Bangs Disses Jimmy Fallon, Wins Internet


Last week Jimmy Fallon made the mistake of ridiculing national treasure and Melbourne rapper, Bangs on The Tonight Show. After some back and forth, the beef has escalated to another level, with Bangs firing shots on a Jimmy Fallon diss track late last night. A spokesperson for Jimmy Fallon has stated that Jimmy is in the studio recording a rebuttal to Bangs, and has assured that Jimmy will not take this lying down, officially challenging Bangs to a rap battle on the tonight show, "unless he’s scared to go up against (him)."

More news on this year’s hottest feud as it comes in.



8 Other Reasons Why Taylor Swift Has Beef With Apple


Taylor Swift used her powerful voice this week to bring a corporate giant to the bargaining table, and set a standard that can be nothing but a force for good in the music industry. The youngest woman ever on Forbes’ 100 most powerful people list, and a damn good songwriter if we’re being honest. But our LA correspondent, Rei Barker, has his ears to the gold-paved streets - and there’s more than meets the eye to this little fandango.


She's a descendant of Isaac Newton. When that Apple fell on his head, the consequent theory of gravity was a huge leap for Sir Newton himself, as well as theoretical physics. But children can be oh so cruel. The memories of children taunting a young Taylor with ‘hey smart person,’ and ‘what’s up gravity girl’ in primary school haunt her to this day.


Swift, a Shania Twain fan from a young age, holds her idol in high regard. Unbeknownst to many, Steve Jobs and Ms Twain dated briefly. He callously broke up with her via iMessage, and whilst the turtlenecked-one is no longer with us, Taylor has a long memory.


She was a celebrity Beta tester for the iWatch, and a faulty device gave her a mild electrical shock. She keeps the watch to this day under her bed, and says mean things to it before she goes to sleep at night.



She ‘fucking hates turtlenecks and every fuckwit that wears them.’ She has flat refused to comment any further on this. JOURNALISTS! Do *NOT* bring up turtlenecks if Tay Tay is in the room.


While she has publicly stated that she bears no ill will towards Kanye West for ‘Kanye’ing her,’ he is well known for having a full back piece tattoo of Steve Jobs’ face. "It is kinda smiling, in a smug way, but it also has this wink. It’s literally the worst." 'Nuff said, T Swift.



Taylor is famously allergic to apples. I think this one is a little petty, but I am allergic to K, and I don’t go near K-mart, so more power to her!


Apple CEO Tim Cook (or ‘Tim Cooked’ as he’s known on Sunset Boulevard) was getting a selfie with Rob Schneider, Michelle Obama and one of the lesser-known Baldwins as Taylor was walking past at the Grammys. Not even a sideways glance or invitation. She fired her iPhone into the sun the very next day and bought two Samsung Galaxys out of spite.


Image Source: http://facebook.com/coolaccidents


She’s going to hate me for spilling the beans on this one, but Taylor has never been able to get the ‘Pie Scene’ from American Pie out of her head. She refuses to even speak Jason Biggs’ name, she just calls him Pie Boy and refuses to watch the scenes he’s in in Orange is the New Black, and the natural progression of this thorn in her side extents to the company that bears the namesake of said pie’s contents.


8 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Drugs


Music tells many stories and conveys many positive emotions – love, happiness, the joy of partying, but there’s a no less important darker side too. For better or worse – our LA correspondent has compiled this list of forgotten songs when journalists plumb the annals of drug-related music.

Nine Inch Nails

Arguably Reznor’s magnus opus, later given an unforgettable reworking by Johnny Cash is actually about this one time that Trent stubbed his big toe. It chronicles the agony of bandaging it up, and subsequent use of antibiotics and paracetamol to manage pain and infection – not to mention the self-doubt and existential crises that accompany it.

Cat Stevens
The First Cut is the Deepest

Cat Stevens, pre conversion to Islam, was a heavy intravenous drug user. Lauded for his skillful work hiding cryptic lyrics within the rigid framework of ABAB rhyming couplets, Stevens shares the relatable experience of romanticising one’s first use of a needle, and the endless chase to find that feeling again.

Teenage Dirtbag

An ode to the teenage experience so skillfully written that Wheatus themselves couldn’t even help me properly decode it. ‘We remember that it’s about only being able to get shit weed when you’re young, but the 90s are kind of a haze to be honest with you,’ said the group’s frontman, Brendan B. Brown. That just goes to show that the creative process can sometimes be so intense that the artists themselves sometimes can’t explain it, but perhaps some things are better left as mysteries.

Peter Dodds McCormick
Advance Australia Fair

Australia’s beloved national anthem, first composed in 1878, isn’t most people’s go-to when they need an example of drug music, but in a diary entry in 1895 McCormick wrote – ‘I dinnae the wee bairns down there, it was about a dream I had when I aff my heid on swoop, but whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!’ I don’t quite know what this means or what swoop is, but I’ve been assured by Scottish people that it is indeed a drug reference.

