New Years for the Music Enthusiast


For those of you who were absolutely devastated by Wet'n'Wild Sydney cancelling its New Year's Eve party at short notice last year, the idea of organising yet another high calibre music event for the 'big night' can often be quite daunting. However, we are just under three months out from New Years 2014, which means Christmas decorations are in supermarkets, the days are getting longer and hotter and all of your friends are fleeing the country on their next self-discovery adventure to Machu Picchu for the Summer.

Don't panic, there is still time. the interns never like to leave a man behind, so if you are stuck at home this December 31, here are just a few New Years music events which will guide you into 2015 and show you some love (metaphorically of course) as the clock strikes midnight.


Let Them Eat Cake (Werribee, VIC)

Jan 1st 2015

Hot off the press, Melbourne’s notorious boutique electronic music festival Let Them Eat Cake has dropped an epic line-up this week which is sure to tickle the fancy of music punters from far and wide. If you are not a fan of the larger crowds and the mainstream, then this unique and extravagant garden-party festival is your perfect fit. It's all about the classy detail at Let Them Eat Cake.

Ticket Price: $145-160

Line-up highlights: Cashmere Cat, DJ Sneak, Hudson Mohawke & Todd Terje

Verdict: You can have your cake and eat it too! So many decadent sweet music things to nibble on here.


Falls Festival (Lorne VIC, Byron Bay NSW, Marion Bay TAS)

Dec 28-Jan 2 - depending on location

Every year it's Falls, Falls, Falls for the NY festival of choice, but why? It is one of those festivals you can rely on to give you a great line-up, awesome weather and a heck of a good time. This music mecca in which thousands of sun-kissed Aussies trek to every year, is nothing too flashy or over the top, it is beautifully organic - but not in a hippy, let's just get stoned all weekend way. Although it may tinker on the more expensive side, there is always something for everyone - geographically (3 locations across Aus), culturally, economically and of course, musically. Unfortunately both the Lorne and Byron Bay legs of the festival are sold out but maybe this festival is definitely worthy of the jump across the pond to Marion Bay.

Ticket Price: $315+

Line-up highlights: Alison Wonderland, Alt-J, DMAs, Jagwar Ma, Jamie xx, The Kite String Tangle, Röyksopp & Robyn, SBTRKT (LIVE), Tkay Maidza, Todd Terje (LIVE) and....Vance Joy (???)

Verdict: You'll falls head over heals in love with this Summer festival!


Origin (Perth)

Dec 31 2014

Origin is taking over Wellington Square in Perth this year with an enviable line-up, definitely worth flying across the country for. Continuing the trend of being one of Australia's most successful urban and underground club events, the talent which flock to WA every year, including rap, hip hop, dubstep, bass and house heads, is pretty damn good.

Line-up highlights: AlunaGeorge, Baauer, Cashmere Cat, Danny Brown, Dillon Francis, Grandtheft, Nina Las Vegas + Special Guests tba

Ticket price: $150-$169

Verdict: West coast Vs. East coast for NYE. Times are changing and it's time to hop on this Perth party train.


Rhythm and Vines (Waiohika Estate, NZ)

Dec 29-31 2014

If you have it in you to make the trek over the Tasman, Rhythm and Vines festival will be sure to play the perfect New Years host away from home. Rhythm, as it is commonly known as by the locals, is an annual music festival held at the beautiful Waiohika Estate vineyard, several kilometres from the city of Gisborne, New Zealand. This is the festival's 11th year so they must be doing something right, and with a enviable line-up announced - including fellow Aussies Chet Faker and Ta-ku - this year will sure to bring a meaty crowd size. One thing to be sure of is that our Kiwi cousins know how put on a party, so come prepared to get pretty crazy, especially when Netsky are involved.

Line-up highlights: BastilleNetsky, Zane Lowe, Chet Faker, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Just Blaze, Ta-Ku, Jagwar Ma, London Elektricity & MC Wrec, MØ

Ticket Price: $229 3-day pass / $429 (3-day + camping)

Verdict: They may be good at rugby, but is is worth giving them a try? We think so!


Beyond the Valley (Phillip Island,VIC)

Dec 30 & 31

This year we welcome a new kid to the block, the Beyond The Valley festival. A boutique camping event, which is set to be held on the beautiful Philip Island in Victoria - the old site of the cancelled Pyramid Rock Festival - has definitely earned its lineup bragging rights this year. With a focus on "decor, production and theming," there is a stellar cast of future talent. To put itself a cut above the rest, promoters are promising a "higher standard" of food and accommodation, with facilities and grounds being described as a "pop-up luxury hotel with its very own concierge and first class amenities, including a daily hangover spa." Wowie, that's fancy!

