Trash Or Treasure? The Week's Most Iconic Looks In Music


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Trash or treasure gives us a chance to look over the week past's most eyeball worthy looks and decide if we're going to copy them or appreciate them from afar.

Beyoncé has bought out a line of temporary tattoos and has announced this with a smouldering black and white photo series featured in CR Fashion Book. Because if you want to make your product launch cool, who else to associate yourself with but Carine Roitfeld. The new festival accessory. Still... Chanel did it first.

Frank Ocean
You’re not my favourite person right now Frank. He was looking very unimpressed in New York last week, probably because he’s sick of being heckled. I get it, it’s annoying but god dammit Frank, hurry up, just HURRY UP! Ooo is that an Acne bag I see.

Miley Cyrus
Well isn’t this a nice change from those Borat mankini things Miley frequently seems to wear. She should definitely channel this Edie/Twiggy look more often. Whilst the dress screams disco chic, her hair and make-up are the flawless feature of this cover. One of her best looks to date.

Vic Mensa & ASAP Rocky
Lollapalooza attendees were prettyyyyy excited to see these two together on stage. Chilling backstage at the festival posing with some major attitude, this duo has legit street cred in the fashion world (Vic Mensa has his own shoe deal with Puma and well A$AP is the number one pretty boy).


I ? @zuluinternational

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Dear Lord. She looks like she could easily fit into the Capulet party scene in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, which has pretty much been my costume goals ever since I saw that movie 17 years ago . So in my eyes, she’s winning. The native was attending the Barbados Crop Over Festival which held annually to celebrate the end of the sugarcane harvest. She wearing a custom made Kadooment Day ZuluIntl Mockingjay costume.


Red Dragon

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“I like to wake up with none of my clothes or phones by me and just not know what happened and try to spend the next day figuring it out.” But by the look of his colour coordinated outfit, I still think he has his shit together.

Rachel Clark

Music is a huge part of the brand Burberry. If you didn’t know this, just have a look at one of their advertisements and fashion shows frequently featuring new musicians. More so they have dedicated a component of their website to showcasing them. In 2010, Christopher Bailey (Creative Director) established Burberry Acoustic to use the brand as a platform to expose local music talent.

17 year old indie folk singer songwriter Rachel Clark from Cambridge, who plays the guitar, cello and piano was selected for the latest shoot. Judging by her online following she is still very unknown. For now.

Sam Smith

After the kicks there's little old mixed-up me

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Stealth. The new face of Balenciaga has definitely upped his fashion game since he emerged onto the scene.

Willow Smith
An icon photo series shot by icons themselves. Carine Roitfeld and Jean Paul Goude have collaborated for Septembers issue of Harpers Bazaar and Willow Smith was chosen to represent one of Carine’s favourite figures, Hindu goddess Kali of power/empowerment.

Lenny Kravitz
Woah… Drop it like it’s hot Lenny. The trending story last week: Lenny’s wardrobe malfunction. This guy really does stay true to his style, accessories are his thing.... His necklace. I was talking about his necklace.


Trash Or Treasure? Splendour In The Grass' Most Memorable Looks


We've had a week to deal with the fact that Splendour In The Grass is over for another year but that doesn't mean we can't still learn something. As much as music festivals are about the music, fashion continues to play a huge part both on and off stage. Here are the most memorable looks from Splendour.

Tkay Maidza

? @fromthepit666

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Just as she promised she “went all out”. Deciding to get a custom made pilot suit for the occassion months ago (cute!) she drew one of the largest crowds of the day. Bouncing around on stage, the adorable, full of life rapper is a great reminder to not taken anything too seriously, especially fashion. And the fashion peeps have already caught on. She’s already appeared in Australian Vogue and Nylon and fronted the Mimco x Frends collaboration campaign.

Azealia Banks
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words but there is only one for this: Gurllll! Whilst she has expressed her disapproval about the hip hop and fashion world colliding, her fashion choices are obvious form of self expression. Reflecting her loud and boisterous style, her very short, tight and colourful outfit looked amazing on her. In saying that with the length of her legs, she could pretty much wear anything. Bitch.

