie In A Bottle (81,200 plays)

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]


‘Your starry night remixer’

MssingNo is a London-producer who is releasing some formidable original music, but he’s released two remixes that we just couldn’t leave out here. With both his originals and remixes he lays down expansive soundscapes with twinklings beats and jittery synths. The result is a starry set that combines RnB with the best parts of contemporary electronica. His remix of Shura’s already beautiful Just Once adds another level of emotion making the vocal ever-more delicate alongside beats that drip like water on cold steel. He’s also remixed Jagwar Ma’s Uncertainty making it almost unrecognisable. The lead-vocal is transformed into this perky, pop vocal that sits over a beat that is somewhere in between a video-game soundtrack and trap, just like a Ryan Hemsworth production.

The Stats:

Soundcloud Followers: 8,018

Most played remix: Jagwar Ma- Uncertainty (195,700 plays)

[soundcloud width=”750” height=”200”][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width=”750” height=”200”][/soundcloud]



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


Quality over quantity they say, but it seems we've been able to enjoy both recently. BIGSOUND delivered us a plethora of great new Aussie talent, SBTRKT offered up not one, but two new songs and Tkay Maidza has seemingly dropped about seven albums worth of material recently. Here at the interns we also believe in quality and quantity and that's why we're serving up not one, not five but 10 songs you need to hear this week.

SBTRKT- Higher (Feat. Raury)

SBTRKT's Wonder Where We Land is only weeks away from release already we've heard four tracks from it. The latest, Higher, features much-hyped Atlanta artist Raury, who lays down some masterful verses before a triumphant chorus. Raury is great but the hero of this track is the British producers instrumentation. The lightly laid-on triumphant-synth in the chorus takes us to the club and to church in the same moment.

TĀLĀ- Black Scorpio

British producer/singer TĀLĀ's latest delivery, Black Scorpio, feels like four songs in one. It goes from a Mission Impossible-like beginning into a triumphant, trumpet-synth which elevates the song to a new level. It's the first time we've heard her solely focus on the instrumentation and as such she establishes herself as a formidable songwriter as well as a finessed producer.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

SAFIA- You Are The One 

Canberra trio SAFIA are riding a wave of success at the moment of the back of Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds and it's most likely set to continue with the release of You Are The One. You Are The One kicks off with a brooding, piano-led verse which sees lead-vocalist, Ben Woolner-Kirkham, show off his incredible vocal chops. The beat eventually kicks in but none of the magic is lost as the instrumental heads straight for the stars. Strap yourself in.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Ryan Hemsworth- Difficulties (Feat. Trim)

It seems every week we are talking about Hemsworth. Whether he's releasing other people's music through his Secret Songs series or just dropping his own stuff, just cos. Difficulties sees him team up with British Grime artist Trim who puts down a strangely melodic rap that is softened by Hemsworth's gentle instrumental. For a track that has a lyric like, "hung like a horse, scuba-dick" it's actually quite affecting. Good work Hemmy and scuba-dick.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Becky Hill- Losing

Becky Hill is mostly known as the vocalist on Rudimental's Powerless but know she's stepping out on her own, with Losing marking her official arrival to the pop spectrum. Losing is a soulful, MNEK-produced number that is more of a groove-inducer than a fist-pumper. It has a massive final chorus with layered vocals and dense synths making it almost impossible not to dance. BRB, we're gonna go boogie.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]


From one pop-newcomer to another, Deep is the first taste from British artist JONES and it's groovy-looped affair. It's been produced by Jai Paul's brother Anup, who's probably the only person who knows what the hell Jai Paul is doing right now. That aside, he does a brilliant job here holding JONES' hand with mellow undertones. The Solange-influence is very prominent, but hey, there's room for two in this elevator.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Kilter- They Say (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

At this point we may aswell turn this site into a Tkay Maidza fansite. The Adelaide rapper has been churning out tracks at a rapid rate recently and this latest track comes courtesy of fellow Australian, producer Kilter. Kilter has already released They Say without vocals on it but this version sees Maidza jump on the track and lay down soulful vocals that see her sing rather than rap. It takes the already brilliantly anarchic track to another level and once again we find ourselves saying bow down bitches - Tkay is in the house.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

FKA Twigs- Stay With Me

We've heard plenty of covers of Sam Smith's Stay With Me as its become the year's Adele Someone Like Me, but Twigs' one is particularly different. She's never been one to do things by the book and this cover is a left-of-centre, late night re-work. At times the original song is almost unrecognisable as she picks and chooses lyrics and cuts up the song structure. The result is an arresting, illuminated version.

Flight Facilities- Two Bodies (Feat. Emma Louise)

Two Bodies is the first single to come from Flight Facilities long-time coming LP, Down To Earth and it's a surprisingly demure affair which recruits Emma Louise on vocals. The video does the best job of explaining the songs charm. Two pale figures dance around in a dark room, sliding in and out of each others embrace, quite like the way Louise effortlessly slips her vocals into a soundscape built from unobtrusive beats and windy synths.

