10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Major Lazer, George Maple + Cosmo's Midnight


This week, Kim Kardashian exposed her body all to #breaktheinternet. People say that sometime it's harder to bare your true feelings and opinions than stand naked. In the interest of that, we’re going to show true bravery and give you our 100% honest opinion on what the best songs of the week were. Here’s hoping we #breaktheinternet.

Jessie Ware- Keep On Lying (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

There’s been about 53 remixes of Keep On Lying released this week thanks to Red Bull Studios who had artists from Pional to Nina Kraviz remixing the song. This one by TOKiMONSTA is our favourite one though. It’s a bubbling masterpiece that chops and changes tempo and switches between Ware’s original vocal and vocally manipulated samples. The song is great on Tough Love, but this breathes new life into it.

Blende- Running (Feat. Gustaph)

We already know the Swedes know how to craft a melody or two and this track by London-based Swede, Blende proves that fact once again. He’s recruited the vocals of Gustaph from Hercules & Love Affair for a funky number that glitters like a Donna Summer cut. It’s crisp, electro-funk that is just calling for some bouncing dance moves.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/eskimorecordings/blende-feat-gustaph-running-4[/soundcloud]

TĀLĀ - Unfinished Business

It’s true, TĀLĀ had unfinished business and by that we mean she was yet to drop the final track from her Alchemy EP. That track is infact aptly titled Unfinished Business and is another tightly-produced, innovative track. It sees TĀLĀ dabble in drum n’ bass influences with her voice hovering above in a haze of reverb. TĀLĀ’s expertise is in crafting songs with lots of noise but a killer melody at its heart. That’s the stuff you can really sink your teeth into.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/unfinishedbusiness?in=talaofficial/sets/alchemyep[/soundcloud]

George Maple- Vacant Space

Talk Talk was enough to stamp Aussie vocalist George Maple as one to watch but her latest, Vacant Space launches her to the stratosphere. Seducing with those dusky vocals, she ushers in a stomping dance beat that bubbles under for the entirety. Behind it, she whispers and hushes creating this dim-lit atmosphere that’s warm and encompassing. We can’t remember a song that was this good by an Australian female vocalist in a very long time.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/george-maple/vacant-space[/soundcloud]

Major Lazer – “All My Love” (Feat. Ariana Grande)

We’ve never seen Hunger Games but we’re taking an unusually active interest in the latest film thanks to the Lorde-curated soundtrack. The latest track to drop off it features 2014’s queen of pop teaming up with Major Lazer for an absolute stomper. It’s one of the less-manic creations from Major Lazer, with Grande’s pop voice and melody taking total control. We weren’t aware that there was a dancehall scene but we’re so up for dutty dancing in the cinema.

Jones- You

London newcomer Jones dropped her debut track, Deep, last month and immediately drew comparisons to Solange but it seems on her latest track, You, she’s setting out to dispel that. Produced by A.K. Paul (who should probably not be referred to alongside his brother any longer), the track is an innovative, industrial RnB track that sees her really go for it vocally. It doesn’t have the immediate appeal of You but its longevity will surely be greater.

Cosmo’s Midnight - Snare (Feat. Wild Eyed Boy)

We’ve been waiting for a minute for a new track by Sydney duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, but finally we’ve got something new from them. Snare is the new track in question and it’s a cruisy track that’s caught up in the clouds. It’s one of those slow-burners that just hovers in your head, slowly working its way into your psyche. Keep them coming, Cosmo’s Midnight, don’t leave us hanging so long.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/cosmosmidnight/cosmos-midnight-snare-feat-wild-eyed-boy[/soundcloud]

Chiefs & Nick Acquroff- Inside Out

In terms of new Australian music, this cut by Aussie producer Chiefs and Sons et al vocalist Nick Acquroff would have to be our pick this week. With the same kind of chemistry that Flume and Chet Faker fell upon, the pair have turned out a dense, melodically-sound track that peaks and troughs perfectly, both vocally and instrumentally. Inside Out is from a forthcoming EP that’s out next Friday, thank goodness.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/die-high/chiefs-nick-acquroff-inside-out[/soundcloud]

Wills- Going Through It

These days electronic-RnB floods our inbox everyday. It’s hard to find one that really stands out but when it does it’s a goosebump moment. Going Through It by enigmatic Bronx artist Wills, gives us that exact moment. It’s a confident, accentuated tracks that delivers a startlingly aggressive alongside silky smooth vocals. This is perhaps what Frank Ocean would sound like if he wasn’t a dedicated minimalist.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/willsslliw/wills-going-through-it[/soundcloud] 

Years & Years- Memo

God damn the vocals of Years & Years just get us everytime. Memo is the b-side to their latest single Desire and it’s a slow-burning stunner. It’s good to hear the group stripped-back and really testing out those vocal chops. Splendour In The Grass should take note and book these guys know, it’ll be one of the most sure-fire bookings of the week.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/yearsandyears/years-years-memo[/soundcloud]


10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: CHVRCHES, Azealia Banks, Collarbones + More


It’s coming dangerously close to the end of the year which means everybody is rushing out music before people replace new music with the Mariah Carey christmas album (the first one, of course) for a good two months. That’s very good news for us, as a website that likes to dabble in new music, because we have a plethora of things to choose from each week. Here’s 10 songs that we will be keeping locked away for the Christmas period new music drought.

Little Simz x Jakwob - Time Capsule

If you don’t know Little Simz, it’s time you got on her Soundcloud and got to know this London rapper. She’s firing off some killer verses over beautifully crafted beats and her latest, Time Capsule proves that. This retrospective track, goes from warm and encapsulating to industrial and hard in a matter of seconds, providing a thrilling listen.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/littlesimz/little-simz-jakwob-time-capsule-ft-caitlyn-scarlett[/soundcloud]

Nao- Good Girl

You may know London songstress Nao from the killer track she did with Jai Paul’s brother A.K., So Good. Good Girl proves that the singer has even more to offer, with a soulful, personable voice that finds just the right route through distant beats. It’s got the same kind of effortless pop vibe as Solange’s True EP and we’re more than ok with this.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/thisnao/nao-good-girl[/soundcloud]

Collarbones- Only Water (Feat. Oscar Key Sung)

We’re big fans of Australian duo Collarbones, basically just because they’re cool guys but we’re also very much obsessed with their music. A new album, Return, will find its way into your ears by the end of November but in the meantime they’ve dropped Only Water with Oscar Key Sung. The pair make perfect sense together and the track is a bubbling, dense creation of beauty.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/collarbones/only-water-feat-oscar-key-sung[/soundcloud]