Ticket Price: $299

Line-up highlights: Aluna George, Banofee, Basenj, Cosmo's Midnight, Fractures, Dillon Francis, Golden Features, Klo, Motex, Peking Duk, Rüfüs.

Verdict: It's always tough being the new kid, but with a line-up like this, we are certain this is a keeper.


Lost Paradise (Peats Ridge, NSW)

Dec 30 - Jan 1

It seems like the boutique festival is on trend this year, with another newbie adding itself to the New Years bill in the name of Lost Paradise. If you are a fan of fancy website graphics and videos, then you are in for a treat! Oh, and of course there is some great artists on the line-up as well to fill that musical void. Only an hours and 15 mins out of Sydney, this little oasis promises more than just music festival, offering "smoke ceremonies", "glamping" and holi lights and shambhala spa treatments. Heck knows what that means, but we are in!
Ticket Prices: $279+
Line-up highlights: Boy & Bear, Alunageorge, Allday, Touch Sensitive, Elizabeth Rose, Flamingo, Banoffee
Verdict: If you are going to loose yourself at New Years, why not get lost in paradise.


Field Day (The Domain, Sydney)

Jan 1st 2015

Fuzzy events have done it again. Off the back of a sold-out Listen Out national tour, next year's line-up is looking tantalisingly good. For those who would rather shred than camp and prefer the one-day festival to the 4-day slog, then this is your perfect New Year's gem. Taking a healthy sliver off the Falls Festival line-up, Sydney's CBD is sure to light up with the hype of NYE all done and dusted. 

Line-up highlights: SBTRKT, alt-J, Glass Animals, Milky Chance, Salt-N-Pepa, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Joey Bada$$, Jamie XX, Todd Terje, Dillon Francis, RÜFÜS, Peking Duk & Thundamentals and more.

Ticket Price: $118-$138

Verdict: Ditch the camper, and bring on the city Sunshine!


The EDM Inbetweeners


Electronic Dance Music has gone mainstream and there's no denying it. What was once confined to the bunkers of an intimate 4am boiler room has catapulted onto the main stages of Coachella, a spot which was once saved only for rock legends or pop princesses. While many arguments thrown around about artists "selling out" their music to Las Vegas or the highest bidder may actually be on point, going mainstream and appealing to the masses in one way or another, however, is not necessarily the devil, if played correctly.

Adaptation in the music industry is completely natural- it's the survival of the fittest instinct which should push artists to produce engaging and unique new music. Many of these big name artists who have made their name and claimed their unique slot within this dance music industry have hit the mainstream and never looked back. But let me be clear here, going mainstream does not mean it is acceptable to be complacent. Yes, Calvin Harris has created the perfect anthem recipe, and yes he is now the highest paid DJ in the world for the second year - but his complacency, and that of David Guetta, has not gone unnoticed.

Who could forget Deadmau5's infamous "We all hit play" posted on his Tumblr in 2012, an interesting read on what it was like to be a DJ/Producer in 2012. While it is often unclear of the line between "DJ" and "Producer", in his signature Mau5  rant honesty, he expressed how, as an actual producer, "[his] 'skills' and other PRODUCERS' skills shine where [they] need to the goddamned studio, and on the fucking releases." Furthermore, he stresses that it is a DJ's job to take a crowd "on a roller coaster...and connect with them." Anyone who has seen Laidback Luke play live would understand the talent in gauging a crowd and adapting your set to get them up and pumping.

While I did say the mainstream is not necessarily the devil, it can trap young artists whether they choose that path or not. If we take Swedish DJ Producer Avicii as an example: Off the back of his Levels tour, there appeared to be no stopping the then 22-year old superstar. Producing hit after hit, and doing over 250+ shows in a year, it then came at a complete surprise when he tried to break out, acting out his own rebellion to a televised audience ad at Ultra Music Festival in 2013. What should have been commended as a great leap of faith for the young talent - creating a folk album full of unexpected tracks and bootlegs - in fact left him in an even bigger mainstream big black hole. But should he be punished for trying something different, is it his fault that everyone learned to love Aloe Black again?

