14 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: BLACKPINK, Mallrat, Megan Thee Stallion And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/03/2020

An iconic week.

14. Asher - POPPIN

18 year-old Byron Bay artist Asher makes a confident entrance with Poppin. Sitting somewhere between Post Malone and Jack Harlow, it's a woozy, braggadocios hip-hop cut that's sure to win many immediate fans.

13. G Flip - You & I

G Flip continues to roll out gold. She's followed one of this year's best songs Hyperfine with a simmering ballad. It's more polished than anything on her debut album but it gives us a chance to hear her voice absolutely soar. What a star.

12. BLACKPINK - Bet You Wanna (Feat. Cardi B)

BLACKPINK The Album is out and it houses this gem of a pop song. It's a slinky, straight-up bop with a verse from Cardi that oozes charisma. Say what you like about Cardi but none of her features ever sound phoned-in. She sounds like the fifth member of BLACKPINK here.

11. Ruel - Say It Over (Feat. Cautious Clay)

Ruel continues with his '70s-leaning soul vibe on Say It Over. His voice has never sounded better as his sings the shit out of this yearning, R&B ballad. His growth is consistent and the last few drops have been remarkable.

10. Queen Naija - Lie To Me (Feat. Lil Durk)

We were relying on Ella Mai for the R&B bop of the week but Queen Naija came through. Lie To Me is a classic R&B bop. Think early early '00s Mary J. Blige with a hint of vintage Ciara in there too.

9. Cat & Calmell - dumbshit

Cat & Calmell are yet another pop act coming out of Australia which is becoming the unlikely home of burgeoning pop music. dumbshit is a refreshingly honest cut detailing the young adolescent experience poignantly. Recklessness, euphoria and regret all wrapped up in one.

8. Griff & Honne - 1,000,000 X Better

British newcomer Griff is weaving together one hell of a discography. For her latest, she's worked with fellow Brits Honne for a groovy, dusk-born track that feels so warm.

7. Kali Uchis - La Luz (Feat. Jhay Cortez)

Kali Uchis is on her Spanish tip lately and it's paying dividends. La Luz is a shiny, neon-hued reggaeton moment that slides effortlessly. Uchis can do no wrong.

6. Jorja Smith - Come Over (Feat. Popcaan)

Jorja Smith tours into dancehall on Come Over recruiting the unruly god Popcaan. As per usual, her vocals hit right and are juxtaposed perfectly by Popcaan's colourful verse.

5. Jonsí - Salt Licorice (Feat. Robyn)

We've been hoping that A.G. Cook and Robyn would meet on a track at some point and it's finally happened. Jonsí perfectly completes the trio, bringing an oddity to the track that's complimented by Robyn's natural gravitation towards a full-bodied pop melody.

4. Megan Thee Stallion - Don't Stop (Feat. Young Thug)

Megan Thee Stallion is on a roll right now and she's not stopping. Don't Stop may be one of the most immediate tracks she's ever released. It holds nothing back, smacking us with a hard-hitting, glitchy beat that's elevated by an instantly memorable hook. Young Thug is the perfect accomplice too, bringing a distinctly different flow to the beat.

3. merci, mercy - Something You Like

Merci, Mercy has slowed it down for the third release off her forthcoming EP no thank you, no thanks. Something You Like sees her venture into ballad territory allowing us to really hear those crisp vocals shine. It’s the softest she’s ever sounded, her voice floating above a bed of melancholic guitars and keys.

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2. Romy - Lifetime

For those who spotted Romy’s name on the writing credits of Silk City and Dua Lipa’s Electricity, the pulsating tempo of this one won’t come as a surprise. For those who go to the xx for melancholy, it will. Lifetime is the most colourful thing she’s ever released. An optimistic, kaleidoscopic dance tune that leans into the xx’s clubbiest moments and tie-dyes it.

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1. Mallrat - Rockstar

The first Mallrat single of 2020 Rockstar has arrived and it’s an instant classic. Rockstar reaps the rewards of her growth. It’s the sort of song that may come to define Mallrat. Over a hazy bed of lo-fi guitars and twinkling synths, Mallrat drifts with melancholy and beauty.

“Fuck you for playing games with my heart,” she sings sounding both tough and emotionally unveiled. It unlocks a new boldness in her songwriting. Another layer peeled back.

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