Orinoco Flow/Sail Away

Enya’s finest work to date, or at least most well known.  What isn’t well known is that instead of being an homage to her beautiful homeland of Ireland, the woman of 1000 voices composed this masterpiece in memoriam of her long relationship with Ketamine. ‘Sail Away’ refers to being so deep in a K-Hole that you really aren’t sure if you’ll ever get out, while the verses are just gibberish she came up with that sounded cool at the time.

The Wiggles
Pretty much all their songs

The Wiggles are loved by children and parents alike, but it’s an industry secret that behind closed doors, The Wiggles were having issues coping with fame. Jeff had struggled with Heroin use since his days in The Cockroaches, as evidenced in Wake up Jeff. The classic singalong is actually a plea from his bandmates to stop showing up to practice high as a kite, then falling asleep as soon as no one was looking. Dorothy the Dinosaur was penned by Greg in reference to his alter ego when high on cocaine, and let’s just say it’s no coincidence that Big Red Car dropped around the same time that red Mitsubishis were tearing up clubs from Darwin to St Kilda.

Elvis Presley
Blue Suede Shoes

Even The King of Rock n Roll had his vices. Blue Suede Shoes, which he implores the listener to not take from him, and asserts that they are more important than any of his other possessions, is actual a metaphor for the prescription painkillers he was addicted to at the time. They happened to be a blue colour, and the rest is history. Luckily he kicked the habit and everything turned out completely fine!

Michael Jackson

Jackson wrote the song from the first person perspective of a shitty batch of acid that him and his mates got a hold of. It was no secret at the time that MJ was a space cadet from day dot, and the simple, catchy chorus really nails the point.

Because I'm bad, I'm bad - come on
(Bad bad - really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad - you know it
(Bad bad - really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad - come on, you know
(Bad bad - really, really bad)


Nickelback On Penis Size, Sex & The City And Being "The Most Hated Band In The World"


Whether you love them or hate them it's hard to deny that Nickelback are one of the most talked about bands in the entire world. The Canadians have been making music for nearly two decades and in that time they have endured both hits and hate. Nickelback are not a band we've featured often on this site, if at all, but we jumped at the opportunity to sit down and address the elephant in the room: why are they one of the most hated bands in the world? Of course, that also led to questions about how big their penises are.

We had a candid conversation with keyboardist Ryan Peake and were surprisingly charmed. For best results, listen to the Soundcloud audio. Full interview below.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/theinterns_net/nickelback-interview[/soundcloud]


Rei: You probably get asked the same questions a lot. What do you never get asked? What have you always really wanted to talk about?

Ryan: I never get asked: If I was to write a TV show about the future, what would I do. What have you got? Give me something. What do you think I’ve never been asked?

How big’s your dick?

Hahaha! Funnily enough, I’ve been asked that many times before you know. You can go back on old interviews and you’ll be able to tell exactly how big it is.

Fuck! How boring.

You’ll be happy to know, everybody will be happy to know, it hasn’t gotten any smaller since the last time I said.

I hoped you’d never been asked that before but I guess you’ve been doing this for a while.

We have been doing it for a while but it never gets old.

If you were going to write a TV show about the future, what would it be about? Give me a 30 second synopsis.

Oh, geez...let me think. It would be about finally discovering where the universe came from and Nickelback were the cause of the Big Bang. It would be something about that.

“The NickelBang Theory”.

*laughs* I’ll give you credit for that, I like that.

"We never got into this to be the most hated band in the world, trust me, we never tried to aspire to that."

Thanks, man. I want to take it right back. Obviously Nickelback are very commercially successful. You guys get a lot of hate, as well as a lot of love.


For example, Rolling Stone did a ‘Worst Band of the 90s’ thing and you guys got second behind Creed. Were you just like, “Oh man, we were hoping for number one” or was it like “We don’t really give a shit, we’ve got heaps of money.”

It’s like a sports team. If you’re going to be one of the worst bands, you might as well be the worst. It is what it is and we’ve kind of grown some thick skin and we play for our fans but we definitely get our fair share of people that love to tell us how much they don’t like the band and that’s fine.

If people are fair about it and they don’t like the music for certain reasons, that’s fine. I have absolutely no problem with it. Not everybody likes all types of music. Just when people are blatantly being mean, it’s kind of lame. If you’re clever and funny, I’ll give that to you. I like a joke as much as the next guy.

It gets very easy to tell people how much you hate things. With the internet today, you can hear what everybody thinks. It’s not like you have to be a select journalist or have any qualifications, you can hear from everybody on what they are angry about. And that, in itself, that sentiment itself, is so ubiquitous these days. Twitter’s just poison. People get so angry and upset on that thing. I take it with a grain of salt because I don’t think a lot of these people would do that to people‘s faces.

Truly! I don’t mean that as a threat, if these people are angry at something, “Oh, I hate this person and they’re such a douchebag on TV” or whatever it is and then they meet that person and they’d be like, “er...er…” and they wouldn’t be so courageous in their objections about a certain talent in person because it’s a whole different thing. Online, they just let ‘em have it. I just take it for what it is.

"Twitter's just poison." 

I guess it’s one of those bands, like Creed who got number one in the ‘90s thing, or Justin Bieber, where it’s like plucking low-hanging fruit in a sense. Everyone does it. If you say, “Fuck, I hate this band,” no one’s going to get angry at you for it.