All hope is not lost, however. There are artists who have managed to successfully slip between the headline set at Stereosonic, to the top of the charts, to producing a pop-star's hit, and right back to the 5am unplanned sets at Bonarroo festival (I'm looking at you Skrillex), with little to no resistance. These are what should be better known as the "EDM Inbetweeners."  The clever adapters who have infiltrated the mainstream, our radio airways and our pop-charts, very often without you even realising. And the funny thing is, whether you admit it or not, or whether you know it was them, you love their work!

Here are a few EDM Inbetweeners who have caught our attention in one way or another.



Here's something you'd probably find hard to Believe, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj's Beauty And A Beat was originally produced by Zedd for his album Grammy award-winning album Clarity. While Clarity proved to be a mainstream hit for the well-established Russian-German EDM artist, it was his production on this Beiber hit which solidified himself as a lovable inbetweener. If that was not enough for the 25-year old, then his collaboration with R&B girl of the moment Ariana Grande has proved his versatility and knack for wielding lolly-pop infused dance perfection which surprisingly appeals to a wide-ranging audience, myself included.

...But is producing major tracks for major pop-artists a sell-out?

The answer is no. Zedd has managed to put his name, and his unique sound, behind some of the biggest tracks of the last two years as a producer and as an adapter to the market. Bridging the gap between the relatively unknown and the superstar mainstream, without eventually pissing off everyone, takes incredible skill and understanding of the industry. For Zedd, it was about choosing a pop artist who is in their prime, but also someone who compliments their dance production style. However, sometimes this does not always work, and this is probably the cue that Avicii should have been given before collaborating with flailing come-back kids Coldplay.


Dillon Francis

This lovable prankster, born out of the Mad Decent crew, is quickly becoming the biggest non-mainstream mainstreamer of them all. His track this 'Get Low' alongside DJ Snake, has found itself in every movie trailer release of the last two months, plus landing him a headline spot at this year's Sydney Field Day later this year in Sydney. To add to this, he as be caught teaching Zac Efron to DJ and earlier this week, and signing to major label Colombia Records in May of this year.

...But is signing to a major label a sell-out?

Although the signs may be pointing towards this, who can really call Dillon Francis a sell-out? While many fans were quick to jump on the “DILLONSELLOUTFRANCIS” Twitter bandwagon, if you take note, he has maintained his relationship with his origins at Mad Decent and remained true to his cheeky public persona throughout this accomplishment. Francis has etched his way into the mainstream by playing sets and producing tracks which are always a surprise to the system, and a unique Moombhatton sound. Furthermore, he has won our hearts with the ingenious use of social media to perpetuate his “I don’t give a fuck” attitude – a little nudge I'm sure Diplo gave him early on in his career.


Flume (+ What So Not)

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were introduced to Flume, a young Sydney talent who had a knack for using a launch pad and cutting and mixing the best of R&B samples. A game-changing album and a bucket load of ARIAs later, it’s hard to believe that he has managed to stay under the radar, meanwhile being the most loved and well-recognised electronic artists in the country.

…But is being endorsed by David Beckham a sell out?

He is a popular guy, there no doubt about it. But Flume lets the music do the talking – and that is how it should be. His unique sound has lasted the initial hype, but it his ability to adapt and continue to create is what has garnered him respect amongst his myriad of fans and industry professionals.

Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in ("Everything changes, nothing perishes”). Ingenuity is definitely key, and just last year saw him team up with relatively unknown Sydney DJ Emoh Instead, to create What So Not. This gold-mine of a combination, backed by none other than successful inbetweener Skrillex,   has offered a new spin on his work, and kept any ounce of the distasteful mainstream out of the picture. The duo has gone from strength to strength, appealing to the masses of the clubs, while still separately standing on their own and flying an Aussie flag on a competitive international market. Above all from what it appears, he is a good guy with a clear level-headed head on him, even telling The Guardian last year that he will do anything "to avoid the poisons of success.”



This British duo have garnered an epic amount of success over the years, bringing the underground electronic sound to the mainstream and hitting the higher reaches of the UK charts with hits such as 'White Noise' and 'Latch.'

…But is selling over 1 million singles selling out?