Seekae- Monster

Seekae's latest album, The Worry has just been released via Future Classic and with it they announced the next single from it, Monster. Monster is perhaps their biggest departure from a predominantly electronic aesthetic. Gentle guitars accompany a delicate, brooding vocal that's eventually joint by jabs of brass. As the title would suggest, it's a little bit creepy but it's also one of the best offerings we've heard from new-era, Seekae.


10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week 5 Sept


Spring has sprung, the grass has ris!

I wonder what the 10 best songs is?

How about we leave the rhyming to the professionals as we provide you with yet another ten wonderful songs to spring you into the weekend. Featuring Robyn, Sam Smith, Jessie Ware Calvin Harris, the birds and the bees will be out in full force for a playlist in ode to Spring's long-awaited commencement.

Flying Lotus- Never Catch Me (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

These two men have a lot to prove. Both Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar had brilliant last albums and are about to follow them up - a daunting task. Based on this first taste from Flying Lotus’ new album, You’re Dead, he’s going to have no problem. Lamar steps up here to offer an aggressive, fast-paced rap over a jazz-inspired instrumental. At times the beat moves so quickly that it seems indeed, we will never catch them. But we’ll keep running nonetheless.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Swick & Lewis Cancut- Wishes (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

This is almost too much. Interns favourite Ryan Hemsworth is releasing a compilation of new tracks from his favourite producers right now and Wishes is the first single off it. It just so happens that the beat is delivered by interns favourite Swick with Lewis Cancut and the vocal is laid down by interns favourite Tkay Maidza. So many favourites, so little time. Luckily, three minutes is all that is needed to win us over with this lollipop-inspired track. Maidza sounds uncharacteristically sweet yet stern and the beat races around like an impending sugar high. Please sir, can we have some more?

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Robyn- Tell You (Today)

Goddamit Robyn, is there anything you can’t do. People said you couldn’t release three albums in one year, you did it. People said the a Royksopp collaboration EP would tire, it didn’t. And If people had the chance they’d tell you don’t cover a folk/disco/funk artists, well, you’d ignore them and thank goodness. Robyn has taken on Arthur Russell’s Tell You (Today) for a covers compilation that also features Hot Chip and Sufjan Stevens and it’s spectacular. She doesn’t stray far from the melody but she tidies up the beats and lays on the disco-vibes, delivering an impossible smooth slice of disco-funk.

Sam Smith- Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)

Fast Car is literally everybody's guilty pleasure. He who says he hasn’t sung, “Oh remember when we were driving” out loud, hasn’t lived at all. This week, Sam Smith covered it and proved that he is definitely living. As always with Smith, it’s all about that voice. The instrumental is slightly pedestrian, but Smith croons like a soul-legend never hitting a dud note.

LANY - Made in Hollywood 

Spring is in the air, you hop in the car and head to the beach in anticipation of the promise of balmy afternoons and young love. Nashville locals LANY sure know how to evoke nostalgic reflection and cultivate daydreams. With floaty vocals and shimmering synths, and a jittery drum beat as the driving force, let them take you on a journey as you cruise down the smooth waveforms of Made in Hollywood. 

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Jessie Ware - Want Your Feeling

Co-written with Dev Hynes of Blood Orange fame, Want Your Feeling echoes his signature sultry-come-retro take on a  current wave of soulful pop music. Ware's undeniable vocals however make this track. They're billowy in a way that sounds instantly familiar and beckons you to sing a long, mimicking a cool factor most will never have. There's an effortlessness to the way her warm tones linger over the tracks synth and bass line. the interns have been certified Ware fans for a while now and continue to count down the days until her sophomore album drops!

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Tkay Maidza - Finish Them (Prod. by Bok Bok)

Why do we keep coming back to Tkay? Her fearless style and unshakable talent is undeniable, and Finish Them is yet another example of how Australian music is taking charge in the international music scene. What makes this track stand strong is its commanding beat and fast pace - ain’t no fucking wth Tkay, she is a true “underground queen”. Produced alongside British producer Bok Bok, we know this R&B track is left in good hands, and if we have not already said it enough - watch this space, she is a powderkeg of awesomeness about to EXPLODE.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Calvin Harris - Blame  

You need to hear this song right now basically because you'll be hearing it on the airwaves for the next month or so anyway. With the assertive crooning of John Newman combined with the electronic finesse of Calvin Harris, you've got a chart-topping mega hit on your hands. Newman starts confidently, as per usual, before Harris' trademark, frenzied dance beat takes over, transforming a soulful ballad into a sure-fire dancefloor hit and crowd pleaser.

