the interns’ Saturday Mix #7


While we are all still trying to come to terms with the idea that Hello Kitty, is in fact, not a cat (pause for effect), some of us have been left frazzled, disheartened and absolutely incapable of putting together a suitable mix or two for the weekend. This is where we come in. the interns are here once again to mend this cat-astrophe; whether it be at a party or taking the dog for a walk, there’s no need for any of those unnecessary awkward silences.

Dizzy: Music to crunch to

Time to feel the burn. Remember, my Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun. You want people to stare, you want people to gasp at just how big your…crunches are. This mix is going to give you that little bit of oomph to get you going in the gym.


Wayward – Nest HQ MiniMix: Music to make friends with

The dancefloor is an awkward place at best- a mixture of those who can dance, partnered with some of the most uncoordinated and intoxicated animals you have ever seen. Use this mix to make sense of it all. It’s the perfect beat to shimmy over to a new friend and introduce yourself. Not too fast, not too slow. Just the perfect touch for a night time meeting.

Cashmere Cat – Rinse FM Podcast: Music to squeak the bed

What better way to cure your lack of music dilemma than with the purrrrfect mix from none other than the feline turntable-ist himself, Cashmere Cat.  Take this mix however it comes naturally. It’s a blend of R&B, hip hop and just Cashmere’s original squeaky twang. Your bed is there to be bounced on, so go wild!


Club Nights Episode 38: Mum I ate too much sugar…

The cure? Dance it off. You are certainly not going to be sitting still after this firecracker blows out your speakers. Lactic acid burning up, breaking a sweat, repetitive dance moves – whatever it takes to itch that scratch, just move!



GORILLA VS. BEAR AUGUST 2014: Music to nurse your hangover

Sometimes your Friday night knock-off drink leads to another, then another, until next thing you know, you’re allured by the smell of Pie Face and cursing Barry O’Farrell for ending your night ‘early’. This is a mix for those who went a little too hard before the weekend even began. Lie back, rest those dancing feet, and be soothed by the likes of Drake and Kero Kero Bonito as you reach for the second round of Panadol Rapid.



3 Aussie music conferences you need to attend this Summer


We don’t all have the time or the funds to jet off to Austin Texas for SXSW, to Miami for Miami Music Week or even Amsterdam for their Dance Event conference. But does this mean we all must miss out? Not at all. Like many of our homegrown artists, Australia is starting to make its mark on the international music scene, conferences included.

Some of us have a talent but do not know how to market themselves, or need that extra push in the right direction. Others just have an unshakable passion for music and want to find out how the industry works. It’s time to go beyond the gig or festival – here are three awesome and slightly more affordable conferences you need to attend this Summer, right on your doorstep!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.29.23 AM


Sept 10-12 Brisbane

Genre: Anyone and everyone – local up-and-comers in indie pop, rock + electronica

Leading the charge for our first of the awesome Aussie music conference this season, BIGSOUND is creeping up on us ever so quickly with a line-up better than ever before. The conference is in its 13th year so it must be doing something right, with a strong international influence as well as a passion for showcasing the best of the best in local talent. Brisbane will once again play host to over 120 bands in 12 venues plus some of the biggest names in the music industry – including representatives from SXSW, Bonnaroo and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

Why go?: BIGSOUND has been dropping speaker announcements like they were major festival line-ups – a lot of talented individuals are going to be there. However, you do not necessarily have to go to the conference to have a great time and enjoy the up-and-coming talent, both nationally and internationally, with BIGSOUND LIVE providing a much more affordable option. Plus its an A&R mega hub – the bookers want to meet you as much as you want to meet them.

Key Speakers/Artists : Alison Wonderland, Banoffee, Fractures, KLO, Spookyland, Tkay Maidza

BIGSOUND Ticket Price: Prices start from $550

BIGSOUND LIVE Ticket Price: Prices start from $51


Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.34.10 AM


Nov 13-16 Melbourne

Genre: Roots

AWME has cemented itself as the Southern Hemisphere’s premier roots music industry conference and showcase event, held annually in Melbourne over four days in November. This genre specific conference and festival attracts over 500 national and international music industry delegates with a divers public festival program. AWME creates opportunities for artists from the region to market their product to Australian and international buyers. In 2013, over two-thirds of showcasing artists plus countless other non-showcasing artists benefited directly from the event including national and international festival bookings, distribution, licensing, publishing, agency representation in new markets as well as increased national and international media coverage/exposure.