Since signing with big name label Universal, all could have been lost for the talented Lawrence brothers. In fact, it was quite the opposite. When signing with their label, they said told Billboard, "we had an agreement with that they could carry on doing what we’re doing and they could just let us get on with it, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Disclosure’s achievement should not be in anyway underestimated. This well-oiled machine continues to pump out talented vocal artist after talented vocal artist into the spotlight, whilst remaining themselves relatively unscathed - not through any act of god but through careful planning and commitment to their cause and their music. They have created chart-friendly dance music, whilst retaining underground credibility and not softening their sound to cash in on any current trends or the temptation of a Las Vegas $$$ slot. A crossover of old school house and garage culture, crossed with exquisitely produce instrumental electronica, combined with hooks to seduce a wide-ranging mainstream audience, they are truly building their style on top of countless dance acts who have gone before them and succeeded such as Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers.

When asked, "now that you’ve got a song in the charts, are you going to change your music? Are you going to sound like EDM guys?" Guy Lawrence aptly replied, without any arrogance, "why would I need to change what I do? You’re always going to get haters, but I believe the dynamic has changed this year in the charts.”


the interns' Saturday Mix #10


What a jam-packed week. The storm of Big Brother hit us, The Bachelor touched his eye, some chick cried when she missed out on getting the iPhone 6 and Scotland's 'YES' campaign was a voted a big no no. In other news, 10 songs were released this week and they were awesome, and the interns' took the liberty of jazzing up your Saturday playlist for a once in a lifetime, easy 3-installment price of FREE, FREE and FREE! Bargain!

Champagne Drip - Sounds From The Well: Music to turn you hipster.

Some people in the world are blessed with the ability to grow an impressive amount of facial hair, namely a beard. Others started wearing bucket hats and Birkenstocks before they were even in fashion and 'Thrift Shop' was a smash hit. Most of them have a distinct knowledge of intelligent dance music,or IDM as we like to call it. Heading to Listen Out next week? Then this mix is sure to tighten up the top button of you flannelette for you, and have you speaking fluent hipster in no time.

Notorious BIG 'Ready to Die' 20th Anniversary Mixtape mixed by Chris Read: Music to reminisce to...

Remember that time when Stevie did that really funny thing that was totally illegal, but really funny and we all laughed? Or that time when you totally cock-blocked that guy and it was also...really funny? Reminiscing is a beautiful thing, best served with some old friends you haven't caught up with since college. They will always be etched in your memory, but it often you don't hear from them until you receive a wedding invitation in the mail! Saturday afternoon, it's time to call up all those people you have missed, and reminisce about the good times, even invite them over for a beer or two. Tis the season! This 20th anniversary mix is all about bringing people together.

 The Large - 2 on the mix: Music to Jamai-can you crazy

Who could resist the suave Jamaican sound of Popcaan? A popular feature on the interns, the effortlessly upbeat and sexy beach-side vibe of this dance hall jams are the perfect compliment to the rebirth of the Sun and Summer. Make sure to find a good perfect dancing partner, there ain't no slackers or uncoordinated persons within a 5 mile radius of this The Large booty-shakin' Saturday mix.

Stafford Brothers -DAD110: Music to start shredding

It's never to late to start shredding, with just over two months until #twodays Stereosonic. If you haven't already bought shares in your favourite fake tan brand, or started doing sit-ups to perfect that shirtess rig then now is the time to get a wriggle on. Summer is slowly creeping us and we could not be happier, but as the Scouts always say "be prepared." You do not want to be caught unawares by the terrors of a bad festival selfie!


Elliphant - 'One More' Featuring MØ


The stars have finally aligned. Two goddesses at the top of their game have combined their talents to produce 'One More', the  latest cut from Swedish singer (and occasional rapper) Elliphant''s upcoming One More EP, out on October 14. An effortlessly natural combination, MØ plays the perfect musical guest, offering up her cool pop vocals but with her own unique edgy twist. Enjoy...


the interns' Saturday Mix #9


This week was all about the highs and lows. The highs? Redfoo-headlined iHeartRadio Aus festival was cancelled (rejoice!). The lows? We were left wanting more when Ariana Grande graced our shores - more of her right side that is. the interns' Saturday Mix is about smoothing out those high/low kinks in your week and bringing you a little something to make the weekend tolerable, before the excitement and fun of a new work week begins.

Nest HQ Bobby Tank: Music to game to

Nothing is more on trend right now than PC music. The glittery lollipop lyrics and arcade-style beat are the perfect accompaniment to your weekly gaming gathering. The door is locked, the blinds are down and you've ordered-in the greasiest food known to man - and now it's time to LAN. Dust off your old PlayStation or even that ancient SEGA Megadrive - sorry Gen X that's probably way before your time - and gather the nerdy troops because Nest HQ has got you covered for the next 48-hour lock in.