Client Liason

Splendour In The House ?☁️ time ? @biancaholderness

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Their style is definitely nostalgic. Everything from their band name, their hairstyles to their outfits evokes an Australian 8’0s corporate vibe. Hence their Splendour outfits. Monte Morgan strutted around in an apricot lapel suit with matching shoes and white socks. Harvey Miller contrasted in a sky blue version and accessorised his look with some pale pink shoulder length earring. They took their stage performance one step further and had backup dancers in 80’s aerobics leotards. I’m not sure if they intended to, but they looked hilarious.

Florence Welch

Image: SMH

Image: SMH

I know, I know she seems to feature a lot in these list, but come on…. Look at her! As most festival goers these days desperately try to recreate a scene from Almost Famous by kitting themselves from head to toe (in not necessarily fashionable) vintage, Florence polished and contemporary twist on the 60’s/70’s trend can’t be beaten. At one point in her performance, spinning and twirling around on stage she got caught up in her amazing lightweight flowy cream top and threw it into the crowd. Whoever the person who managed to get their hands on it, so help me God if you don’t treat that piece of material like treasure...

Patience Hodgson from The Grates

If you had to judge how much fun one was having at Splendour by what they were wearing then Patience Hodgson was more excited than everyone. Or as Phoebe from Friends puts it “ You’re like Santa Clause on Prozac, at Disneyland, getting laid!” Her wearable art was created by designer Rachel Burke. Whilst I personally think she resembles a giant jellyfish or a pinata, the creative and crafty singer of The Grates (who hosts a DIY/ How-to web series “Fancy Free”) seemed to be thrilled with it.

Johnny Marr

Image: Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail

One of the genuine rock and roll style icons that still remains today. Johnny Marr , the charming and fashion conscious musician, looked every bit that in his red button up and tailored black velvet blazer (which is pretty much the sexiest piece of clothing a guy can wear). His embroidered blue and red floral guitar strap was small reminder of his cool individual style.

Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice

Image: Blank Gold Coast

Image: Blank Gold Coast

ASOS and Polyvore are already trying to recreate her looks, so I guess it’s safe to say Ellie Rowsell is one of the new style crushes of fashion. Her style is a juxtaposition of raw 90’s grunge with something girly, pretty, glittery or sparkly. Her approach to dressing for festivals: getting a little dressed up, as long as it make her feel a bit more special. The jacket she wore performing at Splendour was gaw-jus.

Megan Washington

Image: Markus Ravik

Image: Markus Ravik

Diverging from the indie hipster style usually seen at Splendour, I’m going to go ahead and say this year was all about the colour and the sparkles. Lots of sparkles. An on-stage favourite amongst many performers, Megan Washington jumped on board of the trend. Just as she describes her style, she is a “modern Sally Bowles”.

Kevin Parker from Tame Impala

Image: The Music

Image: The Music

His distinctive style is reminiscent of his band’s sound, disorientated but dazzling. Admitting he’s not interested in fashion, he wore a tie-dyed t-shirt and still had his signature scarf draped around his neck. Pleasing the crowd with very visual psychedelic backdrop, he just blended in.

Ecca Vandal

Image: Music Feeds

Image: Music Feeds

Well she certainly has a stage presence… The “enigma” as she keeps being referred to, fiery punk persona (it’s not just her style) is adventurous and energetic, which always makes one interesting to watch. Plus she kind of reminds me of a character that could be in “The Fifth Element”.


Trash Or Treasure? The Week’s Most Iconic Looks In Music

Fashion_12JulyHere at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn this week by people in the music biz.

Solange hosting Kiehl’s Pioneers By Nature Party in London


Get out. Where is the praised hands emoji on the keyboard when you need it?? Looking pretty as a peach (on the top), pairing a full length bronzed pleated skirt and yellowy green metallic shoes isn’t something most people would even think of assembling. But (I’m sure) without even second guessing it, Solange does. Fashion statement indeed.