Klo. - Under Lie

From one Australian duo to another, Melbournites Klo. have been churned out two great songs already and their third, Under Lie, may just be the best. It seems more ambitious than its predecessors, with the vocals of Chloe Kaul far more self-assured than we’ve heard before. She ducks in and out of the heights of her range over a broken-down, minimal beat that gives plenty of space for a slinky melody. This isn’t hype anymore, these guys are good. Real good.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/klomusic/underlie[/soundcloud]

BenZel- Touch (Feat. Ryn Weaver)

So Ryn Weaver popped out of nowhere to become the popstar most likely to in 2014 and BenZel also seemingly came out of nowhere (but then it turned out they were actually Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco, so yeah). As such, this pairing makes total sense as a fresh little pop song of budding stars. Weaver delivers a few stunning verses in between BenZel’s beat-heavy assault. It’s an aesthetic we haven’t heard from them yet and makes us excited for the diversity of the Men EP

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/officialbenzel/touch[/soundcloud]

Future- Never Satisfied (Feat. Drake)

A clip of this track was actually on Future’s brilliant Honest, which is a little odd. The album was obviously snatched from them before they could finish the song but thank goodness Drake and Future got back to work and finished the track. The difference with this version is that there’s an extra Future and Drake verse and you don’t get that overwhelming sense of disappointment that comes with a song finishing at 1 minute and 56 seconds. Ugh.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/mikewillmadeit/future-never-satisfied-ft-drake-prod-by-mike-will-made-it[/soundcloud]

Tourist- Illuminate (Feat. Years & Years)

One night I got drunk and proclaimed that Years & Years were going to be the biggest band this year. Obviously, that was slightly hyperbolic but I still believe they’re going to be a big deal. Maybe more in the Alt-J way than The Rolling Stones way. Anyway, they’ve teamed up with budding British producer, Tourist for the delectable Illuminate. Basically, it’s one of the smoothest cuts we’ve heard since Disclosure’s Latch. The voice is velvety and malleable and the beat flicks and rush as if to orchestrate the heart.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/touristmusic/illuminate[/soundcloud]


It’s really not a week at all if Glasgow trio CHVRCHES aren’t in the news in someway. This week they’ve contributed to the soundtrack of small independent movie, The Hunger Games, which has actually been curated by fresh 18 year-old, Lorde. CHVRCHES suit the whole, dim-lit, serious vibe of The Hunger Games and bring a finessed loveliness to the table on Dead Air. The chorus is gloriously climatic, reminding just how freekend good this band is.

Azealia Banks- Ice Princess

If time is money, then it’s no wonder Azealia Banks is broke. Oh Azealia, how we’ve waited for this album. For all the fuss she’s created over the past few years, she dropped Broke With Expensive Taste with relatively little fanfare just dropping it straight on iTunes like she’s Beyonce. Upon first listen, Ice Princess, is the standout. A quick tongued track that oscilates between a traditional hi-hop instrumental and a four-to-the-floor dance beat. Banks sounds completely in control and refreshingly laid back.

Ryn Weaver- OctaHate (Feat. Cashmere Cat)

So this week is obviously all about Ryn Weaver, which we’re fine with if we’re going to jump on the next big popstar train. Our last mention of Weaver comes in the way of the remix Cashmere Cat did of her song Octahate, which he actually produced in the first place. The remix sounds far more CC than the original, with solemn, building verses and hell-raising drops. He keeps Weaver’s vocals pretty much intact which is nice because we quite like her voice.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/cashmerecat/cashylovesryn[/soundcloud]

141101 10 Songs small

10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Nicki Minaj, Shamir, Baauer + more

141101 10 Songs

There’s been so much new music released this week that we considered doing 43 Songs You Need To Hear This Week but we’re time poor and ready for a wine so we didn’t. Sorry. But we did put together 10 and they are a dazzling set of tunes.

Shamir- On The Regular

Shamir has been an interns favourite since he released his Northtown EP earlier this year. Being the clever lads they are, XL Records have snapped him up and launched his campaign with the bombastic, On The Regular. Shamir just oozes sassy charisma and the whole song has the cool persona of something like Azealia Banks, 212. Something tells me Shamir won’t be having any beefs with musicians any time soon, either. This is Shamir on the regular, so you know.

JOY.- Stone

It’s been a good week for this Brisbane teen. First she dropped this stellar new single, Stone, and they she said “oi, listen up” to everybody in the country, performing an unbelievable version of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head on triple j’s Like A Version with Peking Duk. Her breathy voice is utterly captivating on Stone and the brass stylings that swing in during the chorus give us shivers. And yes, we’re very jealous. She’s 17 for goodness sake.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/joy-aus/stone[/soundcloud]

Calvin Harris- Pray To God (Feat. HAIM)

It’s true, we tease Calvin a bit here on the interns. Oh gosh, how we tease, but give the man credit where it’s due. He’s gone from a dorky producer to arguably the biggest DJ in the world in a relatively short amount of time. His new album Motion sounds like one continuous song but this one with LA girls HAIM is a standout. Harris takes the backseat letting HAIM take most of the glory and they may have just helped us become Harris believers.

Nicki Minaj (Feat. Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown)- Only

Nicki Minaj is absolutely killing it with single covers right now. Anaconda was ridiculous and this one is just as great. Only sees Minaj pack three others into the one song with Drake and Lil Wayne delivering verses and Chris Brown singing the hook. “I never f**ked Drake, I never f**ked Wayne”, she opens with just to clear things up and from there continues to rap like a dark queen. Drake’s verse is great and Wayne’s is average but really it’s just nice to have Nicki down off her Spaceship and rapping like the bad bitch she is.

Jacques Greene- 1 4 Me

Montreal producer Jacques Greene is releasing a new EP this month called After Life, After Party and he’s starting it off with the brilliant 1 4 Me. “1 4 me was trying to challenge myself to keep an arrangement dead simple”, he says of the track and it shows. It feels spacious yet warm and brooding.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/jacquesgreene/14me[/soundcloud]

Ara Koufax- Brenda

The delightful lads of Cut/Copy are releasing a mixtape full of all the wonderful tracks Melbourne has to offer called Oceans Apart. The first track they’ve dropped from it, is by Ara Koufax and it’s just so beautiful it makes us want to cry. It’s a emotion-packed, euphoric song that has these sad undertones that run beneath it and we can’t quite figure out where all these feels are coming from. Maybe it’s the lush, hearty vocal sample or the striking keys that drive the songs second half.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/cuttersrecords/6-ara-koufax-brenda-1[/soundcloud]

Drippin- Waterfall

We sung the praises of Norwegian producer Drippin’ a few weeks ago and we’re just going to keep on belting because he’s dropped another brilliant track. Waterfall is a dark, mesmerizing cut with gun-shot beats and icy, industrial synths. It sounds like something that Kanye would’ve easily rapped over on Yeezus, and we think he may just have a few rappers coming his way looking for beats. Ka-ching!