Why go?: It’s pretty simple really, four days of the finest roots music from around the world. If you are into that genre, then this is your Mecca.

Key Speakers/Artists : Ash Grunwald, Benny Walker, Bart Willoughby, Louis Baker (NZ) + Basil Cook (ABC Music) 

Ticket Price: Early-bird prices start from $180



Electronic Music Conference (EMC)

Dec 2-4 Sydney

Genre: EDM, Dance, DnB, House + some + anything Stereosonic

The annual Electronic Music Conference is about to head into its 3rd year this December. Previously held at Carriageworks Sydney, in 2014 the conference will be relocating to the Kings Cross precinct. Like all conferences, the opportunities to network and learn are endless – A&R meet and greets, drinks with your fellow artists, masterclasses from the big touring artists, panel debates as well as keynote talks from your idols in the industry. This move across town will allow EMC to expand beyond just a daytime industry-focused conference, with EMC Play, a program of public evening showcase events, set to take place at some of Sydney’s best music venues. Think SXSW but with a serious Aussie Summer twist.

Why go?: To state the obvious, EDM and electronic music is not for everyone. However, EMC is smack bang in the middle of the Stereosonic Australia tour, making it a great time to celebrate the electronic music scene in Sydney. Everyone just wants to have a good time, artists and delegates included. Most importantly, this year’s theme is ‘Discovery’. The event aims to be a crucial stepping stone in connecting Australian electronic music talent with some of the world’s biggest talent buyers and A&R Executives who are coming to EMC with the goal of discovering and booking Australian talent. Want to get seen and your music heard? Then this is your chance!

Key Speakers/Artists (1st Round Announcement) : Steve Aoki, Will Sparks, Nina Las Vegas, Peking Duck, Gary Richards (Hard Events/Destructo), Lorne Padman (Dim Mak Records) & Nathan Mclay (Future Classic)

Ticket Price: Early-bird prices start from $299


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the interns’ Saturday mix #6

saturdaymix2 It’s that time of the week again. You guessed it, it’s Saturday! And what better way to celebrate than with the delivery of our newest bundle of joy, the intern’s 6th Saturday Mix. Make sure your iPod is charged, your glass is full and you’ve kicked your parents out of the house for the weekend because Saturday’s don’t come around that often…

Diplo – Random White Dude: Music to make you sweat

If you have ever seen Major Lazer live, then you would understand. Before you can even yell “Diplo!” you find that you have your shirt off, waving it around in the air and you have sweated out more than most marathon runners would in a lifetime. It’s time to turn the heat up, cause things are about to get a little down and dirty and you have no choice in the matter. F&*k Winter. [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/diplo/diplo-random-white-dude-be-on-kiis-fm-mix#t=0:00[/soundcloud]

Luen – August Mixtape: Music for the ladie$

When was the last time you heard Khia’s My Neck, My Back? What about Eve’s Let Me Blow Ya Mind? Luen has set you up with a plethora of female-led tracks you have come to know and love, but with her own signature chiller vibe. While the oestrogen may be flowing, boys don’t back down, this Sydney up-and-comer mixes an hour of recognisable hits which you will enjoy as well, I’m sure. [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/luenmusic/mixtape-4-the-ladies[/soundcloud]

Broncho: Music to give you all the feels

Think Love Song Dedications, but on steroids. This is sure to fill that gaping hole in your love life, or at least give you the warm and fuzzies. Time to grab your lover, partner or teddy bear and cosy up to an hour of feelings, and some sweet classics. [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/i-d-online-1/broncho-music-to-garden-to[/soundcloud]

Milo and Otis – TomorrowWorld: Music to annoy the neighbours

So you have shitty neighbours who steal your car parking spot, they have a crying one year old baby, or they feel the need to dob you into the cops every Saturday night. Well it’s pay back time. You are going to borrow your mates best sub-woofer, and engineer the best bass sound system you neighbourhood has ever seen. Turn it right up, cause it is time to unleash this mix….they ain’t going to be sleeping tonight.