Leon Bridges

Stavernfest 2015 Photo by @bomboclatleigh

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This old-school debonair newcomer is becoming known just as much for his approach to fashion as he is for his music. Admitting he dresses nearly exclusively in vintage, his sound and flair is a throwback to a soulful era. Sharp indeed, there’s still a smoothness and a relaxed attitude evoked in Bridges' sense of style. I dig his vibe.

Charli XCX 


Whilst a lot of people will be hating on this, I don’t mind it. Charli XCX can be pretty ballsy with her fashion but this cute overly girly is still something different for her. Attending the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 10th Anniversary party she choose to wear a head to toe look from their Spring 2015 Couture Collection. Very few, however, can pull off a look straight from the runway. If she had personalised this with different shoes it could been a lot more impressive. Also she totally should have kept it off the shoulder as they did on the runway.

Tori Amos at Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Anniversary Party


The art meets fashion, avant garde designer duo Viktor & Rolf are all about the theatrics. So they appropriately choose long time collaborator, Tori Amos, to be the soundtrack of the night. The simple yet dramatic outfit she wore accessorised with bold and quirky glasses, suited the brands aesthetic as well as the spectacular backdrop of the Parisian La Trianon theatre.

A$AP Rocky featured on GQ’s instagram

As he puts it, “fashion is almost like a religion”. Amen. The kid know how to dress and after numerous features, interviews and appearances on their best dressed list it’s not surprising GQ is a HUGE fan. The recent instagram post showcases A$AP’s experimental and varied style. No doubt with with his extensive fashion knowledge and natural sense of style, he had a lot of input in this outfit choice.

Ruby Rose


Before she was an actress and everyone’s choice for “who I’d turn for”, Ruby Rose was a DJ and recording artist. DJing at Pacha nightclub in New York, her silver vest and shorts combo went perfectly with her colourful tattoos covering her body. Even though she looks amazing in full length dress, I don’t think anyone rocks the masculine tomboy style better than her.

Lauryn Hill Performing at Tory Burch’s Party in Paris


Apparently it was the biggest party of the year and the main contributor was Lauryn Hill’s performance. The Moroccan themed garden party held in a 17th century mansion’s courtyard was an exquisite setting but it was Lauryn’s appearance that captured everyone’s attention. The “inspiring, brilliant, divine” (as the designer described her) looked just that. Wearing white mini dress, long sleeveless overcoat, and thigh-high gladiator sandals, Hill’s outfit emulated the party’s theme beautifully.

Jay Sharrock, Alex Turner, Miles Kane and Jeff Wootton


If anyone going to make the cut for best-dressed lists, it's English rockers. Seen at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London looking a little weird but cool because they couldn’t care less.

Lily Allen at Wireless Festival


She seems happy. This is probably before she got rejected from the VIP area. Looking very trendy in her pink MCM backpack, midriff, sneakers and mirror sunglasses, my eyes were still drawn initially to her chest. I know she’s not wearing a bra...but she should.


Trash Or Treasure? The Week’s Most Iconic Looks In Music


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn this week by people in the music biz, from Glastonbury stunners to some front row shockers.

Florence Welch at Glastonbury 


Dancing barefoot around the stage in her custom made Chanel suit, Florence Welch had just as much fun headlining Friday night at Glastonbury as everyone in the crowd did watching her. The chic - androgynous outfit allowed her to move freely and resulted in an enthusiastic and explosive performance. Foregoing her usual whimsical '70s style for an outstanding high fashion look has become Florence's style lately and it seems she's onto a winning thing.

Pete Doherty at Glastonbury


Sending the crowd wild when being announced as the surprise act on the famous Pyramid Stage, The Libertines didn’t disappoint and played an incredible set. Not as surprising however was Pete Doherty appearance in shambles. Despite recently coming out of rehab, the musican didn’t exactly look fresh and well rested. His outfit of choice though suited the indie rock band and did look very similar to something his ex-girlfriend and unofficial face of Glastonbury, Kate Moss, would wear to the festival.


Paloma Faith at Glastonbury

Festival ready in my full @fizzyfingers garb!!! #glastonbury

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Her everyday look still has a fancy dress like feel to it, but I think she step it up for roaming around Glastonbury. Completely out of the ordinary and not everyone's cup of tea, the English singers relaxed attitude towards fashion is that “Getting dressed should be a fun experience!” Playful and flamboyant in a multi coloured poncho and leopard print wellies, no doubt she’s having a ball here.