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/litcity/drippin-waterfall[/soundcloud]

Bauuer- One Touch (Feat. Alunageorge & Rae Sremmund)

Somehow Baauer has quite cleverly manoeuvred away from the shackles of a viral smash and has been able to go along doing his own thing unnoticed. One Touch is a million miles away from Harlem Shake with Aluna’s slinky vocals and Rae Sremmund aggressive rap sitting more in the category of RnB than electronica.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/baauer/one-touch[/soundcloud]

Thelma Plum- How Much Does Your Love Cost (Dugong Jnr Remix)

Thelma Plum is a fast-rising Australian queen of folk, so it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that she’d release anything club-bound but it worked for Emma Louise with Jungle and it’s definitely working again here. Fellow Aussie producer Dugong Jnr has transformed How Much Does Your Love Cost into a flickering, fluctuating track that actually shows Plum’s potential as an electronic vocalist.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/dugongjr/thelma-plum-how-much-does-your-love-cost-dugong-jr-remix[/soundcloud]

Saint Pepsi x Maxo- Celebrate Me

Saint Pepsi is one of the most unapologetically joyful producers around. Everything he churns out have sharp accents of happiness and smiling vocal samples. Celebrate Me is a bit more down-tempo than we’re used to but it also uses this delectable vocal sample that just fills you up with warm and fuzzies. I don’t even think I want to tell you what happens at the end. Just listen, it’s a beautiful, beautiful moment.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/saintpepsi/saint-pepsi-x-maxo-celebrate-me[/soundcloud]




10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Iggy Azalea with MØ, CHRVCHES, Les Sins + more


Truth be told we hate writing intros for these kind of things. It's like explaining why you need to hear these songs, without mentioning them, in a shorter way than below but in a longer way than the title. If you're the kind of person who just reads the first three or four songs and then clicks out maybe save your time and just head go straight to reading and listing below. Who knows, you may make it to five?

Yeo- Secret Powers

Melbourne artist Yeo has been very firmly on our radar since the brilliant Kobe. The electro-pop brilliance of Kobe has set a high benchmark for Yeo but we reckon this one may just match it. It's a flickering, pop-ballad with dimly-lit verses and an explosive chorus. It also sees him swaps lines with Yule Post, working so well we are happy to crown them the Sonny and Cher of this generation.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/snackswithyeo/secretpowers[/soundcloud]


Look, to be honest we haven't really got our heads around this wholde Drive soundtrack revamp but we have got our ears around this new CHVRCHES track this week. CHVRCHES' twilight electronica suits the aesthetic of Drive down to the ground and Get Away easily gives off that twinkling, mysterious vibe that songs like Nightcall did on the original soundtrack. This band is yet to put a foot wrong. We'd like it very much if they kept the momentum going and popped out a second album before we stop listening to the first. Thanks.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/chvrches/chvrches-get-away[/soundcloud]

DELS- Burning Beaches (Feat. Rosie Lowe)

British rapper DELS is about to release his second album Petals Have Fallen and he's picked an opportune time to release one of his best tracks. The down-beat, sizzler features the vocal prowess of the sultry Rosie Lowe, who delivers a stunning chorus. The match of these two makes this track smoulder, with DELS' tough verses perfectly complimenting Lowe's velvety chorus.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/bigdadasound/dels-burning-beaches-feat-rosie-lowe[/soundcloud]

Jerome LOL- All That I Am (Feat. Sara Z)

Jerome LOL has a knack to transporting you straight to 4am with a simple thud of bass. As half of DJ Dodger Stadium, he's delivered one of the best albums of the year and is now dropping a steady slew of solo singles proving that he's just as brilliant on his own. All That I Am is more accessible than anything by DJ Dodger, helped by a melodic vocal by Sara Z. It's soulful, bouncing and best of all, affecting. There's nothing quite like an emotional dance floor banger and we'd be happy to shed a tear to this while tearing up the floor.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/fofmusic/jerome-lol-all-that-i-am-ft-sara-z[/soundcloud]

La+ch- Hi-Life

We've been lapping up everything that's come from this enigmatic artist so far and the latest, Hi-Life is another perfect injection of sensual electro-RnB. The voice is in full falsetto mood for this one taking the chorus straight to the clouds. Meanwhile the dim, minimal synths that run below the song give it this hollow yet warm feeling. These are the kinds of songs that you're meant to sweat to while you're proving to your friends that you can hit dem notes. And for the record we can hit these notes.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/la-ch/hi-life[/soundcloud]

Sportsman- Begin Again

It may feel a little like Taylor Swift has been pushed down our throats recently, but she's probably the biggest pop star in the world right now so we'll give her, her moment while RiRi contemplates whether she's going to hurry the hell up and release that album. With so much Swizzle Dizzle around, it's nice to hear a completely different approach to it. Swedish artist, Sportsman has teamed up with producer HNNY for a down-trodden, mournful take on Begin Again. With the sheen taken off, the song actually becomes quite a heart-hitter, sounding emotionally dense. HNNY will be in the country this month, FYI, for OutsideIn. Not sure how this will go down on the DF.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sportsman1980/begin-again[/soundcloud]

Liv- Special

One of my favourite records is Corinne Bailey Rae's The Sea because it has this ability to be so subtle yet also have so much feeling allowing it to creep up on you unsuspecting. Special by new London songstress Liv has that same kind of allure to it. On the surface it could be mistaken for lounge music because it's so understated, but listen a little closer and there is this delectable, smokey voice running alongside smoking guitar plucks and altogether warm instrumentation. It's sexy, slinky and sung with total confidence.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/liv-songs/special[/soundcloud]

Iggy Azalea- Beg For It (Feat. MØ)

Is it just us or does this sound suspiciously like Fancy? Whatever IDGAF because Scandinavian badass MØ is on the track and she sounds like a total badass. Azalea's raps are in the pocket but steals the show because she so effortlessly adopts this sassy personality and delivers a ripper of a chorus commanding, "imma make you beg for it". If this gets her to the top of huge charts, justice will be restored in the world.