Peta & The Wolves - Scum (SAFIA Remix) 

Electro-indie trio SAFIA are back at it again, this time reworking Peta & The Wolves' Scum. Originally a dark, brooding tune, the boys have spun thread into gold, taking the song from deep forest to dancefloor. Skittering synths, tropical drums and high-pitched vocals help create a multi-textured journey that makes us anticipate their next original release even more.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Billie Black (feat. Mura Masa) - Simple Pleasure

Billie Black had us swaying to-and-fro in I Waited For You and I Don't Need Another Lover and now the London songstress has given us a bit of bounce in our step. Teaming up with Mura Masa, Black's signature RnB flair flows smoothly in between textures of ricocheting beats and a funky bassline. Feel free to use this one to groove you right into the weekend.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]



8 songs that sound like they're from Pokemon


To many, Pokemon dominated much of their childhood. From the TV to the gameboy to trading cards, it was pretty hard to escape the loveable creatures and their carers/battlers Ash, Brock and Misty. Of course, it was all about Pikachu but then there was Bulbasaur, Squirtle and the dark-horse of the bunch (the best), Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff herself was a fan of a bit of a psychedelic tune, years before she knew that Pokemon and the wider anime genre would be influencing music.

We touched on this recently in a series on Japanese music we wrote for THUMP and today we continue to look at the influence of Japan and anime on electronic music by looking at eight songs that could’ve soundtracked the video game or the show. Grab your Pokeballs (iPods), ‘cos you gotta catch em’ all.

Ryan Hemsworth- Cream Soda

Canadian producer, Hemsworth is the ultimate Pokemon fan. He has a collection of Pokemon cuddly toys and makes Pikachu a regular feature of his Instagram. It makes sense then that his music has a distinctly Japanese feel to it. Cream Soda sounds like Ash and Pikachu catching Pokemon together in happier times, when Pikachu was at full force and escapading around lush grasses. The song’s starry synths, while feeling content, sound like they’re fully aware that there is something around the corner.


[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Macross x Yung Bae- Selfish High Heels

The Pokemon theme song was a rock-ballad of mighty proportions. Sounding like a combination of Journey and Foreigner it was one of the most inspiring tunes of the ‘90s. Portland producer, Yung Bae retains that aesthetic, combining American film influences with Japanese anime to deliver a ‘90s-inspired disco ballad. The song is funky, cartoonish and full of big, bold vocals just like the Pokemon theme song. It may sound like an odd combination but it’s one that reflects the popular mesh between American and Japanese styles in electronic music.

xxxy- Clocks

Just like Jigglypuff’s sleep-inducing concert, this track by British producer xxxy has hypnotic qualities. Its synths swirl and sparkle over top a throbbing beat that never quite climaxes. As such, the song circles around your head in a calming but ultimately destructive manner. Visually, it induces that sfumato style of anime where the lines between reality and dreams are slightly blurred as a town is taken over by the ultimate diva, Jigglypuff.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Tomggg- Hello, Goodbye

Tomggg is a Japanese producer and thus from Pokemon’s birthplace so it makes sense that he would be channeling some serious Pokevibes. This track takes The Beatles' Hello Goodbye out of perfectly constructed pop-rock territory and into an 8-bit video game world. Imagine this as the feeling you get after just beating the ultimate Mewtew. The chopped and screwed vocals create musical rainbows with the tempo-raising beat creating a triumphant feel. You finally did it Pika, you finally did it.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Pas Lam System- Like A Lady

Pas Lam System is another Japanese producer who is making trap-influenced, battle-ready music. At times it’s anxious, full of plastic beats and dense, starry synths while at other times it freezes in time, suspended by lengthened notes. Watch this over any Pokemon battle scene and you’ll understand why Like A Lady is an important addition for any Pokemon-soundalike collector. Also, speaking of battle, can we take a moment to remember Team Rocket and their pesky cat, Meowth? As far as villains go, they are one of the most memorable girl-boy-cat combos. The high-paced flighty nature of this song says one thing, “Team Rocket blastttinnnggg offff againnnnnnnn”.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

DJ Sad Anime- I Love You, So I Want To Kill You

DJ Sad Anime, as the name would suggest, is creating music that is born in a hyper-real world of anime and cartoons. This mix, I Love You, So I Want To Kill You basically typifies the underlying relationship between Ash and Pikachu. In every episode, Pikachu was in grave danger during battle with some of the Pokeworld heavyweights and if you can imagine putting your dog to battle like that every day/week, it would have been horrifying for Ash. Musically, this mix captures that feeling. The kawaii cuteness of Pikachu is recreated through high-pitched vocals while the possible-death is captured by atmospheric, slow-motion beats.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