Martin Garrix BBC 1: Music to take you by surprise


Okay, now I have your attention. I had to do what it takes to get you to listen to this mix. The majority of the world's population want to switch off when they hear the name Martin Garrix but prepare to be surprised. This is his Garrix's first Radio 1 Essential Mix, and to put it into context he starts with Flume, and there is no 'Animals' within a 60 minute radius of that. A perfect mixer to your pre-drinks (preferably before seeing Kanye tonight!), your friends will not know what just smacked them in the face. The second hour is a lot more dancey, but you will be too drunk to care at that stage.

Nina Las Vegas: Music to spring clean to

We all have flat mates, and we get to that comfortable time of the year where you are perfectly happy to live in a house which is slightly messy, slightly dirty and/or an absolute pigsty.

NO! It's Spring-time and you know what that means, house parties and guests. It is the month were you need to sort through all the stuff you have kept under your bed for 9 months, because no one wants to be friends with a hoarder. Blast this alternative mix through your speakers - only to be drowned out by the beautiful sound of the vacuum cleaner!

 HPNTK: Music to box to

*Ding Ding*

Round One and it's time for you to take the ring. You've just watched Christian Bale in The Fighter and now you're inspired. Whatever anger, energy, or badass-ness you want to release, now is the time. Boxing is one of best fitness work-outs going around, but you need something to push you harder as the lactic acid builds up and the skipping rope gets tighter. HPNTK is sure to pack a punch when it's needed!




The power of satirical music videos


This week saw an unlikely pairing between 22 Jump Street star Channing Tatum and innovative mega-producer Diplo, to create this year’s hottest new music comedy reel Dick Graze. While at first, it may appear to be the rapid decline of music production as we know it, this awkwardly playful music video represents quite the opposite.

‘Dick Graze’ joins a long line of successful satirical videos to be released in the last decade, alongside Psy’s ‘Gangman Style’ to anything and everything by Weird Al Yankovic. But what makes them so successful? Believe it or not, satirical video clips are not always easy to spot. While some are created just for laughs, many have gained their notoriety and viral internet success by addressing important, and often untouched messages about society in a playful and digestible manner. Her are some of the best and worst satirical music videos produced over the last 10-years which have captured the hearts of YouTubers around the world.

Psy - Gangnam Style

If someone had told you two years ago, that a music video about a South-Korean man dancing like a horse to a song called Gangman Style would be one of the biggest viral successes of 2012 - would you believe them? Would you believe that a K-Pop could take centre stage at Australia's Future Music Festival in 2013 for  6minutes and get away with it?

Park Jaesang, the mastermind behind Psy (short for psycho) and unlikely poster boy for South Korea's youth-obsessed, vacuous pop music scene created overnight stardom in a K-Pop entertainment industry, where many have failed many times before. American Rapper T-Pain was retweeted 2,400 times when he wrote, "Words cannot describe how amazing this video is," while The Wall Street Journal voted it as one of its "5 Must-See" response videos. However, beneath the catchy dance beat and hilarious dance moves this relatively ancient 34-year old pop sensation has perpetuated a subversive message about wealth, class and value in contemporary South Korean society. What might appear to be one of the most ridiculous music videos we have ever laid our eyes on, is actually a big deal in South Korean society - a far cry from the usual cookie cutter lollipop K-Pop music they are used to.

Chainsmokers - #Selfie

Given the nod of approval by dance-music king Pete Tong, Selfie has been the surprise success story of 2014 in dance music industry and in clubs around the globe. Treading the fine line between stupid and smart, and satire or reality, the New York-based duo have caught onto a narcissistic truth we all face everyday. Their first big studio single, 'Selfie' holds a mirror up to our Generation Y society (literally), with their hyperbolic reference to the current club scene of the 'me me me' tech generation. While we don't want to admit there is a great deal in truth in the monologue of the track, the playful, tongue in cheek demeanour of the song is utterly infectious. It's got my viral tick of approval!

 The Lonely Island - I’m On A Boat

Trying not to give too much away in their song title, The Lonely Island's 'I'm On A Boat' parodies many of the ridiculous clichés found in rap songs and videos. Exessive wealth, gold-plated grills, drinking, bitchez and swearing, plus some glorious Auto-Tune provided none other than the man T-Pain himself. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone, the mischievous threesome who have also bought you Dick in a box with Justin Timberlake, and this year's infamous EDM dance parody When will the bass drop have racked up over 84million hits on YouTube with I'm on a boat.