Les Sins- Talk About

This dance floor banger aesthetic is really working for Toro Y Moi right now. He's dropped three songs from the forthcoming album, Michael, which each of them giving something a little different. This one has a woozy synth-line which runs below a commanding, When A Fire Starts To Bun-esque vocal sample. We immediately want to start thrusting out arms back and forth, bobbing that head and picking our feet up from the ground.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/company-record-label/les-sins-talk-about[/soundcloud]

Sweater Beats- Cloud City

This Brooklyn-producer is supporting Chance The Rapper on tour and while they don't really share the same sound there is no doubt this it good. Good in like a 9/10 kind of way. The other thing we think is good is that it sounds like Australia (you know, Flume and the like). Lil' Island done good.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sweaters/cloud-city-1[/soundcloud]



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Future Islands, Marina & The Diamonds, Justin Bieber(???) + more


Goodie. We finished another week and now get to reflect on our successes and mistakes and the music that soundtracked them. Basically all we’ve done this week is listen to Anastacia and Savage Garden so forgive us if our musical radar is a little off. Given the circumstances though we feel we’ve pulled together a noteworthy list of up-and-comers, game-changers and dancefloor-murderers.

If we’re being totally honest, we were really struggling for a tenth song here, but are feeling pretty chuffed with what we dug up.

Oceaán- Grip

Oceaán is a producer from Manchester who has been putting out music recently that really requires you listen intently. The melodies are always hidden under beds of instrumental activity and the beat is intentionally off. On Grip it’s the same kind of deal. He howls from the distance onto a skittering beat which never quite feels comfortable. That’s certainly not a bad thing. There’s an art to making people feel uncomfortable. Like people who have sex in public.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/ocea-n/grip[/soundcloud]

Tink- Try Me

Chiacgo rapper Tink has it made really, doesn’t she? She could rap over a car insurance ad and it would sound good because her voice is so full of effortless personality. She flips in between singing and rapping without even letting you know on this remix of Dej Loaf’s Try Me. Need more reasons to listen? She name-drops the one and only North West and says “pussy wet”. Yeah...get those headphones.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/tink_g/try-me-tink-remix[/soundcloud]

Shura- Indecision

We’ve had mysterious, hazy Shura on Just Once and Touch and now the London up-and-comer is heading straight for the dancefloor with a quasi-disco beat and a Donner Summer-esque vocal. It’s an of the moment sound but Shura does it better than most. It’s never overdone. The whole song is full of nearlys. She nearly has a massive pop chorus, she nearly goes for a huge note and she nearly lets it stray towards a dance break. Such is the song's charm. It’s restrained and beautiful.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/shura/shura-indecision[/soundcloud]

Future Islands- Seasons (DJ Dodger Stadium Remix)

Well this is quite obviously the remix of the week. Future Island’s Seasons has become pretty much untouchable this year, but DJ Dodger Stadium don’t give a shit and thank goodness. They’ve taken the anthemic track, laid down a stomping beat, some swirling synths and sent it into euphoria. If we had to pick a season for this one we’d say it suits Spring- warm with a slight cool breeze.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/bodyhigh/future-islands-seasons-dj-dodger-stadium-remix[/soundcloud]

Tkay Maidza- Switch Lanes

The never-ending hitmaking machine, Tkay Maidza, is back to her old tricks again, releasing another new track produced by fellow Aussie producer Paces. Switch Lanes is full of ‘tude and sees her flipping once again between singing and rapping over some tropical percussion. She spits some aggressive lyrics but the song as a whole is pretty laid back. That’s the best kind of ‘fuck you’ you can give. When someone’s giving you hate and you’re just chewing on bubblegum giving zero fucks.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/tkaymaidza/switch-lanes[/soundcloud]

AOBeats- Feelsie

We’re big fangirls/boys of Moving Castle producer AOBeats mostly because he takes on this whole post-trap style that’s in vogue in the moment and injects a little energy and vigour. Feelsie sees him play it pretty cool with some some gently undulating percussion and a dense synth that punches in just when things are toning-down. Many feels, mostly good.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/runthetrap/aobeats-feelsie[/soundcloud]

Meanwhile OST- All For The Taking

We’ve posted about this Minneapolis born artist before, when he was hand-picked to support La Roux on tour. At the time we were gushing over Bigger City, but we feel this one may have just eclipsed it. There’s nothing like a huge synth-pop track with a beat that pumps in-line with your heart. All For The Taking has the grandiose of a queen song with the synth-bed of a Cut Copy track. That voice too can reach giddy heights.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/meanwhileost/meanwhile-all-for-the-taking[/soundcloud]

Swick & Lewis Cancut- Fizzy

Aussie producer Swick is a fast-moving man. Fresh from releasing an EP with Nina Las Vegas last week, he’s back with Lewis Cancut (who he crafted Wishes with) for a track that marries together the club and the island - Fizzy. Fizzy has a moombahton vibe to it alongside some tropical percussion and rushing synths. These two are pretty much a match made in heaven.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/enchufada/swick-lewis-cancut-fizzy-1?in=swickswick/sets/originals-286[/soundcloud]

Marina & The Diamonds- FROOT

Marina, where have you been? Eating plenty of sugar it seems. Electra Heart, from the last album, is seemingly dead (RIP :’( ) and in her place is a Desperate Housewife who’s found she actually quite enjoys letting loose on the dancefloor. It may take 1min 30secs to get to the chorus on Froot and there’s about three false alarms, but my goodness is it worth it. Marina has always had a knack with chorus’ and this one is one of her best. The funky riff in the back is just the cherry on the cake. Also, lets just take a moment to appreciate the way she’s written the word commonly spelt as 'fruit'.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/marina-and-the-diamonds/froot[/soundcloud]

Justin Bieber- All About That Bass

We hate this song and we’re not really fans of Justin Bieber, so how does this end up here you may say? We call this songs you need to hear rather than the best songs of the week so we can place little nuggets like this right here. Only the Biebs would turn one of the most popular songs of this year into a grind-worthy club-banger that sounds like Lil’ Jon needs to jump on it. By all means, hate, but somebody make a good case for why the original is better.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/maejorali/meghan-trainor-all-about-that-bass-maejor-remix-ft-justin-bieber[/soundcloud]


10 things we learnt at NLV Presents | International Edition


Nina Las Vegas is currently touring around the country with three out-of-towners and one local boy as part of her International Presents series. UNiiQU3, Sam Tiba, Eclair Fifi, Swick and NLV giving punters a snapshot of the world’s upcoming electronic scene all in their own different ways.

We went to the gig in Melbourne and now are acting like crystal balls for all of you that still have NLV Presents to look forward to. Here are 10 things we learnt from NLV presents, not including our realisation that we have written so much about Nina recently that she’s potentially scared we’re stalking. It’s a valid fear.


