14 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Chloe x Halle, Zara Larsson, Wolf Alice And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/27/2021

The pop girls, new and old, did not come to play this week.

14. Royal & The Serpent - i can't get high

Royal & The Serpent is a US singer who is collecting an impressive bunch of songs. This latest I can't get high is co-written by Dua Lipa but it sounds nothing like her. It's a dark, grungey pop song with a chorus that goes really hard.

13. Josie Man - Cuts & Bruises

Josie Man is making really effortless British soul records and Cuts & Bruises is the latest. It's a warm, charismatic song that has a slight Lily Allen tinge to it.

12. Elliphant - Drun & Angry

Elliphant is back making party songs and this time she's collaborated with Lorde and Taylor Swift writer Joel Little. It's the catchiest thing she's released in a while and it's ratchet. Just how we like our Elliphant.

11. EVAN GIIA - Stay Up

We've been waiting for EVAN GIIA to eclipse mega banger WESTWORLD and she may just have done it with Stay Up. There's so much energy packed into this song and she releases and contracts it throughout with some really interesting production.

10. Millie Turner - Concrete Tragedy

There's a really strong contingent of new pop acts in the list this week. Millie Turner is a 19 year-old British singer and she's may have just come through with her best songs yet. It's a pulsating, woozy song that feels like dancing by yourself in the early hours of the morning. That's the kind of energy we need right now.

9. Zara Larsson - Look What You've Done

We've been waiting for it and finally Zara Larsson comes through with pure pop bliss. Look What You've Done is taken from forthcoming LP Poster Girl and it's produced by pop master Steve Mac. A little disco, a little trap - it's all there and it's great.

8. Half Waif - Party's Over

Half Waif is igniting nostalgia in us this week. Party's Over captures the feeling when you walk home after a night out with all the heightened emotions. So beautiful.

7. Peach PRC - Josh

TikTok sensation Peach PRC makes her leap to popstar this week with Josh. Honest, raw songwriting combined with a bombastic chorus equals something really special. The start of a really exciting new artist.

6. Baby Queen - These Drugs

Baby Queen doesn't stop releasing great music. She hasn't missed yet but These Drugs is definitely at the top of the crop. It's raw and earnest, finding sincerity in a hazy, high state of mind.

5. Slayyyter - Clouds

Slayyyter is on a roll. Following on from career highlight Troubled Paradise she comes through with a cry-banger that's heavenly. She makes sadness sound like euphoria on Clouds with a chorus that absolutely soars.

4. Thomston - JPA989

Thomston is back with his first release as an independent artist and he sounds liberated. JPA989 rumbles with sexual tension expanding delicately into something thrilling.

3. Danny L. Harle - Take My Heart Away

A year without clubs has unlocked a deep to desire to rave within us and Danny L. Harle is satisfying those cravings. Harlecore is perfection but nothing it quite as earth-shattering as Take My Heart Away.

2. Chloe x Halle - 80/20

As if Chloe x Halle needed to give us any more, they've come trhoguh with the 'Chrome Edition' of Ungodly Hour. It features the previously teased 80/20 which is a real throwback R&B moment. Flawless, as always.

1. Wolf Alice - The Last Man On Earth

Wolf Alice are so versatile while always remaining cohesive. The Last Man On Earth is their most daring and expansive cut yet featuring a breathtaking vocal performance from lead singer Ellie Roswell.

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