This video is clearly just for laughs, poking fun at the music industry and all its excessiveness. However, what may surprise you is that this SNL Digital Short proved to be successful far beyond the cyber-world, picking a nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 52nd Grammy Awards as well as a glowing review from Rolling Stone, who said it is "one of the strongest Saturday Night Live hip-hop hits since Eddie Murphy was funny."


Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

Little words can be used to describe how and why this song has become so successful, but it has - 450million views successful. Running in the same vein of Rebecca Black's Friday, Norwegian duo, Ylvis' The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) is so ridiculous it makes sense. The video, which involves people dressed up as animals dancing around in the woods while Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker croon “dog goes woof/ cat goes meow/ bird goes tweet/ mouse goes squeak". It is utterly maddening, and in essence does not really give back much to society - except to make us laugh at its absurdity. Hats off to these two jesters for making us weirdly question, "what does a fox really say?"

Weird Al Yankovic - 'White & Nerdy'

At the ripe age old of 54 and with a career which has spanned over two-thirds of his life, Weird Al Yankovic is showing now signs of slowing down. Perfecting the satirical cover song, this curly haired viral wiz released his 13th studio album in 2014, Mandatory Fun. Yankovic's biggest hit to date, the 2009 White and Nerdy, an obvious parody of Ridin' by Chamillionaire and Kravzie Bone, is deliriously funny and quick-witted - truly committing to the cause of nerd culture and the awkwardness of society. To add to his backlog of satirical genius, he has also produced covers of Offspring (Pretty Fly For a Rabbi), Michael Jackson (Eat it) Nirvana (Smells like Nirvana) - deservedly crowing him the king of the satire.

Bound 2 - Kanye West

Kanye West is one artist who does not shy away from excess and controversy and Bound 2 is no exception. This masterpiece, featuring a wingless Pegasus, landscape time-lapses to rival any David Attenborough documentary and of course - a 15-year teenage boy's dream - a topless Kim Kardashian, has been met with consequent criticism and ridicule in its release in November last year. Namely the parody re-imaging of the video created by James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Is it, or is it not meant to be a joke? Directed by British fashion photographer Nick Knight, the video is an Americana0influenced wet dream fantasy, practically breaking the internet, leaving many fans confused and shocked. Under the guise of a seamlessly outdated tacky video, this brilliant wizardry of satire, is a sarcastic portrait of media consumption and the fizzling idea of the American Dream.

In true Kanye style, he stated:

“I wanted to take white trash t-shirts and make it into a video. I wanted it to look as phony as possible. I wanted the clouds to go in one direction, the mountains to go in another, the horses to go over there. I wanted to show that this is the Hunger Games. This is the type of imagery that’s being presented to all of us, the only difference is there’s a black dude in the middle of it…”

- Kanye West |Breakfast Club 105.1



Yacht's latest A/B side single 'Where Does This Disco'


Yes, you are seeing double. Yacht have blessed us with not one, but two tracks. Their latest track, a Gameboy-groove twist on the disco aptly titled 'Where Does This Disco?' as well as a remix of the song by Jerome LOL. If this isn't enough to tickle your senses, the LA-based duo - who are currently on tour around the US - have developed their own app, Every Day, which suggests five interesting things to do in Los Angeles everyday. Not just a pretty sound!


the interns' Saturday Mix #8

Today marks a week until Kanye graces our shores, so we all need something to tide over the time until then. Let us replace your twiddling of thumbs with dance moves, and switch your most played album on iTunes from Ms Taylor Swift to these brand spanking new mixes.

7 days...

Bonobo THUMP Mix: Music to D & M to

It happens to the best of us. 1am hits and you grab the hand of some complete stranger or someone on the "outer echelons" of your friendship group, and brain dump everything you've ever felt about love, love or anything. Childhood stories, thoughts on the situation in the Middle-east, your ex, your favourite cheese - you name it, topics will be covered whether you can put together full sentences or not. You don't want music that disrupts the flow of conversation, but you certainly do not want an awkward silence in the background - god forbid. Bonobo is your man to help you truly open up.


?Z - Trap Quest Mix For Annie Nightingale: Songs to take you sneaker shopping

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse - the choices are endless. But which do you choose, as this could be one of the biggest seasonal decisions of your life!? This trap mix is going to be your street-cred shopping buddy to help you choose a pair of high-tops that will make much more than just a fashion statement - it will a lifestyle statement. Prepare to poke your ALL new cool friends away with a stick.