GRISFX- It’s Not Right To Battle Pokemon That Way

So horrifying was it for Ash to send Pikachu to battle that Brocky finally realised that it’s not right to force Pokemon to battle. Belgium-producer, GRISFX, captures this moment perfectly, sampling the narrative from the first Pokemon movie and laying it over a dark, string-driven instrumental that actually tugs at the heartstrings. Of course, the show continued to force Pokemon to battle because, without it, the franchise was at a loss.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Porter Robinson- Fellow Feeling

One of the saddest moments of TV was watching Sally leave Home and Away, but the second saddest moment is when Ash momentarily farewelled Pikachu so that he could be with his own kind. That was soundtracked by the song Pikachu’s Goodbye and while it is extremely affecting, I can’t help but feel this Porter song would’ve been a better fit. Tear-inducing strings, tick. Layered instruments, tick. A dub-step-inspired breakdown, tick. Maybe the last one is unnecessary but Porter is clearly in tune with the hyper sadness that Japanese anime brings and this track is about as heart-wrenchingly epic as they come.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]


Sunday Smorgasbord #2


Sunday Smorgasbord is an interns curated playlist of new RnB and electronica built for hangovers, house-hangs and roasts.



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week 29 August


Shine, shine, shine. It’s Friday once again and the week has delivered us an awfully large bucket of audible material. With Spring in the air and the drinks in full flow, nobody has time to trawl through new music. Luckily, we get a serious case of hayfever in the Springtime and are better off inside with the headphones on. We’re trading pollen for beats and serving up the best music this week had to offer.

Click here for the TL;DR Soundcloud playlist.

ILOVEMAKONNEN & Drake- Tuesday (Star Slinger Remix)

It’s slightly arrogant to think that you could make this track any better, but UK producer, Star Slinger may just have done it. He’s turned this Tuesday testament into a house-driven delight, that takes cues from the hip-hop dance crossover of Vic Mensa’s Down On My Luck. With delectable keys and a relentless beat, this remix may be even more likely to make the club go up on a Tuesday.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Say Lou Lou- Instant Crush (Daft Punk Cover)

It’s been more than a year since Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, but it hasn’t been forgotten. Swedish duo Say Lou Lou have kept the Daft Punk flame alive, covering Julian Casablanca’s featuring, Instant Crush. Melodically they keep things the same, but they add revelling stings of guitar and a hazy atmosphere, that compliments their ghostly harmonies. It’s all a little bit gloomy, but life’s a little like that sometimes, ain’t it?

SOHN - The Chase 

SOHN has been busy lately. Releasing his album, Tremors, earlier in the year, in conjunction with producing with both Banks and Kwabs the British dance producer has now released the atmospheric The Chase. His emotive vocals shivering through bubbling synths and intriguing glitches, this track may be just a 'demo' but it's certainly at a standard to be featured on an album.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Lowell- LGBT

Lowell’s Bells cemented this Canadian songstress as one of the most exciting female-voices right now and she’s continued the streak of brilliance with LGBT. The title suggests that LGBT is an anthem like Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, but it doesn’t go that far. Instead it seems to be a subtle cultural comment on not holding prejudice. During she sings, “Some young people are smarter than their teachers”, over a stomping beat and dazzling synths. It’s the perfect way to let people know that Gen Y is on top right now. She’s got an album coming out soon called We Loved Her Dearly and we’re probably going to love it dearly too, to be honest.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Emile Haynie- A Kiss Goodbye (Feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonte Hynes and Sampha)

It’s as if this song was born in hipster heaven. American producer, Emile Haynie has brought together Dev Hynes, Sampha and Charlotte Gainsbourg together to collectively deliver an odd yet affecting song. At times it sounds operatic, other times whimsical, while Sampha also takes it to church on his verse. It will take a few listens to figure out what the hell is going on but once you get your head around it, it reveals itself as a stunning prelude to the resolution of a film.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Arms and Sleepers - Swim Team 

This is one for those choosing to stay in this weekend. The chill-pop tune oscillates between quivering percussion, dreamy synths, plucky strings and romantic vocals, creating a kaleidoscope of colours and textures.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Tinashe- Pretend (Feat. A$AP Rocky)

First she dropped Vulnerable and everyone sat up, then she unveiled 2 On and everyone got real low and now with Pretend she’s proven she’s a bonafide RnB star. With Tinashe, there are no bells and whistles. She relies on a heartfelt melody with moody beats and a subtle climax which in this case comes in the way of A$AP Rocky’s brilliant verse. Instead of turning it up a notch for the chorus, she mellows it out, stripping the track of its beat and slowing her syllables. It’s a choice move that makes the track sound completely effortless. Ain’t no need to pretend, Tinashe is the real deal.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Sophie & A.G.Cook - Hey QT  

We've had this sugary sweet pop tune on repeat all week with no symptoms of a sugar headache just yet. Dropped around the same time that Aqua announced an Australian reunion tour, it's looking like nostalgia and Nintendo on the horizon, and we're totally okay with that. Get your dollar coins out: it's Dance Dance Revolution time.

