The New Crop: Genes, CARYS And More New Songs We Love By New Artists

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/07/2020
New Crop

There’s so much music that comes across our ears on a Friday that our weekly wrap doesn’t always do the new artists justice. Today, we change that, shining a spotlight on six songs that impressed us after the headrush of New Music Friday subsided.

Genes - Super Single

For Fans Of: Carly Rae Jepsen, Ava Max

Australian pop newcomer Genes has had an exceptional run of singles and it continues. Super Single is a slick, glittery declaration of independence. It's a pure pop song that ticks all the boxes from a saccharine chorus to a wobbly bass line.

CARYS - When A Girl

For Fans Of: Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez

Canadian artist Carys has released her debut project To Anyone Like Me and it houses this winner. On the outside When A Girl is a hypnotic pop track but dig a little deeper and there's a scathing condemnation of misogyny.

Michelle - Unbound

For Fans Of: Friends, Blood Orange

New York collective Michelle are one of the most refreshing acts we've heard in a while. They are making lucid, malleable tunes that feel like they're flowing from them naturally. Unbound is no different. A soulful, sweet love song that moves through your body.

Marti - Mothers & Fathers

For Fans Of: Jhene Aiko, Lianne La Havas

Washington's Marti only has two official releases to her name but she's already won us over. Mothers & Fathers is a beautiful ode to youth and all its facets from recklessness to friendship. It sounds like peace, even if it's just momentary.

MAY-A - Apricots

For Fans Of: King Princess, Haim

MAY-A is one of Australia's youngest pop hopes and also one of the brightest. She's been painting a vivid depiction of the teenage experience since the beginning and she continues with Apricots. It's a complicated love song - one made up of lustful dreams and confused sexuality.

Joe Avio - Worst In Me

For Fans Of: LANY, Ruel

Joe Avio is a singer, songwriter and producer who is doing it all himself. The results so far have been stunning and his latest Worst In Me is no different. It's dark, experimental pop complete with distorted vocals, broken glass and buoyant guitars.