On The Radar: Charley - 'Hard For Me'

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/05/2021

Fresh Australian pop artist Charley has made a perfect entrance with her debut single Hard For Me.

You don't generally look to Australia for perky, accessible pop music but the tides are changing and Charley could be the one to completely change the perception.

Hard For Me holds absolutely nothing back. It's a little silly, a little tongue-in-cheek and full of sugar. It could easily be too much at the hands of anyone else but Charley levels everything out.

She's immediately likeable, bleeding personality both on-camera and on-song. Her vocals are rich and developed while her songwriting is refreshingly unabashed.

Hard For Me is a smash.

TL;DR: Charismatic pop from an Australian newcomer with some serious potential.

For Fans Of: Zara Larsson, Griff, Julia Michaels