Deadmau5 - Music to give you RSI (in a good way)

Despite what he says or does away from the decks, Deadmau5 knows what he is doing. This year's Itunes Festival in London saw the mau5 knock everyone out of the park with his latest gob smacking live performance. No other DJ has the ability to play the same loop over and over and over again, without an inch of boring. Whether its bopping, fist-pumping or hip swinging you are going to be happily sore in the morning after indulging in this mix.


JD Twitch - Bucky Skank 2014 mix: Time to stop and appreciate

Reggae & dancehall - two genres of music we do not give enough time to. We also don't give enough time to stop, and think about how fricken sweet life is. Whether you are jam-packed with work, uni, kids or life in general, take a second to hit play and recline and look are everything from a different perspective. Relax.....


how to screw up

How to screw up your music career

how to screw up music career

This week saw Australian hip-hop legend idiot and Bliss N Eso frontman smack bang on the front cover of the news, for all the wrong reasons. The crime? Posting pictures in a wax museum, pretending to perform violent and sexually suggestive acts against wax statues of celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Their punishment? A possible career-ending ban from youth broadcaster Triple J and an ever-growing crowd of outraged fans.

Many things are things to be learnt from this incident, particularly when it involves an act we have grown to know and love right on our front doorstep. Here are just a few things to avoid screwing up your music career in any shape or form.


Do anything Justin Bieber is doing right now.

Justin Bieber’s latest film entitled “Justin Bieber’s Believe” recently bombed hard at the box office. Surprise, surprise. If there is one thing you can learn from this pouty, spoilt brat is that fame changes people - and not always in a good way. Racking up more mug shots than albums, Justin's drunk driving offences of 2014 have left many tween Beliebers disheartened and disappointed. And while they may say that any publicity is good publicity, the Baby singer is slowly seeing a backlash, with fans turning their back on the previously untouchable singer. If Orlando Bloom's hint wasn't already the smack in the face he needed, then maybe the petition to get him deported from the US will get his music career back on track. Unlikely.


Start your career as a child star

Girl next door Britney Spears was everyone's favourite Mickey Mouse Club child star. Finding her place in every CD collection and So Fresh album of the '90s, it looked like she would reign supreme forever. But this Lucky hit starlet was not the good girl we all thought we knew. When you peak at 16, where do you really go from there?

In 2007, Spears experienced a spectacular fall from grace which saw her shave her head, attack the paparazzi with an umbrella, lose custody of her children and eventually get committed to a psychiatric facility. Like too many of her generation, she illustrates the sad case of a child star that crashed and burned. While our hearts do go out to her, and from what it appears she is doing well $$$ in Vegas, it's best to just enjoy your childhood years and have fame thrust upon you only once fully potty trained.


Create unsuccessful publicity stunts

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl XXXVIII half-time "wardrobe malfunction." The nip-slip in question, also known as "Nipplegate" not only left a bad taste in the mouths of innocent bystanders, but continued to be an ongoing legal battle for the pair.  Dare we say it, take a leaf out of Miley Cyrus' book on how to create a provocative and show-stopping publicity stunt, that consequently got her onto People's Most Influential list.


Be an absolute dick

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise what not to do when you are Chris Brown. This talented artist with a promising career has been plagued with anger issues, assault charges and courtroom appearances. Ever since he hit the scene with his debut album, it seems the rapper cannot stay out of trouble. In 2009, Brown was accused of attacking his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. When questioned about the attack in 2012 on The Today Show, Brown allegedly threw a chair through a window backstage. More assault charges have followed since this infamous incident, proving orange is the new black for this artist.


Get a bad reputation

Nobody likes a diva, ever. While Azaelia Banks may have produced one of the biggest smash hits of 2013, 212, this fiery UK vixen takes no prisoners, and is not afraid to vocalise this via any means possible. As far as her music goes, she’s released the stellar EP, 1991, and a totally addictive mix tape, Fantasea. In terms of her personal life and all-round bitchy demeanour, she has really said some dumb stuff in the last year which has got her into hot hot water. Picking fights with her record label, Disclosure, Iggy Azaelia, Pharrell, Lily Allen, just to name a few, and also playing only a 90 second set at Melbourne's Listen Out, Banks is now known only for her temperament rather than her rapping talent.


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