John Barera – FACT Mix 456: Music to own the side walk

Today is a good day. No wait, today is a great day. And what do you do on great days? You strut. You just skip about town, with a grin the size of a small country and strut that oozes confidence. No one is going to get you down, and this mix is sure to amp up your contentedness with life, and quite possibly elongate your strides!



5 Music TED talks you need to watch


Founded in 1984, TED talks have inspired us, challenged our perceptions of the world, offered us advice, entertained us, held a mirror up to society, and opened our eyes to a new world of fun and possibility. Their catch phrase is “Ideas worth spreading,” and among other things, music can truly benefit from the words and fresh forward thinking of it’s industry leaders. Here five music-infused TED talks to stir your curiosity and tide the time over until 5:30 Friday knock off.

“How sampling transformed music”

Mark Ronson – Music producer and DJ

He has produced music for the likes of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lily Allen and Bruno Mars and in 2008 he won the Brit Award for Best Solo Artist. While it may seem like a lifetime ago since we have heard an album drop from British DJ, producer and all-round turntable whizz kid Mark Ronson, earlier this year (May to be exact), saw him grace the stage for his first ever TED talk. His topic choice? Sampling.

Why you should watch it?: Well, did you know Miley Cyrus‘ song We Can’t Stop is a sample of La Di Da Di, Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s 1984 hit? Ronson’s effortlessly original 18minute speech shows a short, yet informative and entertaining look at how the sampling of music has evolved into, and influenced every corner of the modern music industry. Sampling isn’t about “hijacking nostalgia wholesale,” says Mark Ronson. “It’s about inserting yourself into the narrative of a song while also pushing that story forward.” Just as smooth as he is with the decks, he sprinkles his performance with an unexpectedly cheeky sense of humour which is an added bonus.

“The Gloves”

Imogen Heap – Songwriter and composer

With five albums under her belt, the relentless experimenter Imogen Heap, has always been a fan of music electronica. Leaping onto the TED stage for the second time, in 2012, she serves up an all-inspiring, all-body, mesmerising feast for the senses. As a trained composer, multi-instrumentalist and uber talented singer, Heap playfully brings to life her passion for samples, technology and of course, her music.

Why you should watch it?: If you have a curiosity for the future of music, then this TED music talk is right up your alley. While we do not want to spoil all the fun for you, it can be said that technology and music together are capable of creating a unique and beautiful experience – and Imogen Heap truly has the music in her hands…

“Engineering a viral music video”

Adam Sadowsky – Videographer, entrepreneur and actor

Who is Adam Sadowsky? Well, everybody knows the OK Go video for Here it goes again – 52 million of you in fact. He is the genius behind that viral video and many more thereafter. Sadowsky is the president of Syyn Labs – a collective of talented people that bring aesthetics and engineering together to create really nifty interactive art. Basically this guy, is an ideas man. As emerging technologies and social media have changed the face of music forever, bands such as OK go have had to think outside the box, to get themselves noticed – using the internet and Youtube as their primary promotional tool.

Why should you watch it?: “Music, machines and life.” That’s how Adam sums it up. If you are a fan of getting that “behind the scenes” scoop on a video, or you are a self confessed music nerd, then you need to watch Adam Sadowsky. Even if you are not a big muso, you will appreciate the painstaking work, machinery and effort which goes behind these viral success stories.

“How I started to write songs again”

Sting – Singer/Songwriter

Sting is a legend amongst artists – well, that’s what my mother tells me. He’s sold over 100million albums and received 16 Grammys, but who knew that he has a terrible case of writers block? As an artist and a performer he continues to grow but also surprise, and this TED talk is no exception.

