The New Crop: 6 Songs From New Artists To Add To Your Playlists

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/22/2020
new artists

There's so much music that comes across our ears on a Friday that our weekly wrap doesn't always do the new artists justice. Today, we change that, shining a spotlight on six songs that impressed us after the headrush of New Music Friday subsided.

Luke Wild - Fever Brain

For Fans Of: Frank Ocean, Ryan Beatty

24 year-old singer/songwriter Luke Wild is signed to iconic label Terrible Records and he's making beautiful, uncomplicated music. His debut EP Sunburn dropped last week and it features this simmering cut Fever Brain. We're sold on the vocals alone.

Alec Wigdahl - The Word

For Fans Of: Omar Apollo, Honne

Alec Wigdahl is on the verge of going very big. He's already nabbed a co-production credit on Internet Money and Gunna, Don Toliver & Nav's big-streamer Lemonade and now he's dropped off his own slinky piece of pop music. The Word breezes by thanks to tight songwriting and instantly delectable melodies.

EGOSIM - Here's The Thing

For Fans Of: The 1975, Clairo

Australian duo EGOISM have already impressed with a string of great releases but now they're prepping their debut EP On Our Minds. Here's The Thing is from it and it's an instant winner. A richly textured, heart-raising pop song that manages to sound refreshingly genuine.

Mia Wray - Work For Me

For Fans Of: Meg Mac, Florence + The Machine

Melbourne's Mia Wray has gone big with her debut release. Work For Me is a monster of a song, opening with brooding acapella vocals and growing into a thundering song. The layers! The textures!

deryk - good times

For Fans Of: Sasha Sloan, Charlotte Lawrence

New Zealand's deryk is on an impossible hot streak. goodtimes is only her third single and yet it's self-assured and distinctly individual like she's been doing this all her life. It grows and grows, building its emotional gravity with each instrumental addition.

Late Verlane - speedfight

For Fans Of: Blood Orange, Troye Sivan (In A Dream era)

Future Classic has signed this Swedish singer/songwriter who has floored us with this single speedfight. It's a raw, lo-fi pop song that cuts through with some of the most buoyant, soaring melodies we've heard this year. The hook is so subtle and yet so powerful.