10 Artists x Brand Collabs We Want To See: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Adele And More

Celebrity and brand collaborations are not a new thing. Kanye with Adidas, Kate Moss with Topshop, Pat Rafter with Bonds, Ashton Kutcher with Extra, Miranda Kerr with everything under the sun; the list goes on. While most collabs are successful (sorry, Brits), we believe that there’s a serious gap being left wide open in the land of celeb endorsements and that some big brands are missing out on some potentially lucrative opportunities. See below for some suggestions we have put together on behalf of Westpac, Guzman Y Gomez, XXXX, Easy Off Bam and more.

Selena Gomez x Guzman Y Gomez 

GuzmanYGomezVance Joy x Vans 

VansJoyLittle Mix x Mixmaster 

LittleMixMASTERKanye West x Westpac KanyeWestpacTaylor Swift x Suzuki 



Adele x Dell 

AdeleGrimes x Easy Off Bam – Grime & Soap Scum 

GrimesThe Internet x Internet Explorer 

TheInternetExplorerSam Smith x Smith’s 



Jamie xx – XXXX Beer 



Friends In Paris – An Illustrated Interpretation of Kanye & Jay Z’s ‘Ni**as In Paris’


Kanye and Jay Z have one of the most beautiful relationships in rap history. When they released Watch The Throne four years ago, they solidified that friendship with a big, gold-covered, full-length LP that spawned Ni**as In Paris – a song that went on to be one of the biggest hits of both their careers. Every club you walk into these days, everybody wants to gloat about how they can rap to Ni**as In Paris, forming a circle, stepping inside it and letting their friends see their rap chops. Often they get most of the lyrics right, to the surprise of no one who’s heard the radio spin it 4062 times, but how well do we REALLY know the lyrics? We decided it was about damn time that we broke down the song and illustrate it so we could better understand Jay and Ye’s relationship. Enter Friends in Paris

Book1 Book2

Book3 Book4 Book5 Book6 Book7 Book8 Book9 Book10 Book11 Book12 Book13 Book14



Each Song On Foals’ New Album Has Been Given A Single Cover With An Actual Foal

Foals have announced that their fourth album will be titled What Went Down and will drop into our hot little hands on 28th August. With that news they have given us a gloomy looking album cover and a tracklisting which is equally dark. While each of Foals’ album covers have been artistically mesmerising, we can’t help but feel a little disappointed that they haven’t taken the chance to include an actual real-life foal in any of their covers. So, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and give the stumbling, fumbling, majestic creatures a spot on the cover for each of the songs set to feature on the album.

Here’s the actual Foal-less cover:



And here are the covers paying homage to Foals’ namesake: 

01 What Went Down Foals_WhatWentDown

02 Mountain At My Gates 

03 Birch Tree 


04 Give It All


05 Albatross


06 Snake Oil 

07 Night Swimmers 

08 London Thunder



09 Lonely Hunter 



10 A Knife In The Ocean 


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