The New Crop: Sloan Peterson, Josie Man And More New Songs We Love By New Artists

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/20/2020
New Crop

There’s so much music that comes across our ears on a Friday that our weekly wrap doesn’t always do the new artists justice. Today, we change that, shining a spotlight on six songs that impressed us after the headrush of New Music Friday subsided.

Sloan Peterson - Nightmare

For Fans Of: Halsey, Melanie Martinez

Australian artist Sloan Peterson hasn't released a song all year but Nightmare is one helluva return. It's a dark and twisted song full of the sort of charisma few artists can convey. Nightmare is a massive step-up likely to stop anyone in their tracks.

Memphis LK - Letters In Concrete

For Fans Of: Grimes, Kllo

Melbourne artist and producer Memphis LK has released just her fourth single Letters In Concrete and it's an enticing slice of lo-fi pop. It's a dreamy, buoyant track undercut by a drum 'n' bass beat. The vocals are likely to hook you immediately too. They're soft and serene but full of personality.

Kamal. - About The Party

For Fans Of: Omar Apollo, Arlo Parks

London's Kamal is just 18-years-old but he's already making waves with his wonky brand of R&B. Kamal perfectly captures the hazy scenes of a party you're just not that interested in. It's a richly-produced cut with vocals that float effortlessly through it.

Josie Man - Grow

For Fans Of: Lily Allen, Mallrat

Josie Man comes through with one of the most impressive releases by a newcomer this week. Grow is a beautiful, elongated pop song about self-love and growth. Man's voice is stunning too. One of those rare artists who can stick in her higher register and just melt your heart.

Sarah Barrios - Help (Feat. Rence)

For Fans Of: Tate McRae, LAUV

Over to the US now where Sarah Barrios is making genuine, heartfelt pop music. Help is her latest and she's enlisted the help of LA's Rence. It's just a really likeable track with a chorus bursting with so much heart, it's impossible to ignore.

Alex Holtti - Piece Of You

For Fans Of: AJ Mitchell, LAUV

Another great pop track here courtesy of Denmark's Alex Holtti. Piece Of You races like the heartbeat induced by the budding moments of a crush. Top marks for the chorus which cascades in the most perfect way.