Basenji - Heirloom 

Sydney-based beatsmith, Basenji has delivered his first release since signing with Future Classic earlier in the year. Infused with Oriental-inspired percussion and an bassline, Heirloom takes you down the Rainbow Road and will have you instantly addicted. It's free to download via the Future Classic Soundcloud page.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Sam Sure - Hunger 

Debuting his single, Hunger, today on BBC Radio 1 with Zane Lowe, singer-songwriter Sam Sure immediately had us wanting more.  Understated synths and a steady beat allow Sure's ethereal voice to shine through on the electronic-come-R&B track. With precise production and perfectly-combined layers, it is a shining debut from the UK artist. Hunger is out on October 13th via iTunes.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

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10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


As if by magic, the working week is once again drawing to a close and we’ve been blessed with a whole bunch of new music. Nobody has time to sift through the gallons of crap music that comes through SoundCloud but we’ve decided to take some time out of learning the rap part of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off to deliver you the best this week. For convenience, we’ve put them below with a little bit of banter in case you fancy a bit of a read.

Les Sins- Brother

“Don’t bother me I’m working” is the hook that swirls around on the debut from Tory Y Moi’s dance projects, Les Sins. Working can mean many things. At a desk, on a construction site and of course, on the dancefloor. The latter is the most applicable to that one. Fuzzy synths and a four-to-the-floor beat command you to sweat it out and get to work. C’mon now, move that ass.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

Tay Tay caused quite a stir this week when she unleashed a new tune, video and details of a new album 1989. Shake It Off is the first single from that album which is sure to be a pop monster. It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t already heard that but in case you’re one of those people who are still sinking their teeth into Adele’s 21 we’ve attached the song below in a visual form. Go into the weekend, shaking off all the haters. Those miserable sods.

Read our for and against of the song here.

Ariana Grande- Be My Baby

Cashmere Cat lays down the beat at this one and the pair do and expert job. Be My Baby takes Ariana into explicit Mariah Carey territory as she trills at the heights of her vocal. There’s a lot of ‘90s nostalgia going on but aside from that there’s one hell of a hook here. It turns out the Norwegian producer has quite a penchant for pop and the meeting of these two kitty kats could well be the best thing to happen this year.

WAFIA- Let Me Love You

In another reminder that everybody thinks they’d be better off living in 2004 (obviously forgetting dial-up internet), Brisbane singer WAFIA has tugged at the memory-banks with this cover of Mario’s Let Me Love You. Produced by Future Classic newbie, Thrupence, the cover beautifully marries electronic stylings and RnB melody. WAFIA’s voice is smooth and dignified and surely this only spells great things to come from her.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Grace Mitchell- Your Design

Firstly lets have a bitch about how this Portland singer is only 16. It’s utterly ridiculous and she should be focussing on her studies and personal development. On the other side of that, we’re mighty glad she’s decided to do this music thing because she’s damn good at it, as it turns out. Your Design sees Robyn’s grande, emotional-pop meet Lorde’s dark sensibilities with a huge chorus carried by Mitchell’s mature voice. Definitely a name to watch.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Kelela and Le1f- OICU

With the amount of RnB that floods out of SoundCloud daily, we are at risk of getting over it very quickly. Lucky there are people like Kelela who consistently throws curveballs into the genre. OICU sees her duet with fellow-innovator Le1f, over a jittery P.Morris beat. Kelela’s Janet-esque vocal is the highlight but the whole thing is a confusing yet satisfying journey into future RnB.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Caribou- Our Love

Five albums in and Dan Snaith (aka. Caribou) still has the love. Our Love is the title track off his forthcoming album and has him serving up some more mellow and warm electronica. The track ever-so-gradually reaches its beat-infused climax with his vocals jumping in every so often as if to tug at your heart. If his love sounds like this then he’s one of hell of a lover.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Charli XCX- Break The Rules

The lesson learnt from this week? Fuck everyone. First Taylor was shaking off the haters and now Charli XCX doesn’t wanna go to school cos she just wants to break the rules. After, I Love It, we’re all over Charli’s rebellious tendencies and it’s good to see her forget about being fancy and get a little bit dirty. Break The Rules is a bombastic pop songs that meets Swedish punk in a track that sounds far more believable than Tay Tay having real haterz.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Jhene Aiko- Spotless Mind

On first listen of this you’ll probably fall asleep but Spotless Mind is not about immediacy. It’s the sort of track that gradually works its way into your psyche bringing its effortless peace with it. Everything we’ve heard so far off Aiko’s Souled Out has been classy, subtly melodic and soothing. It doesn’t feel like she’s forcing herself to create. Music comes naturally to her and our listening experience is all the more better off for it. Wow, that was deep.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Cyril Hahn- Open (Feat. Ryan Ashley)

And to finish this audible journey we’ve been on together, here’s the new one by Canadian producer Cyril Hahn. This one just induces so many feels. Ashley’s tampered vocal sample sounds like a bottle of teardrops and cuts through beautifully above Hahn’s wave of unobtrusive synths. Poor a glass or two, start sipping down and by the end you’ll be swaying around the room like ain’t nobody watching. And there isn’t. Be free you spontaneous soul.

