On The Radar: Biig Piig - 'Feels Right'

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/18/2020
Biig Piig

Biig Piig is back with her third new song in just a few weeks Feels Right and it's slick.

The British newcomer had a big moment earlier in the year with her Montell Jordan-sampling song Don't Turn Around and this new one shines more light on her capabilities.

It's a delicate song instrumentally, pumped along by a light disco beat but there's a potency to Biig Piig's lyrics. The song is underpinned by obsession and lust. For the whole track, she sits in a steady but alluring tempo, elongating airy vocals.

It's perhaps not what we would've expected from her but it's ticking all the right boxes nonetheless. Captivating.