On The Radar: Nicole Millar - Boring!

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/24/2020
Nicole Millar

Nicole Millar has given us an anthem for the year that it has been in new single Boring!

Her third new drop of the year sees her continuing to explore new pockets sonically. This one is cheeky, playful and lustful with Millar giving us lyrics that roll straight off the tongue, unfiltered.

It was written with Canadian artist Bülow and production duo The Six, pushing Millar into an odd-ball pop state that suits her candid personality.

Thematically, it's about being well...bored. It's likely to resonate with those who have spent much of this year locked down. Particularly lyrics like, "Fuck the city I need something else."

"Boring! is a bit more bouncy and fun than some of the tracks I have put out, but in a time of darkness I think people need something fun," Millar said of the track.