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10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


Love was in the air this week. Jessie Ware was asking her man to say he loves her, Saint Pepsi was falling hard and Omarion and Jeremih got steamy in Show Me (not together, obviously). All the while Kaytranada was asking to be left alone. I suppose we can't all be luck in love. That aside, here are 10 songs to catch up on if you've been living under a rock this week, or simply had better things to do.

Jessie Ware- Say You Love Me

Jessie Ware is quickly becoming the queen of love songs. Say You Love Me is the latest love lorn tale to emerge from the songstress and sees her in her most straightforward vocal state yet. She trills through the verses and reaches full flight in the chorus delivering a number of heartfelt moments. It’s beginning to feel like a week without new Jessie Ware is not worth living at all. Another gem from the forthcoming LP, Tough Love.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Jeremih and Omarion- Show Me

Jeremih has consistently released new material for a few weeks now and this week he hasn’t disappointed, delivering a new cut with RnB veteran Omarion. The minimalist track provides the perfect battleground for the two to show-off their smooth, run-laden vocals. Once again, Jeremih proves that he’s the most versatile man in RnB, flipping from this to his Shlohmo produced material with ease.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Saint Pepsi- Fall Harder

Fall Harder is the b-side to Saint Pepsi’s Fiona Coyne and it compliments it perfectly with a breezy, indie-pop tune. While he’s known as a producer, Fall Harder sees him almost shed that title, opting for a more straightforward melody that oozes smiles. This is summer love, teen heartache and love at first sight all in one, tightly constructed song.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Anna Lunoe- Feels Like

Feels like a bass-heavy stomper, that’s what. This is the first release from Orlando Higginbottom (dat name) aka. TEED’s new label, Nice Age and features Aussie girl, Anna Lunoe. Together, the pair embody energetic, colourful dance music that easily translates from small clubs to mainstages. Feels Like is a slow-burner that gradually flowers into a soundscape of crystalline synths and washed-out vocals.


Collarbones- Turning

Given that Marcus Whale is doing just about everything musically possible right now (We wrote about his latest track with Black Vanilla last week), we doubted that we’d see a new Collarbones record this soon. Thank goodness our doubt was unnecessary. This week, they returned with a new track, Turning and news of a new album, Return on its way. We’re suitably excited about it too. Turning is a glitchy, schizophrenic take on a pop track with Marcus’ ever brilliant vocals leading the way.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Arcade Fire- Afterlife (Flume Remix)

Two years and the Flerm hype still hasn’t died down. It’s partly due to the sheer enthusiasm of his fans and also the fact that he continues to churn out tracks. The latest is a remix of Arcade Fire’s Afterlife from last year’s Reflektor. Flume retains the triumphant quality of the track while dimming it down a bit. In place of tropical percussion, he lays down mournful synths that hover in the background, growing ever so gradually.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Kindness- World Restart

News of UK artist and producer, Kindness’ impending new album, Otherness, was one of the best pieces of information we recieved this week. To match that, World Restart with Kelala and Ade was one of the best sounds we heard all week. It’s a brass-lathered groover, with plenty of space for the pair to lay right back with their vocals and vibe out. It’s definitely sitting in the lane of Blood Orange’s last record, Cupid Deluxe and we’re more than ok with that.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Felicita.- Doves

PC Music have once again offered up a challenging piece of production this week. Felicita.’s Doves feels like a conversation with Siri made to beats. It’s convoluted, over-crowded and toy-like, yet completely fascinating and strangely melodic. If you can stand it, give it 10 listens, it will eventually reveal itself to you as much as you may feel that’s impossible. This is Felicita.’s first track and we can confirm whether the artist is a boy or girl or whether they’re human.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Read more about PC Music in our feature 'What the fuck is PC Music?'.

Kwabs.- Walk

British artist Kwabs is producing some of the most dense soul music around at the moment and Walk is no different. Kwabs’ thick, deep vocal is joined by marching drums and heavy-hitting keys. Premiering it earlier this week on Mistajam’s 1Extra Show, he said “"my statement of intent: the first time I'm saying, here I am". That it does. Walk is his most self-assured effort yet.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"][/soundcloud]

Kaytranada- Leave Me Alone (Feat. Shay Lia)

This week we learnt that Canadian producer Kaytranada will be hitting our shore over New Years to play the Beyond The Valley festival in its debut year. In perfect timing, this week he also unleashed Leave Me Alone off his forthcoming So Bad EP. It harks back to his remix of Janet Jackson’s If, with a paired back house beat and some featherlight vocals. Now signed to XL Records, it’s one of his most established efforts yet and will no doubt bolster up an already fantastic live set.