Why should you watch it?: You are hearing from the best, and although his style may not be about all about the head-banging, his story is genuine and insightful. He’s just like everyone else. In a lyrical, confessional talk, Sting also treats you to songs from his upcoming musical, and to an encore of “Message in a Bottle” – one for the oldies!

“Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking”

Megan Washington – Musician

Megan Washington is one of Australia’s premier singer/songwriters. She has won ARIA Awards in 2010 for “Best Female Artist” and “Breakthrough Artist” following the release of her album, I Believe You Liar. Prior to going solo, Washington played jazz piano with various acts and founded a band called Washington, borrowing her last name. The lyrics of Megan Washington’s songs have a beautiful, confessional tone: she sings about heartbreak, insecurity, rage, you name it. But there is one thing that Washington avoided sharing publicly before stepping on the stage of TEDxSydney 2014: that she has a stutter.

Why should you watch it?: Firstly, she’s an Aussie. Tick. Secondly, good on her. I had a speech impediment when I was younger and it sucks. Here’s a talk to make anyone shy or scared, leap out of the shadows.

And one more for good measure…

“Playing invisible turntables”

James “AudioPoet” Burchfield – Human beatbox

Why should you watch it?: Short but sweet. I don’t think this needs much of an explanation.


Jobs in music for the non-musical

jobsfornonmusical Unfortunately we are not all born with musical talent. While some may claim their voice sounds like Mariah (thanks Mum) and their beat-matching or guitar riffs rival that of the Coachella main stage – others, like myself are tragically musically challenged. And now, with the government breathing down our neck to apply for 40+ jobs a month and weekly Centrelink payments looking to be something of the past, those who live and die for the music industry yet (to put it bluntly) suck at playing music need that little bit of inspiration to keep themselves in the industry. Do not fret! Here are some non-musical alternatives which will sure to keep you off the dole for a few months.

The Manager

We all want to tell our friends “I’m with the band” and here is your perfect non-musical solution, The Manager. Whether it is a DJ, a band, a pop-star or an unknown indie gem, the artist manager is in charge of all things business. Very often the artists are all good and well at the creative music making, but utterly hopeless at getting themselves to gigs, promoting their awesome music, booking live gigs and negotiating all the deals, aka. the money. The Manager represents the talent, tours with the talent and practically is the talent, minus the rehab stints.

The Promoter

If you like late nights and live music, and are a keen bean for social media and getting your mates into to the hottest clubs in town, then The Promoter or press agent is your set career path. You could even put on shows yourself! All you have to do is start by promoting a regular “gig night” at your favourite venue, or when bands or DJs tour through your area, and generate as much hype as possible. The key to success? Find the missing link in your area, the gap in music genre that desperately needs to be filled and make it yours! Scout for young local talent, cool venues and make sure you network your way to success. If networking is your jam, a promoter is persuasive, optimistic, persistent and loves chatting to people and listening to good music. Just aim to meet as many people in the industry as possible and it will pan out for the best in the long run.

pete-tong-the-essential-selection-bbc-radio120 (1)

The Radio Host

Some our biggest names in music have sprouted from behind the microphones of radio. Pete Tong for BBC Radio 1 in the UK, and even home-grown hero Nina Las Vegas have now become the welcoming voice of partying in our nation. Do you like to talk? Do you like music? Do you have a unique seductive voice? It seems like this is the dream job for you and the perfect way to show your love and devotion to artists new and old. Plus, you don’t have to get dressed up for work!

The Publicist

All musicians need a little, actually they need A LOT of help getting there name out. If you are as passionate about their music as the artist is, than this is the job for you. The publicist role involves doing everything and anything you can to get your musician(s) into the media. You want to see them on the front cover of Rolling Stone, blasting on the radio, published on websites like the interns and draping off the should of gorgeous models at the hottest parties in town (if that’s their kinda thing). In a saturated world of technology and social media, your role is now more important than ever – to spread the word and give your artist the extra push they need to succeed.