James Bay Glastonbury


Call his music folk rock or indie pop, whatever it is his style looked everything bit typical Glastonbury. Wearing his signature hat, military jacket and reflective sunglasses, his best accessory was his red vintage looking guitar. The musican who was hand picked by Christopher Bailey to perform at the SS15 Burberry Prorsum show and where Mario Testino approached him for a photoshoot, seems like he will be transferring to the fashion world sometime soon.


Grace Chatto at Glastonbury


Whilst she does look like she could be going to the gym, sport luxe is the all the rave and is becoming increasingly more popular at festivals. Looking a lot more sensible than her on stage fur coat choice, which could hold up in a Russian winter.  Wearing an Adidas outfit and Calvin Klein jacket, the Clean Bandit cellist and vocalist topped the look off with some very cool Linda Farrow sunglasses.

Everything Everything at Glastonbury 


Looking like a modern Franki Valli and the Four Seasons in their matching suits (well, jackets), Everything Everything played to a large audience, where the only criticism of their set was that it was too short. As they climb the ranks of the later slots time in years to come maybe they’ll upgrade from the red, orange and pink. Sorry, guys…

Adele at Glastonbury



She’s back! For her rare appearance, Adele looked festival appropriate in an embroidered tunic, black jeans, ankle boots and a maroon Chanel bag. Looking comfortable yet stylish, I’m sure her emergence has reminded all fans how excited they will be to hear her upcoming stuff. She is reportedly working with Pharrell Williams on her third album.

Elektra Kilbey-Jansson from Say Lou Lou

paris je t'aime ??✨?

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One half of the Say Lou Lou duo. They describe their music as “ethereal disco noir” which pretty much sums up their style too. Elektra Kilbey-Jansson here in Paris looking understatedly feminine. Only having just released their debut album in April, they are definitely one to watch out for both music and fashion wise. They’ll be the new Florence Welch.

Johnny Hallyday, Lenny Kravitz and Liam Gallagher at Saint Laurent, Paris Fashion Week


The French rocker, the American rocker and the English rocker. Hallyday and Kravitz look every bit the divine rock stars they are and well Liam… looks like he’s just come off a trek in Nepal. Together they sit front row at the Saint Laurent menswear spring/summer 2016 show.

Sky Ferreira at Saint Laurent, Paris Fashion Week

@skyferreira sitting pretty front row at Saint Laurent. #pfw | photo cred: Stephane Feugere

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Saint Laurent’s favourite indie pop singer (she's modelled for the brand’s style book twice before) usually has a classic cool girl look but in this instance looks a little unpolished for the front row. With her 'couldn’t give a fuck' attitude and her tough accessories, I guess she’s just staying true to her style. Props on the jacket though.

Ryn Weaver

✨ ✨✨ Clothes created with the gorgeous @ginacorrell and photographed by @hannahsider for @tumblr #tumblrirl

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Indie pop artist, Ryn Weaver certainly has presence. Somehow she makes this awkward pose look graceful. Proving the '70s trend isn’t going anywhere she models a dress that is reflective of her own style.  Photographed for tumblr in a Gina Correll creation.

Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik at Maison Valentino, Paris Fashion Week

Well looky here. I like the change in boy band style (or perhaps ex-boy band). Zayn Malik took a break from doing nothing to hang out at Maison Valentino menswear show in Paris with his “homie” (according to Jonas’ tweet). Both dressed in Valentino they almost looked like they colour coordinated. Even if they did, you can’t deny, the boys have swag. This was also Zayn’s first fashion show. Good choice, Zayn.


Trash Or Treasure? The Week's Most Iconic Looks In Music


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn this week by people in the music biz, from some serious man candy lost me at man candy.

