Rapid React: Kylie - 'Magic'

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/25/2020

A Disco era was always going to feature Kylie in her wheelhouse and so far it's paying dividends.

Say Something and Magic are some of the most liberated music Kylie has made in a decade. It's uncomplicated, shimmering and, most importantly, aimed at her fans.

Magic, the latest, is the stickiest of the two, giving us tight pop melodies that seep into your brain immediately. The keys may sound like they were borrowed from Katy Perry's Chained To The Rhythm but Kylie is a far more compelling host than Perry sliding over the instrumental with silky vocals.

While moments on Golden felt somewhat contrived, the Disco singles so far are refreshing. Kylie's not really presenting anything new here but she doesn't really need to either. She's in her element and it's a joy to listen to.

You can't help but think that a song like this would've sounded at home on Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia. That's a compliment to Kylie. In the fourth decade of her career, she's still making music that could compete with the biggest popstars on earth.

The best way to devour Magic is not to overthink it.

Best Part: The cheesy, synthetic horns are undeniably fun particularly when paired with the sweeping orchestrals.

Worst Part: The cheesy, synthetic horns may also be a major turn off for those that can't sink into the nostalgia.

Best Lyric: "You got me started and nothing on earth can stop it," is one hell of a hyperbole, the sort that Kylie has pulled people onto the dancefloor with for years.

Worst Lyric: Look, this song isn't going to win a Pulitzer. It's full of overarching statements about immediate attraction but it works. In a way, all of the lyrics are the worst lyrics and that's the best part about it.

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