Friends In Paris – An Illustrated Interpretation of Kanye & Jay Z’s ‘Ni**as In Paris’


Kanye and Jay Z have one of the most beautiful relationships in rap history. When they released Watch The Throne four years ago, they solidified that friendship with a big, gold-covered, full-length LP that spawned Ni**as In Paris – a song that went on to be one of the biggest hits of both their careers. Every club you walk into these days, everybody wants to gloat about how they can rap to Ni**as In Paris, forming a circle, stepping inside it and letting their friends see their rap chops. Often they get most of the lyrics right, to the surprise of no one who’s heard the radio spin it 4062 times, but how well do we REALLY know the lyrics? We decided it was about damn time that we broke down the song and illustrate it so we could better understand Jay and Ye’s relationship. Enter Friends in Paris

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How To Not Be A Dickhead At Festivals: An Infographic

Dicks, we’ve all seen them. And while you can enjoy them at your leisure, you never want to be personified as one. Festivals have become a natural habitat for ‘the dick’ – defined as a festival-goer who feels that their experience is infinitely more important than the bucket-hat wearing chap to their right or the lass to their left with the flash tattoo.

Festivals are great. Where else can you see 14 bands in one day, pash a stranger and dance like an exotic parakeet in a remote tent and return to work on Monday with a job? BUT sometimes we need to remember that the festival experience is far more pleasant when you remember that you should treat people the way you would like to be treated, also known as harmony.

Aunty Meredith, the mystical person behind Meredith and Golden Plains festivals, has done an excellent job of creating a ‘No Dickhead’ policy, that makes the festivals the most harmonious on the festival calendar. Over the summer we’ve witnessed some of the most excellent people (FKA Twigs, the girl who told me she liked my hat and the tall guy who moved to the left so we could see Drake) and some of the most terrible people (the guy who thought he was the only person who could rap every word to N****s In Paris, the people who said Twerkshop was a waste of time at Falls Festival and those who let off flares) at festivals. The fact is, festivals are really easy to hate on. Local councils love to do it, it makes a great story for the media and your parents also like to. Prove them wrong and show that a festival is safer than the toilet paper aisle at Woolworths.

In anticipation of Golden Plains this weekend and as a reflection on our experience at festivals this summer here is how not to be a dickhead at festivals – the interactive art experience*.

*It’s not interactive but if you print it out and buy a marker it can be.



REVIEW + PICS: Tinashe At Metro Theatre, Sydney | Aquarius Tour


Australia doesn’t seem like the most likely place for a DIY RnB singer to make a splash but it seems US singer Tinashe has struck a chord here. 2 On, the first single from her debut album Aquarius is burning up radio here now almost a full year after its initial release and last night she played to a sold out Metro Theatre. It’s one thing to be sold out but it’s another thing to induce hysteria when you enter the stage. As she strutted on behind a puff of smoke the crowd erupted as a sea of iPhones revealed themselves as if Beyonce had suddenly appeared in a busy Westfield.

Tinashe is an interesting case. She’s been compared to Aaliyah, Ashanti and Janet Jackson yet she differs to them. While Aquarius was undoubtedly an RnB album she’s worked with everybody from Calvin Harris to Ryan Hemsworth and Dev Hynes proving just how expansive the genre in which she operates has become. On stage she has the same slinky stage presence as FKA twigs with the hard hitting dance moves of Ciara and the vocal prowess of Jessie Ware. With just a drum to the side of the stage and four back-up dances, the petite Tinashe fills the stage effortlessly.

She began with Vulnerable from her mixtape Black Water immediately hitting with her caramel vocals and sultry walk. “Don’t stop looking at me”, she sings as her voice hits full flight, slicing the air and creating gasps in the process. Her dance moves are immediately impressive but they’re never feel over-rehearsed. There’s a certain rawness to Tinashe that makes her far more endearing. Even when the back-up dancers joined her it always felt as if they were five friends improvising rather than counting every single beat.

The Dev Hynes-produced Bet was the first song of the set where we really got to hear her vocals in full force. Bet is extraordinarily atmospheric thanks to Hynes’ expert layering and it complements the bursts of smoke covering Tinashe. All of the songs from her debut album are binded by a sense that there’s a wave washing over and this was the first time that we really get to feel that texture.

The set bounced between mixtape and album tracks and even threw in a few popular RnB tracks to hype a crowd which was already at fever point. The hard hitting Watch Me Work was complemented beautifully by the tender How Many Times. She moves between the energetic and the slow effortlessly never sucking the energy out of the crowd, even in the dimmest moments of the night. A portion of Kid Ink’s Body Language was served while Tinashe composed herself for her Calvin Harris-feature, Dollar Signs. A thumping bass-line and glassy percussion sent the crowd wild while Tinashe fist-pumped like she was owning the stage at Tomorrowland. It’s far from her best song but live it was a chance to let loose some pent up energy.

She followed that by sitting on a stool to give us the only ballad of the night, Bated Breath. It was pretty special to see her sitting still and just showing off her crystalline voice. She belted it out with reckless abandon as she slowly stood on the stool and looked over the crowd. No doubt her view was awash with the glow of smartphones. It seemed everything she did was worthy as being captured as not one punter kept their phones away for the entirety of the set. Instead of letting it annoy her Tinashe accepted it, at one point grabbing a phone from someone and filming herself. She’s 22 and she gets that this is what people do now. For the first time it felt like the mass of smartphones didn’t take away from the show. Instead it felt like a sign of appreciation.

As we got to the final moments of the set Tinashe churned out hit after hit. The drummer thrashed away at Turn Down For What while she and her dancers went hard to a recording of Rae Sremmund’s No Type. The biggest revelation of the night was just how perfect All Hands On Deck. The track is set to be the third single from Aquarius and last night it revealed itself as the most effortlessly delectable of the set.

Pretend and 2 On were always going to be the champions of the night and they were. A beefed-up Pretend saw Tinashe offer one of the more tender moments of the night with the dim-lit vibe of the song suiting the smokey atmosphere. As she directed the crowd to put two fingers in the air, the screams could’ve been heard from far down George St. Despite the tracks minimalistic instrumental, the melody is just so smooth with enough pop to direct the crowd to get down low. Tinashe spent the later part of the song hanging over the crowd lapping up all the love that was there for her in abundance.

As she left the stage she smiled and offered some words of advice about following your dreams. She’s a self-made star in every sense and she seemed to be taken aback by her transformation from making mixtapes in her bedroom to playing to a sold out room on the other side of the world.

Tinashe at The Metro Theatre: Gallery 
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Non-Sappy Valentine’s Day Playlists For The Loved-Up & The Broken-Hearted


With The Big V looming around the corner, some brace for hugs and kisses while others prepare for the barrage of loved-up couples and their sickening Instagram double-selfies. Here at the interns, we don’t discriminate and have your Feb 14th playlist sorted, whether you’re expecting flowers or dining for one.

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