1. Nina knows as International game-changer when she sees one

Earlier this year when the first NLV Presents toured around the country, Nina got her hands on a few Aussie game changers, most notably interns favourite, Tkay Maidza, who has exploded since then. This time around she’s set her sights further afield and delivered a motley but well-curated crew of artists. All of them are teetering on major success within the dance community - many of them relatively unknown in Australia until now. Each of the producers had something new and unique to offer. From Eclair Fifi’s bubblegum electronica to Sam Tiba’s hallowed Parisian beats, it all felt fresh.

2. UNiiQU3 & Nina were damn fine MCs

This wasn’t a play your set and get the shit out of there after a vodka kind of situation, each of the acts were there supporting each other and offering some damn fine MCing. Nina danced to the side of each of them like mother hen, amping the crowd with ease with UNiiQU3 also standing close-by. UNiiQU3’s dancing and spontaneous MC-ing made it look like each track played was made for the hip-hop world. Quite a feat when Eclair Fifi is playing PC Music.


3. Nina debuted her and Swick’s new tracks and they were killer

Releasing her debut EP last week in what would seem impeccable timing, Nina was able to launch both club-bangers Don’t Send and Flash Auto with co-producer and partner in crime, Swick, near her side. With the space imminently filling with the energy of a crowd that seemed to already be familiar with the tracks’ peaks and troughs, both translated from computer to club with ease.

4. PC Music is the soundtrack of 2014

It seemed that all the naysayers needed was a bit of club love to be convinced that the kawaii and kitsch sounds of PC Music are actually quite delectable. First Swick dropped, Hey QT, which caused us to bowl over all our way out of the bathroom, and then Nina gave Sophie’s Lemonade a play and for a brief moment it felt like life would never be this good again. In no other song can you get down to the sound of fizzy lemonade and follow it up with 30 seconds of rave. In all seriousness though, the club is where sounds first arise and we’re pretty sure PC Music will be making its way into mainstream sound very soon. Katy Perry, Hey QT!

5. A Nina crowd knows How To Dress Well.

Unfortunately he wasn’t playing but the crowd and the acts were a well-dressed, dapper bunch of people. With many NLV t-shirts sold with the ticket, there was always going to be a fair share of Nina-clad people. There was also an abundance of emoji tees, which ensured that good feels were maintained for the night. The five artists also had some pretty impressive cloth too. Swick donned a New Age T-shirt, the new label by TEED, Sam Tiba was wearing a Nattofranco long-sleeved tee and Nina was wearing socks with mega-high heels that looked as if they hurt like shit.


6. Eclair Fifi is just like a strawberry eclair

Just to clarify, the Scottish heartstarter does not look like an eclair but her set very much sounded like one. Her set was sugary and sweet, yet it held this density to it in the four-to-the-floor beat that permeated. She effortlessly skated through a number of genres from bubblegum electronica to hip-hop, still managing to maintain the same consistency.

7. Sam Tiba is a dark lord

Leave it to the Parisian to make things a little moody. Amongst a bunch of perky, tempo-raising artists, Tiba delivered a brooding set of tunes with pulsating beats and ghostly synths. A particular highlight was when he dropped fellow Parisian, Para One’s You Too, lifting the mood a bit for Swick who was to follow.


8. Australians hold their own

Nina and Swick were the only Aussies on the International bill and they more than proved how good Australian electronic music is right now. Their two tracks together went down superbly, as previously mentioned, but both of them showed an acute awareness for what is going on overseas as well as what is happening locally. Swick’s track, Wishes, with Lewis Cancut and Tkay Maidza sounded like a bonafide anthem when it dropped and Nina’s tip of the hat to Peking Duk with her spin of High was an unexpectedly euphoric moment.

9. People do like good music

At one point in the night Nina thanked the crowd for liking “interesting music”, and it did feel good to be in a crowd of Australians lapping up music that wasn’t contrived or pretentious but rather feel-good. The crowd was pumping and certainly large enough to justify the decision to collect together the International lineup. And throughout the night, the bar remained mostly empty with the dancefloor the place to be. Melbourne, you did good. Real good.

10. We don’t know how to use a camera

Yes, we had a camera. And yes, we have nothing to show for it. It seemed our camera did not like our anarchic dance style and as such our photos are a blur, just like our night.

Note to future self: Wikihow 'camera shutter speed'.


Case in point.


10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Jessie Ware, Röyksopp, Nina Las Vegas + more


It’s the 10th of the 10th and why don’t we just throw another 10 in the mix, in the form of the latest and greatest tracks from the week. Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, these are the 10 most important things you should be listening to this week.

Anywhere - Young Franco x UV Boi

When two of the hottest young Australian talents team up, you know you’re in for a treat. Very much like the duo themselves, Anywhere is a fresh, youthful track that bounces along with a playful charm and vigour. Referencing R&B, trap bass, tropical disco funk and modern day sound samplings, it’s a smorgasbord of genres and textures that the boys have successfully amalgamated into the next dancefloor ditty.

Yumi Zouma- Alema

When you’re touring with Lorde, you know you’re doing something right. Fellow Kiwis, Yumi Zouma, are a fairly new band but by no means any less accomplished. First making an impact with their debut track, The Brae, they’ve now released the first track since their EP, Alema. Summery, hazy and evoking feelings of holiday nostalgia, the feather-light vocals and lush synths are carried confidently along by carefully-restrained ‘90s dance-keys. Feel free to add this one to your road trip playlist.

Years & Years- Desire

Sometimes it’s just inevitable that a band is going to breakthrough. Years & Years give us that feeling of inevitability with their dance/indie-rock/RnB crossover sound. They’ve got a sound that pleases the bloggers as well as having the potential to crossover onto radio. Desire is a perfect example for the aforementioned. It’s an upbeat, delectably melodic track with a tropical dance-vibe to it taking us to a jungle we haven’t seen since Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda track. Terrible timing to release this for British winter. Perfect timing that we get it for our Summer.

Danny L Harle- In My Dreams

We’re still unable to put a face to a name for any of these PC Music releases but who cares when they keep churning out the most mind-bending, divisive songs since Aqua’s Dr. Jones. The latest is from Danny L Harle and it’s actually one of the more digestible tunes we’ve heard from the label. In saying that, it still sounds like Siri’s debut single built on manic strings and climaxing toy beats. This may sound like a bad thing but it’s not at all. Brilliant, again.

Jessie Ware- Pieces

Oh, Jessie, Jessie, Jessie; you can do no wrong! Pieces is another bold statement from the London songstress as she executes each and every note and its subtle nuances like a true goddess. Bordering on pop territory but restraining just enough, Ware has pulled off another stunning ballad to add to the Tough Love collection. Just try not to shout this one from the rooftops.