The Photographer

If you’ve got an eye for a great photo, whether it’s at a gig , festival or a secret exclusive house party, then it’s time to start snapping.We are not talking about those dodgy selfies you take in the girls bathrooms, you need to be able to make it look like you are at the best party in the world and induce serious FOMO. This is a career of true commitment…commitment to late nights, partying, rubbing shoulders with artists, touring and getting the best shot no matter what. You should probably bow down to people like Rukes, he knows what he is doing.

The Online Journo

Those who can’t do teach. Well, they write at least. Your aim is to spread your in-depth knowledge of music as far and wide, and the message that music is awesome. Set up a blog and you’re pretty much up and running: now you just need to fill it with some words. Write about whatever moves you most. Do you secretly love your little sister’s pop music? Does the newest Kasabian album make you want to throw something at the wall? It doesn’t matter, just try and be creative as possible, your audience will appreciate it. And the added bonus, you can get free tickets to gigs!

The Sound Engineer

You want access all areas, The Sound Engineer will give you that. Those who see themselves to be that little bit techy, a live sound engineer is in charge of setting up all the sound equipment, the running the sound board during the show in a club or a concert hall, sound checks included. Imagine handing the microphone to your favourite artists! Hot tip: if you want to be a sound engineer, consider some vocational training, or hang out with some other sound engineers to learn or the tech aspects.


The Cover Art Designer

If we all take note of the beauty of SBTRKT’s newest album cover, or any of Caribou’s delightful artwork you may come to realise that music can be that little bit arty. A cover art designer is really simply a graphic designer who happens to focus on music related projects. Very often they dabble in designing posters, merch, t-shirts, you name it! You have the ability to make an iconic piece of art which could stick in the minds of music lovers for life.


the interns’ Saturday Mix #5


If we could just divert your attention away from The Bachelor for one moment, you might actually realise it’s the freakin’ weekend and it’s time for mummy and daddy to come out to play. Remember kids, you don’t make friends with salad and with people with shitty music taste. Always come musically prepared for the weekend.

Promnite – Triple J Mix Up Exclusive: Music to get your freak on

Twerk baby twerk. Before you have time to scream “I.G.G.Y”, you will grinding up against your boyfriend, your best friend or any intimate object which will let you make that booty clap. Prepare your thighs for a work out, cause tonight you are going to freak out harder than Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.


Motez – Splash House Mix: Music to shop to

You’ve just been paid and you deserve to treat yourself. What you do not deserve however, is to have annoying retail assistants and weekend shoppers cramping your style. Pop this baby in your ears and wonder down the high street with ease, with a spring in your step even. Motez will give you the retail therapy you need.


Twonk Team – Mixtape: Music to cause mayhem

It’s time to hit the streets and make yourself look and sound so much cooler than you really are. You ain’t no SuperBad drop-out any more, prepare to turn it up – if you wake up with an unknown tattoo on your forearm do not be surprised, you are a badArse now.


Richie Hawtin – Essential Mix Live, Ibiza: Ain’t nobody listen to techno

It seems like everyone is in Ibiza right now. The Kardashian clan, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Leo Di Caprio, Linsday, Beiber – you name it, the gang is all there fresh out of their recent rehab stints! It then seems fitting that we brought a bit of that sun-kissed party vibe to remedy your Winter blues. Don’t shy away from the techno, it’s just a harmless bit of fun, just don’t expect to surface for a few hours…or days cause this mix is set to pack more of a punch than Orlando Bloom on a dinner date. “What’s up bitch?”


Sophie et al – Dismagazine on Rinse: Music to turbo charge

Everybody loves a bit of life admin, but when you have a million jobs to do and half a day to complete them – everybody needs a little energiser bunny to help them on their memory way. [Cue Sophie Et Al]. If your head doesn’t explode from this glorious PC Music mix, then you are in the clear and hopefully able to clean your room, do the washing, call your mother, wash the car and file your tax return in 20 minutes flat.





