Childish Gambino Shares Another New A+ Tune 'Redbone'

Although 2016 has offered up some dreadful circumstances for the world, i think we can all agree that New Music Fridays has continued to deliver A+ offerings and this week is no different. Backing up Me And Your Mamma, Childish Gambino has shared yet another new tune Redbone.

It is the second single from Gambino's forthcoming album Awaken, My Love! and it is super attainable listen. Fresh, funky and slow, Redbone bleeds soul. Two for two thus far, you can expect you get your hands on Childish Gambino's forthcoming record Awaken, My Love! on December 2. Coming in at 11 songs, the albums tracklist can be viewed below -

1. “Me and Your Mama”
2. “Have Some Love”
3, “Boogieman”
4. “Zombies”
5. “Riot”
6. “Redbone”
7. “California”
8. “Terrified”
9. “Baby boy”
10. “The Night Me And Your Momma Met”
11. “Stand Tall”


Anthem After Anthem, Tove Lo's New Album 'Lady Wood' Is Here And It's Stacked


Stacked is an understatement, Tove Lo's new album Lady Wood is here and it's drenched with some of the years best pop anthems. For months we have been teased with cuts Cool Girl, True Disaster and the Wiz Khalifa infused Influence but today finally marks the release of her next venture in Lady Wood.

With both Cool Girl & True Disaster still very much on loop, we thought the year couldn't get anymore massive for camp Tove but she appears to have upped the ante with this record. Both of the tracks are still massive highlights of album, but if you're looking for something a little new and fresh than we cannot let you slip past the album title track Lady Wood.

Stacked with anthems, what a year for Pop music. Tove Lo has offered up yet another absolute gem for the genre in Lady Wood.


Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Woodes' Debut EP Has Landed And It's Incredible


Heaven is a place on earth with todays instalment of New Music Fridays delivering big time on the Australian front with the release of Woodes' self titled debut EP. The Melbourne singer/songwriter is one of the countries most exciting names and wow has she delivered the goods.

The self titled debut is 6 tracks in length, featuring previous cuts Rise, The Thaw and Daggers & Knives. The EP also offers something new with 3 glistening new listens in Poison, Bonfire and Byron (of which we are once again transported to vocal heaven). Ethereal, heavenly and radiant, these are a handful of words that best describe Woodes' much anticipated debut with the EP only going to add to the buzz surrounding her name.

Still madly in love with The Thaw, if we had to pick a new favourite from the release than look no further than track number 3, Poison. 


Even ol' mate Nic Cage think's Woodes' ethereal tones are heavenly.