One Day On The State Of Aussie Hip-Hop, Their On-Stage Party & Another Album


Hip-hop supergroups don't come around everyday. That's perhaps why the response to One Day, a collaboration combining Jackie Onassis, Joyride, Spit Syndicate and Horrorshow, has been so excitable. Over the past years they have ignited festival crowds and their own audiences alike with an incomparable energy that translates from their connection on-stage. Together they have brought their debut album Mainline to life. Their sound tips its hat to Aussie hip-hop but also is open to outside influences from abroad.

In the past year, the seven of them have played everything from Groovin' The Moo to Splendour and will play Maroochy Music Festival this weekend with the likes of Flight Facilities, Hermitude and DZ Deathrays.

We spoke to one-seventh of the group Raph, also of Jackie Onassis, right in the middle of their Aussie tour about their live shows, plans for another album and the hip-hop scene at large.

The sound of Australian hip-hop has opened-up in the last couple of years to accept more US influences. Mainline tips its hat to Aussie hip-hop but also sounds as if it draws from a number of other inspirations. Do you feel that Aus hip-hop is diversifying and changing?

Definitely, we all listen to a bunch of hip-hop from abroad, so our influences come from all over the place. it's great seeing the sound and the people making it diversify. Now days someone like the the Hilltop Hoods are so different to someone like Allday, who is different to Illy, who is different to Remi and so on. Diversity breeds innovations which is important to keeping the genre fresh.

How much does feeding off each other's energy on stage help your performance being in a hip-hop collective as opposed to a solo show?

Being on stage with 6 of your best mates is ridiculously fun. It basically feels like a party.

It's pretty much been a year since Mainline. What are the songs that still really stick out as favourites?

Love Me Less was one of the first tracks we made, and was the first one we released so it will always be and feel special.

The entire ethos of One Day seems to be based around community and the block parties reflect that. Are we correct in saying that?

Definitely. We've all been friends for ages, and a big part of One Day is the people around us who we've grown up with. We owe a lot, if not everything, to the support of this network of friends and family - we've all received so much help we're lucky to find ourselves in a position to help others, hence the charity work and donation aspect of our events and business.

How are the One Day Sundays going? It looks like the atmosphere is amazing.

So well, it's been a wild ride! I think it's pretty rare outside of festivals for people to dance in the sun - it's so fucking refreshing seeing people with a big smile on their face dancing during the day! Our block party, One Day Sundays started as just a place for us to hang out with our mates and play tunes, now we throw around the country, in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and with plans for more! In Sydney we have an even bigger party planned that we will be announcing soon.

How do you keep every show fresh and different?

We have so many songs between all the groups that are part of One Day we are always playing around with what we play. Plus everyone is always chucking in in jokes into our sets that, to be honest, are really just for each other and I'm not sure too many other people would pick up on. As I said earlier, it really feels like a party on stage, so the energy is never a problem haha

Any plans for another album?

Definitely! In the shorter term though there will be albums from Jackie Onassis, Joyride, Spit Syndicate and Horrorshow to come before the next One Day project takes shape.

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