10 Reasons why Tomorrowland is the best Festival of its kind


Since its inception, Tomorrowland has been one of the most hotly anticipated events every year, with thousands upon thousands of dance music-enthused festival nuts making the pilgrimage to Belgium for the Mecca of all music festivals. This July marks its 10th birthday and to celebrate this epic milestone of raving culture , here are 10 reasons why it’s the best festival of its kind in the world.

1. Boom.

No we are not referring to the epic sound pounding out of the speakers on the Main Stage, Boom is an actual place and what a name for a festival town it is. Every year this tiny town, nestled tightly in between Antwerp and Brussels in the Belgian countryside, is transformed to play host to a new world full of music, madness and frivolity. During this time the town’s population grows from 16,000 people to 360,000 in a span of two weeks, just for the festival.

Photo: Rutger Geerling | Fotograferen.net


2. Tomorrowland has its own Hymn composed by Hans Zimmer

In 2014, to celebrate the big 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland, Oscar winning film and music composer Hans Zimmer has created the first official hymn for the festival. The festival approached Zimmer to create a hymn which embodies the “mystical, magical” aspects which make Tomorrowland so unique. The result, a spine-tinglingly beautiful hymn, in which Zimmer hopes will “bring different cultures together, and all the things that make us different are actually the things we should be celebrating.”


3.  You are encouraged to get down and dirrrrttty

Tomorrowland wants everyone to feel the love in way or another. “The Church of Love”, found hidden in the forest of the festival, is designed for lovers of all varieties to get some down time, and basically get their gigi on if they want to. Long-term, short-term, new or old relationships are encouraged to lock themselves inside this mischievous church, with safe protection of course. Meanwhile the naughty but nice Nuns stand guard outside, scantily-dressed, egging you on to fulfil your wildest dreams.


4. The Main Stage

It may seem like the most obvious stand-out thing about Tomorrowland, the “Main Stage”, but no one can truly prepare you for the all-over body experience you feel when you see the giant set for the first time. From giant trees, to magical story books, to last year’s man made erupting volcano – again, “a man made erupting volcano” – every year, festival organisers, ID&T, raise the bar with their jaw-dropping stage productions. This year saw the 10-year old festival celebrating its anniversary with the theme, “The Key To Happiness.”



5. Tomorrowland controls the weather, not Mother Nature

Ever wondered why it is always sunny on the fields of Boom every year? While it was thought to be an urban myth – the idea that Tomorrowland controls the weather, not Mother Nature is very much a reality, and it’s amazing. In 2013, monsoon rain and storms threatened to ruin the 3-day festival for punters, however fortunately the people of Belgium do not settle with the idea of being washed out. Originally designed to prevent crop damage from storms, the festival organisers resurrected “hail cannons” around the festival site, producing loud war-like booms every morning to clear the skies. Only at Tomorrowland….


6. Dreamville is well, awesome.

After years of camping out at festivals, it really becomes all about the small luxuries. Besides having its own newspaper, radio station, butcher, supermarket, tattoo parlour, H&M clothing story, and its own currency,  Tomorrowland‘s own pop-up city Dreamville is truly is a home away from home. To add, there are special “FreshPoints” at the festival site where you can freshen yourself up with deodorant and hairspray!


7. Friendship bracelets!

It is a given that you are going to make new best friends at festivals as big as Tomorrowland. In the toilet line, in the mosh-pit or even back at camp, you will find yourself talking to anyone and everyone about your shared passion of music and partying. This year however, Tomorrowland will play host to more than 214 different countries, a higher number than those who were in the London Olympics. What makes its even cooler, is that the festival organiser have developed Facebook wristbands which ensure you never have that “one that got away” experience with any potential friends.

The concept is quite simple – these wristbands not only store all your information for entry for the festival, but they also serve a social purpose by housing your Facebook account details as well. All you have to do, should you meet an awesome new friend at the festival, is push the love heart button on your wristband and a Friend request will be sent. They think of everything!

8. The food is not festival food.

Food glorious food. Dancing requires sustenance and so does socialising, but one thing you will never have to worry about at Tomorrowland is going hungry. Festival food generally consists of cold ‘hot chips’ and pizza, however every year Tomorrowland churns out some of the best Belgian cuisine on offer. You can dine at restaurants looking over the Main Stage, order 100% beef burgers cooked by award winning chefs, indulge in Belgian waffles and frozen yoghurt or even feast in their famous Steak House. It’s hard to think there is actually a music festival going on as well!