Jerome LOL- Burton Hall

Jeremo LOL and Samo Sound Boy’s DJ Dodger Stadium record is one of our favourites of this year so it’s with absolute delight that we accept a new Jerome LOL song into our hearts this week. Burton Hall sees LOL step away from the abrasive personality of the DJ Dodger Stadium tracks and embrace a gently undulating tune that’s far softer but no less effective. The man is a genius in choosing the most easily swallowed vocal samples. Every time that high-pitched vocal makes an appearance we melt.

Nina Las Vegas & Swick- Flash Auto

Nina Las Vegas has dipped her toe into the world of production and the result is most excellent. Teaming up with fellow beatmaker, Swick, Flash Auto is an instant club banger that delves into trance heavy electro and is just anxious to be tested out on a real-life dancefloor. Nina’s sure to get people’s blood pumping and heart racing when she (hopefully) tests this one out at her NLV Presents tour, kicking off in Perth tonight.


No, we haven’t picked up a CD from your parents’ dinner party music collection. Toronto trio, BADBADNOTGOOD, have taken the jazz from the smokey club and transformed it into a modern day melody. While jazz can be a tricky one to get a hold of, why not just let the smooth grooves of Velvet get a hold of you, and allow them to whisk you away to yesteryear. Crack open a cigar and ask for another scotch on the rocks; you’re in this one for the long haul. Good times and great classic hits, brought to you by BBNG.

Shan Vincent de Paul - Some Girls

You heard the euphoric, full-bodied melodies of La+ch’s, Nights, and now the Toronto producer has laid his midas touch on Shan Vincent de Paul’s, lush, anthemic, Some Girls. Donate all your clothes to this collection bin, ladies and gentlemen, cos’ this tune is hot, hot, hot. Summer is here and de Paul’s smooth melodies will get you grooving all night long.

Röyksopp - You Know I Have To Go (Feat. Jamie McDermott)  

In a somewhat pensive reflection of their dance-pop extravaganza that was their pairing with Swedish singer, Robyn, Röyksopp’s latest offering, You Know I Have To Go provides a different mood to what we’ve seen from the Tromsø synth duo lately. They’ve taken the mood down several notches, reducing the thermostat from red hot and plunging it right down to sub-zero temperatures. Slow-building with a sense of foreboding, the frosty synths combined with Jamie McDermott’s imploring vocals create a tension that teeters on the edge, right until the very end, so don’t expect any kind of relief from the finale. In a statement about the song, Röyksopp has said:

“The attraction and the doubt; the dilemma as whether to succumb to one’s feelings or not. The sheer length of the track is meant to illustrate the prolonging internal struggle between reason and lust.”

Catch the song and the accompanying, ellipses-abundant lyrics here.


10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


It's a long weekend for some (namely us) and tunes will be necessary, very necessary. There's no way you can get through three days of spare time with conversation and outdoor activity. Eventually you're going to need to press play and turn up dat volume. Here's to the heat, here's to good music, here's to noise complaints all in the name of throbbing music. Go get 'em, tigers.

Andras & Oscar- Looking Back

Andras & Oscar otherwise known as Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung are about to release a record together titled Cafe Romantica. They’re channeling a minimal, early ‘90s vibe both visually and sonically and absolutely nailing it. Looking Back is the latest track to emerge from their treasure chest and it’s a nostalgic, funky-tune that channels the same kind of vibe that Dev Hynes did with Solange. Oscar is, of course, a supreme vocalist and songwriter and Andras perfectly complements that with his tinny beats. The album is out 17 October. Don’t sleep people.

Fossa Beats- Goals (Dugong Jr “Rock The Boat” Edit)

So we’re trying to make sense of what’s happening here and as far as we can tell, Melbourne producer Dugong Jr has done a little re-edit of Fossa Beats, Goals and injected Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat into the mix. The result is a dream-scape of whispy RnB vocals and swirling synths. It’s an effortless piece of work from this Dolphin enthusiast who’s also repping in Australia for one of our favourite labels/collectives Moving Castle.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/dugongjr/fossa-beats-goals-dugong-jr-edit[/soundcloud]

Tinashe- Bet (Feat. Devonte Hynes)

This week Tinashe teamed up with Dev Hynes on new track Bet and dropped her entire album for stream and we fell into a state of bliss for at least 32-34 hours. We may have fallen out of that blissful state in order to continue on real life but we can still appreciate Bet. Bet falls into more of a contemporary, Kelela-like style of RnB, but Hynes’ presence is still felt by way of that perfect guitar solo at the end. Tinashe, as always, sounds like velvet.

Lorde- Yellow Flicker Beat

So, Lorde has had a worldwide #1 with Royals, followed it up with a brilliant album, Pure Heroine and is now curating the new Hunger Games soundtrack, all before she even turns 18. At 18 our biggest achievements were downing a bottle of Passion Pop and memorising the words to The Veronicas Untouched (ironically of course), but each to their own I guess. Yellow Flicker Beat is the first track from the upcoming Hunger Games soundtrack and sees Lorde in her wheelhouse of dark, crawling beats and brooding vocals. The electronic stylings that sit behind the song help make the verses captivating.

Maluca- Trigger

Rumour has it that Maluca is set to feature on the upcoming Robyn album but for now she’s doing her own thang and doing it damn well. She has released music with Mad Decent in the past but she’s releasing Trigger on New York label RPM MSC. The song latin-inspired dance track that bubbles under subtly in the verses and releases itself in the chorus. It says M.I.A and Robyn as much as it says shake those hips like Shakira Shakira. It feels like she’s taken an all-out EDM song and paired it back to its core, revealing a brilliantly melodic backbone.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/maluca-mala/trigger_single[/soundcloud]

Beacon- Fault Lines

Even though we’re going into Summer, there’s always a need for some dark, deeply introverted music when dem lonely feels come round. Beacon are a duo from Brooklyn making glossy, yet underlyingly industrial electronica. Fault Lines is the first track from their forthcoming EP L1 and it’s an understated masterpiece. A soulful vocal weaves in between a jittering beats and late-night synths, making the heartbeat race and the hands clamour. It’s one of those songs that sticks with you from the moment it first pulsates and grips you until its flickering finale.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/ghostly/beacon-fault-lines[/soundcloud]

