13 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Mallrat And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/27/2021

Ok Adele and Rihanna, we're ready for you now.

13. 24kGoldn - Love Or Lust

24KGoldn is dangerously at risk of becoming a one-hit wonder but his debut El Dorado suggests he has plenty more in the tank. Love Or Lust is an A-grade pop song packed with melody and slippery beats.

12. Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

After months and months of teasing Lil Nas X's MONTERO has arrived. The song doesn't offer much more than the clips already did but the video is wild. Bound to anger plenty of people, it's proof that Nas X is one of the most provoking, exciting artists around right now.

11. Julia Michaels - All Your Exes

Never one to shy away from melodrama, Julia Michaels' All Your Exes is full-on. "I wanna live in a world where all of your exes are dead," she sings, wielding a chainsaw. At the hands of anyone else it would be too much but Michaels somehow makes it all into an endearing pop song.

10. Justin Bieber - There She Go (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Where TF was this material when Changes came out? There She Go is Intentions beta. Swapping out Quavo for the much better Uzi, Bieber ups his game delivering slicker verses and a genuinely charismatic hook. He's finally back and it sounds like he actually wants to be here this time.

9. KYE - Sometimes

KYE is one of the most exciting new pop names in Australia right now. Sometimes is a smoldering mid-tempo cut with enchanting vocals. The atmospheric beat coupled with her smooth vocal is mesmerizing.

8. Ninajirachi & Kota Banks - Slytherin

Ninajirachi and Kota Banks stay pushing the pop needle as far as they can. Slytherin is a steely, cheeky cut that has Banks running her mouth at a dizzying pace. They woke up and chose violence. We couldn't be happier.

7. Taylor Swift - You All Over Me (Feat. Maren Morris)

Taylor Swift is offering up a few songs from the Fearless vault that never saw the light of day. This one has been refreshed with a Maren Morris backing vocal and Aaron Dessner production. It's warming to hear Swifty back in the land of country.

6. Baker Boy - Ride (Feat. Yirrmal)

Baker Boy keeps rolling out the bangers like it's absolutely nothing. Teaming up with Yirrmal for the first time since breakout Marryuna, he's crafted a feel-good song that exudes sunshine. It's communal, energetic and relentless.

5. BROCKHAMPTON - BUZZCUT (Feat. Danny Brown)

Brockhampton are back with a new album ROADRUNNER out 9th April. BUZZCUT is the first taste and it yanks us right back into experimental territory. They're not holding back anything this time around, offering up one of the most mindbending beats of the year. Only Danny Brown could join them on something this strange.

4. Jungle - Keep Moving

Jungle announced a new album Loving In Stereo this week and launched it with Keep Moving. A luscious, decadent disco track, it's one of the most grandiose cuts they've given and it's excellent. A flourishing dancefloor stormer that feels both vintage and current.

3. Serpentwithfeet - Wood Boy

serpentwithfeet's loved-up new album DEACON is worth your attention in its entirety but if we had to cherry pick it's WOOD BOY we're going with. A sexually charged bedroom anthem, it exudes tension and warmth. The latter seemingly comes from the production of Sampha, one of the most calming music makers around.

2. The Knocks - R U HIGH (Feat. Mallrat)

Mallrat's on some superstar shit with The Knocks on R U HIGH. It's a twinkling, neon-lit dance song that offers up both moments of fragility and widescreen theatrics. We're not sure if we're in our feels or euphoric. Perhaps both.

1. Dawn Richard - Jacuzzi

Dawn Richard's Second Line is one of our most anticipated albums of the year and Jacuzzi just fueled that excitement further. Taking us back to her wheelhouse of experimental electronica buoyed by pop melodies, it's a song that feels both futuristic and familiar.

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