9. Tomorrowland now has cool cousins in America and Brazil.

If one weekend of Tomorrowland is not enough to feed your EDM tastebuds, then do not fret. Tomorrowland now has two other festival cousins. One in the US and and the other in Brazil, which was announced last weekend to be playing host to TomorrowWorld in May 2015. This September will see Atlanta, USA play host to the likes of Avicii, David Guetta, Diplo, Steve Aoki…the epic list goes on and on!

10. The After-movie

Finally, who could forget.

With more cinematic praise than most Oscar films, the Tomorrowland after movie is the final glorious memory you can take home from the best weekend of your life. The 2012 Tomorrowland after-movie has clocked up over 115 million views on YouTube to date, turning the festival experience into one big fairytale. From the panoramic views atop the Ferris Wheel, to the crowd shots, inside the DJ booth and across the camp-site, this token piece of memorabilia is 20-30 minutes jam packed full of enviable moments and a perfectly mixed soundtrack. No we know why people across the globe make this journey to the beautiful fields of Boom every year.



the interns Saturday Mix #4


Hold the phone, did someone say weekend!? It’s time to switch off the Blackberry, call the babysitter and put your party knickers on because Saturday is here and the interns’ mix is not going to let you stay indoors tonight watching Friends re-runs.

Major Lazer – Royal Speaking: Songs to hang with Mary Jane

Note: the interns do not condone the use of illegal drugs.

But Let’s just say you wanted to go green this weekend. And let’s hypothetically say, you need a token music mix to wake and bake or do some garden weeding to. Why don’t you hash out the idea of using this Major Lazer Jamaican jam? That ok with you, bud? If I said ‘People Everyday’ by Arrested Development was in the mix, would that spark up your interest?


Digitalism – In Session: Songs to bring back electro

How good was 2007 for dance music!? Daft punk toured the globe with their Alive tour, Justice, Boys Noize and Sulwax bought us dance hit after dance hit, and Digitalism fed our musical taste buds with their debut album ‘Idealism.’ This mix is a culmination of the old goodies and some fresh new head-bangers. It is the perfect mix of punchy, mischievous and dancey nostalgia to remind us all how electro is done properly.


Moby – DJ Mix / July 2014: Songs to take the new car for a spin

“Moby, you can get stomped by Obie, you 36 year old bald headed fag blow me
You don’t know me, you’re too old let go its over, nobody listens to techno.”

That guy that Eminem loved to diss, you remember him? Well, Daddy’s got a brand new car sound and he wants to take it for a spin around the block. Whether it is your mum’s Suzuki Swift, your sister’s Barina or your new sexy new Mercedes – windows down please, and subwoofers out. The local council are going to hate you tonight.


Karman – LFTF Mix: One for the ups and downs

This mix is going to get the blood pumping through the highs and lows of your relationship. We all know how it goes, one minute you are looking into their eyes, their beautiful soul – that’s a special moment.

Next moment you are at each other’s throats, threatening to change your Facebook relationship status.

Then you are all over each other again, grinding, kissing and loved-up like nothing ever happened.

All in the span of about 2 hours.


Jamie xx and Friends – BBC Radio 1: Songs to stay in bed for

Sunday morning has arrived. Stay right where you are, put your phone on silent and spend the next hour warm and cosy with this old faithful sound. Jamie xx does not judge if you are big spoon or little spoon. He does not throw prejudice over what you did the night before. This well-curated mix is here to let you just slide into the back-end of your weekend with ease and relaxation.

Listen to the “it’s too cold outside to move” mix here




Ryan Hemsworth remixes Sinead Harnett’s ‘No Other Way’


Ryan Hemsworth serves up the perfect balance of soul and well-crafted production in his most recent rework of London songwriter, Sinead Harnett’s ‘No Other Way’. The layered synths up the tempo from the original chilled track, to produce a dancey, yet thoughtful augmentation of the original.