GQ’s 20 Most Stylish Men Alive

The GQ team took it upon themselves to trawl through thousands of male celebrity street style photos to compile a list of whose they would most like to steal. To ensure the most deserved of fashionable men where chosen, the following rules of thumb were adhered to:

1. Celebrities on the list may not necessarily be ones who spend the most cash on designer clothes (even though Kanye topped the list) or hire the best stylists.
2. Those who make the list must be guys who carry themselves through the world with confidence and originality (don’t know how original John Mayer is, but okay)
and who also:
3. Follow their own spirit guides (Can Pharrell be my spirit guide?).


Image: GQ

The list of musicians that were included are as follows (from top left):
1. Kanye West
2. Pharrell
3. A$AP Rocky
4. Mark Ronson
5. Harry Styles
6. Jay Z
7. Jaden Smith
8. John Mayer

Madonna in the Bitch, I’m Madonna music video 

(ft. Nicki Minaj with Diplo, Kanye West, Rita Ora and, for a split second, Alexander Wang, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus) 


So much for the Queen of reinvention. Madonna’s endless attempts to push the boundaries and be provocative are getting a bit old (just like the singer herself). The video in general along with the Moschino-heavy costumes (no one would actually call them outfits) are nauseating. Also, banding a group a celebrities together for a video was sooo Taylor Swift a month ago.

Drake wearing his clothing brand, Octobers’ Very Own


After snubbing Drake in their 20 Most Stylish Men Alive list, GQ posted this picture, along with the caption, "Drake's yellow sweatsuit sucks". Ouch. He can add that to his list of woes.


OVO's new WOES snapbacks in IYRTITL font. I'll take '6'.


Kylie Minogue at British Summer festival in London


Age-defying Kylie Minogue looked every bit the 25 year old she wishes she was. The queen of dancepop did, however, dazzle in Dolce & Gabbana. Her delightful and cheeky performance was just as much about her outfits as much as it was about her music.

Paul McCartney at his Philadelphia Concert

Philadelphia! Thanks for the LOVE! #outthere

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Always one to rock a suit (or a variation of one), the eternally stylish Paul McCartney looks classic and chic at his concert in Philadelphia.

Zoë Kravitz


Reinforcing her rock royalty title, the singer/ actress/ model arrives at LAX showing us only few could pull this off without looking like they were trying too hard. Her authentic style floats between bohemian (like her Mum) and rock (like her Dad) and sometimes she blends the two together.

Kanye West on Japan Vogue Cover


If you listen really hard you can hear Kim Kardashian weeping like a little kid left out in the playground. Kanye gets a second mention this week because if you grace multiple fashion covers in the short time he has then whatever, you're perfect. The Givenchy Gang consists of Artistic Director Riccardo Tisci, sister in law Kendall Jenner, musician Jamie Bochert, actress Jessica Chastain and other models Mica Arganaraz and Akimoto Kozue.

Christina Milian


If style is a way of expressing who you are without having to speak, I wouldn’t want a lilac satin bomber jacket and neon pink shoes speaking on my behalf. Even if they are Giuseppe Zanotti. It looks like Christina’s style hasn’t evolved much from her AM to PM glory days.

The Weeknd

He’s already got some fashion cred after taking over Alexander Wang’s instagram at Coachella so it’s not surprising The Weeknd’s recent instagram photo looks like a snap from a photo shoot. Not one to give too much away, his vibe is mysterious and shadowy and his look is urban and simple.

Diana Ross at her daughter’s wedding


Didn’t really go for the matronly look, did she? Not one to do subtle though, She epitomises glamour in a Vivienne Westwood Red Label gown. At 71, I say if you can get away with it, do it.



10 Looks In Music This Week

Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn (or not worn) this week by people in the music biz, from stunning fashion campaigns to some questionable birthday suits.


Katy Perry


A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

While the brand may have been cooler in the '90s, Katy’s a devoted fan and her fun and quirky style makes her a very fitting choice to be the new face of Moschino.

Lionel Richie + Tinie Tempah at The Ivy Club.


One of the best dressed men in music today standing alongside a veteran whose style expands way beyond his fashion choices; the hip hop artist and the soul singer both look incredibly stylish at Tommy Hilfiger's dinner celebrating London Collection Men SS16.