Montgomery- Pinata

The identity of Aussie songstress Montgomery is all a bit of a mystery right now but it seems the strength of her songs is doing all the talking for her. Pinata is her first official single and is much more immediate than War Cry, which was released a few weeks ago. She coos in sweet tones over a comparatively dark instrumental bolstered by wobbling bass. “I’m your pinata, crack me open like you always do”, is a great pop metaphor too, btw.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/iohyouparty/montgomery-pinata1[/soundcloud]

Les Sins- Why

Don those flares, slap on them platforms and shuffle dat booty straight onto the dancefloor. You’ll be prepared to commit Les Sins this weekend as the smooth grooves of Why provides perfect excuse for daggy dancing and debauchery. With ‘70s-inspired guitar licks and Nate Salman’s shimmying, reverberated vocals sharing similarities with Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, this track will take you from office to disco in exactly four minutes and three seconds.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/company-record-label/les-sins-why-ft-nate-salman-1[/soundcloud]

Sir Sly - You Haunt Me (SoySauce Edition)

Because, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of salty MSG on the weekend? Sir Sly has said of the inspiration behind the track:

“One day I was on Skyping my friend. Then Ryan Hemsworth magically appeared. Stunned, I asked Ryan a question ( I don’t remember bc I was so stunned). He didn’t respond. Instead he stood there quietly. Majestically. Looking into my eyes. Then he gently picked up a vine of green grapes on the table in front of him. He raised the vine toward his mouth as I started to salivate with every inch it got closer to his. Then he started to suck on a single green grape silently staring without saying a single word for 15 seconds. Then the video call ended. I was so inspired and made this in honor of the grape. This is a story about a green grape and Ryan Hemsworth’s mouth.”

Well, that’s a good excuse as any to pop this one onto your weekend setlist.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/dj_soysauce/sir-sly-you-haunt-me-soysauce-edition[/soundcloud]

Lapsley- Falling Short

This is one for your Sunday. Or the Monday if you’re in a state that celebrates the public holiday (hootie hoo!) Featured on Radio 1, this smooth tune from Liverpool songstress, Annie Mac will soothe your aching head and tired legs after pushing yourself to the very limits over the weekend. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and laying her voice on the line, Lapsley is certainly not falling short on this delightful melody. Enjoy with a cool glass of water and a handful of Panadol Rapid.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/hollylapsleyfletcher/falling-short[/soundcloud]


10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


Over the week we've witnessed Bachelor dramas, tri-breasted woman hoaxes and the new iPhone literally bending over backwards to infiltrate people's lives. Here at the interns, we try to block out the distractions from daily life and keep our headphones firmly on and our fingers constantly on the pulse of our keyboards and linear, unbending iPhone not-6s to provide you, our dear readers, with the latest and greatest 10 songs the week had to provide. Go forth and prosper.

Drake- Worst Behaviour (Saint Pepsi Edit)

Of course you’re going to be on your worst behaviour when there’s brass involved. Drake’s original of this was fiercely badass, but Saint Pepsi, almost comedically, turns it on its head, packing it with sunshine and making it completely danceable. It’s a different kind of Worst Behaviour to what Drake would have condoned. It’s more one where you get a little bit tiddly at a garden party and kiss the host's niece for an accidental moment. More Pimms, please.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/saintpepsi/drake-worst-behavior-saint-pepsi-edit[/soundcloud]

TALA- Alchemy

T?L? is releasing a new EP, Alchemy, in a few months' time and this is the title track from it. Where her last offering, Black Scorpio, was the Londoner in full-producer mood, Alchemy sees her adapt as a vocalist. She coos throughout over top a glitchy, middle-eastern flavoured beat placing modern RnB alongside traditional, cultural music. We haven’t heard anybody do it this well since M.I.A.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/alchemy[/soundcloud]

Ryan Hemsworth- Snow In Newark

Whether it be his own or someone elses, Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has been releasing music at a rapid rate in the last few months. Snow In Newark is the first single off his forthcoming album which, at the pace he’s going, will probably have 46 songs on it. Snow In Newark is one of the more delicate tunes he’s turned out with vocalist Dawn Golden giving a fragile vocal alongside icy, twinkling beats.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/ryanhemsworth/snow[/soundcloud]

Hudson Mohawke - Brainwave

Hudson Mohawke is due to drop his solo EP, Chimes, next week and in anticipation, he’s shared the new single, Brainwave. This track sees the former TNGHT member dabbling into more meditative territory, creating a tapestry of glitches, beeps and bloops, sewn together with heavenly vocals and a shuddering bass which feels like we’ve crawled into the Scottish producer’s head and taken a peek inside grey matter territory. Certainly an interesting prelude to his upcoming EP.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/hudsonmohawke/brainwave[/soundcloud]

Kendrick Lamar- I

This was the main event of the week - Kendrick’s first track off his forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled album. It samples The Isley Brothers', That Lady and is one of the most upbeat things Lamar has produced. It’s easy, breezy and shows the lighter side of the Compton rapper. For somebody who’s done some seriously fierce raps (Control), he sounds like a genuinely nice guy and Kendrick if you’re reading this, tea, scones and some great banter await. Call us 😉

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/topdawgent/i-1[/soundcloud]

Azealia Banks- Chasing Time

Today marks the 133rd month that we’ve waited for Azealia Banks' album Broke With Expensive Taste and while it’s still not here, we’ve got the best thing we’ve heard from her since 212. Girl can sing and she shows it here with a track that mostly features her vocals with a few quick-witted raps thrown in for good measure. Finally she sounds relaxed in the beat and unconcerned about what’s going on around her. Once again we wanna beat our chests for B.A.N.K.S.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/yung-rapunxel/chasing-time[/soundcloud]

Sable - Surf

This track from Sable is so kawaii-cute it will make you want to squeeze the cheeks of that infuriatingly endearing Pokemon-inspired mammal accompanying its Soundcloud as hard as you possibly can. Surf sees the Perth producer dabbling into Nintendo territory, with electronic synths and glitchy bleeps guiding the way down the rainbow road. Accented with a throbbing bass and ratchety drums, it’s the perfect prelude to the dawning weekend.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sablemusic[/soundcloud]

Left.- When My Body Sleeps

Left. are a boy/girl duo from the epicentre of the earth, Sydney and while they’ve only released two songs previous to this one, they’ve left quite a mark with their delicate, tapping electronica. When My Body Sleeps is from their debut album Sirens and sees vocalist Sarah Corry’s breathy, beautiful vocal overtop Jono Grahams darkness-infused, late-night beats. It’s one of those tracks that you’ll have to sit with for a while but like a good wine, you’ll be drunk before long without even knowing it.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/leftprojects/when-my-body-sleeps[/soundcloud]

BANKS - Beggin’ For Thread (Bag Raiders Remix)

Following up from their remix of Kimbra’s Miracles, Bag Raiders have once again chopped, changed, twisted and turned BANKS’ dark, sultry Beggin For Thread into a glittery, poppy rework, shedding some light onto the London singer’s melancholia. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all sunshine and rainbows, however. The thumping bass and textured, looping vocals will surely keep things in check.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/banksbanksbanks/beggin-for-thread-bag-raiders-remix-1[/soundcloud]

Kiesza- Bad Thing (Feat. Joey Bada$$)

We’ve heard a lot of ‘90s throwback gold from Kiesza but nothing in the RnB arena. In her first trip into the world of gold chains, booty and grillz, Kiesza recruits hot-as-shit rapper Joey Bada$$ and a beat that shudders like a prison chain. While she’s known for heighty vocals and climatic choruses, here she tones it down letting the chorus’ understated melody work its wonders before letting Bada$$ in to deliver an equally understated beat.