Festivals and the Tech Experience


When Woodstock started in 1969, the festival experience was all about music (and peace). Since then, things have changed a little. With the meteoric rise of music festival popularity, organisers have challenged themselves as to how much the experience can be enhanced. Unable to hand out free drugs, technology has become a festival drawcard. From websites, to gadgets, phone apps and wristbands, here are some of the nerdy cool technologies which are set to pimp out our festivals in 2014.


Tomorrowland (Belgium) – Friendship bracelets

Live music has this incredible knack of bringing strangers together to bask in momentary friendship, however sometimes you do not have the time or the resources to connect digitally with someone when you want. This July, a little town in Belgium called Boom will play host to the biggest friend-making party the world has ever seen. With attendees from 214 countries, a higher number than those who participated in the London Olympics (204 nations), the organisers of EDM festival Tomorrowland have developed Facebook wristbands which ensure you never have the “one that got away” experience ever again. The concept is quite simple – these wristbands not only store all your information for entry for the festival, but they also serve a social purpose by housing your Facebook account details as well. All you have to do, should you meet an awesome new friend at the festival, is push the love heart button on your wristband and a Friend request will be sent. We’re not quite sure if remembering your festival one night stand is a good or bad thing.


Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas) – Snapchat ‘Our Story’

It seems like everyone in social media wants a piece of the music festival pie, and this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas saw the Snapchat rise to new heights with the debut of ‘Our EDC Story’. While Snapchat previously allowed users to share their snaps with connected friends, ‘Our Story’ is a a group-sharing feature which encourages all the users in the same location for a single event to upload their photos collectively and publicly. The end result? An awesome highlight reel of shots collected and compiled by Snapchat from hundreds of different vantage points. And jealousy ensues…



Lollapalooza (Chicago) – No cash, no worries!

There is no need to worry about lugging your spare change around a festival any more, because this year’s Lollapalooza is offering festival goers wearable tech that can be linked to their credit and debit card information. Similar to Disneyland’s successful MagicBands, these festival wristbands can be “tapped” to radio frequency identification (RFID) vendor terminals. Once you enter a pin you’re ready to go! This form of wearable payment allows festival patrons to pay for food, drinks and merchandise without cash or card. No more getting down on your hands and knees in the mud to look for that darn credit card. 


OPPIKOPPI (South Africa) – Beer Delivery Drones

At Oppikoppi festival, an annual festival held in the Limpopo Province of South Africa in August, beer delivery is always a problem. Festival organisers however, have sought to tackle this universal problem, and instead of standing in long queues or leaving your great spot in the crowd, attendees will able to order beer on their smart phone, to be delivered by a flying drone.  These drone prototypes can drop cold brews to festival goers from the air via a parachute, based on the GPS location of their smart phone. Right now, the system is guided by hand, but in the future there are plans to guide it on a GPS grid. Cheers to that!



SXSW (Texas) – Lightwave technology

This year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) featured its own touch of technological genius with the introduction of Lightwave technology that enabled lasers and special effects through the use of wearable wristbands. The Lightwave technology measures audience interaction in real time, converting data to art – collating audience members’ biometrics by tracking them with motion, volume and temperature sensors. Sponsored by Pepsi and with a special appearance by DJ A-Trak, Lightwave bands were linked to user’s individual accounts with audience interaction ranked on a screen. Certain levels of dance interaction ‘unlocked’ rewards, such as Pepsi refreshments.



Coachella Music Festival (Palm Springs) – Bluetooth and Spotify

Who could forget the epic technology behind the Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012. This beautiful-people festival is renowned for pushing the boundaries on and off stage. Earlier this year, the festival used Bluetooth-enabled micro-location technology, iBeacon, to deliver proximity-based information, navigation and notifications to festival attendees. Spotify also teamed up with Coachella for the We Were There campaign – an interactive experience that allowed attendees to use their wristbands to collect songs and playlists that they could later compile and share with friends via an interactive map.


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