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10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


If you're looking for a beat for the weekend, we got the beat, that 808, that boom boom in your town. This week we're delivering 10 songs that would lend themselves quite nicely to a cheeky toe tap and will also soundtrack your weekend with ease. While the whole world this week focussed on whether Blue Ivy will have to grow up in a single parent household, we kept our eye firmly on the music world and this is what perked up our ears.

Dillon Francis + Sultan & Ned Sheppard- When We Were Young

Dillon Francis is the funny man DJ but now he’s decided it’s time to get serious about this music thing and drop an album. That said album is titled Money Sucks Friends Rule and while the title clearly suggests he needs to get his priorities in order, the first offering is a unashamed banger. When We Were Young sticks to a fairly solid EDM formula delivering a monster, hands-in-the-air chorus.



Enigmatic, British producer SOPHIE continues to churn out excellent, genre-less music with the B-side to Lemonade, Hard. The Hannah Diamond-esque vocal is likely to get inside your head and taunt you while the sporadic beat commands you to get very, very low. The whole piece clangs around in your head, no doubt, destroying a few brain cells on the way. It’s both enthralling and deeply annoying- take your pick. I’m siding with enthralling.


Ryn Weaver- Promises

LA rising pop-maker, Ryn Weaver has proved once again why she’s one of the most hyped names around right now. Her sophomore track, Promises is a mammoth pop tune with a stomping beat with a brooding chorus and charming verses. We get to hear a bit more personality from Weaver on this one and it pays off.


Kiesza- Giant In My Heart (Blood Diamond remix)

Kiesza’s Giant In My Heart is a big house-driven monster on its own but this week Grimes collaborator Blood Diamond took it and turned it into a romp through delectable electronic sounds. He’s dimmed the chorus to let the vocal shine and also to leave breathing time before he turns it up on a notch which he does on several occasions. While still keeping the original intact, Blood Diamond breathes new life into Giant In My Heart.


xxyyxx- Unknown (Feat. Vanessa Elisha)

American producer, xxyyxx first taster from his as-yet-untitled EP is a smooth piece of work that creeps up on you with vocals that drift in and out and a heavy ambience. Like a lot of his recent work it errs towards future RnB with a skittering, mid-tempo beat and Ashanti-esque vocals courtesy of Vanessa Elisha.


Oscar Key Sung x Cassius Select- Wanna

Wanna brings together the best in Australian electronica on a sparse, desolate RnB tune that is just as likely to shake your rib-cage as it is to lull you into a hazy day dream. It may seem as if all is calm and collected on Wanna but behind it lies a shattering bass beat that elevates its dancefloor potential.


Ibeyi- River

When you sign to XL Records you’re almost guaranteed a heap of hype. And it’s easy to see why. With a roster that includes everyone from Adele to Jungle and FKA Twigs, XL Records have the best foresight of anyone in the game. Sister duo Ibeyi are the latest to sign to the label and River is their first offering. It’s a soulful, harmony-driven delight with a video in a river to boot. It’s a miracle that the pair don’t drown in the video with the amount of time they spend in liquid mass. Good grief.

SAFIA- Cavalier

SAFIA teased a recorded version of James Vincent McMorrow’s Cavalier when we interviewed them a few months ago and this week they’ve delivered. Their version doesn’t stray too far from the original but it brings in a few electronic stylings to ensure it’s transformed from an afternoon delight to a 4am space out. The final minute’s twinkling synths are the hero of the track.


BenZel- Wasted Love (Feat. Stevie Neale)

Originally BenZel were Japanese teenagers and then they turned out to be Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch and while everybody is a little confused, there’s no doubt their material is top notch. Wasted Love is the first single from their forthcoming EP and it’s a slinky, polished piece of pop music. The relatively unknown vocals of Stevie Neale fit perfectly into that Jessie Ware aesthetic that the duo champion.


Jagaara- Marble Arch

If you’re not in a girlband who are you these days? British trio Jagaara is the most recent act to join the girl group frontier with bluesy, emotionally-charged tracks. Marble Arch is their latest offering and it’s an organic, hazy track that soars in the chorus thanks to lead-singer Jane’s phenomenal vocals. The fact that my gender prevents me from joining a girlband constantly haunts me 🙁



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


For those of you still coping with post-Splendour depression, you're not alone. As such we’ve made sure we’ve included no Splendour 2014 acts in this week's 10 Songs You Need To Hear so you can deal with it in the best way possible- denial.