You’re totally right. If somebody told me, “Oh god I hate this band”, no one would care. If you’re trying to pick somebody that’s got a point of reference for people, people are gonna be like, “Oh yeah, I totally get it.” I think we’ve become part of the low-hanging fruit thing. It’s not really clever anymore. If it’s funny, hey man, funny’s funny. And I love comedy stuff. If you want to take the piss out of me, that’s totally fine. Again, if it’s meant to be, if it’s just for the comedy sense of the thing, it’s fine. But if somebody’s being a dick...at least be a real clever dick, don’t just be copying the same stuff. It’s been done. It’s old hat. It’s not new.

What’s the most clever or funny diss that you personally, or Nickelback, have ever got?

You know what, I haven’t seen a ton lately. There’s one, it’s not so clever necessarily, though I did laugh when I read it because I wasn’t expecting it. Billboard magazine that did an article when we signed a touring deal with Live Nation and they made a deal of it. They were like, “Nickelback’s signed with Live Nation for a touring deal” and someone made a comment under that saying, “I wish Nickelback would sign a deal to leave the planet.” I was like…eh. That’s pretty good. That’s fair enough. You hate us so much, you want to shoot us into space. I don’t collect all the clever ones, but when I do burst out laughing, when I haven’t heard it before and it makes me chuckle, I like that. Most of them I’ve heard before.

I’m not particularly a big fan of Nickelback but I’m more just, I don’t care. I can’t be bothered hating shit for the sake of it, I’ve got better things to do.

Well, exactly. I’m a fan of music and I’ve got the bands I like, the bands I don’t like, and I just don’t typically waste my time on that. Especially a journalist. You nailed it right there when you said it’s low-hanging fruit, it seems easy. If you were the first guy then that’s totally fine, I’ll give you kudos for that. But at this point, it seems like such an easy target, it feels like I’ve read this article six thousand times before and I would think people would skip past it. You know, it is what it is.

Yeah. Well, when I got this interview, I was like, what do I do? Do I try to be funny? Do I take the piss?


I’d rather just see what it’s like, you know. That’s not clever to do that, that’s just boring. And it’s like, oh okay, yeah. Some pissfart journalist from Australia thought that he was clever and, I do think I’m clever, but not in that way.

Most journalists do. I’m totally fine with that. I totally don’t expect everyone to like us, you’re a bit delusional if you expect everyone to like you. You can’t please everybody all the time. But, like I said, just be fair. If you just don’t like the band because of A, B and C, that’s totally cool.

People don’t realise that this band is made up of four people all lumped into one entity. And there’s four different personalities of actual people in this band and some are portrayed louder than others and that’s the band. We never got into this to be the most hated band in the world, trust me, we never tried to aspire to that.

"If somebody's being a dick, at least be a clever dick."

Which one are you? Which Ninja Turtle are you?

What do you mean? *laughs* They’re a little bit past my time. Who else could I compare us to?

It’s like the four personality types: Ninja Turtles, Sex and the City, Entourage…the four temperaments, you know?

Exactly. That I get. And you’ve just listed three things…that would be a trap for me to answer, to compare me to which Sex and the City girl I’m like…

Everyone thinks they’re Carrie, but they’re not, y’know?

Exactly, everyone wants to be the Carrie.

I don’t know, maybe Chad’s Carrie. He seems like he might be a bit of a Carrie.

I would say he’s the…who’s the one who’s always getting laid all the time?


She seems like she’d be a fun match. We all have our moments but I think I’m the Switzerland of the band in a sense. I never got into the fame…fame is a very strange thing in that it comes part and parcel with what we do. I like to play music and I like to hear people sing along and that’s what makes me happy.

Is Avril Lavigne cool?

Is she cool? Yeah, she’s great.

Because I guess everyone was like, “What the fuck? (Chad and Avril) are getting married?” Like, you know?

Yeah, I know. I know.

I actually did hear a pretty cool stripped-back piano cover she did of How You Remind Me and it’s pretty good. I actually really liked that.

Yeah. I was surprised to hear that, they showed me when she recorded and I thought it was better than our version! *laughs*

Yeah, me too! It was definitely not what I expected. Sk8er Boi is a Karaoke song that I go to sometimes but I was like, okay yeah, sick. This is cool. It was well done.

Absolutely. And I think it’s very brave of anybody to cover a Nickelback song. You really put yourself out there. *laughs*

Was that pre-relationship? Or during?

You know what? I would totally be guessing. I remember him showing it to me and I don’t recall. I think it was early relationship.

It would be so cool if it was pre-relationship and he got in touch like, “Thanks. That song is dope.” And then they got together from that. That’d be sick.

*Laughs* I’d like to think they’d meet us first. I don’t know anyone who was brave enough to cover without meeting us first. Like I said, they really put themselves out there in that way.

Last question: What’s your least favourite band ever?

Oh geez. I don’t really know if I have one. I’d be slinging mud. I’ll be doing to them what people have been doing to us, I’m not going to do it.


Ok, Habits.

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Nickelback embark on their Australian 'No Fixed Address' tour this May. For ticket information, head here.