Rapid React: Mallrat - 'Rockstar'

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/01/2020

The first Mallrat single of 2020 Rockstar has arrived and it's an instant classic.

Gently, over the past five years, Mallrat has been maturing her music. Her lyrics have become more vivid and her confidence in her abilities has grown exponentially. Age plays a part but it also comes from Mallrat consistently looking to raise the bar.

Rockstar reaps the rewards of her growth. It's the sort of song that may come to define Mallrat. Over a hazy bed of lo-fi guitars and twinkling synths, Mallrat drifts with melancholy and beauty.

"Fuck you for playing games with my heart," she sings sounding both tough and emotionally unveiled. It unlocks a new boldness in her songwriting. Another layer peeled back.

Lana Del Rey's Born To Die and Clairo's Bags come to mind on first listen only because its torch song appeal is instantaneous. She's not making music to compete now, she's looking for timeless and succeeding.

The chorus feels like we've been singing it for years. Even the curveball outro feels warm and familiar despite its post-heavy metal rumblings.

Best Moment: The outro feels like emotions overspilling and it's glorious.

Worst Moment: Not answering that.

Best Lyric: "Fuck you for playing game with my heart," is a wonderfully direct moment from Mallrat.

Worst Lyric: Nope.