10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week


It’s Friday and we know what you’re thinking- “gotta go downstairs, gotta have my cereal”. You’re completely right for thinking this; breakfast is without a doubt one of the most important meals of the day, but we’ve got one more piece of sustenance to prepare you for the weekend- new music. While you’re slurping down your high-in-sugar healthy muesli, taste some of these tunes that you might have missed during another busy week of Big Brother, The Bachelor and David & Margaret at the Movies (sigh).

Kero Kero Bonito- Sick Beat (Danny L Harle Remix)

You know we love a lil’ bit of PC Music here at the interns and this week we were delivered some more from the honey-nest of their Soundcloud. Danny Harle, who’s part of the PC Music bunch has remixed this super kawaii track by London group, Kero Kero Bonito. The band have already done a lot of PC Music’s work by creating a song that is incredible kitsch but Harle adds more bubblegum synths, shooting it further into the realm of video games. With Harle on board, the title holds even more relevance.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/kerokerobonito/sick-beat-danny-l-harle-remix[/soundcloud]

RL Grime- Reminder (Feat. How To Dress Well)

RL Grime’s last track, Core, was a minefield of alarms and abrasive sounds, but he’s taken it down a notch on Reminder including our ultimate bae, How To Dress Well. As such, RL Grime happily obliges in making a moody RnB track that suits Tom Krell’s vocals down to the ground. If RL Grime’s latest album, Core, is meant to represent some sort of war, then this is the calm before the storm. It’s beautiful melodic, textured and probably the most gentle thing this LA producer has churned out.

Lapalux- Movement I, II & III

Lapalux is the ultimate purveyor of smooth electronica. Guuurl off his debut album Nostalchic was one of the best songs of last year and this one doesn’t slip on quality whatsoever. As the title suggests, it’s really split up into three distinct parts. The first is gentle and atmospheric, the second features vocals and is much denser while the third lays down the beat and jitters along. I suppose you could call it the Bohemian Rhapsody of contemporary electronica. Galileo!

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/lapalux/movement-i-ii-iii[/soundcloud]

Shay Lia- 3 Months

As well as serving up brilliant solo material (have YOU heard Leave Me Alone?), Kaytranada has been making a name as a formidable producer. Here here puts together a smooth, pulsating beat to lay beneath Montreal Shay Lia’s 3 Months. In many ways the track returns the favour. Shay Lia featured on Kaytranada’s Leave Me Alone. On that one, the producers future RnB beat took centre-stage but here it’s Lia’s vocals that steal the show. They are addictively sulky, sounding like the end of a burning cigarette.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/shay-lia/3-months-prod-by-kaytranada-1[/soundcloud]

Made In Heights- Ghosts

If you haven’t heard Made In Heights, Death, yet we’ll give you a moment to go and right your wrongs.

Right, now you’ve done so, here’s the latest track from the American duo, Ghosts. Much like Death, the track is a masterful display of ambient, RnB with the vocal of Kelsey Bulkin sounding like candy clouds. The whole affair is completely effortless with melodies that will blow your mind without you even knowing it. If it all floats over you, give it another chance. The unobtrusive nature of it is part of its eventual charm.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/madeinheights/ghosts[/soundcloud]

Jack U- Take U There (Feat. Kiesza)

Skrillex and Diplo’s Jack U’s collaboration has been teased for a number of weeks now and finally they’ve bestowed upon us the golden collaboration. Along for the ride is throwback vocalist, Kiesza who lays down a crystalline vocal alongside Skrill and Dip’s bipolar beat. The chorus is like a rush of blood to the head with Kiesza’s flighty vocals meeting the trap-based beat.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/shitnew/jack-u-take-u-there-ft-kiesza-1[/soundcloud]

Frames & Elizabeth Rose- Intentions

This is our Australia-represent inclusion to 10 Songs this week and what a doozy it is. All-round cool chick, Elizabeth Rose has teamed up with fellow Aussie producer Frames for a double A-side single that features this tune and another one titled Anywhere. The two go together like spilt red wine and bicarb soda, with Rose sounding completely at home over Frame’s four-to-the-floor, late-night beat.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/octoberrecords/frames-elizabethrose-intentions[/soundcloud]

Jessie Ware- Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe

Jessie Ware’s, Tough Love, is shaping up to be one cracker of a record. Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe is the fourth track we’ve heard from the able and it’s penned by Miguel, meaning that it’s destined to become a bedroom anthem. Not in the late night, dirrrttttyyy way though- it’s a sweet, love song that plods along with Ware’s whispy coos. She tweeted saying, “Enjoy and have a whisky with it”. Well we’ve had seven and it’s getting better and better.

Zola Jesus- Go (Blank Sea)

Big-ass ballad alert. If Dangerous Days taught us anything, it’s that Zola Jesus would be embracing big pop melodies on her forthcoming album, Taiga, and her new track Go (Black Sea) completely confirms that. It’s an unashamedly huge ballad in the way that I Wanna Know What Love Is , but with far less ‘80s-bizarre and a little more emotional finesse. There’s beautifully layered vocals, hard-hitting beats and a chorus that will smack you right in the stomach. Get ready for Taiga, it’s going to be more exciting than the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie and that we can guarantee.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/zolajesus/goblanksea[/soundcloud]

Tinashe- Feels Like Vegas

On first thought, Vegas feels like bright lights, lost money and too many drinks which inevitably ends with a horror morning. You can rest easy though, Tinashe’s Feels Like Vegas sounds nothing like that. It’s effortlessly smooth and classy and gives us plenty of time to revel in her unbelievable vocals. Schoolboy Q is along for the ride but he really does nothing but adds another name to a song that Tinahse owns. Give us the album now, thanks.