12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: ROSÉ, Nick Jonas, Jorja Smith And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/13/2021

1/4 of BLACKPINK in your area.

12. AJ Mitchell - CAMERAS ON

It's been a while since we've had a new AJ Mitchell cut but he's delivered with CAMERAS ON. Slowing things down a bit, CAMERAS ON is a sweeping, melancholic cut that continues to grow momentum.

11. Nick Jonas - Delicious

Nick Jonas' Spaceman record is here and it might be his best yet. Delicious is the most fun of the bunch. It's a horn laden, cheeky bop that doesn't take itself too seriously.

10. Max Leone - the craziest thing i've ever done

Max Leone continues to show versatility. His first drop of 2021 is his most grandiose yet. It's an eerie track that gets under your skin and lingers. Haunting stuff.

9. bülow - First Place

bülow is going to be one this year's breakout acts and First Place is a good start. Punchy and charismatic, it sticks with you immediately after the first listen.

8. BEKA - My One

Breaking British artist BEKA comes through with the feel good song of the week. My One swoops by in a breeze of airy vocals and buoyant beats. Instantly endearing.

7. Tkay Maidza - Where Is My Mind?

Tkay Maidza surprised this week with a cover of Pixies' Where Is My Mind. Once again showing her versatility, she flips this indie classic into a woozy, distorted mindfuck.

6. ROSÉ - On The Ground

BLACKPINK's ROSÉ has broken out with her first solo song On The Ground. It's everything it needed to be. She instantly establishes herself as a leading lady on a flickering, sprawling pop song. This could be really big.

5. Chika - Cinderella Pt.2

Chika's new EP Once Upon A Time is full of soul. Cinderella Pt. 2 may be the slowest song she's ever released but it showcases her vocals in a warm, heartening environment.

4. Nicole Millar - Are You Kidding Me?

Nicole Millar has absolutely hit her stride. She's making distorted, twisted pop music and Are You Kidding Me? shows that off expertly. It pumps along at a BPM-raising pace, taking constant left turns that make it progressively more exciting.

3. Brent Faiyaz - SHOW U OFF

Brent Faiyaz has been doing great stuff for a while but this year's material feels particularly special. Show U Off exudes warmth as his velvety vocals collide with a slippery beat. It holds all the tension until the beat pops at the end.

2. Jorja Smith - Addicted

Jorja Smith always delivers. Addicted is a dark switch-up to what she's been doing but it's a welcome one. Her performance here is haunting as she lingers over a gritty, dim beat.

1. Raissa - COLD FEET

Raissa is signed to Mark Ronson's label and while she's been making great songs for a while COLD FEET is her finest moment yet. The sound she crafts with a mix of buttery vocals and neon-lit beats is intoxicating.

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