Nao & Lianne La Havas Team For Poignant Anthem 'Woman'

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/25/2020

Nao has returned with her first single in two years Woman and she's recruited Lianne La Havas for it.

The pair both sit in different pockets of R&B and soul but when brought together their voices match effortlessly.

Woman is a tribute to women everywhere, in particular women of colour, with Nao saying, "This is our time! We all deserve to be celebrated."

The track celebrates it in a slinky, sensual way with the pair laying their silky vocals over an elongated, groovy beat. It's subtle but lines like, "Take my mirror out the bag and fill it with confidence," are killer.

La Havas already gave us a record this year but we're hoping that Nao has one on the way too.