On The Radar: Baby Queen - 'Pretty Girl Lie'

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/25/2020
Baby Queen

New Brit voice Baby Queen is back with another new cut Pretty Girl Lie and it may be the best yet.

The newcomer has had an incredible run this year, rolling out four near-perfect songs packed full of charisma, angst and energy.

This latest one is a boisterous, loud dance tune. It pulsates like every great dancefloor filler but it's also covered in reverb taking it into the muddier pockets of pop where songs like Sky Ferreira's Everything Is Embarrassing lie.

Pretty Girl Lie is all about altering self-perception and attempting to drown out the voices that tell you to look a certain way. "I break the mirror so I look the way I feel," she sings in the liberating middle-eight, taking the song to new heights.

Baby Queen is one of the most exciting new voices of the year and this just solidifies it.