Jennifer Lopez in Prince Royce’s and Pitbull’s Back it Up video


Still refusing to give up her ‘girl from the hood’ style in her forties, the ultimate diva's sexiness is undeniable. Seen here in Mugler.

Lorde on Vogue's July cover


Chosen to front the cover of Vogue’s July Music Issue, Edwina McCann (Editor in Chief of the magazine) said it perfectly: “She is fiercely intelligent, equally talented, and I am very proud of this, her first Vogue Australia cover.” Congratulations, Lorde!

Foxes in an upcoming H&M campaign 


Are we not all sick of festival fashion yet? Although a step down from her usual looks, Grammy winner Foxes still looks beautiful as the new face of H&M.

Miley Cyrus on Paper magazine's cover


Carolina Herrera can add another celebrity to her list. Commenting on dresses worn by Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala this year, Herrera states “In life, there should be a little mystery. They’re supposed to be fashion icons and they’re not wearing anything.” Speaking as an animal right activist throughout the article though, I say Miley gets the benefit of the doubt.

Mark Ronson & Keyone Starr on the Alan Carr Finale 

Just like their performance, the duo’s look epitomises retro chic with that soulful vibe.

Every bit the gentlemen, Ronson yet again puts his own spin on tailoring and unknown musician Keyone Starr (who features on Ronson's album, Uptown Special) is a like a modern Donna Summers.

Anthony Kiedis and his son for Marc Jacobs 


Marc Jacobs is all about the musicians this season. In the evolving campaign Jacob explains that the ads “feature friends, each of whom evoke a sense of intrigue and inspiration and collectively provoke a true consideration for individuality”. So far each choice has reflected exactly that.

Justin Bieber at Calvin Klein Event in Hong Kong



Standing next to Kendall Jenner in Hong Kong promoting Calvin Klein, Justin Bieber looks every bit the model she does (shockingly). First it was the car ride with James Corden, now this. I have to say I kinda get what all the beliebers are going on about.

Mariah Carey - The Elusive Chanteuse 

Jean Paul Goude, Carine Roitfeld, Stephen Gan and….. Mariah Carey? And she had to wear pink to meet them, didn’t she…


10 Looks In Music To Channel (Or Avoid) This Week


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best (and worst) threads worn this week by people in the fashion biz, from some festival favourites, all the way down to some total douchebags.

Rihanna in NY

Looking cute but cas in her hoodie, pumas and stonewashed jeans whilst running errands during the day = Cool.
Rocking up to a nightclub in the Meatpacking district later that night in her hoodie, pumas and less exciting jeans = Not so cool.

FKA twigs at Parklife in Manchester


Image: Getty


Absolute rockstar. Whether you think this framed denim Faustine Steinmet ensemble is ultra cool or just plain heinous, the UK goddess can basically pull off anything. The Agent Provocateur body suit though… No one can argue against that.

Pharrell at the Dope Premier in LA 


Spending my week's wage . Whatever, I don't need to eat.

Chris Brown on set of Pia Mia’s new single Do It Again


Image: Daily Mail

This guy just just keep confirming his douchebag title. The Bruce Jenner comment, this pose, this outfit. And they’re only examples from this week.

Sophie Ellis Bextor At the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards



She killed the groove again but did not murder the red carpet.

Ellie Goulding At the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards



“I’m sorry, do you have some prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?”

Usher at the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner

Image: Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail

Looking proud as punch (awww) after being honoured and accepting his award on the night, Usher looks very suave in his grey marbled, shiny suit.

Grace Jones at Parklife UK

Image: Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail

Step aside Bey, Graces Jones might have just won most fearless on-stage presence. And she’s 67! Insane.

St Vincent 


Mixing with fashion's elite alongside gf Cara Delevingne, Annie Clark looked adorable whilst sticking to her style at Stella McCartney Spring 2016 Resort Presentation.

Nicki Minaj

Damn, gurl! Queen of Booty (sorry, Kim) looks amazing on her new Cosmopolitan cover.
Yay to her stripped down, more natural look that she’s recently adopted (well, not always but she’s getting better).