Merci, Mercy Delivers Unfiltered Pop Gold On Debut EP 'No Thank You, No Thanks'

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/16/2020
Merci, Mercy

Merci, Mercy has unveiled her debut project no thank you, no thanks and it's as consistent as first projects come.

no thank you, no thanks comes after singles Fucked Myself Up and Fall Apart which immediately established her as a bright new name in the burgeoning Aussie pop scene.

This project expands her repertoire even more, delving into the relationships that surround her with acute honesty. From the reckless opener Tequila & Lemonade to the swelling, emotional I Wonder What It Feels Like, it's a refreshingly raw project despite its glossy pop chops.

There's not one miss, in fact you could imagine every song being plucked as a single and fulfilling a different role on radio.

This is just the beginning for merci, mercy but it's an enviable position to be starting in.