On The Radar: Merci, Mercy - 'Something You Like'

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/01/2020
Merci Mercy

Merci, Mercy has slowed it down for the third release off her forthcoming EP no thank you, no thanks.

Something You Like sees her venture into ballad territory allowing us to really hear those crisp vocals shine. It's the softest she's ever sounded, her voice floating above a bed of melancholic guitars and keys.

Once again, she's dishing emotional honesty, detailing a toxic relationship that leads to a loss of self. "I haven't been myself," she sings, continuing, "I've let this go on for too long."

Despite its slower pace, it's still packed with that sharp, snappy songwriting that made Fucked Myself Up and Fall Apart immediately resonate.

no thank you, no thanks is due for release on Friday, 16th October. You can watch the lyric video, created by Interns Creative, below.