Azealia Banks- Heavy Metal and Reflective

It’s been a damn long time since Azealia Banks became the most hyped rapper of 2012 with 212. In that time she’s fought every other artist on the planet, chucked dummy spits at shows and parted ways with her record label Universal. Heavy Metal and Reflective is the first we’ve heard from her since the split and it’s a bit of alright. She’s aggressive and confident over an industrial beat that is a bit of a runaway train.


FKA Twigs - Pendulum

Pendulum is the second track to come from FKA Twigs’ forthcoming record LP1 and is further proof that it will be one of the best of the year. As the title suggests it’s a gently undulating track bound by cascading beats and sporadic vocals. There are definitely similarities between this one and Water Me although this one feels like it’s got more melody to attach itself too. Go home everyone, Twigs wins 2014.

Laura Welsh- Bound

It’s hard to believe, given the attention it’s received, that Kanye’s Bound 2 never received any chart love. Even stranger when you think that Sigma’s drum n’ bass version of it, Nobody To Love, has commercial radio in raptures. One version that will rightfully have you in raptures is this cover by Laura Welsh. Taking the main hook, she transforms Bound into a smokey, love song that’s perhaps one of the most poignant things she’s done to date.


Lil Silva- Don’t You Love (Feat. BANKS)

BANKS and Lil Silva have already worked with each other on several occasions, the most successful being BANKS’ Goddess. This dark, skittering Lil Silva cut provides the perfect playground for BANKS to lay down her brooding vocals. We don’t get to hear her though until the last third with a vocal sample occupying much of the earlier stage, helping it remain more of a Lil Silva song than a BANKS one.


Thrupence- Don’t You Mind

Future Classic has their finger on the pulse when it comes to snapping up the best electronic talent cc: Flume, Jagwar Ma or Wave Racer. It comes as welcome news then that they’ve snapped up 23 year-old maestro, Thrupence. Don’t You Mind comes from his debut album Lessons which will be his first release on Future Classic. It samples blues singer Son House’s Grinnin In Your Face, laying it atop a retro hip-hop beat that shows Thrupence’s clearly extensive music knowledge and his finessed production.


Black Vanilla - Smacks

Black Vanilla is a Sydney-based supergroup of sorts. It's made up of Marcus Whale (Collarbones), Lavurn Lee (Guerre) and Jarred Beeler (Mareseilles) and separately they've released some pretty spectacular material. As a trio, however, they offer up something very different- RnB/Hip-Hop flavoured tunes that are arguably more straight-forward than any of their solo material. Case in point, their new track, Smacks. Smacks really have one intention- to make people dance- and it does so effortlessly. Beginning with what could be confused as a banjo it enters territory of deep, throbbing bass with a voice saying "are you willing to give in". It harks back to the days of Beastie Boys and Basement Jaxx and is a fresh take on the 90s nostalgia genre.


Fantastic Fantastic - Houses

This is the second song to feature from funk-pop duo since Never Enough and it further verifies Fantastic Fantastic as a fun, bright addition to the world of music. Sunny synths and licking guitars combined with softly-spoken, rapid vocals force you to take those firmly-planted feet right off the floor.


cln - Dayum

Brisbane-born cln (formerly known as Callan Alexander) set tongues and ears wagging back when his EP’s lead single, Better Than, reached no.1 on Hype Machine in the matter of days. cln has now released his entire Sideways EP, with Dayum as one of the unheard singles. The track is peppered with Oriental-inspired instruments, held together with lulling synths with your focus broken every now and then by the almost-unwelcome vocal: ‘Dayum!’


Chance The Rapper- Wonderful Everyday: Arthur

Probably the biggest treat of the week was this flip of the Arthur theme song by Chance The Rapper. He’s been playing it at a few live shows but this recorded version which pulls in Jessie Ware and Wyclef Jean is definitely more affecting. It treads through gospel, hip-hop and soul ending with a stomping beat that takes it straight to church. You’d be forgiven for shedding a nostalgic tear or two.


Diplo & Alvaro - 6th Gear (feat. Kstylis)

Ready to get a little bit low with a bit of dutty dancing? Self-proclaimed ‘random white dude’ Diplo, this week released a mixtape of his most popular singles, remixes and a few new ones as well. 6th Gear is one of those new ones and sees Diplo traverse trap and dancehall genres. It’s all a bit chaotic as you would expect from a Diplo track erring more towards Major Lazer’s style.


And one more for good luck (...and because we can't count)

Porter Robinson - Flicker

Porter is once again showing is love for all things Japanese on Flicker, the fourth track to be released from Worlds. A Japanese sample is sliced atop an epic, cinematic instrumental that is synth-heavy, bass-heavy and altogether climatic. It sounds a bit like the final challenge of a video game and as such rounds out our 10 songs for this week in fine style.