12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Lykke Li, Bebe Rexha, Kehlani And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/10/2020

Nobody is overly happy this week and that's okay.

12. Kita Alexander - Can't Help Myself

Kita Alexander returns with her biggest pop song to date. A bold, bass-heavy sizzler that makes her voice sound impeccable. We're hearing early Dua Lipa vibes and we're liking.

11. Sasha Sloan - Hypochondriac

Sasha Sloan has a beautiful record coming out next week and this is one of the highlights. Hypochondriac is an intimate, acoustic moment about finding comfort in love and looking after yourself. It's a writing masterclass and very stirring.

10. Channel Tres - Skate Depot

The coolest artist on the planet right now continues his hot streak with Skate Depot. It's more the streets of California than the clubs but the vibe switch-up is perfect for right now. It's slick, groovy and instantly enjoyable.

9. Ninajirachi & Kota Banks - Opus

When Ninajirachi lays down a beat as dirty as this, Kota Banks has no choice but to deliver bars. This is a tough, relentless pop song and some of the boldest work both artists have been involved in.

8. Headie One - Princess Cuts (Feat. Young T & Bugsey)

Headie One has had an incredible year and he's capping it off with his debut album Edna. He trips through styles effortlessly on it but the Afrobeat vibes of Princess Cuts stick the most.

7. Bebe Rexha - Baby I'm Jealous (Feat. Doja Cat)

Bebe Rexha comes through with one of the most memorable pop songs and videos of the year. Rexha and Doja Cat have immediate chemistry and charm over a sultry beat.

6. Dreamer Boy - CRYBABY

Nashville's Dreamer Boy has appropriately released one of the dreamiest songs of the week. CRYBABY gets lost in a love-drunk haze and it feels really good.

5. Daya - First Time

It's been a while since we've heard a solo single from Daya but she's hit the nail on the head with First Time. It's the grittiest, most minimal song she's ever made but it works for her. A song that growls with raw energy.

4. Lykke Li - BRON

BRON is Lykke Li's first original track in two years and it's heartbreakingly beautiful. It taps into the dark, sweeping stylings of I Never Learn which, in our opinion, is her sweet spot.

3. Junglepussy - Main Attraction

Quite frankly, Junglepussy should be huge by now but maybe forthcoming album JP4 will be her breakthrough. Main Attraction came with the LP announcement this week and it's a mind-bending cut with a hook that floats above.

2. Cupcakke - Elephant

Bars for days. Cupcakke really is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now and her last two releases have demonstrated a renewed focus. Elephant is a militant record that doesn't let up for one second.

1. Victoria Monét - Touch Me (Feat. Kehlani)

Word on the street is Victoria Monét and Kehlani had a thing once upon a time. Rumour has it Touch Me was about Kehlani and so it's appropiate that she jumps on the remix. The pair are musically perfect for each other. This is one smooth, meandering R&B record.

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